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  • Archaic script

    Archaic script

    Eastern Fantasy

    Go and read Ordain if you stumble across here. That is the current story I am giving all my time to so it would be great if you would give it a read. I repeat ORDAIN. ehehehe. lol.


usha412: True true. I completely agree. These Villains can try something new. Hmph!! That same old dialogue. But he is too cool. The superhero image is returning again.. Aha..

4 days ago
Reading Status: C6
An amazing experience as a reader. The wonderful explanations of the author in regards with the science that this story deals with are interesting to read. I am looking forward to how this turns out as the turn of events really makes one curious. The writing quality is also wonderful with clever witty remarks added from time to time. An overall wonderful read View More
Throne of World : Viral Hijack
2 months ago
really loved the meticulous scientific explanations View More
Throne of World : Viral Hijack · C6
2 months ago
referencing to your own work..
Pro author move. xd View More
Throne of World : Viral Hijack · C4
2 months ago
nicely explained View More
Throne of World : Viral Hijack · C3
2 months ago
Finally chapters are rolling out again. So glad to be able to read this amazing story without having to wait for long.. View More
World Domination System · C1018
2 months ago

JustForLaughs: 💯💯💯💯💯

Medical ✔

◾Full of action in the OR
◾detailed (Unlike other medical novels, this one is very detailed. From the treatment to medications administered)

Reincarnation ✔
◾Past to present

Face slapping ✔
◾heaps... don't we love that all?

Revenge ✔
Clever protagonist ✔
Power couple ✔
Doting male lead ✔

It checked all the markers for a wonderful novel. So what are you waiting for?

PALPATE MY HEART: Dr. Wicked is My Wife
2 months ago
Is it her step mom......? View More
PALPATE MY HEART: Dr. Wicked is My Wife · C42
2 months ago
Reading Status: C41
An absolutely well written story.
The characters and their development make you want to read more and more. The main character has been portrayed wonderfully. First time that I love a character so much. Please keep the updates smooth. The author has given this story a lot of time and thoughts. Will be waiting to see how this ends... View More
PALPATE MY HEART: Dr. Wicked is My Wife
3 months ago

Brilliant_detectiv: Your methodical explanation of the procedure is refreshing to read after all the cultivation techniques that i have been through..

PALPATE MY HEART: Dr. Wicked is My Wife · C3
3 months ago
Your methodical explanation of the procedure is refreshing to read after all the cultivation techniques that i have been through.. View More
PALPATE MY HEART: Dr. Wicked is My Wife · C3
3 months ago
Amazingly written. View More
PALPATE MY HEART: Dr. Wicked is My Wife · C1
3 months ago
A really interesting beginning View More
The Dream Shifter · C1
4 months ago
Reading Status: C5
A really nice work you have put up here, Bro.
The story progresses quite well and is well paced. The setting of a goal for the MC to pursue early on defines it nicely and allows readers to look forward to it. The theme and setting is unique and really to my liking.
Makes you curious to know what will happen next. A spelling mistake here and there should be taken care of.
Looking forward to it. View More
4 months ago
the ending to this situation was handled well
keep it up!! View More

Stardust_Breaker: Hi vats

Divine Emperor of Death · C367
4 months ago
nice chapter here View More
Divine Emperor of Death · C367
4 months ago
****ttt View More
Divine Emperor of Death · C366
4 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The First Order · C84
5 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
World Domination System · C955
5 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
World Domination System · C955
5 months ago

ThePoorestSaint: "Don't let the sorrows of our era be your sorrow as well" ~ Ren Xaiosu

Daaaamn...that was deep but true story

The First Order · C29
6 months ago

Bayamont01: Possibly. I just don't want this to suddenly end and no more chapters come out. Nothing worse than a book that ends before the overall goals of the main characters are finished.

