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Original Works

  • The Forsaken Lands

    The Forsaken Lands

    Eastern Fantasy

    God has taken back his blessings. The Earth is now a forsaken land, countless races both intelligent and not invade from the rift. In this madness we follow the story of a wolf and a girl as they learn to traverse these worlds and explore the boundless cosmos. ------------------------------------------------- Dropped.

  • Shade World

    Shade World



  • Noctis



    Noctis, A boy betrayed by his comrades and killed because of someone else's deeds is sent to the after life. A place more terrifying than any hell man could have ever thought of.


Reading Status: C1
The entire series is amazing ive read it for over two hundred chapters on a different site and it was amazing i loved it and still do keep up the good work! View More
True Martial World
1 year ago
I 100 agree. View More

Xamar: Man, this is not a fairytell story, but more like a end of the world and everyone is crazy story!

So if the bloody killing, raping and how crazy people can become doesn't scare you, then this is a great novel!
Everything is done to show the drak side of humanity, but hope is still their for you if you are strong enough to reach it and keep it.

Only the story development is repetive in a few arks, but the fun is their for you if you like it!

God and Devil World
1 year ago
Reading Status: C1089
Awesome series, ive followed since way back when it was at four hundred tra slated chapters and i would reccomend to anyone who is fan of apocoalypse type light novels as well as super power war novels.

Not for the feint of heart. View More
God and Devil World
1 year ago
Anotha 1 View More
God and Devil World · C897
1 year ago

Slipier: I'd like to see how this story will turn out. I hope you wont drop it, like most authors do. I have high expectations 👍😉

The Forsaken Lands · C5
1 year ago

PrideAndLust: thanks for the chapter

The Forsaken Lands · C8
1 year ago

DarkApolonir: Thanks for the chapter

The Forsaken Lands · C12
1 year ago

PrideAndLust: Thanks for The chapter

The Forsaken Lands · C12
1 year ago
Reading Status: C0
This is my first honest and dedicated novel, to which I feel will go far, as the author I'll be giving it a five star rating, but should you feel it doesn't deserve it, then please comment why, any advice or critics are always appreciated.

- FazNano View More
The Forsaken Lands
1 year ago

Hellequin: Ok. First after looking at so many negative reviews on here about propaganda this, or repeating that, or racist view point, i have to say that all of you are extremely, extremely stupid and narrow minded. Also you need to go demand back any money you may have paid for any educational expenses, as it was a waste.

Now let me break this down into easy to understand thoughts for you. China has had a really, really, REALLY messed up history in dealing with most of the world. The Japanese have attacked multiple times and occupied in a ruthless and basically evil fashion. They made all Chinese people who didn't demean themselves to the Japanese into lowest form of life or damn near slaves. They have also had conflict with Vietnam in bloody war and have had deep long lasting hatred between them for a long time. Oh and lets not forget that America, Europe and Japan even jointly occupied china and deemed the Chinese as " sick yellow men of the east".

Now as fir the B.S. of saying there is communistic propaganda that is laughable. Lets look at the MC. He is from a communist country, right? So what do you think he will do after forming his own group? Do like the idiots in the cave that, thru "democracy", had the strongest guy be treated like garbage while he did all the work to get food and supplies? Screw that noise!!! I am with the MC, if i have the power then i would be in charge and those that I care for and can trust will run things with me. Also this is the apocalypse for crying out loud. The more hands trying to steer the ship the less stable the course will be, as everyone will think they know best. Also, if you notice though he is in charge he is not stupid and listens to the advise and counseling of those around that have good charater and have shown that they put the welfare of the people before their own greed. And he doesn't kill for no reason either. He shows mercy to those who do not fight him, and is ruthless to any that dare to be a threat to his people's well-being. The only others that incur his wrath are those who do or have done unforgivable horrors. (Example: the people in Vietnam that were teaching kids to see Chinese people as food or things that have no value.)

Now as for how it looks like everyone other then him is evil or racist or morally corrupt, that has not been shown. All that has been shown is that some people have very dark corners to them and if they have nothing to keep them in check, they will give into their more sinister side.

So there you go. Now you should be able to understand things a little better. So before you go spouting off nonsensical thoughts, next time maybe try to understand the overall picture or setting.

God and Devil World
1 year ago
Reading Status: C1079
The Best of the best when it comes to apocolypse genre with a rich story and incredible writing quality, paragraphs flowing well, though not for the light of heart.

-FazNano View More
God and Devil World
1 year ago
Thanks for the feedback and don't worry it was just suspended for the moment. View More

FazNano: The content has been deleted

Shade World
1 year ago
The content has been deleted
Shade World
1 year ago
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