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Original Works

  • Naruto In The World of Beautiful CEO

    Naruto In The World of Beautiful CEO

    others Harem


    Naruto Uzumaki, a mysterious man who leading a good and peaceful life, selling a ramen on a small stall beside the market area of Zhonghai City. Everything seems fine until he save a certain beauty from her fate of being rape. What will happen? Who is the beauty? And why she ask him to marry her?! This a fanfic of My Wife is beautiful CEO and possibly other modern xianxia novel.

  • Martial God Asura: Another Story

    Martial God Asura: Another Story


    While Chu Feng begin the passage of his story, somewhere far away, located beyond Western Sea Region, in a place where the wind seek for a calmness, a young boy brave his path in the journey of cultivation, dreams to attain an earth-shattering power that could tremble the entire continent, a pilgrim to seek a strength to protect those he care, and... the most important part... girls. He have to chase girls and ask for dao companion, perhaps propose for dual cultivation. Elder sister and junior sister, wait for this bae... What a perverted chipmunks!

  • Smashing The Anime World with Video Game Power

    Smashing The Anime World with Video Game Power

    Video Games

    Have you ever thought, if your life is mean to be more? Have you ever feel, the world as if trying to seize your conscience and bind them to your will? Have you ever sense, the bull and crap those non-sense ethic and regulation pressed you down and trapped you inside the solitary confinement? What a joke... Such world... is boring... At least that was Fujimura Hayate bore inside his thought, a normal life kind of student, study and practice every day, no excitement, no divergence. All the same... <Well, things about to get change, right? Onii-san~>

  • Nine Yang Sword Saint (Fan Translation)

    Nine Yang Sword Saint (Fan Translation)

    Eastern Fantasy


    Yang Dingtian vowed that he will not have sexual intercourse before he reached twenty years old, but on the night of his 19th birthday, when his girlfriend was very charming and beautiful, the young man couldn't help but breaking his own vow. And the result? He was combusted in flame! Disclaimer: this work belong to author Silent Pastry, I am just translating. The cover isn't mine.

  • Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody')

    Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody')



    A man fell to his death after trying to take a dangerous selfie in Tokyo Tower, he got reincarnated (somehow) to the world of Against the Gods, along with his phone, which also carries an extra 'feature'.

  • Real Multiplayer Video Game

    Real Multiplayer Video Game

    Anime & Comics

    Welcome to Real Multiplayer Video Game, or as we shorten it as RMVG, we had tons of worlds to offer from Anime and Webnovel, each had hundreds of servers that represent series and franchise with different power inside. Wish to meet and interact with your favorite characters? Check. Wish to battle and destroy your most hated villainous characters? Check. Wish to date and love your waifu or waifus? Check. All of this can you experience with your own skin, ears, eyes, nose, and tongue, even pain and hunger sense in real touch. You have the freedom to become the strongest, and either be villain or heroes; we do not restrict you at all. Be advised, killing or causing death to an important character will lead to a brand-new plotline, make sure to plan wisely. Every server can only grant you one life, once you die, it will be game over and you won't able to return to that server for eternity. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Russel was an ero-writers, he had created hundreds of works involving both fanfiction and original works, one day he met with a fan and bet with him that he could have sex for 12 hours without rest, so Russel went to a night club and chugged on a full bottle of Viagra, the result... well, let's say mission accomplish. -------------------------------------------------------------------- This is RPG novel with a leveling system, despite each world had different power (Qi for Dragon Ball, Chakra for Naruto) the leveling system would still be the same, only with the consideration of leveling scale. -------------------------------------------------------------------- This story contains sex, violence, and other adult stuff, all evil conducts would be appropriately punished by the law and highly advised not to perform it under any circumstance. All the characters in the story belonged to their respective creators.


Nice, someone noticed the reference! View More

Fahad501: Ning’er like the girl in TDG

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C55
2 weeks ago
Oh, you were relating deliveryman... err, just goggle it View More

Tonyorobsky: Same as Fedex

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C52
3 weeks ago
What's a UPS? View More

Tonyorobsky: UPS is mourning his passing. Such quality subordinate lost.

