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  • When Fantasy Becomes Real

    When Fantasy Becomes Real


    Multiverse. Kaleidoscope. These two thing is always caused a mess. ALWAYS. Sometimes give someone a great and bad trouble. Make their life so different. With just those thing. Moreover, if that given by a certain old vampireーyour normal life will not be normal anymore; only bad and misrable ending in there. YOU CAN'T HAVE A PERFECT AND HAPPY ENDING! SI-fic x Harem. Lemon.

  • The First Summer

    The First Summer


    A young man, who is a student from abroad, comes to visit a place that is very foreign to him. Visiting a foreign country that is always coveted by him, which ends up making his peaceful life become chaotic (?). Warn: R18+/Lolicon/Harem(?)/Drama(?) Non Non Biyori fanfiction

  • Just a trash that should've been deleted

    Just a trash that should've been deleted

    Magical Realism

    Just a failure novel

  • Takeru said, "It's already end!"

    Takeru said, "It's already end!"


  • Re:Alchemist - Indonesia

    Re:Alchemist - Indonesia


    Apa yang akan orang lakukan bila bisa mengetahui rahasia? Apa yang akan dilakukan oleh mereka pula, bila mengetahui cerita terlarang? Entahlah. Jawaban yang paling tepat, itulah dia; Kita tak akan mengetahuinya. Cerita dan rahasia, dua sisi yang berseberangan. Begitu pula dengan Alkimia dan Mana, mereka adalah dua sisi yang berseberangan-namun masih menyambung satu sama lain. Ini tidak seperti di mana sisi Sihir dan Sains yang saling bertemu dan bertabrakan. —hal itu akan diketahui. Akan dikuak sedikit demi sedikit. Sebuah rahasia yang pada akhirnya akan menjadi cerita. Sebuah cerita yang akan menjadi salah satu fondasi, untuk dunia; itulah inti cerita tersebut.


Reign_Bloodark: Simply for the fact Ophis is main target i dont even care if this is another harem ****, im just glad Ophis is the main target. God bless you author.

My Overpowered Loli Wife
1 month ago

DevilTriggered: Well,before the rant I actually say something good about story,because story deserved praise.It's better than autor previous work by far,in a plot and ability-definitely.Though in all other aspects like fighting scence and *humor* it's well on the same level,I guess...
But as I said,the story deserved better score than previous one,by huge
margin.It's even top notch if we thinks about webnovel standarts(yeah,apparently 1-star only for works that you can't even read without gettin cancer on terminal stage.)And I actually liked it....
So now let my rant and little story be a warning for all those who have hopes in characters....
There is no hopes...
And yeah,I dissliked rafi in cosmic novel,because you know.He is whinny little b*tch who I believe got pegged by his wife's in as*.But hey,atleast he flirt around and I have hopes that all those fightes and kill's help build up his character and someday,maybe,he would become someone respactable atleast for his wife's......It's dropped,so you can guess.
And here a new one rafi,even worst.Because he is deffinition of Beta-c*ck b*tch from japanese anime culture.Yeah,not even joking...
And I again,was expecting that normal guy in sh*tty situations and with burdens off mass murder can,you know,have some affect on him.That's really how we would have atleast normal guy,oh boi.....
And there is a huge chance that it's cemented desicion,why? Because he is conterpart of someone wicked and evil,he is virtue.....Being femdom b*tch hardly can be a virtue.Most funny thing,he's evil side not even evil.....Oh,gods.
And ofcourse all *love interests* tsundere b*tches.......MY GOD.
It's like one of those novels where crossdresing whiny guy have to deal with yandere girls ,but somehow become even worse....
So yeah,if you liked being slapped on face by woman or femdom in general,that's deffinetly you choice....I have enough.

Illimitable Fantasy Works
1 month ago
that's why character development exist, dude View More

Sommerscave: He still thinks of other girls even though he has the chance with a legal Loli

My Overpowered Loli Wife · C19
1 month ago
not so OP from Omega Reality though View More

Adypoker: Reality Warping is already OP...

Harem Queen of Lily · C9
1 month ago
For this one? I think they doesn't have it View More

WhiteNeon: Anyone knows the Discord Code thingy? I want to take a visit.

My Overpowered Loli Wife · C18
1 month ago
From what I've seen on the powerlisting wiki, there's no such possibility. If it's make it ageless, then it's possible. View More

Ibinstantbullet: Will he master time manipulation to gain immortality 🤔

My Overpowered Loli Wife · C18
1 month ago
Good, I'm one of those cold-hearted man! View More
A Commonplace Story of Overpowered Sorcerer · C42
1 month ago
It's not Karana but Karna, for god sake View More

An_Aria: About the concept I got some from Wattpad and the rest is mine(sorry to Burst your bubble). Spelling - I have always been poor (feel free to give me a class). As for the name Karan was used so that when he meets the heroic spirit that resides within him so you guys don't confuse them, by the way the heroic spirit Karana is from the Nasuverse not to mention has Noble Phantasms that did not exist in the Epic Mahabharata and now his in the DxD Universe where the progeny of heros run wild..I would love to answer the rest of your "queries" but I don't wanna spoon feed it to you so I will leave it to your imagination...and you are my first hater!! I love it... Always wanted to have one...If you ever come to Port Blair please do tell ..we'll hang out!

