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I mean, im not THE lord but i am a lord, Still want me to touch you? View More

LordTouchMe: Damnit! I need this guy to make me some food! -slams fists on desk-

Gourmet of Another World · C159
1 day ago
no, it would consume and destroy his life force to feed itself and grow View More

AmbroseUFO: Couldn't he had used his fire thing to heal his master?

Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies · C15
4 days ago
All cultivators are insane View More

klaus_walpurgis: 2 things to work on, take them if you feel its valuable. One , minimize info dumps or do them with subtlety . This felt too 'in your face' . Two , make your characters psychologically linear if you don't intend for them to be perceived as lunatics . The woman, as you've depicted her to be, wouldn't act condescendingly towards the trash before if she valued hard workers, as she herself might have been one before.

Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies · C13
4 days ago
4 breaths is around ~16 ish seconds View More

DaoistRedMoon: lol ten minutes beaten in 4 breaths.

Gourmet of Another World · C104
1 week ago
wait... index and thumb pinched... so the people who do the got em meme are gay? View More
Gourmet of Another World · C56
1 week ago
Egg fried rice II: electric boogaloo View More
Gourmet of Another World · C5
1 week ago
The Thunder King quite literally said he would hunt him down and kill him and his family if he didnt, so yeah, he had no choice View More

Kailour: You have to look at the situation as it happened exactly. I would not be in this particular situation the MC is in, because he barely knew this "friend" of his to begin with, yet followed him anyway. If I were in such a situation, and an actual friend was in danger I wouldn't stand there doing nothing if I had the ability to help. If I were given the option of helping the person who killed my friend or dying, I won't say I'd rather die, but helping them out would never happen. Even in the story itself he had ample opportunities to avoid this choice all together, so saying it like he had no choice at all is just silly.

True Space Mage · C52
2 weeks ago
It is not, you have just lived during peaceful times, you do not know the feeling of a life or death experience View More

mikael_hg: OK, now the story is just going full childish retard.

True Space Mage · C52
2 weeks ago
Let me tell you one thing, protecting your own life by helping the villain is better than dying trying to be a hero, and he didnt go to it immediatley, he had debated it and griefed until he broke and thought he had to, so either stop trying to call me idiotic and think about it seriously, would you help your friends killer if it was the only way you would survive long enough to have your revenge? or would you cower as you die in the same hands that killed your friend? View More

Kailour: Let's say that I believe you, which I don't, but I'll humor you anyway. What does that have to do with anything? He is assisting a person that is DIRECTLY responsible for his so called friends death. He BARELY hesitated on deciding to help him. That is horrendous writing, period.

For the record you might wanna ease off on your idiotic replies. I don't care even slightly about what experiences you pretend you've had on the internet. We are talking about the novel, not you.

True Space Mage · C52
2 weeks ago
no... you dont... long hair is a nightmare and a mess to clean View More

Newsourpatch: Nice **** i wish i had long hair like cultivators or like venerable white from ccg

Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C12
3 weeks ago
i have that <3 View More

ThAnus: And i want a cute asian trap to dick all day... But we can't have everything in life now can we karen

Trap System (18+) · C16
3 weeks ago
Have you ever killed someone? No i didnt fucking think so

well i have and it still fucking haunts me to this day, i am telling you this WITH EXPERIENCE, SO YOU BETTER NOT TALK SHIT View More

Kailour: Dog you say some of the stupidest **** I've ever seen as well, I'd really prefer if you didn't reply to my comments on novels I don't read anymore, especially if all you have to some is some stupid **** like this. Save us both some time.

True Space Mage · C52
4 weeks ago
HAHAHAHAH, BULLSHIT, ive been depressed for 4 years, yet ive been told many times that ive been of help to other people who are also depressed, where the **** does that saying come into play here?

Im still broken, yet ive helped people put themselves back together View More

MerLo2018: You can't help others if you, yourself are not well. So Wang Ling better get to the rigth level to help your little sister

Celestial Peak · C3
1 month ago
money isnt the one that made his heart rot, its his continued successful experiments that made him proud, his heart hasnt rotted, he has just grown up to be arrogant because of his SELF MADE achievements View More

unIDedTypingObject: I was sticking to the story because at least the MC had his heart in the right place.
I guess it's realistic at least that money made that heart rot.

True Space Mage · C124
1 month ago
i have 2 boyfriends and a girlfriend myself so i can agree with that sentiment View More

pokeperson1000: Holy ****, her parents f*cked like rabbits...

