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Anyone else feel like her jade eyes are excessively OP. Even compared to usual reincarnation powers. View More
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School · C12
2 days ago
Side character development would be interesting.

I also feel like the alternative guilds and corporations development is also rather bland. Guilds are usually either extremely overbearing and expect complete submission or are completely submissive. Very few seek true mutual gain(even zero wing is like this). Most the corporations they come in contact with also have the overbearing attitude or refuse to work with zero wing because shi feng refuses to negotiate. View More

Magical: Fisr of all, I would like to give a great thanks to the translators who did their best on translating every chapter of this novel.

It is already around chapter 2177 as latest but it's leaving much bitter taste in my mouth. I'd like to point out my concerns regarding this:

1. Its wonderful to see it updates everyday (it was 2 chapters then became 3-4 chapters a day) but the way author writes went too bland and repetitive. Too many repetitive info dumps. The way author writes the same word. Upper echelons for example and as well as "So this is...." or "What ____ power!" There are many more and joined with mythic archaic species being compared with alot of things such as stronger or can wipe out 100 or 1000 man team, core members, guild or realm experts. Too many qualitative data yet either the enemy superpower can't disapprove that notion, Zero Wing can and much more Shi Feng which made it useless to the extent not to say bunch of words out of it.

2.As much as the author patronizes or overpowers Shi Feng, he still could not destroy the enemy as a whole. Too many info dumps that author describes alot that left other character developments behind. I am much excited for Fire dance and Violet cloud than Shi Feng honestly. I am interested on that light or was it emperor something guild, who got chased out and sought refuge to zero wing and made them handle the shipyard or that place with naval powers. Hellooo where are tey now. I'd rather know their gist update at least than repetitive info dump.

3. The early chapters were so good but lately it isn't anymore. As I have said on no.2, more and more enemies are stacking and Shi Feng can only do so much. There were times I agree with shi feng about rejecting like starlink and blackwater but sis, lets be real. "YOU are strong because you knew whats up and exploit to make it one step ahead. BUT its not enough, if youre fighting these so called siperpowers, wrack your brain in getting more ways to exploit them or else your time reverse is useless." "YOU said no to every offer cuz you know what to do but you cant do it well much dissiminate it with trusted members. I get that because you knew whats the gist and stuff better so youll less likely to fail." "YOU ask for too much in negotiation which is the same as other superpowers which is no different but we get your side cuz you know future."

4. Shi Feng's character development is getting overbearing and all. Always no no no the only thing you accept was secret chamber of commerce but that was your utter helplessness but now you have own chamber of commerce, either you want to delice or leave at worse scenario or swallow that chamber of commerce whole just like Ouroburos when time is needed. The thing is the character is predictable, now big dipper is leaving so you make your own dojo ? Sis...

5. Less action scenes. More talk and talk by just random people (trashtalking the guild, talking about fight and etc)

6.Just like any other time reverse or time travel action genees I have read. You are only strong because you knew what's ahead. Meanwhile in parallel world where other people do the same as you... But nvm, if you knew, exploit it properly, you are one person make use of your members to greatly grow stronger. Cuz its not reaching me and even people in the story have less say about Zero Wing no matter the progress.

I wish author can look into this matter,I had several irk and cringe moments but I still love this novel.

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
1 week ago
Reading Status: C757
I'll be honest I like and dislike this story. The author has an amazing imagination, and has created a complex and unique world that draws you in. Unfortunately their writing is lacking. There is massive amounts of repetition, over explanation, and can be excessively dramatic to the point it hinders the readability of the story. If the author gets an editor that can assist in the areas they are lacking in this would be an A+ story. View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
1 week ago
What if she is the person that he got the library access for that he felt was vaguely familiar but she is just playing dumb to see how long it takes him to realize. That would be an interesting development. Author also dropped all mentions of helping his parents. View More

Skorcher007: Now that this conversation is over, it’s time for some much needed plot building and side character development. Focusing on the relationship between Shi Feng and class monitor, perhaps finding out more about her mysterious background, or getting a glimpse into Feng’s reincarnated memories of the past.. PSYCH! Back to God’s Domain! 😂

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C710
1 week ago
These players are insanely fickle. Just a simple achievement leads them to want to swap guilds. Every game I have played you joined a guild that shared your values not who is doing best in the moment. Maybe I just was not ******** enough to always want to be the best. View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C676
1 week ago
If shi feng had explained that Gods domain had helped him reach his level of mastery lie boa would have been in disbelief and anticipation. View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C498
1 week ago
The problem with full vampire is lack of ability to go out during the day. It would seriously restrict assassination ability. View More

Sanshire: looking foward to min's next evolution. is she going to be a vampire? or some sort of hybrid. maybe a mix of vampire and succubus? or something else entirely.

A Goblin's Evolution · C65
2 months ago
I think that would be an interesting development to the story. I can imagine that Min would not be very receptive towards him, especially if he says he wants to get back together. View More

SerenaHo: Can’t wait!
I want to see Min’s ex bf return in the next book!

