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Ty for the update

Is this "Isra Sorotori", inspired in the following?



Maybe you would can do that the MC's mother was Mei Terumi's sister, and get the boil release later, He just need to learn to use the water element before


Either you like second or not, with 2 or 3 Kekkei Genkai he will call the attention very much, and perfect excuse to get an harem View More
Becoming a ninja · C4
22 minutes ago
On the other hand

I can understand because isekai reincarnated people or some body-swapper-like thing, even to be turned against your will, almost never try to return to Earth

Even to get to return someway, no one will recognize your for your previous self

Even exposing some imposible to reject evidences, either they will keeo refusing them, and/or you will be turned in a laboratory rat to investigate you

The few stories that I know, that a reincarnated or some body-swapper returns, s/he creates a new identity View More

Kira_Aurelius: Nah, i prefer past life to stay like that in the past, and besides, i'll be making the Akatsuki stronger, though after the 3 years timeskip, Kira and Naruto will become pretty op.

I prefer Kira's past to be the only secret he will never tell and to take it to his grave

The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C20
32 minutes ago
This is your story, so your decision

But it is quite few usual that the reincarnated MC explain about a previous like
I can understand at first, when they don't trust the new people around them, but I think that with time, they should do

It exists specially 3 or 4 merits, that in my opinion overtake any demerit

1. To be honestly with the new friends, family and/or maybe mates

2. This way, they can explain, either some weird knowledge, or justufy why don't they share the same "common sense" that all others

3. Related with previous, if someone get to the point to be unable to acceopt this new reality, it cans help to get other people to understand it, and at most as posible, let them try to live their life as they want, even if it implies to live their life isolated, either to hate this world, or just wish to return to the previous world

4. When the reincarnated recognize this world as a story, explain to some trustful people, to try to avoid or minimize the most negative things View More

Kira_Aurelius: Nah, i prefer past life to stay like that in the past, and besides, i'll be making the Akatsuki stronger, though after the 3 years timeskip, Kira and Naruto will become pretty op.

I prefer Kira's past to be the only secret he will never tell and to take it to his grave

The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C20
38 minutes ago
Anyway, a key point

Has your MC any intention to explain his past life someone someday?

Following sentences, just my opinion, no ofense please

Although if I have ever been in your MC's place, I would have said some things to Naruto and the Raikage, partly to justify why choose to go to Kumo, and the reason to do some "weird" things sometimes

Other thing would can be once finished Kiri's civil war's arc, ask to speak privately with all canon characters from Kumo, Kiri and Iwa, plus the cousin and Pakura, and explain as many things as posible, either be direct and say abiut the manga and the anime, or say to be historical persons, taught in story class

The latter would be less traumatical than say to be cartoons, and justify some divergences knowledge vs "reality" (no all past events are registered right lol?) View More
The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C20
1 hour ago

And no mistake please

Most people have issues in real life

And if some day, you get to the point to have no option ti give up this story, and, or dont like and decide to cancel it, I don't recriminate

I simply dislike when the author disareas suddenly. Without explanation

So, if you get to the point, tell it please View More
The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C20
1 hour ago
"Rio Country"?
Do you mean the River Country?

Are you translating it from some story in spanish? View More
Naruto: Jin's Path · C25
23 hours ago
I dont like it

But at least you warn usm unlike much people View More
Naruto: The Game of Life · C21
23 hours ago
I didn't remember this part View More

Clown_Of_God: in the anime has a "filler arc what if 427-450 " when Minato didn't die and He with Hiruzen managed to calm the Uchihas

Another Uchiha · C6
3 days ago
Although Minato has had been alive this time, it exists many factors, so avoid the coup would be almost unavoidable

For example, and they can mix:
- Minato recognized the person to attack them as Madara, or at least as an Uchiha, so he would can get some remorse against them, specially if Kushina was to die
- In fact, to survive cans be worser for the Uchihas, because he would can say that they were attacked by an Uchiha. In canon. it was just rumours (coff probably Danzo coff) and general population already blamed and isolated the Uchihas. Just imagine that hte Hokage himself confrim it

