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  • God and Devil World

    God and Devil World

    Sci-fi StableRelease Apocalypse Action Army Building Smart protagonist Badass MC Adventure Misunderstandings Leadership Evolution Zombies Nuclear Weapons Nationalism Tribalism Strategic Battles Extinction Threat Human Ingenuity Not racism Survival Harem Modern Warfare Mutant Beasts Great Novel Brilliant monsters Weak to Strong God Wars Vampires slaves


    In less than an instant the world as we knew it was at its end. That’s right. The Apocalypse. In a single blink Zombies appeared and mutated monsters began to rampage all throughout the world. Now it was the human species turn to fight for survival and planetary dominance! On the same day that the world descends into chaos we meet Yue Zhong. Initially only hoping to get to his friends and escape to a refugee camp our protagonist sets out, inadvertently building a team along the way. After a series of fortuitous events and a few serious hunches our hero decides it’s time to do more than just survive! Yue Zhong begins to form the foundations of an enormous survival plan… before he suddenly discovers that he has only gotten over the first hurdle…. Unbeknownst to Yue Zhong and company, the world outside of China is mostly a wasteland! Country sized swathes of nuclear radiation and an extreme shortage of supplies in the world after the nuclear explosions was quickly becoming the “norm”. Mutants, Evolved animals and what’s worse, intelligent out of control dinosaurs had quickly appeared and claimed their own sections of the planet. There were several innately powerful Evolved races which appeared that were more than 10 times stronger than humans, nearly all of them possessing bodies impenetrable by normal bullets. The fabled orcs’ were another of these Evolved races, the leader of which had in fact enslaved many of the remaining human beings. Unceremoniously exposed to such a cold and heartless new world, Yue Zhong is faced with a choice: Find a deep dark hole and hope it goes back to “normal”? Or overcome all obstacles and struggle towards Evolution!!!

  • Ranger Malam

    Ranger Malam


    Marvin, yang merupakan seorang pemain legendaris, bertransmigrasi ke malam dimana Bencana Besar akan terjadi. Ini adalah akhir dari era keempat, semua dewa bergandengan tangan untuk menghancurkan Kolam Sihir Alam Semesta. Tablet Nasib ke empat datang pada waktunya dan semua dewa, setan, legenda, iblis, lich, naga dan mahkluk legendaris lainya bermunculan satu demi satu. Dengan tujuan untuk melindungi orang yang dia sayangi, Marvin tidak punya pilihan lain selain mempelajari tentang kegelapan. Ini cerita tentang seorang ranger muda yang tumbuh besar menjadi sang Penguasa Malam saat Era Kekacauan.

  • Explorador de la noche

    Explorador de la noche


    El legendario jugador, Marvin, transmigró a la víspera de la Gran Calamidad. Este era el final de la Cuarta Era, en el que todos los Dioses se unieron para destruir el Pozo Mágico del Universo. La cuarta Tabla del Destino había comenzado a madurar y todos los Dioses, Demonios, Leyendas, Diablos, Liches, Dragones y demás criaturas legendarias aparecían una tras otra. Para proteger a sus seres queridos, Marvin no tiene alternativa: debe sumergirse en las sombras. Esta es la historia de un joven explorador que se convirtió en el Amo de la Noche durante la Era del Caos.

  • Renjer Malam

    Renjer Malam


    Pemain legenda, Marvin telah menyeberangi ke dunia lain di era sebelum Bencana Besar berlaku. Ini pengakhiran era keempat, kesemua dewa bergabung tenaga untuk memusnahkan Kolam Magik Alam Semesta. Tablet Takdir Ke Empat mula matang dan semua dewa, syaitan, legenda, iblis, liches, naga dan makhluk dalam legenda akan muncul satu per satu. Untuk melindungi orang yang tersayang, Marvin terpaksa memilih jalan gelap. Ini kisah bagaimana seorang Renjer muda membesar menjadi Pemerintah Malam di Era Huru-Hara ini. Penterjemah : Selepas menyeberangi ke dunia lain dan masuk ke dalam tubuh seorang bangsawan lemah, Marvin sedar dia amat mengenali dunia ini, dunia permainan video yang dia kemaruk bermain di hayat sebelum ini…Alamak! Dia hanya ada masa selama 6 bulan sahaja sebelum ketibaan Bencana Besar! Sebagai bekas pemain terhebat, dia akan cuba bertarung untuk menyelamatkan dunia… Masa untuk merancang dan bersedia untuk peristiwa bakal berlaku, lebih baik ilmu yang ada digunakan untuk berada di hadapan daripada menghadapi dewa sebagai lawan. Ikuti kisah pengembaraan Marvin di dunia yang baru ini.

  • End of the Magic Era

    End of the Magic Era

    Fantasy Time Travel Swordand Magic Reincarnation


    The world that nurtured the civilization which reached the pinnacle of magic was on the verge of destruction.  The last survivor transmigrated to the past, when the magic civilization started growing, as countless mages were still fumbling their ways through the thorny paths of magic knowledge. He, who came from the end of the magic era, aim to reach the pinnacle of magic.


