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Original Works

  • The Union

    The Union

    Fantasy Romance Kingdom Building Leadership War Smart mc


    He enjoyed the city's splendor from the balcony of the palace. It was dazzling, worthy of the Gods' envy- if they even exist. He felt something soft and warm embrace him from behind. Arms wrapped around his belly. "What are you thinking about?" she asked while sniffing his back. "Would you believe me if I said that I was thinking about you?" he turned around and feasted his eyes upon her pretty face. "I wouldn't" she shook her head and grinned. "Why?" "Because I've fallen for your sweet words many times before and I will not fall into your trap again" He whispered to her ears, "What if I say that I'll give you the world?" "Cliché" she smirked "What if I say, that I'll give my life for you?" "Too tragic" she laughed "What if I say that" he rubbed his nose against hers "I will love you with all my heart" She smiled "Then I'll have no choice but to fall for your sweet words again" ***************** Hello readers! Hopefully this tells you what the novel is all about. - Romance (Early romance and no harem) - Power Couple - War, Politics, Kingdom building (because of this, the main demographics of this novel are male readers. But female readers can also read this because I will make sure that the romance will not degrade over time) - Medieval setting - A touch of gore and violence (not so much) Release rate - one chapter/day Map of Western Castonia -https://imgur.com/5ZsaoCg Map of Eastern Castonia- https://imgur.com/kST4PiA Map of Vanadis-https://imgur.com/qv9RZLv Map of Tulosa - https://imgur.com/doPe3ga Larger Map- http://imgur.com/a/tpzG2Ia Note: The cover is of course not mine

  • Short Stories and Epistolary Collection

    Short Stories and Epistolary Collection


    A book of random short stories of different genres.

  • The Eternal Guardians

    The Eternal Guardians

    Fantasy Reincarnation Romance Magic Hidden Gem Mystery Military Brotherhood Drama War Epic

    The story follows three perspectives thousands of miles away in a world shattered by war between a magical race called Ninevans and humans. Leo is the Prince of the Union, heir and first in line. To gain achievement equal to his godly parents, he decided to journey south to the mysterious broken land of Dandaria. Crystal is a Gifted- a Ninevan born with magic. But the magic she was born with, being one of the forbidden ones, has always been her greatest curse. Tangled in the mess of politics and conspiracies, she tries to survive in a world caged by a tyrant. Fredrich is noble conscripted to defend the human realm against the Ninevans. Reluctant and bloody, he experiences the cruelty of war firsthand. Three paths divided, three paths destined to converge. Forces of long ago are waking, forces which destroyed the world once. The world needs the Eternals once more. *** This novel has a prequel titled "The Union" which is already finished here in Webnovel. Readers of this novel don't need to read the prequel. The story is slow at first and a lot to take in with branching mysteries. But please be patient as this is an epic fantasy which will extend for hundreds of chapters. Maps will soon be added. The cover image is not mine and a fan art of The Stormlight Archive series (my favorite book series). Credits to the owner. Thank you and please leave a review.

  • Mistake/Bug



    This is a bug novel. I don't know why but Webnovel just uploaded a chapter all of a sudden. Disregard This

  • Sparrow's Eyes

    Sparrow's Eyes

    Video Games



For those who are wondering, Leo is supposed to be a reincarnate of destruction which was supposed to lead to character conflicts as he is just a sweet, sweet boy. Crystal and Fredrich were reincarnates of those tasked to stop the destruction but I was planning a romance between Crystal and Leo. The main theme of my novels, after all, is rejecting fate. It doesn't matter what the characters were designed to be because people have the capacity to decide who they want to be. View More
The Eternal Guardians · C22
5 months ago

Kraafty: This is a sequel to Author's previous novel, the Union. Both novels are excellent, and arguably the best I've ever read on Webnovel. Read the Union first to get a fuller context, though I suppose you can read this without it. The grammar is excellent, the dialogue is crisp and natural, and the storytelling is able to be both both epic in scale and world building while also attuned to character development and personality...not an easy balance. It is in a sense very Game of Thrones like in its use of POV chapters as each chapter involves one of the 3 main protagonists who do not know each other and are separated by huge distances. I have a feeling they won't be separated forever though...

