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I've just read the prologue, so good luck

About advice and and pointers, it depends strongly of what setting and route you wish to write

For example, seeing the title and for the prologue
- Is your MC this "dragon queen"? or maybe does she turn it or awake her?
- Is the current setting a magic-like world, or a science-like world?
- You've implied that people just know about the dragons from very old stories, but does people even believe that they ever existed some moment in the past? View More
Ice Dragon Queen · C2
1 day ago
ty for the update View More
Lion King: Of Sword, Spear and Magic · C4
2 days ago
I would like to think that you won't do so much ridiculous thing like flying lol

And if you were to do that the wives get the sharingan too, most would think that his bloodline let transfer other bloodlines either blood or sex, complicating much more the things View More
The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C14
2 days ago
I just suggested the most logical route

Also, it would be quite funny mocking before Sasuke, seeing which he named the "dobe" is engaged or married with most would consider the last female Uchiha

And while writing this answer, I've thought a thing

If Kira and Izana want to keep the Kurogane bloodline limit as a secret, and get other bloodlines, I would suggest a bit more complexed story
Izana would can proclaim to listen from her parents, and for this reason Kira didn't know, that the Kurogane bloodline is able to save genetical information from the most distant relatives' bloodlines, being able to awake them fullfilling certain conditions View More

Kira_Aurelius: Yea the invented story will kept about Kira's relative being a Uchiha, as for Izana being engaged to Naruto that will happen after the Civil War

The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C14
2 days ago
If they aim to keep secret this Kurogane bloodline, but Izana gets the sharingan too, they they would can keep the invented story that some relative was an Uchiha and thet received

Anyway,maybe you should engage her with Naruto or some other, to avoid Konoha pressure to engage her with Sasuke

Also, I see that you've done a "reasonable" Onoki
It wouldn't be weird that they hate minato and/or Konoha for the actions in the war, but blame Naruto when he hasn't even born, just ti be his son is ridiculous

Being in most fanfics, and implied in canon, one of the main "oficial" reasons to keep hidden his heritage View More
The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C14
2 days ago
Welcome back

I see that you aim for a double harem View More
The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C14
2 days ago
It is my usual form to greet, when I find a new story to think to be interesting

Obviosly, whatever I continue to reading in the future, will depend of the future ypdates, to consider interesting too or not View More

golddragon: Thank you! Unless this is sarcasm, but I'm probably overthinking it.

Demon Dragon Uzumaki · C6
3 days ago
I won't judge you, specially when I dont write, even having many ideas

Anyway, with your answer, isn't clear if you got no plans for new novels either for not enough times, you have no ideas, or simply not want, or a mix of them

If you need ideas or suggestions for a future story, I recommend to post after finish this story, as it was a chapter, asking for suggestions

You've got many followers, so I'm quite sure to get many suggestions and ideas View More

Leixein: Sadly, I got no plans for new novels in the future yet...

I honestly haven't read any novels, watch new animes or even read mangas for quite a while now lol.

So my idea pretty much runs out and I don't think I could deliver a good novel anytime soon.

On the side note, I've written 60% of the next chapter.

I'm writing it at 2AM in the morning lol T^T. I got home at 10PM and went to sleep for a while and then I woke up at 2AM to write little by little... I feel bad letting you guys wait and the amount of ideas I had keep clashing with each other that it almost made me become confused on what path should i take... But yeah, 60% bois!

The Wish of the Dragon · C92
3 days ago
ty for the update View More
Naruto fanfic:new jinchuriki · C19
3 days ago
Still waiting patiently

You said to have no idea about other posible novel in the future, but do you have any aim to try it at least?

If you haven't any aim, it is sadly but your life your decision

If you have any aim, do you need suggestions? View More
The Wish of the Dragon · C92
3 days ago
good luck with your story View More
Demon Dragon Uzumaki · C6
3 days ago
Good luck with your fanfic View More
Lion King: Of Sword, Spear and Magic · C3
3 days ago
ty for the update View More
Naruto fanfic:new jinchuriki · C18
6 days ago

Have you abandoned Ichika's story? View More
Asura Goddess With Effort and Realm Systems · C1
1 week ago
In some novels happen it

But if they do it now, either Kumogakure will be blamed and/or risk to provoke a new world war

The best is wait that Danzo does some stupidity, this way they would can allege self-defense View More

Lucas_Victor: your romance and a desert water for me always thought konoha should burn for what they did with naruto now and an opportunity to burn all konoha hahahahahhhahahaha

The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C13
1 week ago
Don't misunderstand me

I'm concious to exist many real life issues, and I understand them

I'm just saying that much people has said the same

TO Finally disapear View More

soulruler: Writing novel is such a pain 😫, when wrighting there are all sorts of symptoms ex hospital visits, grandma died, sick, tired and many more.

