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See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C1
5 months ago

CinnaSugar: They're 7? 🤔 I don't think either would particularly care much about being seen/seeing the other naked. Seriously, kids this age wouldn't be embarrassed because it's not sexual yet.

Abuse of Magic · C17
7 months ago
Reading Status: C101
Terrible story. One of the few novels I’ve dropped.

The ratings this novel has received is a joke I might be bias but when this story gets multiple similar 5 star bot reviews you just almost always know it’s because it’s crap and qidian doesn’t want novels on their website with ratings less than 3 which this deserves.

All characters in this story are beyond stupid it gets annoying really fast. When you think it’s just one person constantly annoying the MC another pops up out of nowhere. If you like face slapping young masters with a really wank story line then make sure you’re drunk and this story might be slightly enjoyable for you.

No world background so far and the MC is flat, yes that’s how dull it is. The author tends to repeat himself multiple times through the chapter leaving maybe 10-20 % story content. I’m 100 chapters in and so far the story could of been put into 30 chapters instead of 100.

Translation is good though so good job to the poor translator stuck translating this crap. View More
End of the Magic Era
7 months ago

GhostyZ: I want Hagrid in the harem.

Harry Potter And The Rise Of Golden Falcon · C25
8 months ago
I reckon the author is so patriotic he‘d happily have his wife fuxked by the big wigs of the government for the good of China!

On a serious note the last 20 chapters since the potion incident the story has turned into stereotypical China is the best crap. I have met a lot of people proud of their country but the Chinese take it to a whole new level.

I have no problem with patriotism but when it starts affecting the story resulting in a cringefest about some guy getting boners about his country and degrading other countries it makes the Author come across as a bigger retard than the MC. Especially considering they have one of the worst reputations for health and safety in the world , over population and pollution View More
The Almighty Ring · C104
9 months ago

Fiery_Noodle: Complicated? Easy. Pokemon, gotta fuuk them all. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Spirit Cultivation · C7
10 months ago
Reading Status: C123
Definitely an enjoyable story. The writing quality is superb and I haven't seen one spelling mistake anywhere. The amount of detail is really nice that it is actually really easy to imagine the scenes as the story flows.

The only 2 things that I dislike is the 10:1 Game time and that there is no leader boards for highest level players and stuff.

The first 50 chapters were all about the first 30 hours in game time/3 hours real world time. At chapter 120 it is still technically day 1 in the real world which makes it incredibly stretched resulting in a lot less IRL moments. I can easily imagine this story going to chapter 2000 and it being maybe like 1 week having passed in real world time since the game started.

Other than that I would recommend the story. View More
Realm of Myths and Legends
10 months ago
It's only been 3 hours since he logged in?! Dude as much as I enjoy the rich story and content it feels like you are stretching day 1 waaaay to long View More
Realm of Myths and Legends · C43
10 months ago
10:1 time must be seriously damaging to a brain. Imagine having a few hours of killling stuff, ***, drinking and sleeping only to log off and realizing only 1 hour went by. Talk about mind fook View More
Realm of Myths and Legends · C39
10 months ago
Scarlet kinda seems like a forced on character who really has no point in being there. Its strange reading 37 chapters in and its still day 1. Day 5= chapter 350? View More
Realm of Myths and Legends · C37
10 months ago
I'm starting to get confused with a few things. Am I retarded or something but to me its kinda highly unlikely for a system to change something meant to be 24 hours to 30 days? It's also meant to be the first day and yet the MC has soloed a dungeon and killed tons of stuff but a random mage is level 15 and a cleric is level 13? Da fook? View More
Realm of Myths and Legends · C35
10 months ago

Mmoogl: "Don't even get me started on the ridiculous 57000 exp required to level up to like 80% of level 2. I literally felt my balls hurt " might just be the best words ever written by a person on Webnovel. I am in awe, really. Much appreciated.

Reborn: Super God of War
10 months ago
Reading Status: C12
Seriously how is this ranked so high? I mean I know my comment will be erased like all my previous comments on other novels but still.

How is the MC even betrayed? The dude literally walked up and stabbed the guy in the chest like some cheater who paid off his opponent if anything I was happy that he was tricked as the guy is literally retarded and then he died? What?? What is this Sword Art online 2.0?

The plot literally jumps from him dying to all of the sudden waking up in the past and he accepts it within seconds/minutes of waking up no problem.

It then jumps to him solving all his family problems and ends up in game where it is suppose to be the first day of the game going live. Instead I don't know what the author was smoking but it feels like the game has been live for years as all of a sudden "elites" and guilds are popping out of nowhere with no real explanation on their backgrounds other than the characters being flat with no real character other than antagonizing the MC.

Don't even get me started on the ridiculous 57000 exp required to level up to like 80% of level 2. I literally felt my balls hurt and want to smash my sexy laptop after reading this crap.

