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jean0189: Dear Translator,

Don't you have an editor working with you? Or a writing app if you find it a hassle? 🤔 As you can see there a lot of errors that need to be fixed. It doesn't matter if it's just in the comments section but when you're translating a book officially isn't it just the basic manner and a show of respect to the original author of the book and to the readers to give quality translations for every chapter you translate? 🤔🤔🤔

I’m not sure if you've noticed you have a penchant for the adj ’neither’. But you see, most of the time you've used it, it wasn't appropriate. It has to be appropriate for it to make sense. 🤔😅😅

Besides, I don't know about others but it's extremely uncomfortable reading so many errors while reading. 😔😔😔 It's a good book with a nice story. But it's uncomfortable to read at times because of all the errors. It's not like we are reading a machine translations, right? And given a short period of time we'll have to spend our precious SS for every chapter. But it stays this way? 🥺🥺🥺 Will we be reading an unedited work while spending? For real? 😱😱😱

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School · C17
3 weeks ago
These long, drawn out battles were the reason I dropped this novel that I really enjoyed 2-3 years ago View More

Hildegarde: this npc vs npc fight starting to wore me down

The World Online · C276
3 weeks ago

Pestilance: *points sword at seeeds* SPROUTS UP! YOU'RE SURROUNDED!

The World Online · C242
3 weeks ago

BloodFangs: When they are at war

The World Online · C229
3 weeks ago
You see, that would make sense to hinder the enemies progress, but if you're about to destroy their town anyway, why bother hindering after its destroyed View More

AFuckingNamePlease: Seems weird to me too, losing the leader of the territory would slow down the progress of the territory enormously since they probably can't level up then.

The World Online · C226
3 weeks ago

MartialRose: By directly passing Shuo and asking Jia she basically ignored his authority as her lord. Basically she overstepped her bounds and was immensely insubordinate.

The World Online · C218
3 weeks ago

Rhueless: It's a matter of timing. He knows that the max value he could get from the books is 800, and the price is now 700. At this point he could sell the books and lock in around 84000 profit, or he could wait a year and increase his profit to 96000. However instead of the comparatively small gain of 14% this year, he could take the relatively good current price and multiple that 84,000 gold by another 225% creating a total of 189,000 in as little as 3 months if grain prices rise as quickly as he remembers. So although the books did have a higher increase initially, it's more important to continue multiplying gains by taking advantage of market pricing than to hold onto a single good asset forever. Also a 225% increase in 3 months if converted to an annual rate would be (aprox) 900% annual interest which is very impressive....even if not the first years return of 1400%. Each turnover of product is a fresh chance to compound your gains!

The World Online · C196
3 weeks ago

TheKindlyGentleman: Sterculius the Roman God of Excrement. Crepitus the Roman God of Flatulence. Priapus the Roman God of Male Genitalia. Cardea
The Roman Goddess Of Door Hinges. Xochipilli The Aztec God Of Gay Prostitutes. The Norse Pig Of Eternal Bacon. Matshishkapeu The Innu Spirit Of Farts.
Xochipilli The Aztec God Of Gay Prostitutes.

The World Online · C161
3 weeks ago
Zectas is so good, one of my favorite novels. Unfortunately it updates so slowly View More

TheHangedGod: There's a novel called Zectas about exactly that. I haven't caught up to the latest releases but there's hints that the game developers somehow accessed another world and the NPCs are real people.

The World Online · C141
4 weeks ago
So you might not have been paying attention to the fact that the world in-game is 10x bigger than the real world. The Lianzhou basin alone is the size of Romania, which is 238,397 sq km (92,046 sq mi). Do you expect people who spawn in the capital of let's say Germany, to go to Romania and spend every day going through every inch to find a town somewhere? If you think that they know the general area of where he is, they don't, they only know that he's in the basin, not if he's in the North, South, East, West, or Center. View More

Sinfish: Since his economy is entirely closed, all he's doing by increasing wages is inflating prices across the market and keeping himself from buying from the game store.

