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People will always disagree with each other and have conflicting views, but first and foremost, this is your novel author, not your job, so if you aren’t going to like writing what you’re writing, why do it? So you should just write what you want, if you want to add more females, do it, but if you don’t then don’t. Either way I’ll support you author (as long as you don’t add NTR that is). View More
Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System · C122
14 hours ago
This novel is alright in my opinion, but yeah it is very hard to write a legitimately good novel with an overpowered main character, even more so when the novel is a fanfiction, with two main pitfalls

1. Cliches, for example the sharingan, which is overused to the point that I find it hard to remember characters who possess it due to getting mixed up with every other character that uses it in the various fanfics I read

2. The use of power, if the OP protagonist defeats all of his opponents instantly the fights will swiftly become stale and boring, alongside generally having a lack of character development, or on the reverse side if the main character is overpowered, but never actually uses that power then they’ll just look like a moron. View More
How I traveled the Omniverse · C21
1 day ago
That’s why I said that it isn’t as prevalent, not that it isn’t prevalent, after all you don’t see full-blown wars for resources nowadays it’s mostly, like you said, bribes involving corrupt government officials, which is a plus, even if it’s not that big of an improvement. View More

Invisiblevoice: Sorry, it's prevalent too in first world countries, mine is next to one and with the help of our corrupt goverment (who likes to get bribed) steals resourses in a "legal" way. Only to later get angry at each other, again and again. It's not that our goverments don't hate each other, it's just that since one of them is a first world country they have to smile publicly to get benefits (bribes i tell you) while cursing each other privately (thought sometimes they do it publicy). Humans being humans. Unfortunately.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C110
1 day ago
It is fairly normal for countries to have conflicts with their neighbors, which generally stems from the borders, if a valuable resource is found near the borders of two countries disputes will often form regarding which country the resource belongs too, this isn’t as prevalent nowadays in first world countries, but if you look you can find evidence of it, I remember reading about some American treasure hunters who found a sunken Spanish ship with gold coins on it in the Atlantic Ocean of the shores of Spain, well the Atlantic Ocean is considered a neutral territory, it doesn’t belong to any one country, and after the amount of time that past Spain had no real claim to the gold, but they still threatened the treasure hunters and wouldn’t let them leave their docks unless they handed it over. (If I remember all this correctly, it’s been awhile). View More

Invisiblevoice: So, the summary is, china has awful relationships with its neighbors? Wait, this sounds familiar... Damn it's just like my country, is this normal?

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C110
1 day ago
China has had some conflicts with Koreans, but nowhere close to their conflict with the Japanese, it generally occurred due to Japan’s maritime disputes back when they were an empire, then in the second Sino-Japanese war in 1937 the Japanese committed the Nanjing massacre, basically the imperial Japanese troops had killed an estimated two-hundred thousand Chinese citizens, raping the women and pillaging valuables, at which point the international relations between them kind of went to Hell. (Now I do like Japanese food and culture, but I won’t dismiss something like that massacre, and while it did happen in the past I can understand the Chinese sentiment)

On top of that we also have the fact that China developed towards Communism while Japan underwent westernization, only worsening the conflict between them, there was even a BBC poll back in 2014 on how the Chinese viewed Japan (and vice versa), 90% of the Chinese who answered had a negative view of Japan. View More

Invisiblevoice: I thought they were the koreans; i mean, i have read a lot of racism towards the japanese, but most of the time is against koreans. Chinese have a weird way of nationalist, i don't think it should ever be called it to begin with, they have a weird goverment that tells them that to show how good they are they have to trample other country's culture. Honestly, they should just show off the things they are good at instead of using racism.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C110
1 day ago
The sheer lack of character development is going to make me drop this novel if it continues in this manner. View More
My New Life in Danmachi World · C0
2 days ago
That’s true as well, thank you for reminding me of that. View More

Choco_Monster: You forgot sexism

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C110
2 days ago
This is a Chinese novel, racism and nationalism are definitely going to appear in this novel, it’s just a matter of time.
I don’t mean that in a critical way however, it’s just that China indoctrinates kids with their ideals ever since they’re young, supporting and spreading the ideas of Chinese Supremacy and Communist beliefs, alongside having their press basically all under the review of the government to limit opposing views and supporting novels that boast about their country and beliefs, meaning that virtually all Chinese novels will have racism and nationalism present somewhere in the novel. Though the main target of the racism is almost always the Japanese due to the past conflicts and wars with each other which date back centuries.

Anyways while I don’t like the racism or nationalism I don’t blame the authors, after all it’s what they’re taught since they were kids. View More

Shamial: is this a nationalism novel where hes gonna go to Princeton and everyones gonna be dumb or look down on him and hes going to go back to china and say something like chinese universities are the best after all?

