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But I am 'Believer'....hehehe View More

Mad_003: I guess the author doesn't want us to Imagine Dragon

🐉 🐉 🐉 I walk myself out...

Lord of the Mysteries · C485
4 days ago
It's nightmare Dragon... Or whoever was brother of that Dragon of Imagination from city of sliver. View More

YourJealousEx: At this point 0-08 is just trolling everyone including even the true creator.

Which author left behind this quill upon death? Was it angry squirrel?

Lord of the Mysteries · C475
4 days ago
Hahahahahah, this is gold.
He stumbled upon Mr. A who is likely to prepare descent of Fallen Creater.
Now Fallen Creater will be blue-balled by klein again.....lol View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C474
4 days ago
Klein yet to make that connection right? View More

Krebert: Ah, this is totally connected to the slave-trading ring the Hanged Man was asking the Tarot Club about!

Lord of the Mysteries · C377
1 week ago
But there's nothing impossible here, as gods and supa powa exists. View More

Randompasserby: I half expected him to bring up one of Sherlock's signature idioms then and there 😅
"When we eliminate the impossible, whatever remains however improbable must be the truth."
Or something lol 😂

Lord of the Mysteries · C305
1 week ago
It should be:
That's son of bit*ch I am going to kill someday. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C292
2 weeks ago
It's not epilogue...
It's like how every events went like story written by Ince Zangwell with few modifications bcuz of MC. View More

FungusLord: I think this is the end of book 1 or the end of the first major arc. This chapter felt like an epilogue chapter. Next chapter then would be the start of a new book and Klein will probably be in the grey fog area as a spirit and will need to find a way to revive himself or someone else will bring him back to life. Just be patient, next chapter will clear things up... Hopefully.

Lord of the Mysteries · C210
2 weeks ago
Such a big death flag...
I can't even hope View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C207
2 weeks ago
Everyone one will die including me View More

Divyansh181199: Why is this happening
First Old Neil
Then Kenley
Now captain Dunn too
Why does the author want Klein's entire team dead!!??

Lord of the Mysteries · C202
3 weeks ago
Super fvckingly filthy rich View More

Darkdelusion: This chapter makes us realize how rich Audrey is

Lord of the Mysteries · C171
4 weeks ago
Bcuz dem bit*ches and sons of bit*ches love romance novels....
*Sighs* View More

BinaryCancer: I don't understand how this novel isn't on the top 10 rankings.

Quality wise I haven't really read anything on here that is better than this.

Lord of the Mysteries · C169
1 month ago
Aren't ya mixing babes!!!?
Elizabeth is normal teenage girl

The one who owns sussie is Audrey or Justice View More

Wijohn: Elizabeth is in trouble, Susie ain't gonna play around of you're coming for her man.

Lord of the Mysteries · C156
1 month ago
So Tris become Trissy?
Shit this Witch filled organization is most likely filled with traps or drags.... View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C122
1 month ago
He will paint his face and pull clown pranks you see on YT...lol View More

Darkdelusion: I honestly did not think Daly was so young.
I am curious about how Klein will later act as a clown😏

Lord of the Mysteries · C96
1 month ago
Dolls are creepy.
If I got overwhelm, I get scared by dolls...lol View More

Darkdelusion: Puppets, dolls, and clown- starter packer for newbie horror setting

Lord of the Mysteries · C71
1 month ago
Only Incantation I like were from bleach anime... View More

FortunateSpy5: Probably, it sounds awesome in Chinese but stupid in English.

Lord of the Mysteries · C60
1 month ago
Stupid, idiotic and super lame. View More

FortunateSpy5: Probably, it sounds awesome in Chinese but stupid in English.

Lord of the Mysteries · C60
1 month ago
He had revolver as well. View More

Einjavelin: I'm pretty sure Sherlock Holmes uses a cane to fight.

Lord of the Mysteries · C43
1 month ago
Are you going to update novel?
I meant new chapters View More

RaLegacy: This is the kind of comment I love reading. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

1.) I agree, "little sister" sounds a bit weird so I won't be using it in the future.

