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Original Works

  • Journey Towards Greatness

    Journey Towards Greatness

    Anime & Comics pokemon


    A war veteran and an anime fan as well, he got into anime by watching it with his grandson after his retirement, his grandson loved pokemon and so did he also came to like this world of pokemon where people didn't kill each other and people used to have fun with there pokemon, after watching Pokemon with his grandson and playing with him all day he got back his childhood which he could never experience due to the cruel war, and as of now our MC has turned 82 years old he was very satisfied with his life with no regrets and waiting for death to take him away but will death be is end or will it start a new beginning, a new legend. __________________________ Support me on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/zarakh Discord - https://discord.gg/cvMzC9b

  • Lone_Wolf


    Fantasy R-18


    A Gangster with a twisted mindset finds out that the world he lives in is not what he expected it to be. Supernatural beings, magic, he gets involved with all these, how will he thrive in this world which becomes completely foreign to him, maybe the answer is to turn into something that is truly foreign to the world itself. ____________________ Support me on patreon @ www.patreon.com/zarakh Discord - https://discord.gg/HmABvJs A/N - My first original, hope you guys support it. P.S. the cover art is not mine, I took it from google, I just did some changes to it, credit goes to whoever made it.


It's in the synopsis of both my novels. View More

Jayology: Hi evil god. Many are wondering what your pattern is? We want to donate but there is no link or anything telling us what it is.

Journey Towards Greatness · C211
3 months ago
Handguns that supports modern bullets and have more firepower? View More

Erik_Medina: MC commented on stupid it is to bring a gun to a monster fight even though he has two pairs of ancient handguns with him right now? 😓😓😓

Lone_Wolf · C88
4 months ago
This made my day, I changed it by the way. View More

Ulvr_Laoch: Chloes first sentence has her speaking in the third person when it might be saying her and Daisy

Journey Towards Greatness · C211
4 months ago

Denzel_theking: Nope 👎 but I’m sure the only plant with WiFi as if they are ahead of us I’m sure they won’t be using something so unreliable

Journey Towards Greatness · C179
5 months ago
How do you know that, have you been outside earth, do you really think that earth is the only planet with intelligent life form?😆 View More

Denzel_theking: Yep as this is the only planet with WiFi 💀💀

Journey Towards Greatness · C179
5 months ago
I just noticed that I posted the wrong link, I replaced it. View More

Medusa17112001: R u there in discord .I checked ur pokemon novel but it says the invite expired

Journey Towards Greatness · C179
5 months ago
But are you sure about that?😏 View More

Denzel_theking: 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

On planet earth where else

Journey Towards Greatness · C179
5 months ago
🤣 I always mix up my MCs from the different novels, a bad decision on keeping both the names with J. View More

CrossEdge: A wild Jason appeared.

Journey Towards Greatness · C169
6 months ago
Vanessa is a prostitute, Ana is the hunter, she became his slave when he overused his ability. View More

ImmovableFish: Why does it feel like Vanessa's abilities fit more for a secretary's job instead of a hunter?

Lone_Wolf · C38
6 months ago
Just because I didn't use Daisy in the story properly doesn't mean she is a trophy wife for him, Daisy is traveling with Julian for months now, the time she spends with Julian is more than the time he is alone in the wild taking care of problems.
He doesn't want to put her in danger so he doesn't bring her to anything related to battle, even in gym battles Julian's pokemon destroy it completely, gyms don't have protection compared to the league's stadium so he doesn't feel safe bringing Daisy to any battles.
Daisy is by no means a trophy wife, she is very helpful in Julian's adventure, she takes care of his older pokemons while he is busy training his younger ones, she grooms them and keeps them healthy, she is a very helpful companion for Julian and helps him divide his work, well its my fault not to mention it properly and causing you to misunderstand Daisy's existence in Julian's life. I hope this clears it. View More

Rinaru: This one time yes but. Training hes go alone, gym alone, the only time that he is whit her is to go shoping and sex. The rest she is back at the hotel waiting for him. And he with latios why she dont go on latias or go with him to gym and training to take care of his pokemon. Is only me or she serve no role

Journey Towards Greatness · C164
6 months ago

ZerSpectre: Metagross its shiny??? I dont remember

Journey Towards Greatness · C154
6 months ago
it won't work like that, only one form at a time View More

Medusa17112001: Hey quick question, What happens if a Pokemon mega evolves with 2 mega stones
For example Charizard X + Charizard Y = Charizard XY
Gyarados X + Gyarados Y = Gyarados XY

Journey Towards Greatness · C147
6 months ago
I don't know🤣 View More

Medusa17112001: Is Cynthia going to be there in Julian Harem

Journey Towards Greatness · C147
6 months ago
that is a private video and Oak told him not to release it, so Charizard is the first publicly shown mega evolution. View More

ThatsALotOfDamage: Charizard???? I thought Gyarados mega evolving is the first video ever taken on pokemon doing mega evolution?

