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Thanos Demon: I am inevitable!
*Finger snap*....
Lucien Evans: I...AM...PROFESSOR!
*Finger snap* Fate crumbles. View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C587
20 hours ago
That not a gamble! That buying back the stolen stuff! View More
Soaring of Galaxia · C836
1 day ago
Problem with MC's endeavor to end Fiend race is mankind themselves, mankind are divided, some are traitorous, some are vainglory arrogantly prideful, some are waiting for MC to fall. View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C1184
2 days ago
MC won't say it as it will be admitting to becoming Lu Linfeng's unofficial apprentice. View More

Hender: This Lu Linfeng, you got his inheritance, just say it!
He's gonna cough out a mouthful of blood

Unrivaled Medicine God · C1182
3 days ago
I bet is that big idiot that loan his precious plow to a loser idiot. View More
Soaring of Galaxia · C834
4 days ago
Oh come on! Follow the words of the wise:
1) Kill the chicken to scare the monkeys.
2) Kill one to warn a hundred
So, either kill this Duan super fast and see if the rest want to play again or kill this Duan in a very painful manner so painful that Duan literally screaming begging to die so the rest of the fools will pee and vomit over the fight. View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C1180
5 days ago
Are these fools have nothing to do better, like killing fiends!? And WTF they want MC to announce he not worthy of the title, beside it is the Heaven's Secret Tower that give the ranking and title which even "world strongest" failed dissuade them from giving out the ranking and title! View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C1179
5 days ago
At this point, it is safe to say that all Ancient races are only good for Exterminatus. View More
The Brilliant Fighting Master · C1196
5 days ago
No surprising, as old chief already suffered serious injuries to his spiritual soul due to the plow. View More
Soaring of Galaxia · C832
6 days ago
WTF that MC hesitate so many times!? Was his Dao Heart reached unprecedented level already!? Yet, it got shaken easily in this last few chapters! (Also the words count increased...) View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C1174
1 week ago
I want to see MC use this plow on his enemy! It will be frickin hilarious! Killed by farm tool! View More
Soaring of Galaxia · C831
1 week ago
Where the decisive MC gone, now every moves he made seem hesitant! View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C1168
1 week ago
So Lucien already at Legendary class?! View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C575
1 week ago
Actually mayor response pretty realistic, after all see our RL, triads, cartels, mobs, yakuza, mafias all still exist and running underworld. Heck, the mafia at one time was the one controlling the entire nation at one time. View More

SP011: First off, the mayor is dumb as hell to think that offending 3 more countries on top of the U.S is worth keeping his relationship with the bandits. However, the mayor is right in saying that America and those other three countries have no right to take care of the bandits if afterwards they are just going to leave the Caribbean to the wrath of the sea monsters. If those 4 countries have plans to give the Caribbean temporary control of military magicians until the Caribbean can raise up its own force, then go ahead and kill the bandits. If they dont, then they should F off. because bandits wont kill everybody but sea monsters definitely will.

Versatile Mage · C961
1 week ago
Lucien - No 13, unlucky 13 for the Church! View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C574
1 week ago
Seafood galore! View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C1160
2 weeks ago
Damnit! Traitor Kritonia didn't explode! View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C573
2 weeks ago
"He still held onto his devil ass." ~ I think correct one is "devil ax." but a funny error. View More
The Legend of Futian · C1187
2 weeks ago
Church's plot backfired on them big time. They hope by hijacking and broadcasting a edited version of Douglas's dialogue with Benedict will cause destabilization among the arcanists, and it did even got Hellen an archmage will cause major damage to Allyn, thus forcing Lucien to solidify his cognitive world to undo Church's scheme. View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C571
2 weeks ago
LEEROY JENKINS!!!! Well, Mo Fan got Sneak, and Manyan got Shield. View More
Versatile Mage · C947
2 weeks ago
MC an overconfidence idiot this time, he know time is short, yet, he aim high to get these b*stards to have confidence to engage him in combat thus didn't plan to use Graceful Bow, but yet he didn't want to finish his fight fast as he planning to use them as whetstone for to solidify his realm. He forgot if come to worse these people will burn their life to take him down with them, and it will Xin victory! View More
Soaring of Galaxia · C824
2 weeks ago
MC was careless this time...church able to hijack radio signal. In happen back in our world but Luc forgot about this. View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C569
2 weeks ago
MC should just ask one of his pupil to kick this old shark down a peg. View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C1152
2 weeks ago
Just one problem, nobody in the team are telling MC the truth. What the hell they did in Nazca in the first place that cost the provoke!? View More
Versatile Mage · C944
2 weeks ago
If this Shen Jun has been honest from the start and asked Futian politely for his help, Futian would been friend to him and assist him without question. But no, he have to take slimy scheming route without an iota knowledge of Futian or his deeds! His career as Young City Lord is going down the slippery slope of no return. View More
The Legend of Futian · C1182
2 weeks ago
Every time Shen Jun called out MC as "Brother Ye" I feel disgusted...
At this point, MC don't even bother to hide himself or his upcoming actions, Li Yao should be approaching very soon... View More
The Legend of Futian · C1180
2 weeks ago
Real God don't ask His/Her followers to kill other or forcefully convert others! Yet, in our RL, many thinks only their "God" deserved to be worship... View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C568
2 weeks ago

TKAmain: Baby shark dudududu

Unrivaled Medicine God · C1150
2 weeks ago
Another Medicine Hall traitor? View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C1146
3 weeks ago
I feel the author goof up by putting Time under Space. Then again, he wasn't the only author to do so... View More
Versatile Mage · C920
3 weeks ago
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