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Considering the events of his "past life", he will need more time to trust people again. For this reason the seals

Even with seals, it would be more efficient, at least try, to explain them the essential things, to see if they are willy to cooperate with him
Even the paranoid and crazy sadist Danzo in canon, knows the worth to get at least some thrusty subordinates which follow him willing, like certain yamanaka and aburame

And if it doesn't work, use some seal or genjutsu to erase their memory View More

Blasphemer: You're talking Bout a guy that is thinking of having seals for his love ones so they don't betray him,telling them his secrets is why these seals are even thought of by him in the first,the guy has extreme trust issue that in all honesty is paranoia which is extremely good esp in a world like naruto.

Hidden Emperor of the Naruto World · C9
3 hours ago
I've always thought

If I was in Rias' position, I would have kept rejecting, even if I had had no option but rennounce to the Gremory namel clan and inheritance

It would have been much more complicated force her in this case

On the other hand, I think that both in this fanfic and canon's circumstances, Venelana and Grayfia would have hard trained Rias, to be able, to defeat Riser for herself to be needed View More
Life in DXD · C91
3 hours ago
If Namikaze isn't a clan "currently"
Cosidering that a Kekkei Genaki is usually associated in a clan

Maybe he would can "officially" creates a clan, justify this way to get many wives View More

Shinkaio_Genesis: It's useless to burden them with the truth when they're this weak, he would maybe tell them when needed. And Namikaze is not a clan. And yes he will have a harem but he won't seek it, it will come naturally.

Hidden Emperor of the Naruto World · C9
13 hours ago
So January will finish in 6 days
Praying that you keep your peomise View More

Solate: I plan to return ... January 2020

A new life in High School DXD · C163
14 hours ago
Ty for the update

Personally, I would suggest if your MC gets to trust both of them competely, he would can explain almost all truth to them, skipping the manga/anime part, saying to be historical registers

Other thing
Does your MC aim for the harem route?
If it was the case, you should decide firstly, if the Namikaze are a clan in your fanfic or not? View More
Hidden Emperor of the Naruto World · C9
14 hours ago
take your time View More
Vampire in a changed world · C0
14 hours ago
You should do as you want

I remember in a previous poll you said to be unsure to keeo doing more +18 esces

On the other hand, it doesn't seem credible that a setting like canon's DXD or similat, we have never some +18 escene or event, max some "+17"

In my general opinion, you should keep in a credible level View More
Reborn in DxD with OP Barrier and Enhancement Magic · C139
22 hours ago
At least most of the girls of MC's team, konw Kurumi from long time and probably consider her as an older sister

But imagine Yaska one se listens that her mate's virginity was taken either for a fellow kitsune or her alternative version of another universe? View More
Life in DXD · C87
1 day ago
no offense, but the explanation is too much weird

Pd: IN the chapter, you say Isami, and then Isaki. You should review View More
Life in DXD · C84
3 days ago
I recognize that I didn't imagine it

Is she using a male oufit? View More
Life in DXD · C83
3 days ago
good luck with your story View More
Anna’s New Godzilla Life · C4
3 days ago
Good luck with your fanfic View More
Naruto's Hidden Sister of The Sand · C2
3 days ago
The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C46
3 days ago
This is hilarious/funny

2 satan's descenders married, with the Seraphin Michael as the priest View More
Reborn in DxD with OP Barrier and Enhancement Magic · C138
3 days ago
I said before
It isn't credible that Rias didn't know about the C in this point
Eiher Sona or Sirzechs would have warned her to not annoy him View More
Life in DXD · C82
3 days ago
You've said, 4 days
And most of them are normal humans yet
In Log Horizon, although half of them be OP, they needed 2 months to establish a government View More

corleone: Thank you for your feedback as for time it may seem like a lot of time but it's just 4 days since the world changed i guess i need to make that clear 😵😵

Vampire in a changed world · C27
4 days ago
Although you've made many chapters

They are quite short all of them
So the whole development is still quite short

Till you had developed your story a bit more, it is complicated to do suggestions

As whole for now
I just can say that your current story seem quite "improvised along the way" (not sure if I've said the sentence correctly, I'm not an english speaker)

If you aim to do a long story, with a developed plot and setting, I recommend you that you spend a bit more time to think about the future development of your story (future plots, characters, events, specially the relationship between your characters) View More
Vampire in a changed world · C27
4 days ago
To be clear
Are Kurumi and Kagura in home while the others are in the high school? View More
Life in DXD · C0
4 days ago
We will wait you, FOR NOW View More
Naruto : A trio reincarnated from nasuverse · C14
5 days ago
Either you believe or not, this a quite usual setting in many Naruto fanfics
Almost all fanfics where Minato and Kushina survive somehow, either they are like this fanfic, some of them is like Danzo but s/he is unable to recognize for pure pride, or they were thought that the Kyubi has possessed Naruto's body

But this is a key point of the fanfics, that something be different of the original story, in this case the characters¡ personality

In my POV, this isn't the main problem, but the incoherences and contradictory facts, that turn non-credible the setting of the story

One of both biggest and usual in that itself
- That never, in 8-16 years depending of the fanfic, never, not even one time, the parents decide to do a visit do their child, even secretly, just in case

