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I too wish to mee truck-kun View More

Chrof: It's my new year's resolution to meet Truck-kun

Nightmare's Call · C41
6 hours ago

P1k4ch6: Ah, some lucky fellow met Truck-kun and is having reincarnation adventure 😁

Nightmare's Call · C41
7 hours ago

shelwyn: Show them the chrysanthemum piercing thrust.

Nightmare's Call · C25
1 week ago

AtlasStudios: Hi, Atlas Studios will be taking over this book since the previous group went MIA. We are looking for readers who have read Battle Frenzy to do paid editing for it to ensure consistency. Please email recruitment@atlas-studios.com and mention that you are applying for the Battle Frenzy position. You will need to take an editor test.

Battle Frenzy · C693
3 weeks ago

darkoneko: yes, Tang Ling. That is a cliffhanger.

Dark Moon Era · C32
1 month ago

Kupkake: One of the most interesting things about this novel is that in every other apocalypse or a novel where a major event that changes the worlds power system, we always end up having the MC grow up many years after whatever that event was. However, in Monster Pet Evolution instead of the rules post event being decided by other people, the rules can instead be implemented by our MC.I am happy this his grandfather is motivating the MC to strive to make the rules and set the norms as opposed to following the rules and the norms which other people create. Of course I am sure it will be a little bit until that happens but I dont think it will take that long considering we are only a few years after the major event so I dont think others have that big of a head start over the MC. Plus the MC has the weird monster description system and his OP grandfather to help him grow faster and stronger than his competition.

Monster Pet Evolution · C150
2 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
The King's Avatar · C1
2 months ago

KittenSnips: I can imagine both just sitting there camping waiting for the other to reveal themselves in their sights only for it to take hours and nothing happens

Fatal Shot · C48
4 months ago

SleepingWolf: I hope one of his eternal models ends up sitting in front of some companies headquarters, but later gets piloted to save the day. Like against a terrorist attack, or as a last line of defense after some enemies break past the army lines.

The Mech Touch · C225
4 months ago

Leylin_Farlier: I'm disappointed he didn't call himself Cthulhu.

Cthulhu Gonfalon · C14
5 months ago
Shoulda expected the aggro skills from equips View More
The Almighty Ring · C46
7 months ago
The content has been deleted
The Almighty Ring · C14
7 months ago
O more trouble coming gonna be funn View More
A World Worth Protecting · C145
7 months ago
Running out of ss T. T View More
A World Worth Protecting · C143
7 months ago
Interested to see how his gonna get back at the ape in the future View More
A World Worth Protecting · C142
7 months ago
So, his in some kind of illusion... Kinda confused me they he was suddenly on a peak lol View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C72
7 months ago
Arghhh had to stop here for today View More
A World Worth Protecting · C141
7 months ago

Gr33naero: He’s going to be a Pokémon master and collect all eight gym badges

Taming Master · C10
7 months ago
Say, we're he to reset again at higher lvl does his bonus Stat stay and more get added on due to resetting? Or does it get replaced? View More
Taming Master · C6
7 months ago
EP? triggered View More
Taming Master · C2
7 months ago
Cause you always need to make it hard for the Mc View More

zaboc: Why do all MCs have a person in authority coming after them for no apparent reason? Just because he questioned human experimentation the rest of the employees are butt hurt? Really?

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C68
7 months ago

toxicSpike: Because that other guy sees the new formula and instantly knows that its effect has increased and everything... but mc has to mnaually brew that sht and drink it to test

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C68
7 months ago
Didn't he check the adrenaline gene b4? Why is he suddenly surprised that it's a perfect gene? View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C68
7 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
A World Worth Protecting · C137
7 months ago
Mass release of premium :( View More
A World Worth Protecting · C126
7 months ago
I don't think Gao Quan has that much say in upper academy and lin tianhao even mentioned a trap in his thoughts earlier in the chapter View More

Mecca_Droidbot: I agrree, it's stupid that the exact same 'supress Wang Baole' appears. Deny him his stuff, rightfully, yet again.

However, I suspect that it's *not* Lin Tianhao this time.

And who do we know with authority who has a grudge against our MC? A certain True Breath cultivator he defeated earlier, perhaps?

*cough* Gao Quan *cough*

A World Worth Protecting · C125
7 months ago
Did the 4 bodies he bring back not matter in upper academy? View More
A World Worth Protecting · C125
7 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
A World Worth Protecting · C124
7 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Returning from the Immortal World · C40
7 months ago

VaibhavKronos: See this! I just gifted the story: Comment

Returning from the Immortal World · C40
7 months ago
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