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dandarious: please make him control tiny's stat evolution next time. Tiny can't afford to get any more dumb lol

Chrysalis · C419
2 days ago

Pyrtzii: I came here for out of respect for the anti-virgin sect. o7

Marvel: My Rules · C1
4 days ago

Loli_in_Disguise: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
..why? ..how? How could you be so cruel author!? This is probably the first time I ever felt a cliff hanger like this lol

Pokemon - A Mystical Journey · C269
5 days ago

PotatoKeeper: With this incident Will make MC know not always good be alone. If He have other people around it can help him. So you can make him grow more author-san

The World of Pokemon 2.0 · C11
1 week ago

Tetractys: To be fair, he does have an empty pet slot open, right?

Chrysalis · C405
3 weeks ago

Sylfa: The core has 3 main uses: absorb, tinker, reconstitute.
At this point anyone would wonder, what happens with option 3? Will she be reborn, and if so at what mental state?

He had someone that could potentially answer that so it would be best to ask. Now he won't have to feel like he's killing her twice, or be tempted to experiment to see if the new monster remembers anything from before.

And the real reason is to stop the arguments in the comments about "but he could have saved her" or "he didn't even try to find out if". Though the story reason is enough on its own I think.

Chrysalis · C405
3 weeks ago

Police30k: Same chapter !!! I demand 3 new chapter for this mistake!! ;)

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C140
3 weeks ago

EternalCircle: This is a STORY. One told by a damn fine author by the by. Just because it doesn't have an explosion (wait I mean twelve since you would just say "well it blew up that's all that happened") it is much more than Anthony saw "the mind mage." This was first a detailed and up close description of the Setsulah and his... not slaves? And setup for some world lore. As well, the effects of the Paragon's Will Vestibule has on Anthony is obviously a Chekhov's Gun. Since that probably cleared your head like a good story does, Google is your friend.

Chrysalis · C404
3 weeks ago

koolsalad: No

Insect King · C12
3 weeks ago
👍 View More
Insect King · C11
3 weeks ago

Elsontiger987: Author please for the love of god change this stupid statistics that you wrote for yuno.Do you even know how levels work in legends of heroes.please do some research.Hes level 45 yet he isent even as strong as rean.

Author you gave the charachter statistics from no lower then 5 to 10 when he wasent even burn yet.If this isent nerfing the mc then I don't even know what is any more.

And author I'm not writing bad comments to reject or dispirit you But so you can improve on the already great work that you've done.

Great charachter interaction,good choice of plot one that I've personally never seen on the platform.Good wishes that are relevant to the plot and that make god damn sense,and not something exaggerated like super saiyn bloodline and what not.

As an author a little bit more research and refrecing on the way things our about the world you writing goes a long way to create a beter novel people will enjoy and can't wait to read or wait till the next chapter to upload.

Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel : The 8th Knight
3 weeks ago

Amadhatter: I'll be honest, kinda hoping that Anthony turns Garralosh's core into a pet and that she slowly regains the personality she had when she was human. Other than that, thanks for the chapter !

Chrysalis · C402
3 weeks ago

WeavingSpider: The mighty tea loving spider has returned in the comment section when you least expected it and the only way to realy enjoy a nice chapter update is with a nice cup of tea ladies and gentleman.
So cheerio and make your favorite tea and read this lovely chapter right here with style.

Also thanks for the chapter @tyrone
A bit on the shorter side but a lovely chapter none the less.

The Divine Wolf... or? · C115
3 weeks ago

WTFox: I get disheartened seeing several negative comments lately. This is my favorite Novel on this site. It's awesome. Quality of the chapter is always gonna trump the quantity for me personally. Not like RinoZ is even that slow at churning out the chapters. Ppl screaming to release more chapters at a faster rate and *****ing about things going slow or whatnot instead of being grateful and thanking the author for all his hardwork is just so darn ungrateful. No one is forcing you guys to read it. You can always go read something else and accumulate several chapters and do a mini binge. I wonder how many ppl whining here are actually even paid patrons? Not many I'll bet.
You're doing an awesome job RinoZ 😘 don't let the negativity get you down 🐜 💋

Chrysalis · C398
1 month ago

WorldNumba1: Hello mr/mrs Author, please don't be discouraged if some of us write our critic too harsh or demand unreasonable things. This is your story, your own artistic integrity so it would be right to just read and enjoy your story

Chrysalis · C398
1 month ago

ShadowFlamePhoenix: Alex X Cynthia

Pokemon - A Mystical Journey · C263
1 month ago

ImmovableFish: The more that is revealed about Vibrant's posse, the more I feel that she's one of those heroine protagonists from isekai or class transfers...

Chrysalis · C384
1 month ago

Passwortknacker: Don't mind this shameful 5-star Review from the author, you should rather go and read this novel! It is about magic, adventure and the power of friendship, or not, or is it? Please give it a try!

Kalar´s Continent
1 month ago
👍 View More
Garou reborn to my hero academia · C39
1 month ago

Exp_Miner: Upload ur Exam papers. We'll study them for you and you can wholeheartedly upload new chapters👌😂😂

Pokemon - A Mystical Journey · C245
2 months ago
poor mineta View More
Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C76
2 months ago

CapGrizzlyBear1203: Ok, then how is he going to get the ingredients mid-battle? Is he gonna ask them "Hey! Let's stop here for the day and continue tomorrow when I use my 'spin' to spin up some medicine". Also, I don't see what wrong with just getting a spinner thingy to make medicine. I can see how it can be used to attack, the defense is a little bit of a stretch but still do-able, but healing? That's like saying jumping can heal and I shouldn't even have to make a comparison like that to state my point. Anyway, what I mean by my original comment is how is the 'spin' going to heal him in the middle of battle beside the medicine he concocted. I know it's a superhero fanfic but I at least want the things the author implements into the story to make sense or have some dumb excuse. One more thing that has been bugging me, how did Dio think spinning is the cause of a whirlpool? I get that it spins but it's not the cause of a whirlpool. I'm not entirely sure but the cause of a whirlpool in most cases is either an irregularity in the bottom of the ocean or two water currents brushing past each other like a car going north and another car going south at a really close distance. Don't quote me on that.

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C69
2 months ago

DaoisitSpaceLord: Why does every bhna fanfic always add momo to the entrance exam she was not in the exam she got a recommendation letter and had a special exam not with them

I Am The Lion, I Am The Sunshine (A My Hero Academia & 7 Deadly Sins Fan fiction) · C11
3 months ago

Yahaka: ahem its better to say politoed in the well :v/

Pokemon - A Mystical Journey · C236
3 months ago
why red is ash's father everybody knows that Ash's real father is mr.mime View More
Pokemon - A Mystical Journey · C233
3 months ago

Sage_HiddenBear: Whats the point of reposting this here if its never going to be continued? Kinda lame.

Naruto : Snakes Tail · C4
3 months ago
👍 View More
Insect King · C7
3 months ago
👍 View More
Insect King · C6
3 months ago

Asura_Vajra: I never realized how powerful Scary Monsters is as a support quirk, it's an all around power up for everyone. I can just imagine how everyone is 1-A could become more powerful with it. This is especially true in people with physical oriented quirks such as Shoji or Ojiro, it could probably be advantageous to someone like Momo as well, who could have her endurance increased since her physical parameters are basically that of a baseline human.

Overall, this is turning out pretty well.

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C38
3 months ago

Eccentric_Pandas: I would say no as sunshine is stronger than all for one at midday.

I Am The Lion, I Am The Sunshine (A My Hero Academia & 7 Deadly Sins Fan fiction) · C0
3 months ago
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