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    Horror&Thriller system action adventure alternative world

    A man name Jack who was betrayed by his wife, can he survive the apocalypse that is coming. What was that two red light that went into his eyes. Why does his eyes turn red as he coward down. Why can’t he control his emotions when his eyes turn red. What will Jack do when he find out the world going to end.


I only support mc and his few friends. This is race vs race(monster vs human). There is no evil. If human lose they lose their planet and people who in that planet and when monster lose they lose their own planet or something too. This is basically is survival to fittest. View More
The Cardboard Explorer · C61
12 hours ago
Are you sure they are smart because they just fall for his unbelievable lie. View More
I Became a God · C4
13 hours ago

Nyanodesu: The whole 'dying in a mortal body also kills your spirit' is completely retarded and makes absolutely no sense. It even says in the next chapter that it's just an avatar. How can the death of an avatar kill a LITERAL GOD? I'm sorry, I've just never heard of something as dumb as that setting. I know you want to use that setting to build suspense, but it's just too fucking stupid.

I Became a God · C3
13 hours ago
I wanted to see mc reaction more but it ok 👌 View More
I Became a God · C1
13 hours ago
Sad more you than because you just miss the good novel. Why i care about MC being good character. I have to read 1000 of 1000 chapter and the story is so good but MC is ****ty ass character and no matter how many chapter i have to wait for MC improvement, never happened. I read one book the story is great and background is dope but mother****er MC is so annoying i have to give up every time. The MC decision and the way he handle villain are fucking garbage. Now tell me can you handle the good novel that having ****ty ass MC who doesn't think before doing something, arrogant as hell, survive impossible because he fucking MC and give us no reason how he survive. He mess with the people who is way powerful than him without thinking of consequence because he want to but survive because he MC and for no reason some random old man decide to help MC because he see himself in him or other ****. Even if he get super cheat i don't care but i want to see the hard work he put in and how his character improve in different situation. With all this i have a high standard for MC. Can you read a good novel with boring MC? View More

Valven: You only care about the MC and nothing else. You’re review becomes subjective. Not worth my time to read.

World's Best Martial Artist
2 days ago

alwaysareader: The Novel is starting to get better but MC's brain doesn't keep up & now gonna get bashed by the coach.
The good part he's gonna smooth his technic & gain more experience he just needs to pay with his body.
Tnks 4 da chapter.

Nightmare's Call · C19
2 days ago
Mc if you want to live a normal life than don’t ruin it. I don’t want to see you complain latter chapter saying I want to live normal life when you had given a chance. View More
Keys to the Gate · C1
3 days ago
No matter how old are you, your parent are still a parent. It not only apply to Chinese but every race. View More

uouupmugh: holyyyy are chinese people this weak he is 30 years old male and sstill calling for his parents yikessssssssssss.

Abe the Wizard · C2
3 days ago
Mc deserve to die!! I already don’t like this mother ****er. You have to be so fucking pice of **** to be kill by your own beast to the point where they are willing to died killing. View More
Overcoming the Beast · C1
6 days ago
Reading Status: C47
I think I already wrote the review here before but I’m not sure so I want to let the new reader know that this novel is really good. I really like the mc here. I’m a person who drop any novel no matter how good it is if I don’t like mc. You can see mc character improvement as chapter pass. Read it in your free time. View More
World's Best Martial Artist
1 week ago
I did the same View More

Kaosdao: Just saw a pic of what a shar pei dog looks like. Lol. No wonder people were like "seriously, that little thing broke his neck!? What the what!!??"

Demons Beside You · C38
1 week ago

DragLord: Cliffhanger of the day

Project Doomsday Paradise · C42
1 week ago
The content has been deleted
Project Doomsday Paradise · C42
1 week ago
I don’t know what you talking about killing his friend and stuff but when I say I want to see mc development. I meant was I want to see mc getting stronger as he fight and face his fear. First of all why could mc want to bring his friends or anyone in the other world where even he, himself not save. When I say I don’t want to see robot mc meaning in this novel, I want to see mc get scared at his first fight with a monster. Getting scared and facing it doesn’t make you weak. Mc is a normal being before he was facing a monster. So tell me a reason why he shouldn’t get scared. He could have died if he didn’t run. What happened after that he came prepared and kill it more and got stronger that what I’m talking about. Than go fight fearless in his first fight with lot of stronger monster than you and survive because of you being mc plot and clingy ****. We just got different taste in novel. View More

Ky4ler: This ain’t development this is just a weak mc. What you gonna do get some monster and kill all his member and he be like enraged to take revenge and boom he’s not scared anymore and he can actually fight for once against something the same strength as him without losing

Unfathomable Patriarch · C6
1 week ago
Mc you could have more customers if you allowed her to sit and it call promotion. You are lucky that you are mc because if not you could have be bankrupt. You are rich because of plot. 😩😅😅😅 View More
Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C75
1 week ago
Reading Status: C1
The story is good but I don’t like mc. Mc is too arrogant for my taste. After he get dragon blood he like to fight and not reason it. I will still read it until I can’t take mc no more. I hope that won’t happen. View More
Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System
1 week ago

Lucred: Nope, I want him to become the universes' strongest explorer while using cardboard equipment and a hoodie.

