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  • Urban RPG - Paused

    Urban RPG - Paused

    Video Games

    A rich man decides to enter a new game with his friends to realize the ambition he could never fulfill. Set in the near future about a VRMMORPG with a twist on the classic style. The story is less about the man and more about his avatar. The main character is not a good person. I upload chapters about once every 3 days Update - I have no plans to continue this story, it was fun but there are way too many holes. Beware any new readers.


Lightning_god: Great job

Chrysalis · C399
2 months ago
Great job View More
Chrysalis · C399
2 months ago

Lightning_god: Fucking incredible, while not being the most original idea in the world, the author has published the final product to an impeccable standard. His style of writing is firmly his own and I have really enjoyed reading this book. Cheers Wiz.

Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C0
3 months ago
Fucking incredible, while not being the most original idea in the world, the author has published the final product to an impeccable standard. His style of writing is firmly his own and I have really enjoyed reading this book. Cheers Wiz. View More
Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C0
3 months ago

Nyko: I was pretty astounded when I saw the ratings for this novel - if not saddened.
This is... complicated.

I was glad to see this on Qidian since I started to use this app and The Dark King was a pretty good and original novel IMO. I binged it up to around chapter 400 I guess ?
Anyway, I was sad because I don't understand how people can give 5 stars to blatant copy pasta of typical xianxias, while trashing someone who, for once, did something a bit original.
And succeeded at it.

The Dark King is a post-apocalyptic novel about the survival of a young boy forsaken by the world.
Clearly not the light-headed kind of novel, The Dark King brings the most out of its story by toying with the reader's emotions.
I dunno if you ever cried reading a novel - I did - and somehow, I find it quite pleasant.
It's a food for the soul - as some great man once said.
The Dark King is, as usual in chinese novels, a story with a powerful main character.
However, and this is where it differs from the norm, there is no oh-so-welcomed/blatantly obvious plot armor. Of course the main character won't die. Nevertheless it doesn't mean he'll never fail.
The author tries to make it as realistic as possible, even if it means showing the readers the ugly side of humanity.
So the hero is a normal boy starting as low as you can start : treated as a low-life by the lowest of low-lives.
Nothing unusual.
But surprisingly there is no multicolored thunder coming to make him a killing god, no sudden heaven-trashing artifact reversing single-handedly his fate.
No, he simply just climbs the hierarchy using his guts and his wits.
Such a shame that the author wouldn't allow the clever hero to live a blissful existence.
Tragedy befalls him one after the other and he falls to a pathetic state.
The author depicts the transition of cleverness to cunningness.
Throughout the story the main character - who furthermore didn't live in a pink world of pixies and unicorns - gets the taint of society unraveled to him and becomes desillusioned.
A very believable transformation happens.
The hero wanted to survive, now, he wants to live.
Even if it means being ruthless and using the most underhanded tactics.

In a nutshell, the hero has to fight more against the human of the inside than the monsters of the outside world.
He fights many action-packed battles, but prevail in the political curtains.
He becomes strong both mentally and physically not through some heaven-sent opportunities, but because of what he experienced.

So when I see this getting such a rating, I feel it is my duty to speak up.
This is a wonderful novel.
Thanks for your time.

Dark King
4 months ago

Gildarts_Clive: Does someone know novel with romance plot like when mc get backstabbed from woman, but actually she didnt do it and later they will be together again?

New Earth- The Dungeon of Madness · C134
5 months ago

RockNRage: I have read up to chapter 70 and after seeing only positive reviews I thnk the author needs an honest one. WQuality adn SUpdates is top tier, nothing to say, just some minor mistakes but nothing much. The problem is all the rest:
Despite being an original, this is exactly like all the CN novels in the good and the bad way. The MC is a reincarnator, yet he doesn't feel and earthling. He gets used to kill immediately and the fact that he is from earth is meaningless to the story, only justify his cheat ability. He is described in the early chapters like a normal good for nothing that yet becomes a workaholic with an indomitable willl after being reborn, for no apparent reason. The WB is kosher, like any cultivation novel there is the dantian, the sea of consciousness, etc. Minor variation but nothing original. A lot of faceslapping, arrogant young lords, and as in CN the avarage IQ of all chars is around 20. Even a patriarch orders amount to nothing thanks to the low IQ. If you are okay with an original novel that is identical to a CN where the MC just trains and kills and has almost no inner monologue aside those about killing and training, that just feels like a pair of pants for the reader to fit, than this is the novel for you.
I dropped this after lily's death. Seriously, she was already 1 dimensional, killing her like that is lazy writing to let the protagonist be unchained. Her love didn't affect the MC in the least, he became a cold blooded killer anyway, I don't get why using her in the novel. Could have died from childbirth and no one would notice the difference, not even the MC

