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ErozothDraeor: This test was not very thought out by the author, just some stupid made up test with no logic. He an earth realm fighting thousands of emperor level enemies. No one, and I mean NO ONE in that universe is capable of that in the same level and situation and you try to make us believe the white tiger made the test with expectation someone will pass it? By no one I also mean the white tiger itself, why take an inheritance of someone that is not as strong as you in potential??? Just to make it "hard" (like he could actually fail) you made it a ludicrous test.
(personally i dont really see why you even introduced the white tiger. It's a change completely not related to the original and at best it will be at the same level as the dragons which Tatsuya looked down on but for some reason he wants the White Tiger??? This seems more like a case of the author thinking its cooler so it was made up).

The Irregular In ATG · C29
2 days ago

Pebble_God: On average I have 8, and 4 are bots, 1 is me, and 3 are my alt accounts. :,D

My Extraordinary Achievements · C18
4 days ago

Vyte: Stop bull****ting, 1 million books is the equivalent of reading 30 books a day for 100 years

My Extraordinary Achievements · C16
4 days ago
That's right, basically you'd only get a portion of the money from paid spirit and power stones only, you're obligated to continue writing for them, they will own the novel, and they can monetize the novel however they want. View More

Dreamheart_Dragon: I’ve heard it’s basically the devil’s contract, and many authors have regretted sighing it, so be careful. Plus, it’s way too early for you to go premium. Also, isn’t this kinda a fan-fiction of league of legends? You could get copyright issues if you try to get momentary reward from this story.

Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C24
5 days ago
I've played a Moba game on my phone, my best record was 18/2/18, I felt incredible. View More
Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C13
5 days ago

Leixein: Today is my b-day, happy b-day to me! And because of that, I won't be writing for today since I will be having a party with my family.

The next chapter will be the grand opening of the tournament probably. One thing for sure he will meet the Azure Dragon in the next chapter.

And with that said, enjoy the chapter and peace out girls scout! 😘

The Wish of the Dragon · C101
5 days ago
Happy birthday View More

Leixein: Today is my b-day, happy b-day to me! And because of that, I won't be writing for today since I will be having a party with my family.

The next chapter will be the grand opening of the tournament probably. One thing for sure he will meet the Azure Dragon in the next chapter.

And with that said, enjoy the chapter and peace out girls scout! 😘

The Wish of the Dragon · C101
5 days ago

TheTrueGilgamesh: The sheer dumbassery of this chp is too much the Subaru guy couldn't copy the first seat you are basically saying that the first seat holder is stronger than Alexander the chef who stood at the top of the golden tower the chef who is consider to be the goat in his past life but for the sake of my amusement i'll turn blind eye on that no matter how big of a plot hole it is.

Food Wars: The Golden Hands · C61
1 week ago
1. How can scientists detect a gamma ray burst from a billion light years away
2. A burst of gamma rays would disperse well before a billion light years

The science in this novel is complete BS. View More
· C1
1 week ago
Damage dealt to a target is based on the force exerted over a period of time, if he were to slow down time for his spear even if he used his "maximum power" in the reference point of the target it would have more time to adjust to the force exerted.

What this means is that him slowing down time for his spear isn't going to strengthen it, but weaken it instead. View More
The Greatest Gene · C6
1 week ago
I know that Webnovel and namely the one who sponsors it Qidian are...questionable at least.
Put aside the fact that really only the novels they support will stay on the main power rankings
The contracts they make are also atrocius, basically you get a (negligible) portion of paid spirit stones only, and they reserve the right to sell and license your novel (plus you're still obligated to write for them)

I've even read a story about one guy who doesn't use webnovel (he adamantly hates it due to the way they run it) and yet somebody copied his novel onto webnovel but when he asked qidian to remove it they never responded, and it's not like you can sue them either, as he lived in a different country and it's kind of hard to sue companies across international borders, but even if he could, 1 small-time hobbyist writer versus a giant (group of fraud artists) company who do you think would win? View More
Netori System · C0
2 weeks ago
Me too, I tried reading this because I like mahouka koukou no rettousei but this thing is giving me a serious migraine just due to the grammar.
In fact the grammar is so bad if I were to rate this novel I'd rate it -5 out of 5 due to it being detrimental to some people's mental health. View More

Coeur_noirs: I almost dont understand anything

mahouka koukou no rettousei a dating system · C4
3 weeks ago
I'm only on the second page and the horrible grammar is already burning my eyes. View More
mahouka koukou no rettousei a dating system · C1
3 weeks ago
e is basically shorthand for scientific notation and just represents ×10 to a power (the number after e)
In other words 5.0e2 is the same as 5×10×10 or 500.
32.68e5 is equal to 32.68×10×10×10×10×10 or 3,268,000 View More

Weirdo: When your stat number had start showing you some alphabet, you know it's a way of telling you that you can destroy earth with sneezing...