The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C13
1 week ago
I would like to believe you

But too much people say the same to finally dispear without explain View More
The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C13
1 week ago
Good luck with your fanfic

It has potential

Anyway, if we don't see any update in a month or more, most people will forget about it View More
Naruto: The Game of Life · C20
1 week ago
I don't think that hidden mist be useful against zombies

In most stories zombies persecute their preys for smell or sound
And I doubt that your MC is used to fight mid mist

I would have been more useful some wind jutsus like wind blade, to cut the zombies View More
Naruto: The Game of Life · C12
1 week ago

If the "Game" created a baclground for the MC, it should have given him a full written profile, so he cans read and know all the needed

Latly, if he was from a clan, he should own several materials, includind secret skills scrolls View More
Naruto: The Game of Life · C7
1 week ago
Good luck with your fanfic

Anyway, it isn't credible this setting abou "program for 'future ninja' of the hidden leaf'

After all, it assume that they will turn in ninjas, but if they refused later? View More
Naruto: The Game of Life · C2
1 week ago
More things
A potential mistake, dependin how much detailed want to be the author

In the previous chapter, Author has used the concept missin nin with the 3 people

Did s/he mean the 3 executed criminals or the 3 girls?


I'm not sure that the concept can be used in Pakura
Certainly fullfill from the moment she escaped from Suna, but considering that her own village tried to kill her without be a criminal

Maybe she would can "officially" ask political asylum to Kumo

And If Izana and Karin were never ninja, the concept has non sense, same that Naruto and Kira View More
The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C12
1 week ago
The content has been deleted
The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C12
1 week ago
Missed the exact detail View More
The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C10
1 week ago
Following previous comment

Seeing that Author is doing so many flashbacks,

maybe, it shoulds do some other, where Naruto, as the "legitimate" Uzu's heir and his "companions", go to Uzu

After all, it is quite probably to exist some hidden and secret places, that just can be found for an Uzumaki View More
The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C12
1 week ago
It will depends of how does wish the author manage exactly

But it has been said or stringly implied in almost all Naruto fanfics that clan matters are "legally" separated of village's affairs

If the author follow this setting, both Naruto and Kira would have the "legal right" to reclaim all the money (bank accounts) and materials currently placed in Konoha

In this worst potential setting for Konoha, "Uzumaki's legitimate inheritance" includes around 70-80% of their seals, the barrier protecting the village, Konoha's symbol itself, and the forbidden scroll itself, so to be discovered, Naruto would can proclaim to simply reclaim his family's work

And I don't know Kira's parents, but Minato and Kushina's combined inheritance includes several properties around Konoha dn the entire Fire Land

In fact, many banished-setting fanfics have strongly implied that the banishing was, at least partly, to avoid that he ever was to reclaim them

And lastly, we shouldn't forget the Naruto's legitimate lordship/property about he ancient Uzu island View More

soulruler: Can we have the reaction of the konoha people when they find out about Naruto being the 4th son

The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C12
1 week ago
Thank you for the update View More
The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C12
1 week ago
Ty for the update

Considering similarity with other fanfics,maybe Pakura cans turn in MC or Naruto's retianer, and later an harem ember

Seeing that you've liked my suggestion about the flasback and explain the seals, let me do others

MC asks to speak "privately" with"A" and "Killer B", and explain about the reincarnation,and the manga/anime

If he cans convince them to help, it cans help greatly View More
The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C11
1 week ago
About other future "family members"

If Yugito turns neither Naruto or Kira's harem, mantain her as sister's figure, for Jinjuruki's matter

Please, put fem Haku and Hinata in MC's harem View More
The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C10
1 week ago
You should explain this matter about the spies in next chapter, maybe with a flashback

Maybe other PoV to comment about Konoha's reactions. They can't protest very much. After all, they were "officially" civilians, never sworn loyalty to Konoha, and they went wolly to Kumo. Except they can prove that they stole the scroll, they haven't violated any law View More

Kira_Aurelius: On off-screen due to Naruto's seals, A managed to find ALL spies from other villages including Konoha and ROOT, so they didn't get to send a msg back about Naruto and Kira, so they dont know that they are in Kumo, is only when i do the wave arc, that Kakashi himseld meet them and will be even more surprise after Naruto use Wood Style and Kira the Sharingan pissing off Sasuke as well and Konoha cant do nothing due to war and Kumo will win the war, they'll be even allied with Kiri as well since thats the next arc after their first C ranks and B ranks of course, the Chuunin exam is next after wave arc, i hope u guys can understand that :)

The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C10
1 week ago
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