- In an old fanfic, even having Minato, Hiruzen, Danzo and the Hyuga's support (weird combination), all the other clans and civilians hated and discriminate the Uchihas, blaming them from Madara desertion, and lately killing Hashirama (in this fanfic, Hashirama was bad person) but the Higher (including a good Tobirama) accorded to hid it to protect Konoha's image, receiving the Uchiha all the blame, till finally they lost the patience and planned the coup View More

Clown_Of_God: if Minato were alive at this time he could appease the uchihas

Another Uchiha · C6
3 days ago
Sadly, the canon doesn't give exact details about this point

- Most fanfics, consider either Fu's age be same that Naruto, or 1-2 years older
- About Kiri's civil war, just my personal opinion, taking specially Haku and Kimimaro's matter as reference
It is probably that the background began few after finish the third world war, where both Kiri and water country was quite damaged, and most people blaming the bloodline users, provoking incidents like Haku's family, but they were probably punctual incidents
I think that it was with the Kaguya's clan rampage, that starts "officially" the civil war. After all, the incident was the perfect propaganda
In the brief anime's Haku-Kimimaro's encounter, while the clan was being eliminated, Haku had around 7-8 years old, so being around 2-3 years older than Naruto, it should be when Naruto was 4-6 years old View More

lordjoseph7: I have a random question for you, any idea how old Fu is? Same age as Naruto? Also any clue when did Kiri civil war starts, I mean the year. Been looking for this info before I even started writing the novel but found nothing.

The White Demon Fox · C0
3 days ago
The only demerit that I see in this map, is that the Star Village and it's host country is in the corner and it seems quite big

For the anime, it seems implied to be a little country View More

lordjoseph7: I would not have considered your suggestion if I did not believe you.

The White Demon Fox · C0
4 days ago
It is just my opinion b the best
It is your responsability as author to decide if believe me or no View More
The White Demon Fox · C0
4 days ago
Most maps post the Iron Country where this map has the Cones Country

Also It has no Rain country, which it should be where this map situate the Storms country

In my opinion, the most loyal map to most of the main events, would be the following

http://orig09.deviantart.net/271a/f/2013/072/c/3/elemental_nations_political_map_by_xshadowrebirthx-d58zgoq.png View More

lordjoseph7: How about this?


The White Demon Fox · C0
4 days ago
Ty for the update

- Are concious that, if you followed canon's setting, Anya was around 7 years ols at most? is ypur MC a lolicon, having sex with a 7 years old child?

- Should I understand that your MC faked his own death before canon's invasion, to get to act freely?. Even in this case, I would have used some skill, to create some fake bodies, to be found burned

- If your MC have been acting in the shadows from almost 17 years, he wouldn't need the black Knights

- Remember. if the MC dies before they would have found Suzaku and the others in canon, including Kaguya, it will have no sense that they ever known, to wish to put them in the story View More
Reborn as lelouch vi britania · C3
5 days ago
Just to be clear

Is this map which you're using?

Personally I don't like. After all

- Whirlpool country and Uzushio was just a little island, isolated, usually where it has this toads island more or less. Not a middle side country in the continent, usually this place is taken for hot springs country

- Iron country is posted in the west extreme of the continent. Usually is in center,where this map situates Fang Country View More
The White Demon Fox · C0
6 days ago
GL with your story

Although I would like to comment some things, I'll wait for future chapters, not risk to accidentally spoil your plans View More
The Lazy Prince Doesn't Wanna Be a King · C1
1 week ago
it is essentially the same that your speech, just in another words View More

lordjoseph7: This actually did not cross my mind. I might actually add it. Thanks.

The White Demon Fox · C14
1 week ago
I think that it is mostly usually thought for fans and fanfics writers, probably inspired in Uchiha and Senju's matter

Once in a fanfic, A zetsu-like entity explained that Hamura had two childrens, one getting the byakugan, and other the body, the byakugan user turning the official msuccessor, the body opposed and finally created their own clans

In other, Hiashi explaining past events said that from the ancestor Hamura's descendants, the individuals that didn't get the byakugan, eventually separated from the clan (implied to mean the Hyuga) to create their own clan, the Kaguya View More

lordjoseph7: I know, I just made them so in this story. They had to have their blood line come from somewhere, clan name also suit Hamura personality, mamma boy.

