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agree... he is so kind and loving... there's nothing wrong to be hopeful, at least he is gentleman enough the entire time he is with mian... i hope the author give his own partner at the end of the novel... View More

frammd: I am so heartbroken for Su Yu 💔 there are things you cant force you know.. I hope the author finds Yu someone as good as Mian..

My Youth Began With Him · C1791
13 hours ago
wow, our beloved qin chu is back... how wonderful... View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1790
13 hours ago
you analyzed this novel well enough, as you said before, you already read the raw. i know you are qin chu-mian fan, but hope you respect others opinion if it differs from you...thank you. View More

XOMatsumaeohana: 🤔 What's with the QC hate. Let's recall some important facts, no matter how good SY treated Mian ..


(1) Mian's choice who she loves and she's clearly expressed that she would die for QC twice already.

(2) SY was the outsider in this from the beginning, even when he found out Mian was married he chased after her. He chose this painful path for himself. Even though people told him at the start not to.

(3) 🤣🤭 SY would never have gotten close to Mian if QC was still around. Look how they acted when QC was around, Mian felt awkward towards him, she never got close to him.

So instead of calling QC egotistical, let's remember how SY is the "outsider" and he's lucky to even have become her friend.

My Youth Began With Him · C1787
1 day ago
readers have their own point of view. if it is differ from you, please respect. View More

XOMatsumaeohana: How many times has QC risked his life for Mian? He got severely hurt for her, and almost died twice. and suddenly QC is the selfish one and SY the hero? People need to remember what QC did for Mian 😤😤 *seriously making me mad.*

Yes SY did things for Mian but as a "friend" and "third wheel."

My Youth Began With Him · C1787
1 day ago
i agree... cant wait to see her reaction to soft bun's gift.. View More

Naine: He really did it, from 200k to 200, what a good hubby you are Daddy Bun. 😂😂 Guess what, someone will be faced slapped again at Grandpa Lin's Bday. 😏😏

The Beautiful Time With You · C366
1 day ago
wow, few chapters left and chu will be with mian again View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1784
1 day ago
i agree with you. i never read the raw story, so i just hope the author let su yu meet someone he deserves .. View More

XOMatsumaeohana: 😊 Don't sorry Mian and the twins, you'll see QC soon.

Yep. SY deserves a better woman, he needs to move on. No matter what he does, he will never get Mian - that's the reality of the situation here.

My Youth Began With Him · C1783
1 day ago
yes.. at least he can change his style towards her... at least he knows now, the way to her heart is thru her stomach... View More

Swaning: What a hilarious chapter! Well, I'm glad Shi Yao was being honest here. Perhaps all these intel can help our man chase the girl more effectively. Clear up the misunderstanding and be more obvious with his intentions!

The Beautiful Time With You · C363
2 days ago
anything in the name of food... View More
The Beautiful Time With You · C362
2 days ago
why do cutting chapter abruptly? the readers find it annoying... View More
The 99th Divorce · C928
3 days ago
yes ... but needs more improvement.. View More

SoftBun_: At least he admitted he bought them. He's getting better 😄

The Beautiful Time With You · C360
3 days ago
i guts feeling that yang linxin will do harm the lin vhe View More
The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C374
4 days ago
i agree View More

Marienella_Orolf: So much love for this story author dear...thanks for the updates...😁😁💖💖💖MARIENELLA 💖💖💖here...6 acct lol😁😁😁😂🤣

4 days ago
thanks author, just happy for regular translation now. really like this novel View More
The Beautiful Time With You · C360
5 days ago
yes... and soon she will notice you View More

runman7012: Practice makes perfect Jiage! Keep complimenting Soft Bun until it comes naturally to stay out of the dog house & set our ship to sail😍

The Beautiful Time With You · C358
5 days ago
maybe that package came from lin jiage, maybe full of foods ☺️☺️☺️ View More
The Beautiful Time With You · C359
5 days ago
this old man will take a big part in lin che's life.. i remember her grandma said about the boyfriend of her mother is not a lin... i hope he will help lin che over her detractors. View More
The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C362
6 days ago
maybe a mountain of food will do...😍 View More

yanshuextra: I wonder what tactic he will use to get to talk to Soft Bun again after just recently annoying her 😂

The Beautiful Time With You · C352
6 days ago
innocent love.. so pure.. their story brings us all to our youth; simple and pure.. View More
The Beautiful Time With You · C353
1 week ago
that's karma...😊😊😊 View More

vasudh: lili finally used your computer science knowledge...
It was really funny... No harm ... But extreme embarrassment

The 99th Divorce · C918
1 week ago
i know what you are thinking yu lili.., go girl... i can not wait for the sweet revenge.. View More
The 99th Divorce · C916
1 week ago
yes, i think as a mother, her first instint is to secure the safety of her child... in that situation, seeing that there is a mask man, she immediately drive the car away from the scene or called someone immediately especially she knows they are always the target of bad people. View More

cameroncruz: Maybe my opinion is wrong but why she left her son alone in the car?! that is so dangerous leaving your baby in the car. Also author-nim please update often

Words I was Afraid to Hear · C210
1 week ago
me too... i'm for qin chu and mian but i understand su yu's feeling... he loves mian so it must be understandable, at least he doesn't step beyond his limit. be on his shoes, it is really hard, so don't judge him.. he just in love, and admit it or not, those who feel in love, are you not doing anything for your love ones? or when you are broken hearted, are you not angry to the one who broke your heart? View More

Shanaya_Prabhas: I have the same feeling 💔

My Youth Began With Him · C1741
1 week ago
i hope xixi and rick will have their happy ending together... View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1739
1 week ago
yes... it will complicate the situation more.. View More

wanderersoul: Good thing Ou Ming didn’t touched Shen Manting

The 99th Divorce · C913
1 week ago
yes, what is the use of this priveledge chapter? View More

pondocchristine88: Why other books has no priveledge somethings...??? Will you pls cancel it, its useless

The 99th Divorce · C911
1 week ago
why are this villain women here acted like whore... tm and this shen manting... View More
The 99th Divorce · C910
1 week ago
it is fine author, as long as you will not abandon it. i really want to read it till the end... thank you. View More
Words I was Afraid to Hear · C209
1 week ago
actually, all languages corresponds to food, nothing more nothing less... food, food, and lots of fud 😋😋😋 View More

greeeen: For Shi Yao, French is not the language of love, but the language of food🍷🍰🥐 😋

The Beautiful Time With You · C344
1 week ago
lin jiage can't concentrate just by seeing the strap of soft bun... hehehe View More
The Beautiful Time With You · C343
1 week ago
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