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C110
2 days ago
Between programming and magic theory the mc can probably start modifying some basic first-year spells, for example the lumos spell, if he were to dual cast lumos, increase the mana supplied to the spell, and modify lumos to shorten the duration to a fraction of a second but increasing the brightness a few times over then our mc would basically have a flash grenade spell, which would probably be pretty effective in duels. View More
Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C29
2 days ago
For the name why not “Epoch of Genesis” an epoch is basically a story about legendary individuals and the trials they overcome meanwhile genesis refers to the beginning of time, so the context remains the same as the current title. View More
Record of Genesis: Anime Battefields · C10
2 days ago
I’ve never liked Freyja as a character, I’ll probably just skip the chapters whenever she appears, now I don’t mind if the mc’s loved ones aren’t virgins, as long as they don’t cheat on him, but Freyja’s basically a glorified prostitute who’s probably slept with at least three-fourths of all the male gods and high-ranking adventurers in Orario, not exactly good relationship material, hell I wouldn’t even want to look at her, let alone be in a relationship with her. View More
My New Life in Danmachi World · C4
2 days ago
Just thought I’d say, the correct spelling is not origen, but origin. View More
Record of Genesis: Anime Battefields · C9
3 days ago
Even more overpowered is the 5% movement and attack speed for every female who reaches the infatuated relationship level, plus his infatuation skill (which probably increases relationship levels with the opposite gender a small amount) and the 300% increase in relationship gain for females.
Now 5% may not seem like much, but think, this title and effects was unlocked for a mere 3 infatuated NPC’s, what kind of skills it he get if he reaches say, 10, 25, 50, or even, 100 relationships (not to mention relationships with certain other races provide additional skills and bonuses)
Let’s me provide a hypothetical sample of what his skills might look like at 100 relationships

Title: Playboy king
All females relationships start at Admired
Gain 10% attack and movement speed for each love contract (total: 1000% increase)
Mermaid contract: Life Share, gains 8 million hp (hp is shared with the mermaid) 100% increase in water based skills and attacks
Harpy contract: Gale Wings, gain 2000 agility and the ability to move in midair as if you were on solid ground (shared with harpy) 100% increase in wind skills and attacks
Djinn’s contract: Fiery spirit, gain 2000 strength (shared with djinn) 100% increase in fire skills and attacks

Well now our mc would have his base attack and speed plus an additional 2000, drastically increasing his strength, and more importantly his attack speed and movement speed which would then be increased by 1000%, meaning that if he would have a movement speed of say, 50, well now it’d be 50,000. Jiang Fei would be unstoppable, he’d be able to move and attack so quickly he could destroy an entire guild base before the first person he attacked even realizes that he’s dead. View More

Gundaroes: Just what is that infatuation skill... that is way overpowered

The Almighty Ring · C509
4 days ago
I understand that the game is supposed to go through your mind and genes to find what’s best fit for you, but I could also imagine hating that as well, for example if a player’s genes have the tendency to make them unattractive would it just make them an orc or a goblin
System: hmm let’s see this new player’s physical attractiveness is 46% below average, intelligence is 37% below average, physical strength is 86% below average, and weight is 200% above average, race is determined, class is determined, the final result is Race: Orc, Class: Useless Neet (not to be mistaken with regular neets, who are a rare magic class with a complete lack of physical abilities)

As for classes I would hate to be a close-range attacker (barring an assassin class), a tank, or a healer but worst of all...a farmer, if I got that game and game system for say 800 dollars only to be told I’m going to be a farmer I would hate that company till the day I die. View More
Reborn Online · C2
4 days ago
It’s to bad, the premise behind the story is interesting, but the spelling and grammar errors make it somewhat annoying to try and read. View More
Fate/Problem child in dxd · C3
4 days ago
I wonder when the next chapter will be coming out. View More
Fate/Heroes · C12
5 days ago
A story would be considered a fanfic if it contains the same setting, characters, or unique powers of another work of literature, film, game, or other form of media, so if your story takes place in the same setting as say Fate Stay/Night, it’s a fanfic, if it contains the same characters as fate Stay/Night, it’s a fanfic.

As for powers, if they are unique, recognizable, named, or otherwise distinguishable from generic powers, it’s a fanfic. However powers like super strength, high-speed regeneration, and increased senses or others named in similarly generic manners and lacking the unique qualities of other works would not make your novel a fanfic. View More
Adventures in Animes · C16
6 days ago
I’m dropping the story, the premise is interesting but the errors in grammar and spelling make it impossible for me to read. View More
The son of the same universe · C7
1 week ago
The grammar and spelling needs some work. View More
The son of the same universe · C2
1 week ago
The premise of the novel is somewhat interesting but with all the spelling errors I cannot rate this novel higher than 2 out of 5 stars View More
Rising Sun Academy : Douluo Dalu fanfic · C5
1 week ago
According to mythology weasels are able to kill basilisks through their horrible smell (even though they often die as well as the basilisk), so if you want to defeat the basilisk you could probably use some horrid smelling potion to knock the basilisk out. View More
Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C28
1 week ago
I’ll continue reading the novel, as least until 20 chapters to see how I like the novel, but as of right now it’s okay, I can read the novel but it isn’t all that interesting to me... View More
Record of Genesis: Anime Battefields · C5
1 week ago
Darn, this is one of my favorite stories, I’d been waiting the entire time for more chapters to come out, but I guess there won’t be any more then. View More
Fate/Rebirth · C43
1 week ago
Look up various forms of mythology, anyways the mc isn’t exactly a demon, he’s an asura, which are by definition violent and destructive, and I’m assuming his soul isn’t completely that of an asura, as then what would be left if that was sealed, nothing, meaning the mc would likely be comatose so if his soul isn’t completely that of an asura it could likely cause PTSD or multiple personality disorder since the two parts could have been in conflict, anyways in regards to DxD like I said there would be darkness yes, but it is not going to be there ALL the time, the devils still go to school and they have trips and vacations, even if they do train daily and look for contracts, they still have some semblance of a seemingly normal life at times, they are not fighting 24/7, in fact the wars that resulted in god’s death in that story as well as the rebellion amongst the devil’s both happened a long time ago, and there weren’t too many significant events mentioned in between that time span, (barring the holy sword project, and the nekoshou) so we can assume that overall the devils (and other supernatural factions) in general are not in fights the majority of the time, so you can’t really say they always live in the darkness. View More