The Union dealt with political machinations, epic military struggles, and the struggles and expectations of royalty. The Eternal Guardians, on the other hand, goes in a different direction: magic and adventure.

Magic was a nebulous thing in the Union, something which was shown, but not fully explained. Same thing with the Ninevans, a new group(race?) who has mysterious intentions. Who are they and what is the history behind them? It was smart to create a sequel, because now we get to answer these questions with a fresh start and new characters. I'm excited to see where this goes.

The Eternal Guardians
6 months ago
Yes. Imagine the western roman empire after its fall. View More

Kraafty: Thanks for the chapter. Is Dandaria broken into chiefdoms?

The Eternal Guardians · C17
6 months ago
Epistolaries are actually easier than normal novels since you don't have to worry about the prose. It is fun to write too. If I'm not mistaken the novel Dracula was written through a series of letters.

Well we really have a lot in common, don't we? I am from somewhere in asia so I doubt we are long lost twins. View More

Theodoric: The last line made me laugh out loud. People looked at me with strange looks😂.
I mean it's a serious thing.
But it also gives me inspiration.

Damn, I had a plan for a whole book to be written similar to this, in terms of letters and diary logs.
It was a couple of years back I think but I abandoned it.
Now the thought is reinvigorated.
Author, you are not aware of how similar your ideas to mine.
Could you be my long lost brother from another mother?
Where are you from anyway?

Short Stories and Epistolary Collection · C1
6 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
The Hitting Zone · C1
6 months ago
The Eternal Guardians

Watch out for my pen name as there is a similarly titled story. View More

Mythfury: Name of story??

The Union · C294
6 months ago
You can't copy the map chapter. I just put it in there because people generally glaze over the synopsis.

The one in the synopsis can be copied though. Just use browser. View More

overload_universe: Map chapter

The Union · C0
6 months ago
Strange. I can copy in my phone. Are you refering to the one in the synopsis or in this chapter? View More

overload_universe: Can't copy even in browse

The Union · C0
6 months ago
Copy the one in the synopsis. Use browser instead of the app. View More

overload_universe: larger map not working

The Union · C0
6 months ago
Ninev actually has an abundance in food. They just live in a socialist society where the citizens are fed by the state. All their needs are taken care of by the state. They don't have the concept of money. Think of them like ants. There are mushroom farmers, miners, defenders, builders, etc.

Of course there is a divide between those with gifts and those without. View More

qiangdao4: Feels like Ninev has major problems if people need to rely on rations from the “government”.

The Eternal Guardians · C10
6 months ago
Every two weeks or so Webnovel has this competition of new original stories. Winners are selected through the amount of power stones. You can't see it on mobile but I think the banner is visible in browser. View More

SirEctor: First. But what wpc?

The Union · C294
6 months ago

DaoofAnton: Hey Author, Loved the Union. I hope this will be a gem aswell. Very excited about the setting. No pressure but I'm expecting a Masterpiece 😁 Thanks for the 7 Chapters at the begininng

The Eternal Guardians
6 months ago

PortgasAce: I am one of the loyal readers of pre-sequel, The Union. I promise you this you will NOT regret reading this authors work. Update, Character Development you name it. The boxes are already checked. Give him a chance and this will the only book you’ll ever stay up all night to read 😁

The Eternal Guardians
6 months ago
Yes. A contest will provide a means to promote the novel View More

qiangdao4: Will it be made available here?

The Union · C292
6 months ago
Sadly I agree. I relied more in telling rather than showing and I am guilty of using dialogue as exposition. But then again, going through the entire plot thoroughly would extend the novel at least 300 more chapters and I don't have the energy for that. I cringe everytime I read earlier and even later chapters.

Thank you. Really. Webnovels need more proper reviews to improve their quality. View More

VeloxAeterno: A critical review here, coming from great books like the Song of Ice and Fire series (Game of Thrones books) and Tom Clancy books, this webnovel has a good plot HOWEVER it lacks intricate details throughout the book. Its basically like reading a summary of a book or just reading the MOST important parts of a plot/story but you almost barely read parts about the day to day or the more deep details to flesh out its writing.

