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Ok thanks. View More

Houssem: those who have the mark usually die at the age of 25 :)

Mystic Demon Slayer · C15
15 hours ago
Can someone tell me which curse is being mentioned here. View More
Mystic Demon Slayer · C15
18 hours ago
Kyouko is one of my fav character in series so personally yes add her in harem . View More
1 day ago
becoming a god to rule a new world. · C0
4 days ago
You know just yesterday i find its other version and was not able to read it because of language barrier and today i found out that you started translating it guess i am lucky View More
DxD and The Evil Eyes Master · C2
4 days ago
Hey why not play with zeus like this (system) i mean throw him some food and make him your pet .
And at last when Zeus has enough confidence to kill all who oppose him just take back the powers just think how beautiful his face full of despair would be when he gets to know that he was just acting as a dog for hades and will be killed when not needed.

Oopsie i forgot that we treat dogs better than that but you understand what I mean right?? View More
becoming a god to rule a new world. · C11
4 days ago
I don't think hope has what it takes to kill some-one he's a pus*y after all. View More
Chunibyo's Fanfic. · C66
4 days ago
What the **** was that not killing others and wanting peace its contradictory.
And now you are just making hope as an emotional time bomb and nothing else i mean hope is the mc not red while you are making it as if there is a bomb that needs constant diffusing and quartz or creator are diffuser and nothing else .
And I think you should control his emotios its just too much first of all you shows that he is able to control his emotions its starting chapters but I am not able to believe it at all. View More
Chunibyo's Fanfic. · C65
4 days ago
Its interesting idea but we don't know his origin i mean what will happen if he NTRed his grand-grand-........-grand-father that mean his is his own grand-grand-......-son. Funny if you think about it without considering different timeline theory. View More

Dangeroustoxin: After finishing the shrek academy arc and tournament ,I'm thinking of having an arc of traveling to the past, 10.000 years back, and teasing the other Shrek 7, I just found it interesting to harass the heroines.

your opinions...

Douluo Dalu 2 - Fan Fiction · C18
5 days ago
How about torturing them(including villagers) by using illusion like killing and reviving all they cared about and finally killing them and than may be forgive them. View More
Naruto - Neglected Sage · C4
1 week ago
I know that Rias is female lead in canon but don't you feel that she is just a spoiled brat.
I think it will be better if she is not in his harem and secondly just seducing the mc bcoz of his bloodline , I will be really disappointed in mc if he agrees to date her View More
Uchiha In High School DXD · C5
1 week ago
Different world travel is interesting but don't you think that you should change the name of the story than. View More
Chunibyo's Fanfic. · C50
1 week ago
I guess that grafia appeared as she still had not talked to him after they left Underworld. View More

Shirofroz: Ophis appeared

Chunibyo's Fanfic. · C49
1 week ago
Does his gramps have some special background I mean its still impossible for someone to harm great red with some simple sword-fighting. View More
Chunibyo's Fanfic. · C47
1 week ago
May be make it his pet. View More

hope123612: Do you want me to kill trihexa in the first chapter?🤣🤣

Chunibyo's Fanfic. · C46
1 week ago
You could have make great red a female and put some comedy like you defeated me and i am yours kind of cliche after hope defeat him using quarz's power.
I mean it can be fun (some time annoying too but interesting) seeing 2 dragon god fighting for his affection. View More
Chunibyo's Fanfic. · C45
1 week ago
I prefer assassin over tank so Elf View More
becoming a god to rule a new world. · C0
1 week ago
I have not played any of these games so i can't choose on basis of there names but I choose dragon age on basis of its genre. View More
becoming a god to rule a new world. · C0
1 week ago
The story is nice but I think that you should make the mc little bit more agressive I mean he can just kill them all with a single order to his army and Zeus is still showing his god-king complex. I mean he should be a little afraid of him right.And next is about Hercules if he really treat him like his son than why let him suffer due to some god's ego. View More
becoming a god to rule a new world. · C5
1 week ago

I_love_Rem: being a virgin is lot better than being a cuckhold hahaha *shows middle finger*

Chunibyo's Fanfic. · C1
1 week ago
For your information devils have "language comprehension passive" . View More
DXD Surgeon · C22
2 weeks ago

Requien: Fuack yeah keeep up the good work bro ty for chap

In the DC World with a System · C37
2 weeks ago
2 paws if I remember correctly. View More

bazooka84: How many evil piece have bell

DXD Surgeon · C21
2 weeks ago

Catman: Given a Golden Carrot to the Rabbit Goddess

2 weeks ago
Harem or not doesn't matter but at least keep Felicia as a love interest. View More
Chaos In MCU · C1
2 weeks ago
Who does't prefer twins .I know they aren't twins but you could think of them as twins. View More

Alvin_Alvarez: I know how you feel but does that include power girl?

New life in DC · C4
2 weeks ago

DaoistPureEvil: Indeed.. most specifically the scream of hope and despaire... kukukuku...

The Chronicles of Elijah · C71
1 month ago

Heavenly_Devil: This chapter was terrible! Why didn't we see more details to the torture?! The bloody screams, the pleads for help, forgiveness, and the hope that all that was a dream. Haa... haa... haa... I just can't help it... so.. GOOD!

The Chronicles of Elijah · C71
1 month ago
Talia View More
In the DC World with a System · C29
1 month ago
If other world than you can go to D.C or try to find the 7th infinity stone ego. Otherwise I guess F4 is the next best option View More
The Chronicles of Elijah · C57
1 month ago
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