A Goblin's Evolution · C65
2 months ago
Very interesting story. Link please. View More
Falling In Love With A Yakuza · C1
4 months ago
Me too. View More

Pacheetos197: YASSSSSS, but I wish they could piece together that it was Ara who summoned lightning 😕 but I can’t wait till they find out!

5 months ago

Pacheetos197: YASSSSSS, but I wish they could piece together that it was Ara who summoned lightning 😕 but I can’t wait till they find out!

5 months ago
Thank you for the consistency of updates and quality of writing. Congratulations on the premium. While the new cover is well done personally liked the previous one better. It gave that warrior princess of the lightning god feel which felt cool. Would be cool to see ryu as the flame emperor as well. Keep up the good work. View More
5 months ago
Thank you for the update. Classic Min, pregnant and still demanding more sex. View More
A Goblin's Evolution · C46
5 months ago
Wait wasnt min pregnant? View More
A Goblin's Evolution · C44
5 months ago
So the MC flat out says she is from another world and he makes no notice of it. He knew something came through the portal, if he had half a brain he would have noticed what she said may be linked. View More
5 months ago
Now that people know se is a polygot isnt it a perfict time for her to resease her songs internationally in various languages. She would be world renowned if her music was in the various countries languages not just English and Chinese. View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C379
5 months ago
Great story. It would be interesting to see the back in the next story in a different setting (as the end hints at). Good luck with your writing. View More
That Adonis is Mine! · C142
5 months ago
Ja she is going to need to have him there for her psych seccions and truly delve into her psychological issues or she will break. If she breaks in a public setting people may die just like what happened to that kids family from the research facility when she was 9. Not to mention this psycho stalker dude if he tries to forcibly take her it will end bad View More

ImogenLee: This is troublesome. I wish Hu lei will use the resources available to her like the psychiatrist she went to. I hope she will talk to Feng more and be open about her problems because he loves her so. It breaks my heart knowing the possibility of him losing her after all their obstacles

His Cute Wife is a Little Crazy · C193
6 months ago
Hb u bbbubbhubuhuhhhhhuuubuhbbuhhhubh b bhbbbhubbhhhubuhuhbbhhh,ubh,buhhuubbbhbuhubhbhhhuuubuubbhuhbbhhuhuhuhhuubhhbhuhuhbhhhuhuhhbhbuhhubbh,hhhuhbhhhh,huh,,,,,,,b,hb,hhhb,hb,hb,hb,b,hhhhb,hbkbhbhbhhhbhbhhubhuuhhuuhuhuuhuuhuuuuuuhuhuhhubuubhuhuhuhuu View More
6 months ago
Reading Status: C10
A very well written love story that follows true to the actual historical events surrounding the legendary Oda Nobunaga. I look forward to reading more of this book in the future. View More
Shards of Time.
6 months ago
Glad to hear the continuation of the story. Looking forward to her fighting in the grand dungeon. View More
A Goblin's Evolution · C43
6 months ago
Both are from affluent families, and met in a very public setting there needs to be some sort of major conflict that forces them to keep their relationship a secret like the title says. Business, family, underworld are all common themes for keeping it a secret. Another idea is a conflict over design styles which makes her able to win back the designs that her sister stole. There is always the love interest rivels, stalkers, and a fight between sisters for same man to spice romance side of story. Hope that there is something here that can give you some inspiration, good luck. View More
6 months ago
Sun wu yao. View More
Love is War: My Wife is a Spy · C0
7 months ago
The prince better deal with that psycho before she ends up committing suicide to escape from the torment. View More
The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses · C100
7 months ago
This story has been wellSad to see this ending. There seems to be many avenues this story could dive into. If she is rescued then nightmares, therapy and reintegration in to society would be a complex psychological problem. Her dealing with the darkness that is in salt. Love interest rival in the guy that helped her when she was 16. Virgo escaping and them dealing with that issue. Virgo said her mother was killed, he didnt include the rest of her family. What about a major plot twist, what if the reason Virgo never sells or kills her despite her repeated disobedience is she is actually his illegitimate daughter, now that would be messed up. View More
Black Romance · C59
7 months ago
Reading Status: C290
The writing and story are great. Character development is good, all have their own issues that they need to work through. The steamy events are a bit lacking for the title though. Other than 1 time, Tia has not pulled any of her collection, she also seems to be up for spicier bedroom time, but its all fairly basic. View More
Perverted Romance
7 months ago
Ja but how much time will it take is the question. How much more pain will she have to endure? If it takes too long she could break. View More

Gifty: He will surely rescue her one way or the other

Black Romance · C45
7 months ago
What he is doing is really unfair. If he truely has no intent on starting the war to save her showing her that tenderness will only give her false hope and make her life more hellish. View More
Black Romance · C45
7 months ago
It would have been interesting to see their reactions if she had revealed that she was Evelina. Her time at Cross academy may have developed in a different direction. View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C159
7 months ago
Reading Status: C38
The story development is good but after about chapter 22 they all have a chunk of the story missing, might do some editing before posting chapters. View More
7 months ago
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