Birth of the Demonic Sword
5 months ago

Grimthorn: Y’know I was joking at first, but after reading about a giant bunny rip, and tear. I do think it would be wise for future enemy’s to invest in some holy hand grenades. 😆

Curse the Mainframe! · C59
5 months ago

AzureWolf: This story has interesting concepts but, the grammar is really atrocious. There are other stories on this site that are even worse then this, however, I'm not going to be nice because of this. I understand that some people keep saying in the comments that the writing quality gets better at ch 18 or around ch 32. In the end I could not drag my self across the floor to reach such chapters.

One of the main points I don't understand about the author is why if he has an editor already, just ask him to redo all your previous chapters. The author is dragging away potential readers due to not editing his starting chapters.

Point 2. I feel like I'm reading a children's book due to all the sound effects. These sound effects take away from a story unless a child is reading them because most children don't know what most stuff sound like. That is why most children's books have the cow goes "moo" or the sheep goes "baa". It gives kids a 3 in 1 training. Training their vocals, reading comprehension and their understanding of what stuff sounds like.

Point 2b. As an ***** with the understanding of the English language and sounds. I feel offended when I see a written sound effect. I know what a sword sound makes when it hits something with different densities. It just irks me because its like the author is saying "This is what it sound like to me and you should believe me." No... I don't believe sirens go "siren...siren" or swords go "slice" like their talking. Even the sound effects are off putting.

Point 3: The cultivation is strange. I understand that being Original in concept is what authors should do. However, the cultivation with the steam punk vib (engine) and cultivation just don't mix well. I like the part about the soul-bonding, but, it could have been better executed.

Point 4: The animals are puppets as far as I can tell. The start of the novel it shows the personality of the creatures and that was a good start, however, right as the soul binding was completed It was like the creatures them selves don't have their own thoughts anymore. It is more along the line as the people turn them into puppets then project their emotions into their soul-bonded puppet to be more like the host.

Point 5: The MC does not have a solid goal. Yes, he wants to be in that championship thing but that does not make him insane about doing the most efficient cultivation training which most people fail at. The reason I do not believe this is due to the fact he lived a very normal life with his family. No sane person would tarnish such a thing. If the story showed he had a desire to be recognized due to certain bad pasts then I would believe it more.

There are other points I could point out. But I don't know if the author can even read English so adding anymore would just be a waste of time for me and the reader of this wall of text.

Monster Integration
5 months ago

spyfoxjm: That whole shaved head thing is kind of interesting...

I found a source that explains it quite well...

"This comes from ancient India where is the origin of Buddhism. Shaving hair was believed to be the first step to the eternal liberation as well as self-discipline. In the ancient India, shaving head is the biggest humiliation and was one of the punishments for criminals. This custom inherited to China and Japan and remained as a penalty. In Japan, it was called, misogi (禊) and the actual meaning of this word is, admit your fault and repent it. It often includes purification by cleaning the body in the sea or the river and also shaving the hair off. In the Buddhism perspective, hair is a symbol of worldly thoughts, which can be a big distraction for the monks to pursue their satori (悟り/ illumination). This is why many Buddhist monks have shaved head but this also depends on the denomination."


Basically, shaving the head isn't nessisarilly synonymous to bad, but rather it's an indicator that one has done wrong...

And in most cases, it is also is an indicator that the person acknowledges their faults, that they are choosing to accept responsibility for those faults, and plan to do better in the future.

That said, not everyone who shaves their heads is doing it because they made a mistake, so it's probably best to don't just assume that because someone has a shaved head that they automatically fall under this category...

