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I wish she can be where sicheng is and live well with their children View More

ainiesam27: I kinda feel sad with how there past life turned out to be but I didn't expect LS to have felt something for SQ in their previous lifetime. I wish he have somehow show her that he treasure her somehow...only to show it after she died. It's kinda heartbreaking. I can't help but think that both of them had a rebirth....

The 99th Divorce · C531
9 months ago
Live for the children qain qain View More
The 99th Divorce · C529
9 months ago
Please let sicheng alive View More
The 99th Divorce · C523
10 months ago
Yeah soo.... View More

joan000: What's frustrating about the story is that although she's been reborn, Su Qianci is still so weak, like she didn't learn from her past. Why doesn't she use what she knows from the past to put up countermeasures? She just waits... At the first part of the story, thought she became strong-willed. Now she's turned to a heap of crying mess all the time. I hope she becomes like Ye WanWan (another reborn character) from The Bad New Wife... That character uses all her experience from previous life to become the victor in her 2nd life!

The 99th Divorce · C520
10 months ago
Yeah.. Feels the same View More

Jennifer43322: Very impossible su qianci will not miscarriage this scene and situation ? She sure 100 pwrcent lose her baby again. Crazy novel. Nonsense already🙄 i will skip reading from now on. I jump to snusnu chapters..i did it d last time i stop reading and just jump to good chapters

The 99th Divorce · C511
10 months ago
Ming you should have treated her better, if you wanted her to love you. How can someone love the one who keep her in cage View More
The 99th Divorce · C509
10 months ago
Such a happy couple.... Always lovey dovey View More

joan000: Qianci: "Lewd..."
LSC: That I am.
me: Me too. Continue guys. Give us more 🙈🙊🤣

The 99th Divorce · C503
10 months ago
Pick it up sicheng...... Beat them up View More
The 99th Divorce · C502
10 months ago
Wow such an amazing husband View More
Accidentally Married a Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife · C144
11 months ago
Darn girl..... You got yourself a Treat again...... Can't wait to see his reaction..... Bloody hell View More
Back Then, I Adored You · C197
1 year ago
Cheng you...... Please give rong some face.... After all he is the man you desire View More
The 99th Divorce · C477
1 year ago
Qianci...... Such a trouble maker...... View More
The 99th Divorce · C432
1 year ago
God...... How come they end like that??? You cunning Mr. Li View More
The 99th Divorce · C420
1 year ago
Such a cunning animal.... He is definitely a fox View More
Accidentally Married a Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife · C117
1 year ago
God... Please bless them with a baby already...... They are so much in love and. ......we need a break before another catastrophe bust out in their life View More
The 99th Divorce · C411
1 year ago
Oh my silly girl...... View More
The 99th Divorce · C409
1 year ago
I agree..... I have a tendency to get her far far from ren as possible..... He is toooo good for her.. View More

Sherry13: Bah, before i just netral with Zi. But this chapter make me realise that she really just a stupid brat. Juat because she have a lil bit power she act like that

Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C396
1 year ago
Haaaa..... Such a wonderful condition to find a wife... View More
Accidentally Married a Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife · C114
1 year ago
He doesn't have the guts to see the truth of his own heart.... Such a coward View More

soccerathlete: Poor girl is constantly in fight or flight mode. Can’t wait for GY to get the biggest face slap he deserves. But watch, once things start going good between our leads, the other girl will come and create more problems 😭

Back Then, I Adored You · C165
1 year ago
How may hearts Ren going to break before settling to one?? I wonder View More
Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C394
1 year ago
Wow.. The baby himself is the truth View More
The 99th Divorce · C401
1 year ago
God !!! They are so adorable..... 😊 View More
The 99th Divorce · C396
1 year ago
That's for sure View More

Tmorey84: Like I said....emotionally R-E-T-A-R-T-E-D. That's all I can say. Smh

Back Then, I Adored You · C158
1 year ago
Is he really that's clueless.... he tourchred her every single time she came to him... Even threatened to stay away from him... The he is expecting he to come to him with her troubles... Has he really gone mad..... Such an abstrured person View More
Back Then, I Adored You · C158
1 year ago
Finally he is behaving like a normal human being and husband... Heeee hope to your lovey-dovey..... View More
Back Then, I Adored You · C157
1 year ago
Goddess.... They are so wicked... You bloody fools.. Women always stays where her heart is. Why don't you win her heart before making her pregnant..... Such a bunch of foolish people.. View More
The 99th Divorce · C375
1 year ago
Just wait for your absolute doom such a arrogant, gread and shameless couple.... Mr and Mrs. Li will bring you down 👇 ....just wait View More
The 99th Divorce · C372
1 year ago
I really don't like the idea of being one among the many women...... Ohhh it's frustrating View More
Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C339
1 year ago
God she love him so much..... View More
Back Then, I Adored You · C148
1 year ago
Either way Bai Yu is too pitiful View More

Punzelle: 😂 he’s gonna be stuffed full of so many snacks he’s gonna find her more terrifying than BQ

Accidentally Married a Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife · C100
1 year ago
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