12 chapters in and I feel like this story is one of the worst pieces of crap I have ever seen. There are tons of stories better than this pile of crap ranked a lot lower and somehow this is near the top? Please if you are going to treat your readers as retards as least make it slightly believable Qidian. View More
Reborn: Super God of War
10 months ago

akaAlba: The content has been blocked

Reborn: Super God of War
10 months ago
Reading Status: C130
I enjoy reading this slice of life story but I have to admit nothing ever really happens. I swear in the past 50 chapters the story usually goes like this.

Someone visits -->make medicine---> goes back to hill --> someone visits --> go out to city ---> go back to hill --> make medicine

It feels a bit flat if I'm honest. I stock piled over 50 chapters and NOTHING happened. I was like what the fack I just read about some dude going up and down a hill all day selling drugs illegally like a drug dealer.

Highly recommend stock piling like 1000 chapters before reading. Who knows maybe by chapter 1000 he'll finally get laid and get his doctor certificate and leave his hill but I'm seriously doubting that. View More
Elixir Supplier
11 months ago

BTNM: This is the first review i wrote after i read a novel, but i just had to vent my opinions somewhere. The novel are great, a hidden gem but aren't recognized.
First of all the story development are great, where everything doesn't revolve around MC. The world revolve with or without MC. It feels like a real world are described, and doens't feel forced. Stuff still happens without MC in the center of everything, and MC for once doesn't start something or goes around starting fights because he doesn't like the face of someone. There exists other people with their own schemes and ambitions, which affects the world around them, and in turn affects the surroundings of MC.
And the fights are well done. They dont drag on for 5 chapters every fight, when experts fight it happens in a blink. most chapters last about 1-2 chapters, i was surprised myself when i read it, i thought i missed something so i went back to reread it. When fights dont unnecesarily drag on and on, the flow of the story gets much smoother.
The only bad thing i felt were that the translation quality were quite bad. I can take some bad translation here and there, and some paragraphs which doens't feel right. But what is with the MC's name "junior leopard". What the hell, at least change the names to something else. And there are some more names which should be changed, and som editing would bring the story to a new level!!!

Omnipotent Sage
1 year ago
Reading Status: C353
After having read over 350 chapters I literally can’t read the novel anymore. The translation is beyond shiit it’s like someone just copy and pasted with google translate.

As ungrateful as I might sound i could probably do a better job myself even if I was drunk. I’m tired of the phrases „fairy weapon, true yuan treasure, Divine sense „which is being used more than once for different meanings or some other weird bullshiit. The editor/translator needs a slap as he is literally ruining the story either that or you should fire his assss as he clearly doesn’t know English or has never read a properly translated novel.

I doubt the translator or editor will even bother to read this but if you do and if you actually care about this novel seeing as you are translating it then you should seriously get some other editor/translator View More
Omnipotent Sage
1 year ago
Reading Status: C246
Having read up to chapter 250ish I’m honestly surprised that it’s a decent novel. Sure the first 80-90 chapters were boring due to the info dumps and the random character POV’s but after that it mainly sticks to the MCs POV with the occasional one for other characters which sort of works well in explaining more world background.

Cultivation wise it vaguely reminds me of Coiling Dragon due to the low amount of realms they have. Instead of Qi condensation followed by foundation establishment and then core formation etc.

They have literally like 2 so far up to what I have read. Sort of like body tempering stage 1 up to stage 9 and then the “Mysterious realm or Metaphysic realm” which the translators sometimes use for the realm above body tempering.

Having stage 9 is like being a super bad ass in this novel so you won’t see the stereotype young master who’s 12 that is like an immortal and all that bull****. In this novel they literally have to age more before they can advance their cultivation otherwise it’ll affect their body growth and they’ll stay midgets forever which is a pretty cool concept.

The only thing that would make this novel better is the translation quality. It’s proper ****e.

They use the term Evil beast instead of magic beast. Hollow move instead of spacial technique. Celestial devices instead of what I’m assuming is spirit weapons and all sorts of other random ****e which is really frustrating as the story could be waaay better and for the price of SS for each chapter is ridiculous for that sort of quality.

They even call the MC Junior Leopard instead of Zhou Bai or whatever his name is. As stupid as that sounds it wouldn’t bother me as long as they stopped changing the damn name each chapter it’s way to inconsistent.

All in all the novel is great but the translation/editor sucks and is letting it down. For qidian to have this sort of translation quality while charging so many SS is genuinely surprising as I’ve never had to complain about it before as the quality was usually excellent. This novel almost feels like it’s being machine translated at times which is the most disappointing part as the story is ok once you get in to it. View More
Omnipotent Sage
1 year ago
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Omniscient Reader
1 year ago
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Omniscient Reader
1 year ago
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