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It's supposed to be the same as a battle to the death. That's why the penalty is so high. Just losung your knife does not reflect how dabgerous a chef challenge should really be View More

Queue: This is how it should be. Lose your knife, but not your quantification to cook. Otherwise how do you improve?

Gourmet of Another World · C727
1 day ago

irlsgirl: Short version: Owner Bu wins.


Gourmet of Another World · C726
1 day ago
Even ad.ult is a swearword over here View More

Edge: Really? Since when has Na-i-ve become a vulgar word? Why hasn't it showed on the dictionary?

History's Number 1 Founder · C163
4 days ago
Dude, you're twisted View More

Leylin_Farlier: First off lets get down to the basics, slavery is not wrong. The only thing that is wrong is forced slavery via capture. A slave system for criminals or those who sell themselves into slavery to escape poverty/paydebts is not in anyway wrong, of course as I just stated it is wrong for slaves to get be captured and sold, for example Elves or Beastkin in many stories. I also specifically mentioned the methods of which the child is raised, a child that is raised as cattle with no human contact except when being fed will be feral and nothing like a human being, obtaining said babies/children and farming them yourself is not a wrong thing to do inherently. This is why I stated kidnapping random children isn't okay, and of course I would hate it if I was one of the children, but I also would hate a ton of things if it happened to me, is ****** a car wrong because I don't want to be one of the people hit by one? The answer is no, it isn't wrong, and a feral child wouldn't even be capable of understanding anything to begin with, unlike a random 4-5 year old who gets kidnapped, which is why I support raising them as cattle/ingredients. This is the best way to do it.

And what is wrong with being a cannibal? I'll tell you, nothing. Meat is meat. Anybody who has truly starved will know what I mean. A starving mother will even consider eating her own children at the brink of starvation. Anyway, as long as it is cooked cannibals are fine, well I prefer they don't murder and just use whatever meat comes from the recently dead or they raise humans as cattle, in which case they can be used to cook.

Now lets get into the power part, I'm sorry you are wrong. Dead f*cking wrong without even a .0001% part of correctness in your stance. Sacrificing the few for the many is ALWAYS the right thing to do, now I hate it and don't agree with it, but it is true none the less. If a single dead child, especially one raised as cattle, is able to make a person gain enough strength to read the core stage, then that is a worthy sacrifice in my opinion. Originally becoming a core stage cultivator would take MUCH MUCH more bloodshed against fellow cultivators to fight for the resources to do so. And I will make this especially clear, a single cultivator of the Qi stage is able to save tens of thousands of mortal souls, a foundation establishment cultivator could support hundreds of thousands, and a core cultivator could support millions of mortal souls. If eating ONE, JUST ONE FERAL CHILD could make the life of over 900,000 people better, would you not do it? Forget the feral part, if I could help a million people live better by eating one normal child I would do it, even if I had to eat the child raw. Why? Because that is the morally right thing to do. It may not be pleasant or easy to live with, but the life of a single child isn't worth more than a million souls living a little bit easier, let alone a lot easier.

History's Number 1 Founder · C158
4 days ago
Roast goose, maybe? View More

DumbyAccount: What will it be?? 🤤🤤🤤

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C321
4 days ago

QiuFeng: Tuntun's reason makes me speachless 🤐 it's turn out a revange about love rival 😑

Thanks for the update :)

History's Number 1 Founder · C127
5 days ago

milkteaislyf: And here i thought, it'll be a tragic backstory 😂

History's Number 1 Founder · C127
5 days ago

DDD: All that talk and it came down to fighting over men😳

History's Number 1 Founder · C127
5 days ago

imsodone: In short, she just wants revenge since a guy didn't take her as a bride.. wut lololol

History's Number 1 Founder · C127
5 days ago
For everyone who has and will complain.

Mai ye/long ye: same ideogram, different pronunciation

Styx/yellow river: the original is is "yellow river of the netherworld". both are right, both are inaccurate

Pearl/bead: same word. Pearls are natural, beads are man-made. Which do you think is right?

We have a new translator, cope with it

I will repost this at the end of each chapter where i see people arguing about these terms as well as edit it to include the new terms people will be complaining about View More
History's Number 1 Founder · C125
5 days ago
Yeah, so fyi i checked. The correct translation is "yellow river of the netherworld". So... styx, yellow river... both are right. Just depends on which aspect the translator decided to focus on View More

Randompasserby: For the love of the Heavenly Trigrams please somehow find a way to name the moves consistently.
It's quite distracting for someone like me who actually enjoys their wacky awesomeness and keep track of who uses which style and moves.

P.s yellow spring>styx while we're at it. Thematic flair is greatly appreciated.

History's Number 1 Founder · C125
5 days ago
The problem is that you ate simply antagonizing people. The author sees one person complaining and 50 people telling him to shut up. Do you think he will feel peer pressure? Or do you think he will merely consider you as a troll if not simply a mild annoyance? View More

Positive_Lullaby: i have messaged the translator through email and patron, very nicely mind you... but i got no response, i was mentioned in one of his posts, but he is not planning on listening to the community. which is why i am here, being rude. we need to fight for the things we love, and that's my way of doing this. no other way to do it. peer pressure and negative reviews are the only ways to show the translator and qidian what we want and expect from the novels on this website. they will bend eventually, since that's their job and its not really unreasonable to demand a better translation.