Absolute Choice · C583
5 months ago

uzisho: Some dude hade a cold en became a zombie that can fire blob of slime

Mutagen · C71
5 months ago

rindou69: Maybe different disease, like cancer=regeneration
Diabetes= fast/slow depending on nutrient
Blindness=better smell

Mutagen · C71
5 months ago

Chaoticmike: How about l type zombie it’s a zombie who is incredibly smart and can boss around other zombies but it’s weakens is it’s incredibly weak and in the beginning stages it’s only as smart as a child when it comes to strategies. But the way it gets smarter is eating the brains of humans and other smart sentient race, if it eats someone who knows lots of things that L type zombie will get partial knowledge about everything that human knows and it can discard useless memories for useful ones and it gets partial psychic powers like attacks and learns how defend it own mind and it controls its zombies with its mind but they usually start with controlling zombi3s in the 100s so a LZ type one can control Anywhere from a 100 to 999 zombies a LZtype 2 can control a 1000-9999 and the difference between a type 2 from a type 1 is that type 2 have elite troops that protect just it in the center or wherever.but same types don’t work together unless a bigger types forces them to work together for example a type 2 LZ will control 10 type 1 but if they don’t have a upper number controlling them they always have war with each other. another way to get stronger is if they eat each other’s mind

Mutagen · C71
5 months ago

Chaacra: Thank you for the chapter !
Zombimon incoming ! Catch them all !
Try to find every type of zombie and make them fight for you !
Choose between the 3 starters :
- the fatty one who is... Just disgusting

- the Mutant Woman who has 1 personnality of your typical waifu maid and the other personnality is... Well somekind of beast ? Do not try to wake it up.

- And the best one ! ZombieCarp ! A former bitter who now is nothing but a carp which is waiting for you to feed it with human's limb ! Yeah !

Mutagen · C67
5 months ago

MistaPatata: *Managing a complex system of levelling, XP gain and evolution*
Rinoz: yeah no problem
*basic counting*
Rinoz: *sweating intensifies*

Chrysalis · C317
5 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
Mutagen · C11
5 months ago

daolordzii: Cleaning a room is a girl’s job...If this chapter where published in european country's I don't imagine how many Femen will go topless x'D

Heavenly Jewel Change · C144
6 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C224
7 months ago

WorldsEnemy: SKILL: Demon's Contract

Description: Summon a Demon and makes a contract with it. Summoned demon is based on contractor's will. Summoner needs to subdue the demon before contracting. Demon will attack the summoner.

Cost: 199,999

Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C23
8 months ago
Reading Status: C164
Pretty good, but still definitely in the fan fiction category the author just breaks the fourth wall too much in my opinion and the poor grammar and spelling in places make it hard to read View More
Dragonborn Saga
9 months ago

Justin_T: (The Khajiiti variation of the Dragon God of Time, Alkosh is the principal deity in the Anaquinine religion, one of two distinct Khajiiti kingdoms. Alkosh is credited with defeating and repelling Pelinal Whitestrake from Elsweyr during a massive attack on the Khajiit. Alkosh has lost many of his mainstream worshippers to the god Riddle'Thar, but is still worshipped in several of Elsweyr's "wasteland regions." Alkosh, colloquially known as the Dragon King of Cats,[1] is the chief deity of the Anaquinine Khajiit religion, which was loosely based on the Nine Divines and Altmer religions, and was a variation of the Aldmeri god Auri-El and the Imperial god Akatosh.) lore checks out

Dragonborn Saga · C149
9 months ago

Truth: Chapter 120 and no "Arrow to the knee" joke

Dragonborn Saga · C122
9 months ago

Symbiote: Off topic: i'm seated in class right now and a girl seated beside me facing towards me. Story now is im reading this novel on phone, and in my side vision i can see her legs almost seeing her underwear, her hands in between her skirt and she is pushing a button pen repeatedly (is she luring me?), i'm trying not to look. So i decided to comment it to get me distracted.

Dragonborn Saga · C107
9 months ago

Reven501: we all figured out who this girl is and what the thing with the firemanes is right? like if you figured it out.

Dragonborn Saga · C78
9 months ago

Lord_Ouro: Short summary of what I think so far.. horrible translation, no world background, can't tell when its the system or character talking even the conversations and actions are poorly written. So far just from the first 15 chapters you can tell its a dull story with little to no description, I wouldn't recommend.