The true effects of his artificial inflation is that when trade opens, his people will be buying good enmasse from other countries at overpriced levels, collapsing his internal industries that can't compete with external industries prices, and leading to massive outflow of gold from his territory to trading partners.

Shitty economics.

On the other hand, it seems unfathomable not a single adventurer player has gone to seek out the territory of the richest lord in the entire world. Aside from the curious, If nothing else, the rich and powerful groups across the world would want to spy on him and perhaps copy whatever he's doing since they must assume he has some sort of insider information. Newbies can even choose what general region to appear in, you'd imagine there'd be literally thousands of spies crawling in his land "adventuring"

The World Online · C110
4 weeks ago

johnjmr63: The best gold mine in the world has 44 grams per tonne, some other good ones have 20, and an average might look like 2-5 grams per ton. Since this is an open pit mine, that means they found gold just lying around, so the concentration is realistic

The World Online · C88
4 weeks ago
I agree with your analysis but I assume he could give them a token he finds elsewhere somehow or on from a village he conquers View More

Tyler89558: I really hope Shuo doesn't give her a silver village creation token because that would effectively neuter his territory, considering the growth of secondary villages is exponential. His capital can produce 3 secondary silver villages and each of those villages can later produce 3 black iron villages each and each of those black iron villages can bring 3 bronze villages in, 1 3 9 27 81... If he got rid of one silver token it would expand far slower, 1 2 6 18 54...so at that point he'd just be begging to get wiped out by the other players in the game.

The World Online · C85
4 weeks ago

Vigiliante: so what do we learn? don't post solutions for your unique quest solutions online or else some reincarnated jerk steals it

The World Online · C4
1 month ago
Find out next time on Dragon Ba- I mean in the next episode of Poke- ah you know what, fukc it. The world may never know View More

Adgmixbaby: Question: is the centipede on the bus with him?? If so how big is this bus? How big is this centipede? When will he find a p**éball?

Monster Pet Evolution · C5
3 months ago

Aspirer: Disagree with the idiot comments. Even more so with lib of heavens path.

The MC has his own plans and objectives. He is also mentally an *****. He doesnt understand the world too well, but he understands himself and his goals perfectly.

If the karma made it a mission, then he would understand the benefits he would gain. But it didnt. So in his mind, a master is someone who tells you what you can and cant do. He isnt interested in that.

I would have rejected too.

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C17
4 months ago

KONO_DIO_DA: No one:

Absolutely no one:

Yi Dongmu: dOlLaR wOulD bE BEtTeR!!!

Super Gene · C1511
4 months ago

Samayouryuu: A lot....at stake here...

Release That Witch · C58
5 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C433
10 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1
10 months ago

XOMatsumaeohana: 🎄 End Countdown: 100 Chapters Left: Merry Christmas ~ 😊 Bellow is a list of recommendations of ongoing translated novels to read, since the novel is ending.
My Youth Began With Him
If a deep sea forgets about you
Overlord, Love me tender
The famous painter is the CEO wife
The Evil Consort Above an evil king
Trial Marriage Husband

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband · C2066
11 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1
11 months ago

xMelophiliax: Hello dear,

You have really strong opinions. I agree to them as well. She could’ve got nothing but with Mo Han’s generosity she got a home and a life as normal as it could be. So she really has no right to say otherwise or even expect more. But looking from her perspective, she lost her memory and is in fact alone with no recollection of herself. Is it so wrong of her to expect something more than just a welcome into a home, that too from the first person who remotely cared for her? She’s not asking for jewels or anything she’s not even going on a shopping spree wasting all of Mo Han’s money, she’s going to school although she’s not inclined to, just so she won’t trouble him further, she doesn’t demand and assume rights over things as if they belong to her now that she’s part of the fam. All she f-cking wanted was some warmth and acceptance. Come on, it doesn’t take a genius to know she had a rough life earlier- no one came looking for her. Honestly I would want what she does too. I wouldn’t want Mo Han to just take me as a sister out of pity or an obligation and then not really accept me as a sister. And she accepted Shen the Devil’s apology ok? She’s not causing havoc in their lives for being slapped. Anyone would be a bit upset on being treated that way and would need some time to go back to their usual selves.