The Union
6 months ago

VeloxAeterno: A critical review here, coming from great books like the Song of Ice and Fire series (Game of Thrones books) and Tom Clancy books, this webnovel has a good plot HOWEVER it lacks intricate details throughout the book. Its basically like reading a summary of a book or just reading the MOST important parts of a plot/story but you almost barely read parts about the day to day or the more deep details to flesh out its writing.

The Union
6 months ago
Yes. We'll see more of Leo's Tear in the sequel. View More

qiangdao4: Great twist at the end leaving us wanting more. Can’t wait till the sequel comes out.

Tim’s uncle is also the head of Leo’s Tear right?

The Union · C291
7 months ago
I will add a chapter in this one which details the title of the second book. View More

TopazQueenPalm: How will I find out when you start posting chapters for the Union book 2?

The Union · C291
7 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C1
7 months ago
The cull would still be raging twenty years after. Everything that has happened since then would only be discussed and not shown. I can already see at least two main perspectives. One is Leo's and the other should be a Ninevan's. There could be a third perspective though. View More

PortgasAce: Are we gonna find out about what happens in this upcoming war or will it just focus on Leo/present events?

The Union · C291
7 months ago
Maybe three weeks from now. The chapters will be longer like an actual novel but i can't publish chapters daily.

I am currently writing a true novel. It is a little dark and also have a medieval setting. This novel is my current focus with an actual draft, improved dialogues , focus on characters, etc. I'm taking my time writing that one. I think I'm going to self publish it in a few months but I'm going to post it here and royal road for alpha readers.

As for the twenty-year gap, it's to differentiate the setting. A lot of time has passed and the world has changed under the rule of Timothy and Lucia. Humans are defending against the cull. If the focus of The Union is war, the new focus of the sequel would be magic. It will be an epic fantasy. View More

PortgasAce: When will you start publishing the sequel? Do you plan on writing another book complexly Separate from The Union? Also any reasoning why you chose 20 years to start off the sequel? Seems like an awfully long period of time

The Union · C291
7 months ago
Exp View More

CreamAndCookies: If you have any questions (or exp) you can reply to this comment.

The Union · C291
7 months ago
If you have any questions (or exp) you can reply to this comment. View More
The Union · C291
7 months ago
There are three more chapters plus an epilogue View More

jedi1123: Of this is the last chapter in the book I'm super pissed because I love this book it's amazing and it's fans don't want it to end like that but if author you throw in maybe the parts around Lucia's pregnancy and their legacy as king and queen I'm ok with that.

The Union · C287
7 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
Release That Witch · C1
8 months ago
Crossbows hardly penetrate armor and the main difference between the Wismarines and the Cantonese, Hadeans and Inkish is that most Wismarines are armored. Same thing why the campaign in Tulosa seldom involved crossbows. The resources can be used to other useful things like ballistae. View More

SirEctor: I find it hard to believe that little or no archers are used. Just crossbows but why not create a purely crossbow cohort imagine the damaged in can inflict.

The Union · C261
8 months ago
there is a larger map that shows the surrounding lands. It's in the synopsis. View More

SirEctor: We need a world map. That show the various locations mentioned in the story. The current map of east and west castonia is insufficient.

The Union · C258
8 months ago

jinkim: Ive read hundreds of novels but In ****** words this novel is original, captivativing, and intriguing. It's new and isn't repetitive like other novels I've read. I give it 10 out of 5 stars (it's that good!!!).

The Union
8 months ago
A week or two after. I just need some advance chapters. View More

PortgasAce: Damn, how long would it take you to pick up the sequel?

The Union · C254
8 months ago
There is magic but scant. No, there won't be witches although there is something kind of similar. This is a low fantasy novel and focuses more in the politics. View More

Neunundachtzig: Your novel is a good read and your characters are very likeable.
Still, as I am a true fan of RTW, I need to ask an urgent question: Do you inted to impart witches or at least some magic in the later chapters? It's something my heart yearns for and I would really love to see (at least) a hint of supernatural powers and the likes in your novel. (I am still reading the early chapters, therefore the question)
Thx and keep up the good work 😊

The Union
9 months ago
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