The White Demon Fox · C14
1 week ago
My previous comment, I mean I'm not agreed to not be important

On the other hand, Also it was never said clearly that the Kaguya clan descend from Hamura

It is simply assumed for most fans View More

lordjoseph7: It is over, only thing left is Obito, rin and madara. However, it won't be for a while if ever. Their lore is not as important, so I can ignore it for as long as I want.

The White Demon Fox · C14
1 week ago
I'm not agreed

Your MC is doing a general explanation about all the past events, which have finally concluded in the current situation

So explan "now" about Madara, Obito, Rin, and I would include Nagato, to be related, and also to be an Uzumaki, can be key to decide future actions

Firstly to gains more chances to get Kushina's trust, and latter, if finally they establish in Uzushi, establish a defense, specially designed to counter Zetsu View More

lordjoseph7: It is over, only thing left is Obito, rin and madara. However, it won't be for a while if ever. Their lore is not as important, so I can ignore it for as long as I want.

The White Demon Fox · C14
1 week ago
Ty for the update

You've defined the black Zetsu, much the same way I imagined it

Although I didn't say because it wasn't strictly canon material, and you disagreed with Kagami Uchiha's eye matter

I would have said something like..

"I never knew if my father did it deliberately or not, and how long took black Zetsu discover it, but once he had his 2 biological sons, he divided his chakra between them, so neither of them would casn awake the rinnegan, at least for conventional ways" View More
The White Demon Fox · C14
1 week ago
Good luck with your fanfic

Pd: Few imagination with the names View More
Becoming a ninja · C3
1 week ago
I've listed the past events which I think to be most important, either ancestral past or recent past

I think to explain all of them, it would be enough to get Kushina, Mikoto, Shisui and Itachi's support

If they or some other person was to ask how does he know all of this, he would can say that his eyes let him to see random past and future events, but he lacks about information about the setting, so his predictions arent perfect (justify this way, future differences with manga and anime information)

Obviosly Hagoromo wouldn't believe him, but they would can speak privately later, and either simply say the true

Or alternative, used in many similar fanfics, and can be used with other people too

Say to be from the future, all died in the war, and as last resourse hte future Kurama send his knowledge to his past self View More

lordjoseph7: Thanks, I will keep your post in mind as I write the next one and if there is a need, the one after.

The White Demon Fox · C13
1 week ago
It has been implied, but not said clearly View More

Apophis_: From what shows in history is absolute so impossible to get out of this hypnosis must be superior to that of shisui

Reborn as lelouch vi britania · C2
1 week ago
No need to hurry

Take your time

In fact, to aim to explainall ancestral canon key events, I would consider 2 or 3 chapters

Still remaining

- Explain Hagoromo's training with ancestors toads
- Tha fight, with the world devastated, and used as impiration for future wars for the first human chakra users
- Creation of the moon, and juubi be divided in 9 parts, while Hammura go to the moon, with some of her descenders creating the Hyuga clan (and probably) the Kaguya too)
- The black Zetsu's matter, surprising Hagoromo which he didn't know
- Asura and Indra, and their rrivality tracending in the Uchihas and Senju, which was all part of black zetsus plan, to try to get a new rinnegan user

After all that, considering that "Kurama" has already exposed to know many things, explain the true about Madara and Hashirama. and Nagato, Obito and Rin View More
The White Demon Fox · C13
1 week ago
Also, you haven't explained how much powerful is this "absolute hypnotism"

Is it a similar power to canon lelouch's gueass? or Shisui's kotoamatsukami? View More
Reborn as lelouch vi britania · C2
1 week ago
To follow canon's initial setting, Lelouch had many elder siblings

Even being considered a genius, it is quite improbably that he was considered the hei with just a year, at least "officially" View More
Reborn as lelouch vi britania · C2
1 week ago
ty for the update View More
The White Demon Fox · C12
1 week ago
In my opinion

The best would have been playing to be a seer, knowing the future

Of course, it is improbably that they believed him at first, but they would can verify some of them later, and believe him View More
The White Demon Fox · C10
1 week ago
Are you still active? View More
The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C19
2 weeks ago
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