Other usual contradictions
- Many fanfics where Minato and Kushina are dead (and sometimes hidden too), it is said or implied that Hiruzen and Jiraiya were almost so bad as Danzo, but they simply consider worth to pretend to be "good people" to gain Naruto's thrust.
But if it was the case, why not simply send him to root (nameless orphan and no parents reclaiming him, no problem) or why didn't Jiraiya try to recruit Nagato for Konoha when he was a child? AFTER ALL HE HAD THE RINNEGAN, THEY WOULD CAN PROCLAIM THAT SIX PATH SAGE REINCARNATION WAS IN KONOHA, BIG PROPAGANGA

- Mnay times, in a same story, even if Hiruzen and/or Tsunade did his/her best to help Naruto, s/he is overcome for Danzo and other conciliors (mostly ignorant civilians and bribed), turning the Hokage just in a symbol/puppet, but once Danzo takes the power, he ignores all opposition, and can kill openly (like Trump recently) anyone, including conciliors and clan leaders, and no consequences View More

reinstate: It is unrealistic Kushina would have never left Naruto alone in the first place if she were alive. She loved him to much to do that. Her and Minato would have raised him. The author is making them out to be bad parents when they weren't. This story is incredibly inaccurate, due to the fact that the author didn't take into account Kushina's and Minato's personality and traits. It's disgraceful to paint both of them as parents who would abandon their child for what. After sealing kurama they would have raised him😤😤😤😤

Naruto - Hero/Devil
5 days ago
Considering their skills
Jiraika would be the toad (a mutant, I dont know his true name) and Tsunade the female Hulk View More

AnActualLivingPoet: Think of it as Peter Parker(Naruto) being left in the hands of Uncle Ben(Jiraiya) and Aunt May(Tsunade). Only Uncle Ben had the skills of Captain America and Aunt May being Black widow.

That's how Kushina and Minato viewed it when they left Naruto.

Does this make sense? I'm actually drunk right now so...

Naruto - Hero/Devil · C14
5 days ago
Of course that it exists childs raised for uncles and aunts
I don't remeber in this version, but I can understand that they believe to be needed to pretend to be dead

Also, not just the jinchuriki's matter
If everyone were to believe that Minato and Kushina were, that would turn him the only heir from both clans and families before their eyes
It would be too much people aiming to manipulate him View More

God_of_Perverts: I can understand why they left. They left their child in the care of people they trusted. I know people who were raised by their uncle and aunt, while their parents worked outside of the country for years. Only keeping in contact by letters.

The problem here is that the people they trusted are irresponsible and was never there for Naruto. They letters and gifts were never received and the status updates were all lies. I'd still be a little pissed at the parents but my rage would be directed at the godparents who were suppose to take care of me and raise me.

As for pussy Naruto coming back. Are you guy forgetting who he was raised by? Naruto is a grown ass man in a child's body.

Naruto - Hero/Devil · C14
5 days ago
ty for the update View More
Vampire in a changed world · C25
5 days ago
Even in this case
They use to be afraid that the Kyubi was to take control, and "take back· it's chakra killing the other or other childrens View More

God_of_Perverts: In this case they need the soul and 1 half of the chakra.

Naruto - Hero/Devil · C13
1 week ago
Currently I'm curious what will be this "special announcement"

I have many ideas and suggestions, but I rsk to accidentally spoil your plans

But I still think that if I was in this Naruto's place, I would simply reclaim my inheritance part, rennounce as shinobi and get out from Konoha View More
Naruto - Hero/Devil · C15
1 week ago
Even is the author likes the idea, it has no need to kill Issei View More

Arthur_Souza: good idea author listen to this fan

Life in DXD · C73
1 week ago
About the "why they had to fake their deaths. They left Naruto with people they trusted like family"

The most usual setting in most fanfics, with a similar setting, is that Naruto contains the Kyubi's soul, while the sibling or siblings contain the chakra/power, the former considered useless and the latter needing training to control the power

And they consider that if they fake their death, no people will persecute them. And not take Naruto, to be afraid that the Kyubi's soul try the take back the chakra View More

God_of_Perverts: I still think there is more to it. I can understand needing to verify directly but we have no idea why they had to fake their deaths. They left Naruto with people they trusted like family. You just don't leave your new born child with people you don't trust completely. They kept in contact regularly and got updates on how he was doing not knowing that their letters and gifts were taken by someone else, hell whoever was doing that was probably forging letters making them think it was Naruto writing them. I wouldn't surprised if those letters had pictures of Naruto as he grew up to show proof of life.

Naruto - Hero/Devil · C13
1 week ago
ty for the update View More
Life in DXD · C74
1 week ago
If we consider the canon as reference, It is quick improvable that she was able to turn the MC and Kurumi, but some of the others, to take them for surprise and try to use all the pawns like canon's Issei maybe works

For this reason, I would suggest to protect all of them with some spell, rune or seal protecting them of agic like these, just in case

On the other hand, it has no evidence that a turned servant can be controlled against his/her will, evidence of that is that Kuroka killed her previous master

If Rias was so idiot or bold to turn some of MC's girls against their will, Rias will turn in the biggest victim

Also, although she hasn't found "Tatsuya" before, she should have listen of him from Sirzechs or Sona. It has no sense to not warn her, just in case View More

Ruined_Leprechaun: Do you really think Rias can make any one of his team into her peerage member with her weak strength? Even if she uses all her pieces, it'd be difficult to get even one of the members...

Life in DXD · C73
1 week ago
Thanos is much cooler than the Oppai Dragon View More

tanatana: Tatsuya : I will show you nightmare!!

*In Ddraig dream*

Boobs Dragon : I am INEVITABLE...

Ddraig : No..!!!!!!

Life in DXD · C73
1 week ago
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