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GoblinSlayer: Hello! It's me! A reincarnated sword god! Wait.. I thought i was just an average player in a world of supah experts back then? Well who cares! I'm a (author proclaimed) sword god!

Follow me on me on my adventures as i offend people, which also offends their guilds! And watch me, the sword god, slay those guilds with my "just an upstart" guild! As i offend more people, which also offends their guilds! And watch me, the sword god, slay those guilds with my "just an upstart" guild! As i offend more people, which also offends their guilds! And watch me, the sword god, slay those guilds with my "just an upstart" guild!

Wait.. What do you mean i am just repeating my self? Well that's how my story goes!

Uhh.. No.. It's not.. NO! It's not just that.. Let's see.. Umm.. Yeah! Cultivation! Damn straight.. Cultivation on an online game! How did that happen? Uhh.. Well.. Real life cultivators on a game? Author! Help me!

Oh.. Now you ask about my glorious real life? Hehehehehe.. Who cares about real life? Right? Sword God is here dude.. F**k you real life! I don't even know if im still logging out of the game!

Follow me as i offend people, which also offends their guilds! And watch me, the sword god, slay those guilds with my "just an upstart" guild!

Huh? I said that already? Oh f**k this sh*t! Im out!

I'm Awesome!
- Sword God

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
3 weeks ago

LigmaBallsBitch: This is really bad.

1. He returned back 10 years in time. He decided to make everything in his life better. How you say? By playing a game ofc xDD.
2. A game that just came out somehow overthrows multitudes of other VR games just by existing.
3. The only game I know to let users run for 8 hours to travel instead of adding a feature that transports players from town to town instantly, city to city or however the developer wants it. If that's not a sh8y game I don't know what is.
4. What game would require 3 times the size of earth? It's not like every single one of us would play that game right? Did we people somehow remove poverty by 2129 so even people considered poor there have VR machines? That's a nice world to live in, tell me about it.
5. Level 0 monsters give out 3 exp. Leveling from 0-1 requires 1000 exp. Quests exist but for some reason there are so few of them in the game when it's supposed to be expected that quest demand is astronomical upon launch. Now if you'll excuse me, I still have to kill 334 lvl 0 monsters to lvl up. (or more if I'm in a party)
6. He's very lucky that it made him get an item with higher stats than it was supposed to before in his previous life. His luck is really heaven defying that author had to use his Trump card "lucky friend Blackie" so it won't look unnatural.
7. Zhao Yueru.
8. Several companies invested their resources in a game that just started. I don't know why they did, don't ask me.
9. There are several wars stated that had been initiated with thousands of players which coincides with point number 3 and 4. If there is no way to travel fast and the world is so big, then how??? There is the mentioned scrolls of teleportation but it's also said to be very important, everyone has it then? Idk man.
10. The time inside the game flow slower than reality, it's also possible to play while sleeping. So this game must be called Lucid Dreaming Online! Jokes aside, it's really detrimental for the brain to not rest, sleeping is not only for the body. So this game is only possible in theory, the author should have mentioned something to let me suspend my disbelief smh.
11. In addition to point 10, if it really is possible for the brain to work tirelessly even hypothetically, then surely the dedicated who play for the whole and only stop for a piss or eat will surely have an edge right? No they don't, this is so sad Alexa play despacito 2.

Ok I'll stop.

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
3 weeks ago

MrHmmm: Trash novel with stupid repetitive content and dumb massive information with no personality whatever so beside MC, the other character just one dimensional character, MC follower always worship MC, the antagonist always been portraid as Smart, Badass, but when they met MC they just suddenly became a stupid idiot who only always promises to get revenge later on then been crushed by MC many times till they never showed up again, and then the same antagonist with no personality showed up but with more awesome background than previous enemy.

The dumb thing author pull is how can 300 massive global corporation suddenly invest to the game and try to compete each other, that's basically most idiot attempt i've ever see in most Webnovel I read.

The good thing about this novel is the Translator and the update, the TL and editor is really done good job.
My advice to TL please if you want to pick novel again don't pick novel like this, I know you need money and how easily popular this novel, but please don't make reader brain numb.

I think my guess QI try to take over this novel is you can see that in TL patreon with profit 15K $/month of course QI want to take this project. With so many money involved per month I don't see QI why not take this project, you already guess.

Conclusion: this novel isn't different from MGA, ATG, ED it's just trash novel

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
3 weeks ago

Amelgar: Lots of moral high ground wrestling... Rather than more loss Lith just needs stability. Instead they manipulate him to what they think is best for him...