A World of Fire : A Highschool DxD Story
2 months ago
i can't understand the whole story View More
New Life In Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei, The Way To The Harem! · C0
2 months ago
Yeah, guns always solve all problems View More

Electez: Still, guns solve all problems

A Commonplace Story of Overpowered Sorcerer · C31
2 months ago
Author is indonesian bruh View More

Electez: I see that the author is American, guns can solve all problems whether they be magical or not.

A Commonplace Story of Overpowered Sorcerer · C31
2 months ago
"op mc only works on slice of life"

how about shiba tatsuya? View More

Arccc: Sorry for this harsh comment but dude what difficulty are you talking abt . His thoughts makes him a scum when i saw he wants both the princess and her mother to even thinking of letting that king die when he hasnt even done a thing to him.
And one more thing u literally broke ur character in few chapters , i dont see any excitement in fight when he can just kill that fake god right now if he wants . You know the badass moments are only good when it is deserved. There is nothing abt the mc that makes him likable at this point and as the story is progressing , he is becoming less pleasing to the eye . Dude op mc only work in slice of life stories . Whats the point when he is already a literal god .

A Commonplace Story of Overpowered Sorcerer · C19
2 months ago
Since I'm currently writing yuri, could you help me how the girl thinks? I'm not this author another account though, just wanna know something to improve my writing and gain more knowledge. View More

CultivatingReader: Why that's my question did you have any gender-bending it's so bad you don't have to do that at all just having the same gender from the beginning. The character thinks like a straight male why put him into a female body. I feel like an idiot just reading your sloppy first chapter I hope you come up with some thing better than THIS. If you can't stop writing I can't stand garbage like this if you can't make a better story don't put this filth into Webnovel. Write something better or not just do it somewhere else where I won't see a glimpse of it.

Re:Monster - World's Reversal
2 months ago
It already update, though not fast View More

Blaze_gold: Awesome story. Pls update fast😢😢

Harem Queen of Lily · C1
2 months ago
Well, because his name is DUMBledore, so it's given View More

Nirvanic_Sun: The only reason you would call someone a stupid old man is if you're either a child or calling that person dumb

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic
2 months ago
Promoting my friend yuri novel, lol


Sorry! View More
Re:Monster - World's Reversal · C1
2 months ago
Reading Status: C6
Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! Go go, author! View More
Harem Queen of Lily
2 months ago
The content has been deleted
Harem Queen of Lily · C6
2 months ago
yep, you got that, although her body and race is still human View More

GodxOwn: so its like being omnipotent

Harem Queen of Lily · C5
2 months ago
https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Reality_Warping View More

GodxOwn: can i know what reality warping do?

Harem Queen of Lily · C5
2 months ago
Ouch, didn't so into Fate, sorry View More

FinzRaizer: Angra manyu also have avesta for your information, VERG Avesta

Illimitable Fantasy Works · C43
2 months ago
it's more annoying when the devs isn't listening to users complaints View More

Lordkingss: you can't just delete a novel its hella annoying

Illimitable Fantasy Works · C2
2 months ago
Avesta? Kind of remind me with Azi Dahaka from Mondaiji View More
Illimitable Fantasy Works · C43
2 months ago
Reading Status: C8
Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! Go author, go! View More
My Overpowered Loli Wife
2 months ago
Reading Status: C8
Good job, author! It's rare to see DxD fanfic without harem as its charm and decide to give readers single pair/heroine, moreover it's freaking Ophis!

Yeah, screw that genderless ****, hope MC can find a way to fix that problem and maybe something that make him immortal? View More
My Overpowered Loli Wife
2 months ago
Maybe you can try a novel which has Ophis as main heroine and not harem, it's called My Overpowered Loli Wife View More

Daoist591682: Yasaka Ophis Ingvild Koneko Ravel

DXD Fanfic: Rise of the Phenex · C1
2 months ago
Maybe you can try a novel which has Ophis as main heroine and not harem, it's called My Overpowered Loli Wife View More

GreatWolf: Ophis koneko kurako Gabriel yasaka and her daughter. The three fallen as servents

DXD Fanfic: Rise of the Phenex · C1
2 months ago
Keep going, author and ignore that arrogant bastard View More
My Overpowered Loli Wife · C8
2 months ago

Ohma: Seems people misunderstand what 'deal with supernatural' mean and they are impatient about something like this.

Maybe you just thought this will be normal story like DxD minus harem, but I wanna make a complicated yet simple for me.

I got this reference when remember about S.H.I.E.L.D and Devil Survivor. If you think this is just like battle fantasy romcom story like that, I'm afraid you've to find another novel like that.

This is not OP story, this is OP yet Weak To Strong trope. This is not harem, but single pair.

My Overpowered Loli Wife · C7
2 months ago
lol, it's obvious the link is just made up by the author. why you upset with that. View More

FantasyTrance: nice try chump, I pasted your link and immediately was warned by google themselves that it isn't a good site! Miss me with that trojan horse ****.

Harem Queen of Lily
2 months ago
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