So, my dear, listen to me clearly, broaden your
f-cking views. Instead of being dead set on one side think about the other as well. And kindly do the same as what you asked of the person to whom your reply was meant for- stick it up your ass. Everyone has opinions, if everyone who disagrees asked them to stick em up their asses then it wouldn’t really be a free world would it? B’tch. Mind you, I’m calling u out for the way you’re talking to her not your opinion. I’m not doing a better job at talking either so I apologise.

Thank you,
Completely unrelated 3rd person.

If the Deep Sea Forgets You · C62
11 months ago
I'm pretty sure that was basically just a bandit groups base without any actual powerful leader, so they arent really allowed to capture that town and make it theirs. Also pretty sure that was a subjugation quest so his goal was to just destroy them View More

NatalieRae: What happened to the town they captured the last time? I really thought he was going to develop that tlwn first

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C656
12 months ago

krazyfaith: LOL Indeed, they all like "we going to take you down Zero Wing just you wait" "sir, Zero Wing moving and look like they going to war." "oh god oh god oh god."

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C653
12 months ago

ThrustThunder: "He then emptied the bottle's contents, swallowing every last drop. Suddenly, his mind felt clear."
That's not how alcohol works, if you get more clearheaded you're doing it wrong. :)
"His compatibility rate with his weapon and equipment began to rise rapidly."
I wonder if I could use this excuse to get drunk at work? "I'm not drunk, boss. I'm increasing my compatibility with my tools!"
"After drinking a bottle of Hundred Berry Wine, their perception of the world had undergone a complete change."
I felt the same way after I did a sheet of acid at Burning Man one time.

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C648
12 months ago

ThrustThunder: One thing about the setting of the World in this Novel I don't get is that, eventually, the entire world succumbs to the hype of God's Domain and it becomes more popular than even the Real World.
Everyone is hoping to make a living exclusively playing this game. Corporations are dumping BILLIONS of dollars into making their own little Fiefdoms in this virtual world.
All the talented people are spending 24 hours a day playing this game and devoting all of their time and energy exclusively in VR instead of contributing anything in real life.
Soooooo, who's actually taking care of the REAL WORLD? If the entire Middle class of this Country is playing this game as a job, instead of having ~REAL~ jobs, who's running the offices? Who's driving the Trains? Who's inventing the newest technology if no one needs it because the VR world has all of the things you need for communication and entertainment built right in?
Because of NPC's there will be no need for actors, no need for directors, no need for Hollywood.
Because you can eat delicious food and wine in VR there is no need to buy expensive food in real life so there will be no Chefs, no restaurants, no need for Diet plans because no one will over eat with their real bodies.
Because everyone is slowly being trained to be ruthless killers, real life criminals will be harder to arrest. The police will have to deal with the headache of every lawbreaker they come across being a Professional MMA Fighter.
With Guilds being a growing thing demanding loyalty, Governments will have a harder time keeping people patriotic to their nations instead of their Guilds. Who would fight for a country lead by a person who is aligned with a opposing Guild Leader?
You think Crips and Bloods are bad? Imagine a hundred different street gangs popping up every week! All of them highly trained and pissed off the other side stole a Field Boss from them.
Yeah, I know sci-fi stories need their settings to be taken with a grain of salt, but at the same time it really makes you think just how dystopian a World Wide Virtual Reality Society could get. And how fast.

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C643
12 months ago

ThrustThunder: They've been here the whole time. You just haven't noticed them because they're all Assassins and they're hiding, silly!

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C624
12 months ago

ellanggala: Hmm author can u make the fight scene a little bit more frustrating .. I think the reason is kinda poor for them to have a fight like that.. Is cockblocking can considered be a big sin?

I accidentally married a "CEO" · C22
1 year ago
We don't know if she has a bf. The person she was calling "darling" was her best friend, and its not clear whether they are dating View More

uglyjewel: She has a bf but that acceident kiss was her first? hmm

The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C5
1 year ago
Im really curious as to what they are gonna do about that new famouse person, and whether they plan to do anything at all View More
Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband · C1788
1 year ago
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