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Sex sells, thus, make sexier clothes = sell for more money.

And people will buy it. View More

Laike: Women's panties are very mysterious. Since the smaller amount of fabric the more they cost.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1578
12 hours ago

Laike: Women's panties are very mysterious. Since the smaller amount of fabric the more they cost.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1578
12 hours ago

InoueAkio: You should continue with your thoughts but yeah you can plot it out and give a reason to throw her away on the same the time draw his daughter towards himself and it'll be much easier to break the ingrained thoughts in his daughter about church and all that which help in conquering easier....
Also I'd love if you don't go with the bdsm with his daughter cuz little ones need love

All my toys · C24
22 hours ago

Litrex1: If they haven’t had sex for a long time, still hate eachother. Then her cheating can be good for him, easier to make him closer to his daughter bcz daddy sad. And a general good excuse to throw away her ass and drag her and dad-inlaws images down.
It is a subject that is looked down upon on webnovel though so don’t focus too much on the subject i guess.

All my toys · C24
22 hours ago

SickBlad: If vahn made an academy for MCs in his realm, he could send one out when young girls get interested in him.

‘Girl looks at vanh’
‘Vanh throws MC-A at her’
*its super effective!*

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1574
1 day ago
The reason he's so enamoured with Katara is because he's a monk who is starting puberty, with an attractive girl (and her brother) constantly nearby. He's also 100 years out of time, so he's latched on to the first human he has contacted. View More
Reborn in black clover with Demon Slaying magic · C16
2 days ago
Shiori is obviously the killer though, her beloved younger sister was stabbed in the back and the ones who caused it are unconscious? Easy revenge. View More
A Cliché Multiverse story · C30
3 days ago

Master_Controller: No, nothing like that. He likes thighs, sure, but he's not stupid enough to make an attack like that.

Highschool DxD: A Heroic Devil · C6
3 days ago

Harem_fan: Rubbing exposed thighs is 1000x better than popping out your girls assets in public.

Highschool DxD: A Heroic Devil · C6
3 days ago
At this rate, Jun will summon Astolfo regardless of the catalyst he uses. View More
In Anime world with the blood of Sparda · C30
4 days ago
So Issei can have Akeno's massive mammaries, while Bronidas's descendant can have Rias's thicc thighs?

...When Yasaka appears, he and Issei are going to go to war over which part of her is the most attractive. View More
Highschool DxD: A Heroic Devil · C6
4 days ago
There goes Jaren, flexing like the badass he's slowly, but surely, becoming. View More
Card System in DxD · C27
4 days ago
Cool, this nerf hits others and allows Nik to catch up, plus introduces wars against other hosts that he can conceivably win against.

Unlike when Lucifer ruined the Demon Slayer world. View More
Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal · C435
6 days ago
Ajax was also a prince, so the chance he could be Ajax's descendant is there. Plus, Ajax is a Shielder.

If he could get Gawain's blessing of the Sun, and Ajax's shield, he'd be unkillable in the day. And as a devil, he'd get the power boost at night. View More

dontenglish: so is the mc heros blood gawain and hector since his body reacted when rias talked about the increase of deffense

Highschool DxD: A Heroic Devil · C4
6 days ago
I do hope he will get Galatine! That would be so cool, but it would remove Xenovia's uniqueness... View More
Highschool DxD: A Heroic Devil · C4
6 days ago

SesshoMaru: I too did think it is Crom and

He was the only Evil Dragon to match the Heavenly Dragons

So if it is not an OC dragon it gotta be Him

Highschool DxD: A Heroic Devil · C4
6 days ago

Master_Controller: Have you forgotten that he can amplify the power in his feet for enhanced speed? He's practically got the Flash Step from Bleach and you wanna call him a snail?

Pawns don't have the most potential just the most variety. I want my MC to be a Heavy-Hitter/Defense-type, so being a Pawn would be useless to him because he'd end up using promoting into a Rook most of the time.