My is Kios, Kios Niftalia and I’m a slime. · C2
3 weeks ago
Even if using magic chantless is more difficult at least you won't be taking the time to tell your enemy exactly what you're about to do. View More
Gacha Sovereign · C13
3 weeks ago
...you know it's talking about the number of the creatures and then the total price
For example
Monster × (Number of individuals) - total price
Example: Kobald ×5 - 1000; means that he is buying kobolds, 5 in particular, and the total price is 1000 (200 per kobold), it's not saying that the individual cost is 1000, so of course nobody else is calling the author out. View More

Virgo_Shaka: no one would say anything about the wrong calculations just fairy alone is 2500 half of what you write he used and then 5 kobolds that are 1000×5 mean 5000 just in kobolds add fairy it's 7500 add 5 goblins with 5×500 it's another 2500 just that are 10 000 forget the dwarfs

The Lustful Dungeon Master (Hiatus) · C10
3 weeks ago
Let us hold a moment of silence for Lord Idiot, your unwilling but noble sacrifice to aid the MC will not be forgotten...temporarily. View More
The Lustful Dungeon Master (Hiatus) · C8
3 weeks ago
Gilgamesh from fate would be my choice for a personal guard, sure he may be a prick, but the guy's absurdly strong, has an ability that makes wealth come to him (and by proxy, me), and a near unlimited number of resources and knowledge (to be used with an intelligent craftsman species of monster).

Of course the one problem, he would always outshine you and make you look bad in comparison. View More

Zeno: Although Erza is very strong, being able to destroy a meteorite, it has no destructive attacks capable of destroying a city, country, etc., in a single shot, I would see Ikaros in Pandora mode of Sora no Otoshimono, having as two phases, an active mode, where it is to fight, destroy and is cold, cruel, etc, and the passive mode, where it is to do other things, also fight, but on a much smaller scale, and is friendly, warm, etc. He has great destructive power, since when he enters the dungueon, many monsters will attack him, and he needs massive destruction skills, and if he wants sword skills, he can be taught.

The Lustful Dungeon Master (Hiatus) · C5
3 weeks ago
But dungeon clearing games are exactly that, games, for them the dungeons are now real, and if they die, it's over, so people wouldn't just happily charge over to the nearest dungeon. View More

Tonyorobsky: Title hint to presence of numerous babes. He chose Japan, a country where women tend to not be voluptuous. He chose a country where a large part of the population like dungeon clearing games, between 2 Havens... way to think about himself and his well-being. It seems more like he chose a touristic destination...

The Lustful Dungeon Master (Hiatus) · C2
3 weeks ago
The stats have been a bunch of BS ever since the beginning. View More

MartOyakif101: You don't keep track of his stats

Ultimate Percy Jackson · C18
4 weeks ago
I knew this was going to happen (also kill the yetis, they can't be infatuated with you if they're dead) View More
The Almighty Ring · C576
4 weeks ago
The content has been deleted
The Almighty Ring · C575
4 weeks ago
It said they were tired after running 10 miles but they were almost done, but a marathon is 26.2 miles, the distances don't add up (I'd know, I ran one) View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C618
4 weeks ago
...you know with the way the author described them they sound less like snow girls and more like snow gorillas, which is definitely not...appealing. View More

ZetaVoidis: Well you never know...... some of these snow girls could actually be pretty hot

The Almighty Ring · C574
4 weeks ago
An interesting character or ability would be nursery rhyme from the Fate series, basically she can draw forth power from stories and my favorite power, the nameless forest, she basically drags the opponent to an alternate space, the nameless forest which gradually makes them forget everything, first they forget what they were going to do, then their friends and family, all the way until they eventually forget how to breathe and then they forget that they ever existed and fade away forever.

Scariest part; they wouldn't even feel pain or sadness or fear as they disappear, after all they'll have forgotten all about that too.

Don't get me wrong, nursery rhyme is cute, but those powers are horrifying. View More
Supreme Summoning System · C4
1 month ago
Is it me or did the quality of this novel just divebomb? View More
Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C96
1 month ago
When you just want to be a regular man with only a handful of relationships but the harem god pops up out of nowhere and smacks you with a quest to become the harem king. View More
The Almighty Ring · C547
1 month ago
I was about to say that he wouldn’t die alone, as he has his harem of old professors, but then I realized, they’re OLD professors and would die before him, leaving him to die alone like you said. View More

SmilingReader: Nothing happened much. Just a trip to KFC and confirmation that LZ will die alone.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C116
1 month ago
People will always disagree with each other and have conflicting views, but first and foremost, this is your novel author, not your job, so if you aren’t going to like writing what you’re writing, why do it? So you should just write what you want, if you want to add more females, do it, but if you don’t then don’t. Either way I’ll support you author (as long as you don’t add NTR that is). View More
Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System · C122
1 month ago
This novel is alright in my opinion, but yeah it is very hard to write a legitimately good novel with an overpowered main character, even more so when the novel is a fanfiction, with two main pitfalls

1. Cliches, for example the sharingan, which is overused to the point that I find it hard to remember characters who possess it due to getting mixed up with every other character that uses it in the various fanfics I read

2. The use of power, if the OP protagonist defeats all of his opponents instantly the fights will swiftly become stale and boring, alongside generally having a lack of character development, or on the reverse side if the main character is overpowered, but never actually uses that power then they’ll just look like a moron. View More
How I traveled the Omniverse · C21
1 month ago
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