History's Number 1 Founder · C113
5 days ago
Do us all a favor and stfu. If you don't i'll report you View More

Positive_Lullaby: go away pedo kid

History's Number 1 Founder · C112
5 days ago
Insight View More

Positive_Lullaby: Intelligence? it is comprehension! stop trying to use different terms just to prove you are translating it differently. you are ****** the novel worse!

History's Number 1 Founder · C107
5 days ago
As always, i think time would be on par with space View More

Fujitora: That's not OP, that's how one really uses the power of space. Finally, someone uses space techniques right, not some useless "space slash", "space freeze", "space teleport". I'm so sick of seeing everywhere some novel's MC using space in those useless ways and then sighing at how great lighting techniques are! What fire techniques? What "thunder"? What Lightning?
Just move the space around enemy's head a few feet and there you have it! Ancient body strengthening technique? That's so old & overused! Just make a spatial armor around your body and voilá: attacks phase through you at another point in space! The enemy has some unique armor? Mess around with the space his internal organs occupy and fu*k up his insides. Problem solved.
From my point of view, the most savage cultivation techniques are space techniques :D
Everything else just pales in comparison!

History's Number 1 Founder · C105
5 days ago

crackedcacti: We have found the most pitiful side character in Wuxia today. Farewell! You barely lasted three chapters but your name will be forgotten in two! If you’re lucky you’ll be dimly remembered as the fool.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C317
6 days ago
You mean for btth? View More

zejan1: Oh ****!!!!! if what feng said was true about xiao yan black heavy sword then its a fucking Hell of a spoiler.

History's Number 1 Founder · C82
6 days ago
So... shameless... View More
History's Number 1 Founder · C79
6 days ago
No. Millipede has the latin roots of "pede" meaning foot and "millus" (not sure about how its written) meaning thousand. So a millipede is literally a thousand feet View More

S_A_D_Panda: Nooo.. a Millipede has a MILLION legs hence the name MILLIpede!

History's Number 1 Founder · C59
6 days ago
Do you think he will mysteripusly turn out to be lin feng from goma? View More

Asain: Sadly, u not mc lin feng..... Maybe

History's Number 1 Founder · C57
6 days ago

Ikyuu: It's a Frakenstein work, sewed properly that I can see a single entity. Kinda different from my usual harem and blood-boiling readings. Really liking this.

History's Number 1 Founder · C57
6 days ago
Amy is not technically an elf View More

irlsgirl: Irina, Sally, and Amy. 😊

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C315
6 days ago
No. He is literally parodying the start points of other stories. Both the background and the mcs names and characteristics are the same. Ot's not some vague cliché or whatever View More

All_Night: The author is using cliched starter plot points from other stories, so of course it will have similarities to other stories...

History's Number 1 Founder · C56
6 days ago
And i can't stand the ease with which chinese novel characters kill their enemies. Not to mention all those "vengeances" because the mc killed someone who was trying to kill him.
Sure it's nice wheb people get their just desserts, but it's absurdly frustrating when they go on a killing spree "for honor" View More

Seregosa: A while ago he didn’t even forget to release a snake to capture him while he was in the middle of an intense fight. If this person doesn’t die, Xiao Yan’s mind will not be at ease.

The ease in which they decide to murder people that offend them or plot against them is one of the things I love the most about chinese protagonists. I wish japanese mcs would learn from them, those damn idiots that doesn't even kill enemies or those that have harmed them greatly and will continue to do so.

Sometimes, the readers just want characters to die(often by cruel torture)... Japanese novels are always extremely frustrating when it comes to this. Even if it'd bring mortal danger to them by leaving villains alive, they will still do so. Even after they come back, they still get spared. All villains are given second or third chances and they always try to turn them into friends. They don't even get any real punishment for their actions. That attitude is so repulsive, only idiots would do that.

I can't even begin to remember all the times I've been ripping my hair out and screaming at the sky in frustration when reading that stuff. That's why it's extra satisfying to see people killed after having read a few japanese novels like I did before this... Now if only chinese authors could kill females just as easily as men, that'd be sweet. I don't like the preferential treatment that females tend to get just because they're female.

History's Number 1 Founder · C44
1 week ago

DumbyAccount: You can swap the sword to a kitchen knife so you can copy Owner Bu's techniques 😁😁

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C308
1 week ago
Xixi and lulu's lovey dovey relationship gives me the same feeling as hot chocolate:
It's nice and sweet and warm... but too much of it will make me puke View More
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C307
1 week ago
Zang Xuan bluffs for almost 1k chapters. He bluffs until his strength is so high he doesn't need to bluff anymore View More

jining: But zhang xuan is the ultimate teacher. There ain’t no need to bluff.

History's Number 1 Founder · C23
1 week ago
Whatever works View More

Jenny: great way to recruit someone, just kidnap them :)

History's Number 1 Founder · C20
1 week ago
The stories are somewhat changed and most of the names are twisted. Everyone knows the reference, but it's changed just enough to avoid copyright issues View More

NickelJay: i'm not well versed with copyright issues or anything but how does the author not sued with this? Hahahaha XD

History's Number 1 Founder · C15
1 week ago
And his father is dead View More

kumadam: So the future plot of BTTH is irrelevant now since the Xiao Yan has two rings now.

History's Number 1 Founder · C14
1 week ago
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