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C52
3 weeks ago
So, because he want to become rip and muscle man, that considered to be bizarre? When clearly I had provided the reason; 1. his figure from earth was a rip muscle man, 2. he hate pretty boy, he didn't ditches the little Aunt, she went to Xiao Sect. Yup, cause skank at bar is hot, I mean seriously, 'diverge almost entirely', if I want to make the story stay with the plot, then I have to make the mc that is well known with ATG, which clearly, my mc don't, and it give freedom because I can pick whatever direction I want from the story, while building my characters. View More

TDDG_fan: When this story first started I was really hyped, but then it went into a bizarre direction. He transformed from a handsome young man to special ops crew cut solder with the need for speed. I my favorite is the fact that he ditches his lil ant that he really like so he can pick up skank at bars lol. Long story short if you want a fan fic that diverges almost entirely from the original than this one is for you, however if you want any semblance of ATG then look elsewhere.

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody')
3 weeks ago
Sorry for the typo. View More

TricksterDrasvel: Lol ok, someone didn't comment on my God, I hate rape meant they're OK with it, and a story that had rape in it meant they're promoting rape, so the same for Infinity war then, the story had killing in it, no one commented ooh, how I hate killing, that means they are promoting murder? Nice logic body.

Mc finally became man = instant like rape, man I feel sorry for the person who said, doesn't matter even if you reporting this for promoting rape, probably dozens already did the same.

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody')
3 weeks ago
Lol ok, someone didn't comment on my God, I hate rape meant they're OK with it, and a story that had rape in it meant they're promoting rape, so the same for Infinity war then, the story had killing in it, no one commented ooh, how I hate killing, that means they are promoting murder? Nice logic body.

Mc finally became man = instant like rape, man I feel sorry for the person who said, doesn't matter even if you reporting this for promoting rape, probably dozens already did the same. View More

Kilaske: One of the comment literally says "MC finally becomes a man!". That is a sign of consent. The fact that someone was okay with that sexual act is very scary. The fact that less than 10 people actually disliked the act is very scary. The silence. People ignoring the act and kept on reading is scary, because it's a sign that they're okay with it. I'm not saying people like this novel because of the r content, but the fact that they continue to like mc even when he did the act is very disgusting. Don't care if you report me. Cause I already reported this novel for promoting the act of rape.

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody')
3 weeks ago
I am reporting this because you assume people like this novel because the big R content, if you don't like it, say don't like it, no need to question people, if you hate my work say you hate my work don't need to justify other people's behavior, no one said the big R is ok, proved one comment said it's ok. View More

Kilaske: I'm okay with mc having s*x, but rape is something that should not be condone. I seriously don't get why people like this. Is rape really okay now? Even if it's just writing or mind control. rape is rape. It is not ok.

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody')
3 weeks ago
Woah dyslexia... I am sorry, that means you never read China Novel? How hard for you to read names? View More

CANAAN: I honestly feel my head spinning with names like these... Chinese names are havoc with my dyslexia... :(

I'm sorry but I'm going to drop the series because of that.

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C1
3 weeks ago
Elementary lv. 8, Cao Ren had opened all his profound veins in the previous chapter View More

Fahad501: Nice chapter Yuanba level now?

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C47
3 weeks ago
yes View More

WolfLord: That requires specially designed bows if you use a normal bow that way it will just snapped the bow or the string

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C37
3 weeks ago
Chapter wise, no, it still new moon bigger d*** contest, plot wise, yes, because plot demand him so. View More

WolfLord: Remember correctly the original should already be up to true profound

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C32
3 weeks ago
Ok, don't forget to promote my fic tho😁 View More

Arone: Author,

Hope you don't mind me using your idea of smartphone power in another fan-fric. The idea will be the same but with some changes.

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C43
3 weeks ago
maybe or maybe not. View More

willy_aprianto: Sensei will our mc got all woman that from yun che??

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C42
4 weeks ago
No, this is actually self fulfillment fantasy, I just don't want to make it so easy that make my fic cheap View More

Pen_God: The title is misleading. I thought this was just a trashy self fulfilment fantasy, but it has its own charm.