Supreme Magus · C222
1 month ago

animadrop: pretty retarded if you ask me. So many ways he could have corrected himself without wasting much time. why not either just go back in time (fusing with his past self) to deactivate his sperm and then go back to the present (fusing with his current self)?
plenty other options too. I didn't like his treatment towards the princess.

Master of Time · C11
1 month ago
Antigone's age jumping randomly fomr 5 to 3 months old... View More
Master of Time · C98
1 month ago
I got the sad panda reference. If it was one View More
Master of Time · C88
1 month ago

crazyspecter: Honestly I am a little disappointed in this Mc with his abilities he should be more capable but until now it seems is relying only on the virtual intelligence and going back in time, never applying himself to do anything xd nevertheless nice chap and goo story 👍

Master of Time · C15
1 month ago

squidsquish: I've never said I wanted her to be his lover, the point I'm trying to make is that his men raped her, what do you think will happens when the girl find out that her father's subordinates bang her mother? You think she will shrug it off and go for a drink with them?
And there's the tag, you forgot to included rapist. Because had I know I was going have a human filth as a protagonist I would've never come in.

Master of Time · C11
1 month ago

squidsquish: Accept the daughter but completely disregard her mother, rather irresponsible if you ask me,
Whatever the case, now that he's decided to take care of the kid, I'm sure he'll have a fun time when the girl asks the inevitable:
"Dad, where is mom?"
"Oh her? I ordered my men to gangbang her and then have her turned into a baby, you two are about the same age actually incredible right?"
Surely she wont resent him one bit.

And I find it a little hard to believe that erasing an innocent child from existence is enough to keep him awake at night - when he's already commit a mass murder on the defenseless people of Atlantis, then allowed his men to steals and rape anyone they fancy like a bunch of savages from middle ages.
Someone being both a mass murderer and a rapist, you're telling me that killing a baby is too much for his conscience?

Master of Time · C11
1 month ago
pretty retarded if you ask me. So many ways he could have corrected himself without wasting much time. why not either just go back in time (fusing with his past self) to deactivate his sperm and then go back to the present (fusing with his current self)?
plenty other options too. I didn't like his treatment towards the princess. View More
Master of Time · C11
1 month ago

Poltt: I understand this is the authors first story but some huge problems with it.

First problem is reading story is like reading a instruction manual. Very dry and bland. No simalies or metaphors and all told in third person perspective. The author does get better as story goes on but no by much.

Second problem is suppose to be meidevil age planet with magic but they the have bunch huge merchant families and trade of almost all resources witch did not happen until renaissance age. Then have all people pretty much serfs paying 80-90% of everything to nobles who rule them with iron first and most land unclaimed with beasts ruling it witch is dark ages before midevil ages. Then they have stuff like salt petter witch did not come until after renaissance since need advance chemistry for it.

Biggest problem is the tech he puts out not even 10 chapters in and he already making factories to create modern guns and steam engines. I don't think author realizes that technology is acumlitive. You cannot build a gun without advanced metallurgy, advanced chemistry, boring instruments, rifling, and 30 or 40 other technologies witch they do not have. Like taking stairs up a building you cannot jump from first floor to the 68th floor without going through all floors before it. There is no possible or way that a world that does not even have technological advancements of cross bows is making guns. Even if you know how to would take month to years just to make all the tools and instruments to make the guns. No less the nitter, coal, steel and other techs they would not have. Don't think author even realizes that people did not know how to process coal till beginning of industrial age. You cannot just use coal how is when mined. Even cooking was so much different. There would be next to no way to make most modern dishes back then cause they did not have stoves.

World Development System
1 month ago
I feel like she is being stupid at the same time...
The king and queen feel that she forsook them, even if she is right.
She is a thousands of years old monster, is she really that incapable of keeping herself in check and thinking of future consequences?
I can already feel the future mistake that will happen because she turned them away completely...
Imo she should have at the very least not been that harsh or made up some excuse if she didnt want to help. Then the royalty and by proxy the country would still be mostly in her grasp. View More

scarlett1414: "My answer is still no. I will not solve the problems that you created by ignoring my advice.
By letting so many monstrous acts slide, you have created a monster.
You and your ancestors have made your bed, now lie in it."
She is right and you are jerks, problem solved.