Journey Towards Greatness · C147
6 months ago
A volcano isn't something that can be restarted so easily, the magma of a volcano comes from the molten rock underneath the surface of a planet, the volcano explodes when high pressure is built under the surface, Team Aqua released these pressure which means the molten magma will go underground, even below the sea level. View More

blankslate: The MC has a heatran with it he could restart the volcano

Journey Towards Greatness · C145
6 months ago


Lone_Wolf · C10
6 months ago
Fixed it, thank you View More

MilkKun: Text not fixed yet
Julian and chloe where should julian and daisy

Journey Towards Greatness · C132
7 months ago
I said Absol learned, Future sight and Perish song of those seven possible options. View More

MapleHound: Im not sure if you know this but Feint, Future Sight, Leer, Perish Song, Quick Attack, and Scratch is more than 2 moves...

You should have said "Absol learn 2 moves from a set of 7 when they are born."

Journey Towards Greatness · C126
7 months ago
I would appreciate if you talk to me in English, and the answer to your question is, no I didn't turn him into a pussy, he never killed in this new world, and that's what he thinks of doing, but that doesn't mean he is soft, he had not encountered anyone significant for him to go full rouge, View More

SucoDeFruta: Autor porque você transformar o mc em uma buceta??????
Antes o mc era super legal e implacável agora você faz ele agir como um HERÓI que não mata, mesmo que os bandidos merecer ai e foda

Journey Towards Greatness · C107
7 months ago

LORD_LUMI: Oh yeah...are u gonna put the other movies in this?!?!

Journey Towards Greatness · C110
7 months ago
Feel free to do so, I don't mind but only the once in web novel till date, not the early chaps in pat_reon if you are one. View More

GoldenOrb: Mr Author,may I please have permission to translate this novel into the Indonesian language?
Of course I’ll give you credits to it,why am I doing this? Well I’m sorely bored,and I also love seeing numbers so I thought
By doing this it would cease my bored ness
The title of course would be “Journey Towards Greatness Indonesian Version”
Or some sort,lol if you don’t give permission I don’t mind as well it’s just solely for my own entertainment too.

Journey Towards Greatness · C107
7 months ago
I must have not edited it properly. View More

Sovereign_Oneleaf: Author-sensei did you accidentally write in sootopolis again?
I don't remember it been between slateport city and mauville city after all

Thanks for the chap 😁👍👌

Journey Towards Greatness · C107
8 months ago

Shadow1325: I found some errors in this chatper:
1. In the beginning you are talking about them leaving 'Slateport city' but then suddenly say that they are on the 'North side of Sootopolis.
2. When you are talking about Daisy's legs being cramping/hurt you state they are 'sour' when what you meant should be 'sore'.

Journey Towards Greatness · C107
8 months ago
Tell me RDAT if I ask you to name or identify a singer from another country will you be able to? If it was Kanto every one would recognize Julian as he was the champ, but this is Hoenn a new region, new people, new gym leaders, they will focus on what is going on their regions like who is their champion or any other celebrity from their region, this is a logical explanation, its not that the characters are dumb or have bad memory, they just don't care about matters which happen in another region, just like us. We don't give a f*ck about what happens in other countries. View More

RDAT: I'm really starting to question the intelligence of your characters in your fic for not notice the mc or criticize you for making the mc super forgettable when he never lose an official battle unless you're making this a stupid trope other then those things just keep updating

Journey Towards Greatness · C103
8 months ago
It is meteorite falls not granite cave.XD View More

Mixpro555: I remember in granite cave there path that must have use skilll surf and waterfall to go to special place that hold good dragon type pokemon its kinda rare and hard to find its name is bagon that will evolve to salamance a four legged dragon with powerfull body with

Journey Towards Greatness · C101
8 months ago
Its Wallace, I got confuse as the games and anime both have two champions depending on what game you have and which season of anime is it. View More

OverMob: You Said in the previous chapter that Steven was the champion but now Wallace is?

Journey Towards Greatness · C97
8 months ago
Even though Julian was a champion he was the champion of Kanto and it has already been more than 12 months since Julian was last seen as he had his business going on, Lance became the champion so he gets the attention and Hoenn also has its own champion so its no brainer that Julian's past was overshadowed by the current big thing, just like in our world we only care whats big today not what was big a year ago. View More

javigigu: I like your story, but i don't know why nobody recognices him when he won the league and was broadcasted evrywhere, so people should remember him as a superstar in our world would be recogniced.

Journey Towards Greatness · C93
8 months ago
There is no limit on how much he can carry, but while battle he is only allowed to use six. View More

DarkDawning: There's a plot hole in the latest chapter regarding number of pokemon that can be carried by julian I count the number of pokemons julian released from their pokeballs and it was 7

Is this change intentional that there is no limit to number of pokemon carried

Journey Towards Greatness · C79
8 months ago


Journey Towards Greatness · C92
8 months ago

BLazeEzio: Its not "absorbing gengar" but "observing gengar".

Journey Towards Greatness · C86
8 months ago
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