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C41
4 weeks ago
If you found Naruto in this chapter, it was a typo, I was watching Naruto when writing this. View More
Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C39
1 month ago
There are different muscle for operating in different activity, you don't see body builders became a runner, and you don't see a runner became a body builder, flexible, fast, and such was not impossible but less likely comfortable for them with inappropriate body, loss weight and gain weight was not easy either, you have to commit with the method and obediently follow the program, otherwise, it's less effective.

It's also the same in cultivation world, people practicing profound arts based on their preference and attribute, of course, huge people can also move fast, but impossible as fast as those who commit in speed, otherwise, why they even bother create profound movement? then, again, it's just my opinion based on many franchise I had seen. View More
Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C38
1 month ago
bye View More

Licorice: got tired of this....sigh....MC is way to weak for way too long ( i started to read this Fanfic thinking its smartphone hypnosis, but it went with cultivation route and dumb restraining of app functions coz of it , i waited thinking when he start cultivating he will jump realms or atleast will be better than OG MC but to no avail), sadly i'm out

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C37
1 month ago
yup View More

ArtoriasRihan: I just said why not. It's basically like eating ****. He should have enough self control to not go around fucking basic bitches. It seems pathetic, but everyone has different opinions so it's whatever.

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C37
1 month ago
I was just joking 😁 View More

robocoaster1: That's no reason not to get a stealth technique, the more techniques one has the better

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C37
1 month ago
Because... he need to release his sexual frustration , and those women are willing... so, why not? View More

ArtoriasRihan: Why was he even wasting his time fucking those random women? That's like choosing to eat dog **** after tasting wagyu a5. This just shows he has such low self control that he settles for dog ****. It's kinda pathetic if you ask me.

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C37
1 month ago
Actually, it does, stronger person could the pull string more powerful than usual people, I don't now about real life, but I have seen movie or anime (maybe) where someone stronger than normal, pull a bow until the bow even bent slightly, and when he released the arrow, it pierce the target's armor. View More

oscar1234: author the stronger a person is not equal to more power in a arrow only that he can use a more heavy bow

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C37
1 month ago
Mc doesn't need stealth technique, he had much better skill. View More

robocoaster1: As expected, if he disguised himself when he joined the sect then he can do the same for the Iron Spear Clan and therefore learn spear arts as well. You should have him also learn stealth techniques so that he can sneak into sects and learn their profound skills without actually joining.

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C37
1 month ago
Murong originally get pick but not to enter the tournament but enter the imperial palace's inner circle, Yun Che took that right from him. View More

Dao_Master211: So cang yue picked murong because there is no yun che that entered?

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C37
1 month ago
why doesn't getting Fire seed and phoenix bloodlines is consider as slow? View More

oscar1234: Will he get the fire seed and the Phoenix bloodlines? Great work only a little slow for me but is your novel

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C36
1 month ago
yep View More

Korath25: You saying his whole body is a vibrator?

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C0
1 month ago
The police can arrest someone base on accusation but that doesn't mean they're guilty, the point of arresting is to make sure suspect doesn't go anywhere while the investigation is going View More

Navizy: First, they need evidence of raping session then tell the police and give the evidence to them if they don't have then they will go to jail.
You can't just accuse someone, right?

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C36
1 month ago
No, he didn't, his location of training isn't the same with Yun Che the town he visited also different. View More

MacleMore: Did cao ren consume the fire seed already? Or am i missing something ?

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C35
1 month ago
Read it properly, he didn't say anything to make her love him, he used hypnosis to **** her and that's it, why you still even here, to bash my work? View More

topak: It was the hypnosis dumb fag , he just a rapist typical Japanese hentai and a weak ass mc ,atleast the original did not do that

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C13
1 month ago
lol, he thought atg is world class web novel that everyone must know about it, insulting mc who didn't have idea about the novel, insulting he worst than yun che when clearly he had the right to **** Qingyue, when yun che didn't with yuechan, some logic there buddy. View More

topak: And idiot (author included)that doesnt know about atg, also a rapist way worst than original mc, story is bs ,the worst trashfic I've read.

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody')
1 month ago

topak: This xia che should die a tapist a weak ass mc

Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C16
1 month ago
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