Highschool DxD: A Heroic Devil · C4
6 days ago

FBI_B1TCH: As for his Sacred Gear, is this some type of AU where Crom was sealed as well? It would explain the black and gold colour scheme as well as the love for fighting the dragon has.

Highschool DxD: A Heroic Devil · C4
6 days ago
She's gonna need mutated pieces... Quite a number of them. View More
Highschool DxD: A Heroic Devil · C3
1 week ago
Anime laws of Oppai: no ability or attack shall affect the fanservice. Hence Issei's power BOOST when he learned Vali could halve breasts as well. View More

Otakubaku: This also brings other ideas to the table, why doesn't her quirk effect her boobs?

My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C17
1 week ago
As long as it's not Jason.
He's lame. Sure he can lead, but he's not really anything special except Aphrodite blessed him.

Could it be Odysseus? View More

Master_Controller: Through combat. But I guess you could say he inspired people as well by doing what he did.

Highschool DxD: A Heroic Devil · C2
1 week ago

Nixolas_Zinn: I gotta quote this,

Popo: "Alright maggots, listen up. Popo's about to teach you the Pecking Order. It goes: you, the dirt, the worms inside of the dirt, Popo's stool, Kami, then Popo. Any questions?"

My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C11
1 week ago
The only people who like Bakugou are M's who want to be abused, S's who enjoy watching the MC get hurt, or people who think anyone who yells or calls people "baka" are Tsundere.

Bakugou is simply toxic and abusive. View More

amaturewriter: I only read the first chp: MC has one of the most ****ed up backstories ever....damn its dark..

-After what MC has gone through you cant make him wishy washy or naive..only cold as best and mental at worst.
-OP MC..lone hero...again because of his past
-Add romance but try not make it angst/tragic and dark...Pro MC need a bit of sunlight.
-Make MC hate bakugo..bash bakugo [i dont like bakugo]


My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!!
1 week ago
His Japanese ancestor could be a Warlord from the Warring States, like Ieyasu and Shingen, or could be a general like Sanada Yukimura!

Or just make him a descendant of Lu Bu, Cao Cao would definitely want to recruit him then. View More
Highschool DxD: A Heroic Devil · C2
1 week ago
Reading Status: C0
Probably one of the best DxD fanfics I've read. SI Saji is smart, hard-working, and creative with his powers. Plus, his power ups make sense because they're not "power of friendship (Oppai)" excuses. The author is also genuinely funny, and mercilessly rips into the self-righteous OCs that are flawlessly handsome, and have out of the norm features that everyone seems to ignore.

Overall, he takes Saji and the Virtra gear and really explores its potential in depth. This is also posted on Fanfiction just so everyone knows. View More
Level-Up Dragon King!
1 week ago

LiaFeil: Hmm, if the MC had a romantic relationship with Arturia, wouldn't that make him the queen of England?

The High Human · C22
1 week ago
Mystique is also immortal, right? So wouldn't having her stick by his side forever make it smartest to... Add her to the harem permanently and not as a **** buddy?

Or does Creed only want **** buddies right now? View More
DC/Marvel: A True Sabretooth · C4
1 week ago

Ibn_Nuh: There's a guy who post hilarious on a webnovel I used to read. I forgot his username. It was something Frodo. But anyway... I shall pass on his legacy.


A man kills a deer and takes it home to cook for dinner.

Both he and his wife decide that they won't tell the kids what kind of meat it is,

But will give them a clue and let them guess.

The dad said, "Well, it's what Mommy calls me sometimes."

The little girl screamed to her brother, "Don't eat it. Its an asshole!"

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1556
1 week ago
Wouldn't Avalon fry his demon half? View More

AliefLucas: Did he take the Avalon?🤔

In Anime world with the blood of Sparda · C19
1 week ago
Tier 4 now, that's a bit away. Peak Tier 4 he gets access to 6-Paths Mode, or will he need to prestige to Tier 5? View More

Swatdude64: I meant to put that actually, good catch

Card System in DxD · C21
1 week ago
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