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What has Chen Ming done yet? Nothing. View More

Eternal8Nimra: again.....why hasn't he killed Chen Ming yet?! i don't know about you but if someone where to do the things he did to the mc i would sure as hell do everything i could to end him. he is not just a danger to yourself BUT to all the people you love and care about.

Master of the End Times · C37
2 weeks ago
Poor translation. MC was thinking things that was happening in his previous life timeline yet the translator failed to convey it properly make it like it happened in MC new timeline, making both timeline overlaped. View More

Mav12: Am i an idiot or this plot and timeline become even more confusing????? So a month ago before the transmigation thing, he was still a normal student, and he was not left the orpanage yet because he left the orpanage after he awaken and transmigate (few chaps ago where he met the director to left the orpanage) right? And then you're saying a ten thousand zombies horde attack to colonie managed to attack the orpanage and killing 40% underage kid, and wiped out the first froor, he run from the colonie then donate money to help the orpanage until he poor AF. Now this is confusing :
First, why the hell he run from the colonie? It said that the horde is extermitated quickly, its not like the colonie going to be destroyed or something, its still there, its just ten thousand zombie, even 30000 beast horde were not able to step in the colonie.
Second, was he already lived by himself a month ago? If so then why did he had to come back to orpanage to take his staff and said to director that he is leaving?
Third, why do those people even asked a unemployed (or maybe just part time) and unawaken kid a donation?
Forth, if somehow i am being an idiot and misintepred the timeline, are you saying one month ago here is point toward after the rat tide? Or maybe after he awaken? But thats makes no sense....why he run from the city?? Its not like it was catastropic incident...the colonie is still there, the zombie was exterminated quickly, the only casulty was the kids...

Im confused...

Master of the End Times · C35
2 weeks ago
Just take it as Band of robbers led by 5 men. Even if iy wasn't stated, it woul make more sense. Kang Hyuk stayed besife yhe Young Master and never leave his place, he wasn't take part in fight. He just said those word, He didn't said those to the bandit. View More

Yern: Im a little confused, there seems to be some errors in the fight scene, im not sure who is outnumbered and it seems weird that kang-hyak would have been able to take a bandit out and yell “idiotic men” but still be close enough to save the young master. Also how can 5 people expect to take down defensive guards if the guards are the ones that outnumber them?

Invincible Teacher · C2
2 weeks ago
That was for the level of Dharma, Zhang Sangfeng and Dugu Qiubei. View More

BobStudio: Have you reached the legendary state of forgetting the form but understanding the essence? Senior receive this one's kneel!!!!!

Here Lies The Wicked · C33
3 weeks ago
It's OK for him, but how about his sister? View More
Reset of The Apocalypse · C16
4 weeks ago
Lol. This is really refreshing read. View More
The Luckiest Man · C9
1 month ago
Luck is the best takent. Nothing can beat it. View More
The Luckiest Man · C2
1 month ago
So far Author have not disclose the harmful side to Han Li for treating Doctor Mo injury. Aside for being insincere on his motive on why he pushed Han Li to learn the art. If it is just to treat his injury, unless the process will kill or harm Han Li, I can't why it needs to escalate to this exrent. View More
A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality · C31
1 month ago
Smart girl View More

Doesnot_matter: The girl only know how to take advantage of the MC......

God of Fishing · C33
1 month ago
Since MC now have his on way to progress, MC needs to stop Tang Ge giving all to him. Maybe because MC is not the real him, till this point, seems like MC never really about Tang Ge aside from him as his giving tree. View More
God of Fishing · C29
1 month ago
What is the point of him tranmigrating into the future? View More
Pocket Hunting Dimension · C1
1 month ago
Precisely because MC didn't have all the possibilities, he could only judge on what appear to him. There are always uncertainty in the choice, an endless what if, equal in each choice. Without any further knowledge/information, we can only judge on what appear to us. We are no psychic to know further beyond that. View More

The_Good_Devil: I understand your point "deciding by appearance" is good choice. but the downsideif bigger than advantag. for example "the naked" person could be a homeless. the person with a knife could be thief. and the the athor guy could be a neet. of course this is just one possibility among literally endless amount of possibilities. if mc can take all of those possibilities into account and make a perfect algorithm to have the best possible choice by extreme accurate percentage than I will agree choosing by appearance as a factor among many other factors. but if can't do that, then leaving luck to do the job is the best decision.