2.) I'll be honest, sometimes it can be a bit disturbing to write about their abusive relationship, that's why I'm very slowly transitioning it into something non physical. (Slow, because I want it to make sense)

Why I put him into an "abusive relationship":

- If you think about it, XF grew up in an abusive environment. He was brutally beaten by his father as "training" and was always on the run from his elders because he was such a trouble maker. So, despite how bad it might seem to us, it's completely different in XF's eyes.

- Eventhough he's a womanizer, he's supposed to be a badass at his core. If you remember, the first thing Xun Wei did when she met him was chase him down then pressed a dagger into his side. Oddly enough, he enjoyed every second of that, because that was what he was used to all his life.

If you want a better understanding of his true character, look back to his training session with his father in chapter 2, or all the swordsman's philosophies he thinks about in the later chapters (regarding fearlessness, pride, and always being on the offense). It doesn't really suit him to have a harmless/innocent waifu considering his background. However, I'm still trying to make it make sense for him to get into that kind of thing through a sort of exposure therapy. (Ex. Xun Wei's recent sword dance - she showed him the gentle/elegant side of what should of been a brutal sword play, and he liked it)

Anyways, eventhough I'm not completely against it, I dont like the aggressive relationship that much either, so I will be slowly changing things up.

Thanks again for the comment! <3

Naked Sword Art · C40
1 month ago
Is this from dual cultivation? View More

Pedro_Sousa: You know, there is another novel where the girl asked to be impregnated by the mc and he did and just left her behind as if just the fact of impregnanting someone and leave her with his child behind is a act of love or sexy, for me i see this kind of thing as one of greatest betrayal and irresponsability, so i really hope he finds a way to bring her together with him.

Naked Sword Art · C38
1 month ago
Fk that son of bit*ch......
I diss him everytime I find him....lol View More

MJAgo: Ignore GhostyZ , he is a mad writer who can't focus on writing one novel, and just jump from one to another and do fake promises...
So keep going author do your best 👍

Naked Sword Art · C35
1 month ago
Why debate!? When you can take all of them....hahahahaah View More

ManOfCats: Yep. Lian'er best girl. Sorry Xun Wei. You're good, but Lian'er better. Good job, Hasty. Keep it up.

Naked Sword Art · C30
1 month ago
They won't mind probably...
But if make their personalities as interesting as Fei and that singer, they will like add her to harem...lol View More
illicit relationship · C20
2 months ago
Well your main word is blocked....lol
But I get it.
It just how he'll say to each woman he has another women and how they'll handle it, that's why I asked if it's normal to have many lovers. View More

Shooting_Star: well, it's like in our world. if you were handsome, you'll be popular and many girls will like you. that why Lin Xing Xue said that. what important for young people is appearance but not if they turn into *****. because when they turn into *****, money is everything. did you get what I mean?

illicit relationship · C20
2 months ago
Beautiful moaning of a woman is the best song one would want to hear anytime...lol View More
illicit relationship · C48
2 months ago
She doesn't know he has other women. We know it, that's why we can judge it easily.

Just for saying:
Imagine something within author snaps and he decides to do 180 turn on MC personality and depicting he was just acting, even our judgement will be false...lol View More

Layfon: Take a look at how he treats his own women, and women in general. Should be able to tell if he's trying to hurt her

illicit relationship · C34
2 months ago
Entire china will bleed View More

Shirogganne: he will also take Yun Xing Er ?... say yes , please

illicit relationship · C40
2 months ago
What can you expect from divorced woman.
Obviously she won't just give herself to another man if he is just playing with her, just to get hurt in future. View More

Layfon: Playing a bit way too hard to get. He saved her, yet she's still being cold :(

illicit relationship · C34
2 months ago
Last question:
Is it normal to have many lovers in this world?
Bcuz whichever woman came was like call me doesn't matter if you have girlfriend.
Even first woman he met(nearly ra-ped) was like you might have 3 girlfriends, that's why I ask. View More

Shooting_Star: yes. I'm editing the previous chapters

illicit relationship · C20
2 months ago
Oh still far way.
Btw you gonna continue? View More

Shooting_Star: it's different earth. you can read it in chapter 71. I forget to explain it in the early chapter.

illicit relationship · C20
2 months ago
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