Supreme Magus · C213
1 month ago

animadrop: You know what is funny? In spanish it is el/he and ella/she, so it should be the easiest thing to learn...
Im wondering whether the author is just trolling to see how many people would read even if he annoys the fu.ck out of them with this

My new life in One Piece · C9
1 month ago

Nirvanic_Sun: If god sparks are made of runes, why would sovereign sparks be different? Im more interested in how the runes that make higher level sovereign sparks are different from the runes on lower level sovereign sparks

The Burning Fiend · C135
2 months ago
did you know that she only gets called the greatest witch of her generation by her friends and those who want to flatter Harry?
Only fanfictions make her out to be the greatest in her generation and it is such a humongous turn off, cuase if you read the original books and watched the movies, the only thing you will see is a stupid bookworm who doesnt have anything but booksmarts. No special skill, merely slightly above average due to being a nerd. View More

Blake_Chronos: I really like this story. But what's bothering me is the MC. He just follow the potter's crew. It's like he's not the hero of this fiction. He should make new friends maybe in ravenclaw. It's nice that he's friend with hermione because she's intelligent and maybe the greatest witch of her generation. But I think harry and ron are pretty useless. So my thought are that he should be a leader of a group. Maybe luna (next year), hermione and neville. I think they are interesting. It's just a suggestion because it's annoying me that he's just a follower.

Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C17
2 months ago

Chado_Sama: Keep it the same!

How Much For Your Soul? · C0
2 months ago

Sleight: I've heard that the premium contracts are ****. Also, isn't this a fanfic? I think the original content is copyrighted, and it's illegal to make money from copyrighted content without the maker's permission. I'm not a lawyer, tho, so take what I just said with a grain of salt.

How Much For Your Soul? · C0
2 months ago

scarlett1414: "The real reason I asked you out is that despite you are shorter than me, stingy, cold, and the gods know how much you remember me of my mother, whenever I'm with you I'm not afraid anymore."
She looks like she could use a father-in-academy more than a boyfriend, but that's understandable.
It's a really complicated time in their life.

Supreme Magus · C192
2 months ago

Seink: I honestly thought the brat was smarter than that...
I thought maybe he had some tool implanted in her bag or something...
But nooo, he was a complete idiot that uses grades as proof...

Supreme Magus · C191
2 months ago
it's alright. Maybe a bit abrupt, but not too much imo. The inner conflict was shown before already, so it wasnt a sudden 180 without warning View More

Nightfang707: Too much change too soon??

Supreme Magus · C191
2 months ago
Please don't add much more. Linley's daughter is ok, Catherine is borderline ok as is the prefecture lords granddaughter.
I think you know what you want to write and wont willy nilly add more and more harem members, but just letting you know that imo adding more than 2 more girls would start substracting from the story. View More

airambach26: Will you get the half elf and Catherine and can you get many more harem from different races and new beautiful woman

The Burning Fiend · C116
2 months ago

Chado_Sama: I feel your pain! I hate multiple characters with a passion, but I needed the antagonists view to push the story along.

Rest assured that it does not happen often as it annoys me as much as it does you.

How Much For Your Soul? · C40
2 months ago
I am fine with all the options, but would prefer him leaving them behind. View More
How Much For Your Soul? · C0
2 months ago

Chado_Sama: Leave women behind, they are too much trouble.

How Much For Your Soul? · C0
2 months ago

ElDaniWar: Of course. Don't tell Andromeda, who is your family, about the diadem, one of the most powerful and ruthless witches alive and with good shields of occlumance. But of course, tell the parents of "Miss. She betrayed me again" helpless, and easy to violate mentally. Really?

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C120
2 months ago

Guciec: I don't understand this author's push towards magical phone network and youtube. These businesses became profitable and world changing due to gigantic user base and according to author itself there isn't more than 40k magic users in the Britain. That makes 10 million worldwide max (not including goblins and races not related to wizards). So how for the ever loving God this business suppose to be affordable and profitable? It simply cannot. Say, why not choose to adapt muggle technology to migical environment, subvert and even take over from the shadows appropriate corporations and launch in secret the same services by these companies for the wizards' population. Certainly it would be easier to implement and much more profitable.

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C110
2 months ago

ImmortalMaou_sama: > The "Dark Lord Voldemort" has posted a new video on Wizardtube titled "How to come back from the dead"'
> The #1 wizardTuber "Harry Potter" thanks his 50,000 subscriber
> "Dumbledore" posted a new video titled "Harry, my boy"
> buy Veela bath water through WizardShopOnlineNow
> "Weasley Twins" posted a new video "Pranking 101 #25 How to prank someone with only using your quidditch supplies"

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C108
2 months ago
Have fun! I understand it if you want to take down the story and hold off from posting another one, but remember that the nastiest 20% of readers are the most vocal ones. Anyway, congrats on finishing your first novel, and continue doing your thing. Comments by others are mere suggestions. View More
Deleted_ · C0
2 months ago
I would recommend keeping ZL for the ruins, but I havent read tdg, so idk really View More

Chado_Sama: Eventually, but for now, I plan to concentrate on this story.

How Much For Your Soul? · C38
3 months ago
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