A mistake sneaked in, already corrected to proper breakfast time. Thanks for the catch View More

CherShootX: Wait he want to have a breakfast in the afternoon?? Well breaking a fast is kinda make sense but still

End of the Magic Era · C284
1 month ago

Shiraishi: ... it was clearly explained that the Crystal Scales are overpowered. Even when Bane suppressed them, he got his own power absorbed, and he was a peak Heaven Mage...
That was also the reason he let Fran get the Crystal Scales.
There is also the fact that he is the strongest there so he doesn't fear anyone fighting him for items, the plane was unknown until he actually opened the planar road so having helpers/canon fodder would lower the difficulty of sweeping the plane, AND the fact that he clearly has too many planes already, that was said whenhe refused the Black Tower's plane.

I could find a few more reasons to justify the MC's actions, but I think this is more than enough.

As it was said a few chaps ago, the MC rarely take risks, and exploring an unknown plane is a risk, risk that he is lowering by having everyone coming along.

End of the Magic Era · C242
1 month ago
Thanks for the catch, corrected :) View More

CherShootX: Kave is an arch mage ... wrong translation that it became high mage

End of the Magic Era · C185
2 months ago

SkyAzeroth: 💀 Thanks for the Chapter and Hard Work!! 💀

End of the Magic Era · C172
3 months ago

Shiraishi: I had that discussion in another chapter. Disclaimer: TL opinion, I do NOT speak for the author.

He actualy is using the Merlin name with other characters, and Lin Yun is only for himself, and narrative as we follow the MC's story (note that he is mostly addressed as Mafa in other characters' thoughts.) He was Lin Yun and still is after all. Mafa Merlin is the body, what other people see.
In fact, I'm more bothered with other novels' MCs taking on the name of the body of the person that died in internal thoughts. I feel that the author is actually displaying the transmigration properly in this case.

End of the Magic Era · C162
3 months ago

Flaxeater: Jeez, just a few more months and he'll be able to contend with normal archmages.

It sure seems like he's trying to build a rep, but everyone is clueless.

End of the Magic Era · C154
3 months ago

heli: Really?!!!. A slap was coming to the face and instead of dodging you made the face soft and ready for the slap...

End of the Magic Era · C154
3 months ago

Howlest: That. Was. Awesomeness.
Best face slapping yet. Ever.

End of the Magic Era · C154
3 months ago

SwiftBlizz: One slap, coming up! 😂

End of the Magic Era · C153
3 months ago

Shiraishi: Guess? Chapter 89 introducing the Sage Chapter also mentioned the fact that the Book of Death has Augments. The Sage Chapter being only the 4th chapter. The MC's main goal behind getting the Book of Death at this moment is for planar movement...

End of the Magic Era · C142
3 months ago

Zolf: Where should I start...?

First, the MC's character is so bland, his story become monotonous and boring. The story of other characters are more interesting.

Second, too much redundant information. You'll find a sentence like "it's too difficult even for a [insert a high level rank] let alone a [insert MC current level], but not for MC, because he has experienced the future apocalypse" in almost every chapter, if not in every chapter.

Lastly, MC has never met any real difficulty in all 102 chapters so far. Now matter how the author said it's a perilous situation, MC will always 'coincidentally' find a godly artifact and emerge victorious without any scratch. Too many coincidences, the plot armor is too thick.

I don't mind if he's OP, it's according to the background story. However, dear author, if you want to put him in danger then don't do that half-heartedly. Make him suffer, give him a real danger that really threaten his life, and not problems that will suddenly become too easy to solve. Please avoid a deux ex machina as much as possible.

End of the Magic Era
3 months ago

MeepingMeep: You are only 22 chapters in, the f u c k you know about this novel that is actually meaningful 👎

End of the Magic Era
3 months ago

Raufgar: Gilded Rose has levelled up! Your apprentices can face slap your opponents for you now! Next level: Your dependents and workers can face slap your opponents.

End of the Magic Era · C82
4 months ago

kesslema: Automatic lighting systems

End of the Magic Era · C72
4 months ago

Dank_god: From a fellow commentator

What if the reason yawning is contagious is because a ghost sticks it's d!ck in your mouth and then moves on.

Airpod users are too poor to afford the wires

End of the Magic Era · C70
4 months ago

Awynn: Congratulations to... uh... Eaten Ramen for getting the correct answer to the riddle!

Due to some complications, it turned out that he couldn't redeem the code despite not being in the US, so I bought a copy of the game and all its DLC to use as the prize. Lol.

Night Ranger · C695
10 months ago
exp View More

TheAlliance: exp

Night Ranger · C1
10 months ago
exp View More
Night Ranger · C1
10 months ago
Reading Status: C883
😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 View More
The Ultimate Evolution
10 months ago

S0faking: Lol, I actually considered putting that for the reference, but ended up just leaving it as is.

Night Ranger · C648
10 months ago
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