48 Hours a Day · C9
1 month ago
Big wrong, definitely. My mind tricked me that I read lad as lady 😅.
I do judge by appearance but not look. Hence my thought was 1. Old man Ed - wisdom / life experience; 2. The young man - tools n maybe ransom (backpack); 3. Lady (lad 😂) - companionship. View More

The_Good_Devil: you are wrong my friend. you are judging people by looks which is definitely wrong. the girl also could be a survival expert. and the big guy could be survival expert with equipment. you never know.

48 Hours a Day · C9
1 month ago
But that was tanuki, not python... (side eyeing Orochimaru) View More

Andrewjh: I just though "thousand years of death then fingers get jabbed up the butt seems common in anime so the though popped into my mind"

48 Hours a Day · C16
1 month ago
Formless Sword Art : Dragon Form View More
Edict of the Blade Fiend · C4
1 month ago
He indeed needs to practice spear. It can be used as long range and short range, and required less consentration to be used compared to bow. View More
48 Hours a Day · C13
1 month ago
So it was choice option. 1. Lifestyle equipmant; 2. Girl; 3. Knowledge. View More
48 Hours a Day · C9
1 month ago
Is it his own ability or is it the power of his watch? View More
48 Hours a Day · C4
2 months ago
Time stopping JAV. View More
48 Hours a Day · C2
2 months ago
So he didn't play rock-scissor-paper? View More
Let Me Game in Peace · C91
2 months ago
MC loves to stay low, seemingly because he didn't like to be bothered by others and didn't like all those bothersome stuff for being in the spotlight. That's one side of his personality but it doesn't mean it is his sole personality. We could see from his action that he wasn't someone who would stay idle n watch somebody die if he could safe a life. All this time, he showed his capability because the situation need him to, not for boasting or to flaunt what he can do. That's not being inconsistent. View More

Lonmar: and for those who had the courage to read this chapter:
it is the most inconsistent of all!
the guy, he sends his ant into the acid in the real world!
when he could have waited to send it into the game to:
- avoid revealing that he owns a deadly familiar.
- avoid revealing that he is the owner who is not supposed to exist.
-if she had melted, she would have resuscitated!

finally remember that he did not want to reveal his familiar rather for some of these reasons ...

Let Me Game in Peace · C44
2 months ago

Solfern: One pan to rule them all, one pan to find them, one pan to bring them all. And in kitchen bind them.

Sword of Dawnbreaker · C24
2 months ago
That is one deadly burp.... View More
Sword of Dawnbreaker · C9
2 months ago
People watch too much sinetron View More
Let Me Game in Peace · C13
2 months ago

SilentJ: ex·e·unt
[ˈeksēˌənt, ˈeksēˌo͝ont]
used as a stage direction in a printed play to indicate that a group of characters leave the stage: See also exit.

The King's Avatar · C933
3 months ago
Are theese roommates NPCs? View More
Tales of Magic Swordsman · C22
3 months ago
Since when did Kim Jongkook know about enggang? View More

HaNamja: Enggang sama enggang, pipit sama pipit.

Tales of Magic Swordsman · C22
3 months ago

Darian: More missing text:

Hansoo’s information that he had painstakingly learned was called <Combination> by adventurers.

Keldian firmly told him while handing down the combination methods.
<You cannot tell these methods in other places. If the knowledge of the future is spread, the raid of the Abyss will only hasten, always remember. You are not becoming Prometheus. This knowledge must only be used in a dire situation with a careful plan.>
Hansoo, who had thought up to this point, stole a glance at the three who were watching fervently but shook his head.

This was called <Trait>.
Keldian gave an explanation about traits this way.
<It’s probably as they traveled from a manaless or Ki-less real world into this world, they found a hidden ability in their body.>

Reincarnator · C6
3 months ago

Darian: Once again, text inside angle brackets <> has been lost from this post. The first few paragraphs make little sense without it.

Hansoo thought of the words that Minchul, who was part of the final brigade, had told him.
<In the location where all the people who start are gathered there is always a train station.>
<All the train stations are different and have a different layout but the fact that they have 3 floors is the same for all of them>
<You need to go down to the third floor. There is a train which has yet to depart… you just need to get on that.>
He asked because it was so spontaneous.
How did you know about it.
And then Minchul grinded his teeth.
<Back then a strong guy wanted to take me and my girlfriend as a hunt… so we madly ran down and found out by coincidence. Though thankfully I killed him with it afterwards.>

Reincarnator · C6
3 months ago
How does he know about all of that like Ares Tactics when he is barely a newbie? View More
Keys to the Gate · C21
3 months ago
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