Elixir Supplier
9 months ago

Scorpiongodking: I think if found the solution to the transmigration problem! We know that Vahn is basically an anomaly that should not belong in this world but he can still grow in power within this world. What if we take it so that the level of the world (danmachi is LVL4 max) is the sum of all the power of the world.
So if you suddenly add Vahn into this world with energy that originally wasn’t in this world, the world itself will level up. Danmachi LVL4 + Vahn (soul level 4) => Danmachi LVL5! This level up will make this world break out of its predestined path and make it crash into another similar leveled world. Danmachi LVL5 -> Collision<- Naruto world (Max lvl5) => Danmachi Naruto world (Max Lvl 6). This will allow you to keep all the world building of Danmachi while also starting a new arc in a new world. Basically what happens in Naruto world is that a new continent appears (which is the danmachi world). This would also allow all inhabitants of danmachi to start learning chakra besides the mana they already use and the Naruto world will also be able to start using mana besides chakra (New crazy possibilities).
This will also make it easier to set up a new goal besides just getting stronger. For example Defending the danmachi continent against hostile ninja clans, Gods of danmachi fighting against the tailed beasts, Evil Gods becoming stronger through use of chakra and threatening the safety of Vahn and his companions. Through this you can keep on expanding your world without really leaving anything behind until you get an epic mish mash of all kinds of anime worlds fused together.
Still you are the author and make the true decisions of how this should go. But I still hope you can take this suggestion into consideration.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C132
9 months ago

TheBurningGoose: I'm having a internal crisis, I can't decide if i want him to lose his virginity to Ais on her birthday or Hephaetus right now

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C109
9 months ago
Fucking fantastic chapter! View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C54
9 months ago

Ehbon: I really like your novel, and I loved the chapter too. However, I feel that it’s about time I bring up some of my concerns.

I’ve seen mention of purchasing Zanpakutō and other cool established powers from anime but I would highly recommend that you don’t do that. To explain why let’s start with Zanpakutō themselves. Zanpakutō are heavily tied to the Shinigami that wields them, such that they are more of a part of their soul than they are an item. This allows them to grow with their wielder and become stronger, eventually telling their wielder their name and allowing them to reach Bankai realm. If Vahn was to buy someone else’s Zanpakutō, it no doubt would be powerful but it would halt it’s growth there because to him it would just be an item. It is not his Zanpakutō.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use a bunch of cool powers from a bunch of different anime, because that is what this whole novel is about. What I’m suggesting is that instead of buying other peoples powers, he starts to train his own. Buying his own Zanpakutō would give him a far weaker weapon, but it would have infinite potential.

This same idea applies to almost every anime where the characters grow in power. He could steal someone else’s strength, but that is the short and easy path and would halt his growth in the long run

Now, on to the second subject I wanted to bring up... the blending of powers and the establishment of a frame of reference. When you have a story where the main character is going to have a bunch of powers from a bunch of separate works, you run across the problem of how to blend it all together while making sure it makes sense to reader. For example, take ninjutsu from Naruto and kido from Bleach and try to measure their strength in comparison to one another. You will likely find it difficult, because there is no frame of reference by which you can measure their strength relative to one another. Now imagine that you are someone who has never watched/read Naruto or Bleach and have no idea what any of these words mean or what these powers do. Things can get confusing really fast if you don’t have a frame of reference to compare abilities to. A good example of a frame of reference is the Jutsu ranking system in Naruto. We know that an S ranked jutsu is generally more powerful and complex than an A ranked one because the author tells us so.

Moving on to the blending of powers, let’s look at the mc of Bleach... Ichigo himself. When talking about characters who use several powers at once, there are few that use as many as he does. Let’s look at how the author does that without making him have hundreds of abilities and confusing everyone. It’s actually really ******, he just combines them all. In ichigo’s case, all of his powers are combined in his Zanpakutō and hollow mask with the exception of his fullbring which grants him Reiatsu control needed to use his powers in more creative ways. His Tensa Zangetsu is a combination of his Hollow, Shinigami, and Quincy powers and we frequently see him combine their powers through the Gran Rey Cero Getsuga Tenshō and the Enhanced Getsuga Tenshō. This keeps the actual number of his abilities small, while he continues to grab and assimilate new powers into his previous abilities.

I apologize about the sheer number of spelling and grammar mistakes that are going to be in this post, but I’m doing this from my phone so have mercy. I hope that I at the very least got my point across. :p

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C41
9 months ago

Dank_god: The content has been blocked

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C35
9 months ago
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