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thx, its mainly the dialogue that was spoken during side chapter that confused e since i dont know the people by heart, its like me reading TDG fanfic and i never read that novel View More

BrokenOath: I have created a Glossary at the Auxiliary Chapters.
Right now it only has basic info about the main races, I hope it can help you!

WH40k - Tyranid Project · C26
2 days ago
more chapter is always great, the waiting is painful so i usual afk and let chapter build up before binge watch View More
Reincarnated as Tony Stark with a Skill · C90
4 days ago
whos saber, berserker is that tiger right View More
Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C44
4 days ago
i dont know 40k so no idea wats goung on View More
WH40k - Tyranid Project · C26
6 days ago
is there more alphi core to make more alphi queens?, since a single aphi queen feel like a disaster waiting to happen View More
Chrysalis · C407
2 weeks ago
lumen should SHotgun his Light spheres and make some Bullet hell in LIGHT speed View More
Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C23
3 weeks ago
Commando hero: Mirio View More
My Ninja Academia · C11
3 weeks ago
mhm can we make grant a golem? and make grant guard the entrance or something, GUARDIAN ANT View More
Chrysalis · C402
3 weeks ago
lets dive deeper into Bloodborne and awken the OLD blood View More
Endless Adventure · C85
3 weeks ago
are u gona free the maids that got arrested before? View More
I Reincarnated as A Little Girl?! · C9
3 weeks ago
getsuga tenshou? View More
《Infinite Stamina》 · C14
1 month ago
just found this story its pretty crazy but its really funny View More
WTF I am in the Marvel Universe ! · C65
1 month ago
everytime mc pose i think of jojo View More
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in SAO? · C3
1 month ago
rich guy whos influence spread all over View More
Reincarnated as Tony Stark with a Skill · C77
1 month ago
so he gona stay unlucky forever?, remind me of the guy's ultimate stlye from medaka box. Remove all RNG View More
Endless Adventure · C81
1 month ago
mhm cant he just use kuro to hold the gun and fire it that way since serra can fire canon with her shadow View More
Okazaki's Journey of the Multiverse · C7
1 month ago
did kazuki call eliot a She??? View More
Bang Dream! My New Life Story · C41
1 month ago
he didnt puke the bone out? (cause dont u try to puke the stuff choking u normally) View More

getyourphones: He did and almost died from the bone he was chewing.

Endless Adventure · C79
1 month ago
i like this, since all the known threat is gone will be start building his empire, and did he ate all for one? since he keep slipping on banna peel View More
Endless Adventure · C79
1 month ago
wat a mess up world, does this mean MH monster can learn magci now?,, Glavious with magic blade View More
Re:Incarnate · C4
1 month ago
so webnovel is mess up on ios atm and i cant get my 2x reward for watching ads. so i wont be able to read your story every update anymore rip View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C128
2 months ago
lighting + sword remind me of Albert(GBF) as for familia its Hestia(to make a better base for his brother bell), loki bc its pretty famous now, freya also works but idk much about her familia other then its full of stronk ppl there is other familia but they feel smaller but u can be in the spotlight since they smoll familia View More
Danmachi: The Sword Emperor · C3
2 months ago
school like to mess with u so just do uor RL stuff 1st View More
My Life in Blue Exorcist · C24
3 months ago
SAO adbridge was the best SAO, the anime cut so much stuff out but the music was great, and bc sao was like the big" VR" anime so it got the hype View More
Isekai Traveling? · C5
3 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C94
3 months ago
maybe 8 trail which give 5 card each it be like the 8 demon general with their follower or something View More
Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Supreme Emperor · C0
4 months ago
spear dancer??? View More
A Commonplace Story of Overpowered Sorcerer · C17
4 months ago
remind me of disastrous life of seiki View More
Esper in Marvel · C0
4 months ago
where wolve army atk and def View More
Traveling Worlds as a Assassin Mage · C27
4 months ago
then we can have marshmallow rekt whole army if it wont die View More
Traveling Worlds as a Assassin Mage · C21
4 months ago
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