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Original Works

  • Becoming Supreme In Marvel World

    Becoming Supreme In Marvel World


    Cain Universe thought he had died alongside his comrades in the final battle to defend Earth from a seemingly unstoppable foe, only to find himself in the Marvel world. Now he will gain power that he has never dreamed of to ensure that his new home isn't threatened again and maybe get revenge on the way.


Hnn17: Once mc start cultivating, black crap will oozes from his body and he'll be a jade like beauty the next morning after a wash. Happens everytime.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C2
2 weeks ago

Lex_1: The first thing I noticed is that the building is dick shaped

Dominating Evolution of the Cosmos · C75
3 weeks ago
Will do but while my official hours are 9-5 i generally have to work from 5-22 or 23:00 so will probs update on weekends View More

King_P: Thanks for the update!
Keep up the good work 👍

Becoming Supreme In Marvel World · C3
3 weeks ago
Not to start with but his DNA should continue to evolve. Did I miss that part out? If so I will have to go through it again and alter it. View More

sleepingdragon69: Yeah but celestials and eternals inhumans etc would his genes be on par with those

Becoming Supreme In Marvel World · C2
3 weeks ago
Not wanting to give too much away but don't forget he is from the future so could add things like Cyborg or evolve more. As for extra powers... Remember the evolved DNA View More

sleepingdragon69: Damn this is really good I will admit I hope he over time adds additions to his body with extra powers and learns magic and stuff. Also does he know about marvel as I ma very excited for more of this

Becoming Supreme In Marvel World · C2
3 weeks ago
To curtsy is a female greeting and I don't think Sirius would use that being male. Maybe you have used the word out of context View More

great_gamer: no it is curtsy

Harry The Harem Lord-1 · C32
3 weeks ago
Lots of mistakes in this. Main one is cursty and I think you mean courtesy View More
Harry The Harem Lord-1 · C32
3 weeks ago

Gamesempie: Yeah... Something tells me Wang Shuren didn't make those pills and is currently in trouble because she didn't hid her new technique deeply enough and an ill willed senior is now wants to take it from her.

Dual Cultivation · C193
1 month ago
One of the shortest and boring prologues I have seen. You are supposed to draw the readers in right at the beginning so the read the book but this had nothing... View More
Ultimate Star-Wars System · C0
3 months ago
Don't forget Cho Chang. Always liked that girl View More

WPOmega: I spent this entire chapter thinking that he should join Ravenclaw when he gets to Hogwarts that's the only natural way I can see him adding a ghost (The grey lady) to his harem, his harem should be equal opportunity so besides Luna and Hermione a ghost (or two) and his house elf (eventually simply out of her own curiosity cause she's definitely been watching often) should be added

System: Harry The Harem lord · C71
4 months ago
Lol the entire story has spelling and grammar mistakes but I do not mind as it is still readable and I enjoy it View More

great_gamer: Forgive me if you find any grammar mistake as I am out of town for a week so without a laptop, it is hard to edit it.

System: Harry The Harem lord · C68
4 months ago

Scientistx: Harry should unlock,discover ir obtain bloodline system

There is some known special bloodlines

Peverils(exteme magical power and talent dwarfing anyone else and hiğh affinity with that and magic of the criteria)

Dumbledoor's (extreme magicall power and talent)

Clans Of Four Founders Especially Slytherin
(exteme magical power and talent and in some certain extra abilities)

Gene Mutation bloodlines:


Parsel tongue miğht be too but it is not confirmed parsel tongue can be inherited from some wozard familys especially Slytherin clan

Harry should obtain Dumbledoor and Slytherin bloodline along with its parsel tongue and also Metamorphmagus mutation

He can also partialy obtain bloodlines of other species becoming a hybrid like vela I think there was a vela partial male with system his vela bloodline can have powers of pure vela's as well becoming a new species

System: Harry The Harem lord · C61
4 months ago
I am confused by the theodore and william part. Are they different people or different incarnations of the same person just in different
bodies? View More
The Sixth Mage (R-18 for smut) · C10
4 months ago
Are theodore and william the same person? The part where theodore is introduced could be a flash back and with magic i guess appearances can be changed. William could be an alias especially if the god has memories of the future and it wasn't just one person travelling back in time View More
The Sixth Mage (R-18 for smut) · C8
4 months ago
Harem yes View More
The Sixth Mage (R-18 for smut) · C1
4 months ago
I would have liked to know what happened to the girls that ran his medicine shop and the girl that gave him tge compass and he rescued her grandfather. So many girl liked him and so many people just forgotten about and lots off loose ends.... Well I remember the author got a gurlfriend while writing this so maybe thats why things changed and rushed ending so he can spend more time with her View More
True Martial World · C1709
5 months ago
Previous cover View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C42
5 months ago
If going by the title that yhe novel is now ending I am disappointed ss many things were mentioned and forgotten about... View More
True Martial World · C1703
5 months ago
That is a rip off of fallout.... View More

Diting: This Webnovel is a rip-off version of ‘I Have A Mansion In Post apocalyptic World’

The Gamer's Apocalypse · C13
5 months ago
That or they are trying to clear out all the wild retards the MC has to deal with that keep popping up for no reason like this guy View More

Cadh20000: My personal theory as to why that Upper Realm/Immortal Realm keeps attacking once every 10k years is because of that spirit base Hu Niu has. If someone is born with it in the Lower Realm once every 10k years and they know about it, perhaps they are trying to prevent it from maturing?

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C643
5 months ago
That line by the coachman looks like another ret.ard young master needing a beat down and becoming MC enemy for no reason. That play is way over used... View More
Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C625
6 months ago
How was the lycan able to let out a roar with its head cut off? View More
Only I level up · C13
6 months ago

PoopOnBalls69: The content has been deleted

Last Wish System
7 months ago
Reading Status: C386
The story itself is ok fun even however all of the character are poorly written and senarios seem a bit forced. Every enemy is either a pervert or elitist literally the most used sayings are " I like that girl give her to me" or " We are better then you so die or surrender while we rape and enslave\slaughter you family" or some variation. There hasn't been any truly cunning or wise enemy just repeatedly used trash again and again. I know the author doesn't have English as his first language but time and again I have seen people correct his spelling and grammar in comments yet he doesn't edit or change anything. That was tolerable while it was free but now it is premium it is unacceptable. That doesn't include the times when incorrect or made up words are used or words missed out entirely. An ok story to pass the time with but needs a serious overhaul to be anything else. View More
Last Wish System
7 months ago
Sweet hope we get to see him kick Luo Kings butt soon then do a clan wipe or maybe the reappearance of the brick View More
True Martial World · C1659
7 months ago
Yup I agree View More

GooDName: ntr malfoy :D

System: Harry The Harem lord · C34
7 months ago
Did i miss a bit but why is it impossible ro make her pregnant? View More
System: Harry The Harem lord · C33
7 months ago
Yeah thats my point everyone is ahead of him in energy and I want to see him get powerful enough to squash some people/family/clans View More

Amaranth: He is caltivating with soul and mind of body with essences he is just not cultivating energy cultivation

Reaper of the Martial World · C167
8 months ago
So how long until he actually starts cultivating? View More
Reaper of the Martial World · C167
8 months ago
I remember the start where we were getting 3 chapters evey 1 day now its reversed and we are getting 1 every 3 days. Still love the story and top quality translations but maybe author is tired or busy IRL View More

PollypopStar: Throw away that ****ty Lord of mysteries and prioritize translating this instead.. Mother****er

True Martial World · C1644
8 months ago
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