Nightcore_x: Nah,demon personality is not evil or cruel they are being who just don't care about other,they just care about their own entertainment some of thef seek entertainment by killing,some by fighting strong people,some by playing prank(deadly terrifying prank) and for the other ***** abandoned him without teaching him about human nature or control his power and about PTSD a demon whose very bloodline speak of carnage will develop PTSD by killing others,dxd world life is not normal you like living in the light so much you don't turn around to see the dark side.

Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System · C84
1 week ago
You have some points about not asking Jason’s opinion, but I also have a few areas where I disagree with you.

1. Demons by definition would be evil, cruel, and extremely violent creatures (asuras come from Indian mythology and are extremely prone to wanton violence), which would easily result in an evil mc, which I hate and would never read about.

2. While DxD doesn’t completely feature normal life, if you were to look at DxD as an actual world, a good portion of it could be considered “normal” (or at least as normal as it can be with all the supernatural beings), after all events wouldn’t occur constantly without breaks.

3. While she may not have asked Jason’s opinion from this chapter we could assume that a portion of his life was traumatic based on the people hunting him down like prey, they death of something extremely important to him, and the subsequent murder of multiple people, events like this could easily result in a potentially severe case of PTSD, especially considering how impressionable young children are, and so she may have sealed those memories alongside the dark portion of his soul in order to protect him both from the innate darkness of his soul and the traumatic memories that likely awakened that portion of his soul in the first place, in which case she would deserve none of the insults you lauded upon her. View More

Nightcore_x: That shady ***** she sealed Jason's ashura soul not letting him become a full demon she is the reason we didn't get a badass demon Jason.Normal life,***** you are godess not a human what makes you f*cking think a normal life could be turn out well for a demon.accept who you,you are not in hell,you are hell,don't give a f*ck about people who didn't give about you,you are who you are,what matter is what you think not what they think.

Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System · C84
1 week ago
I’ve tried but this novel is truly impossible to understand, this novel’s grammar and spelling are below average even when compared to the average machine translated novel. View More
The Strongest Lucky Draw System · C9
1 week ago
It’s almost impossible to understand this novel, especially with how he/she and his/her are completely mixed up, it’s infuriating to try and read. View More
The Strongest Lucky Draw System · C1
1 week ago

Greedward: Can't you at least fix he/ she , his/ her? That's dam basic English.

The Strongest Lucky Draw System · C1
1 week ago
I feel overlord isn’t exactly the best option, it does work, but while the mc has tons of knowledge having knowledge and actually using that knowledge effectively is different, so I personally think it’d be best if he goes to a world that doesn’t feature extremely powerful and dangerous individuals, but rather one which doesn’t feature much danger, but features a way to train and increase his abilities, but this is your novel, so if you already have a plan it might be best to just follow through with that. View More

LazyTiany: GUYS!! Suggest any novel now as I have already finished reading Miracle Throne, suggest any novel and that will be the next world the MC will go. Or I will follow what I had made first, the MC can also go to the Overlord World...

How I traveled the Omniverse · C13
1 week ago
It may be a bit late, but maybe instead of a system you could make him have a coliseum in his mind that appears when he falls asleep, every gateway into the coliseum would lead to a different trial with 1 specific kind of yokai, and if he completes the trial he’ll unlock a seed of that yokai’s power, but he’d still have to train the powers, as when he unlocks them they’ll be at the bare minimum for that species.

You could also add limitations as to unlocking the trials, such as receiving the recognition of a member of that species of yokai (in other words, to unlock the trial of a yuki-onna, or snow lady he’d first need to gain the recognition of one of their species), this could provide the mc a reason to befriend the Nura clan, anyways this is first and foremost your novel author, so if you have a plan and the reader’s suggestions oppose that plan then it’d probably be best to ignore what the readers say, there have been many good stories ruined or at least degraded due to implementing certain reader’s suggestions, especially those who constantly recommend extremely cliche suggestions (which is why I generally don’t offer suggestions as to which direction to take a novel unless the author asks, and I especially never offer suggestions once the novel already has an established base). View More
Nura Clans' First Young Master · C0
1 week ago
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