World Domination System · C936
6 months ago

nemesis1235: Well i'd rather have a few delayed chapters than have an overly frustrated writer that ends up stopping the novel. A writer's state of mind is really important to get quality stories.
So yep even if this continues for 2-3 years or more. I'm sticking with this till he dominates the world

World Domination System · C936
6 months ago

LazyReadrr: Thoughts on The Author's comment:
Hmm no gonna lie when i was reading the chapter i was thinking what excuse is author-san gonna say now when i realized that this time he had a legit reason!!
Man i'm so ashamed!!!
Anywho Congrats man!
You have my best wishes for the wedding!
Also no hard feelings but i'll believe it when i see dem 3 chappies a day.
Until then i'll just take you words with a bit of salt sugar and everything nice.

World Domination System · C936
6 months ago

DogsRSweet: Well, that was a great chapter and surprising announcement. I have two things to say, one, I'm happy for you and wish you luck in marriage. Two, please remember Author, you are now responsible not only for your life, but also your wife's. And that means getting down and dirty working for a living, in this case, writing. I think it would be a good idea for you to have some kind of social media to announce when things will be hectic and you won't be posting regularly. Because you are now making writing a job, you have to be responsible to your readers too. We want to support you, but if you keep dropping and disappearing, you will slowly loose us, no matter how much we love and wait for the next chapter of your series. You need to work to make the readers happy, just as much as you work to make your wife happy. If that means writing 3 chapters a day, but only posting two so you can make a back log, then do it. Because I would rather have two, or even one a day than be left hanging for 3+ days.

World Domination System · C936
6 months ago

Pemadam_Nafsu: Fudge even i will name it that way. As a man of culture this is justice

World Domination System · C934
6 months ago

KillerHemboy: Hehe, glad you all are enjoying the ride!
Anyway, here's some quick news about something I'm excited about: while in the hospital bed, WDS was already perfectly planned, so, out of a whim, I started to plan a new novel. I loved the idea so much that I started writing it on the side- writing one novel a lot all day is a bit tiring, so it feels great to flex my writing muscles with a different book.

It's called 'World of Wonders', and it's a VRMMORPG type novel. Our protagonist, though, finds himself as an NPC in the game. It's a completely ***** novel though, with blood, Gore and all things *****(even s.e.x), so beware. The character of the MC is also something that not everyone can handle, so read the first few chappies and decide for yourselves!

Finally, if you love the book, please consider voting a couple of stones over there, cos I've entered it into the contest.

Now, back to clockwork releases. Cheers!

World Domination System · C881
8 months ago

vikimaniac: I bought the priv late. Bought the hero realm hoping that things would have settled down with 10 days into the month. Either KHB hasn't updated or wn hasn't. Whatever the case maybe, we are at a loss. And, why does this only happen to this novel. I've bought priv in 3 so far and it seems to be okay for the other novels. It seems this is due to the habit of KHB not having chapters ready. My only advice here would be, KHB start writing such that you have at least 40 chapters in reserve. And, then, write 3 chapters a day after that to account for any problems you might face IRL. If you can't do that, ask webnovel to give you a month of sabbatical before going ahead with the story. We really really feel cheated with these dummy chapters. So much that we feel we are the actual dummies to trust both you and webnovel to get us good timely reading material. It feels it'd be better to shift to reading completed stories on Kindle or such others rather than waste our time here. I know it feels like I'm cribbing, but, it seems after 2 months if you can't get your **** together, I should do more than crib. And, I'm angry. Also, for your dengue, take good care of yourself.

World Domination System · C862
8 months ago

AvidReader9: Things stink to high heavens we need Dectectove Conan on the case

World Domination System · C736
11 months ago

SP012: I cant wait for Daneel to show the entire continent along with all of its enemies,exactly what he is capable of. We will probably have to wait until the Church attacks or maybe if something unexpected happens but either way the reactions from the people in the Big Four especially the Head and the Chief are going to be priceless.

World Domination System · C733
11 months ago
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