Picture seeing someone equipped like that taking down dragons, demons, krakens, etc. It would be HILARIOUS, not to mention the beatdowns he could give people who underestimate him... how embarrassing would it be to have your group taken down by someone geared like that?
"We take down dragons on a regular basis, and this guy just took us out with a CARDBOARD SWORD?!?!

The Cardboard Explorer · C2
1 week ago
I like how this novel doesn’t make enemy hate each other to the point where they want to kill each other. Mc know when to kill or not and the villain(not really) know when to stop. I think this is my first time seeing this way. All novel genre I saw are anything mc did or villain did wether it little or not make them kill each other. For example, one novel I read, the villain say leave your girls, mc kill the man and torture to the point where the man got crazy or one girl villain like talk to mc, he want to kill mc and torture them. View More
Sword Among Us · C55
1 week ago
Not bad so for View More
Sword Among Us · C1
1 week ago

zswaleh: if I traveled back 3 years ago. I will not focus on the game super hard. just enough to earn some good money. I will not try to be no.1 player cuz I believe if you failed once when all was fair then you have no right to say you are the best player with 3 years of ahead knowledge. Hell, the thing I would focus would be earning money in the real world as you already know the future. OOh, wait we are talking about an otaku gamer so no chance they know what the stock prices are. So nevermind my rant but I would just be content being a merchant and making money and selling information for astronomical numbers instead of doing the same F***ing grind. Peace out.

Sword Among Us
1 week ago
Sad part about this novel is mc is too normal for the great emperor system. I haven’t seen anything that make mc different. He have no unique cultivate or anything. View More
1 week ago
I hope to see a cultivate manual only for mc to used and other can’t learn that manual except mc. View More
1 week ago
Need little improvement on grammar View More
1 week ago
Reading Status: C42
Thank god I decided to read this because it actually damn good. When I read the word cardboard I imagine something I don’t like but it went in better way. Mc is learning from beginning about his skill to upgrade the thing that link to him. At first I though he can only upgrade the cardboard which he can also make many thing with it like sword and armor but he can also upgrade his luck which other can’t or his Potential(grade) like E-D-C-B-A-S and maybe more also other can’t upgrade those. Kind of slow pice but in a good way, it not too slow where it start to get boring. Overall great 👍. View More
The Cardboard Explorer
1 week ago
Did you forget to level up mc View More
The Cardboard Explorer · C26
1 week ago
I just hope that when he level up his cardboard stuff, it will look cool and good. Like a real sword ⚔️ or something. View More
The Cardboard Explorer · C2
2 weeks ago
My man you truly have a sad life View More
The Cardboard Explorer · C1
2 weeks ago
I don’t pity you mc, I haven’t found anything to like you. Right now I’m just confuse. Your master and brother they were spy so I don’t pity them either. In some point once people from your sect find out that they were spy than they could try to kill them anyway. At chapter 1, how mc destroy one dude body and his cultivate become he did not follow the rule but how about your master and brother who are spy. Spy are worser than the dude who got destroyed. I don’t blame that dude for trying to kill mc and his master and brother. That dude father save your master life but that how he pay him back by not only destroying his son cultivate but also destroy his body so bad that he could have been in bed for life. Your master look like he was joking when heard the dude talk about how his father save your master life back than. Mc and his master talk about they only steal for rich but don’t think that rich people become rich because of their idea and hard work. You talk about you don’t steal from poor but let me ask you mc what will you steal from poor. Right nothing because they got nothing. Make rich people bad so you can steal their money and make poor people good because they need your help. Overall I don’t pity your lamp mc excuses ass. View More
Stealing the Heavens · C7
2 weeks ago

BigEgg: I didn't feel any reason for pitying the MC here... His teacher and best friend are a spy and collaborator.. their death is their own doing.. 😕

Stealing the Heavens · C6
2 weeks ago

EdgelessPath: What’s wrong with the Mc taking care of a little girl? At least it gives him more reason to live and besides most men would protect a little girl under the circumstances not act like cold hearted coward bitches.

Project Doomsday Paradise · C8
2 weeks ago
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