Well, either that, or her parents believed in the “love should be free” ideology and she has a very extensive list of people who are in a conflict-free love dodecahedron in her parents’ generation.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C28
1 month ago
IT IS THE EXACT FUCKING OPPOSITE, he has too much common sense compared to you, living another day to get revenge at a later date is better than dying and never getting revenge View More

chippydaley26: I am having doubts as well in continuing this novel, is it lack of common sense or morals that you are willing to get help from a person who wronged you? Being forced to help is a better plot device for me than willingly going to the person who killed your friend. Going to the "Borders" might be a better option.

True Space Mage · C52
1 month ago

Kailour: Why is it like this in Original Novels every time. They always start off strong, but 1 arc later the MC makes the most disappointing choices he could possibly make in any situation. This non thrill seeking MC who loves peace, and actively avoids trouble inserts himself into a situation he never should have, and if he stayed true to his character none of this would have happened. He agrees to help the person who is 100% responsible for his supposed "friends" death. While said "friend" was dying, he stood in the back doing absolutely nothing, not even using his fancy useless sword magic to slice or deflect the projectiles. I had high hopes for another mage novel, but I give up on this one.

True Space Mage · C52
1 month ago
this is the most human decision ive seen made by an mc, and you dare call it childish and retarded?
then let me correct you on that, YOU are the one that is childish and retarded View More

mikael_hg: OK, now the story is just going full childish retard.

True Space Mage · C52
1 month ago
you are completely stupid arent you? The Thunder King has schizophrenia, he hears voices in his head giving him ideas, and just because he is the strongest, doesnt mean he is the fastest View More

Kailour: The Thunder King is apparently the strongest mage in the last century? Why didn't stop his underlings from killing Ron then? It should have been as easy as blinking according to him.
And yet it is actually a choice for the MC to help the Thunder King? There is thought and deliberation happening about this? If he decides to help the person who is completely responsible for his "friends" death then there is no reason to continue this novel.

True Space Mage · C51
1 month ago
you are the one that is truly stupid, This MC is more human than any other mc on this entire fucking platform, except maybe Eisen, if he chooses the Thunder King, then he is human, for he is striving for his survival, and playing the long game for his revenge View More

yaners: If he choose the thunder king. Then MC is not human but a soul controled by the devil for plot stuff. He claims to be from earth but he is not selfish and not strive for an ideal future. He belives in opinion than fact. Its stupid.

True Space Mage · C51
1 month ago
human nature is inconsistent, if you were about to die, and the only way out for you was for you to let the killer of your friend leave, you would let him leave, but if the only way for you to escape was to kill him, then you would die trying View More

superkumaa: WTH so inconsistent, I feel bad for Ron sacrificing himself for someone who weight benefit more than relationship, thunder king can just go to hell, oh, dropping this one, I feel so bad after reading this chapter, dunno if it would be better in the future, I just don't want to read about that thunder king

True Space Mage · C51
1 month ago
not to the academy, to the association, and they agreed to his condition of 1 year before going to work View More

Sage_HiddenBear: He was supposed to work for 5 years for the academy as part of his scholarship agreement after he graduated. Instead he took off. What?

True Space Mage · C31
1 month ago
probably from magestone mines View More

HatoYin: So this mage stone and that mage stone....
Where ddo they come from? Is really a great mystery to me..

True Space Mage · C28
1 month ago
HE IS TAKING IT EASY, he doesnt need to be more cunning, smarter or more powerful, because HE SHOULDNT HAVE TO USE IT View More

frenchray1: Sigh, I thought the mc would be much more smarter, cunning, powerful than he is in his past. But unfortunately the author portrayed the same thing of other reincarnation novels which leads to downfall, which is the mc are being kept in the dark and also having another potential enemy that he doesn't even know yet. Well maybe the mc am looking for should be the one who will dominate his enemy either in fist or brain but the mc in this story doesn't really suit my taste, since the mc doesn't even realize what was happening why there's no one who look after him, and in this chapter why he didn't analyze the reason why a higher rank accompanied the others who installed/brought the capsule, that is already very suspicious and if he includes when the gang didn't look after him is already enough to understand something. Sadly this mc only has average brain. The early chapters are good however later on a sudden emergence of a man behind destroyed it, he reincarnated so it should be his time to be his highlights yet the author made him look like a weak and even added a variable that never mentioned in his past life whether it's one of those who helped the senator kill his wife. If author can't spice things up by the new variable he made then this novel will never be able to close the distance or even be comparable to other reincarnation such as Otherwordly Evil Monarch. But well, I hope you the best.

Sincerely, your reader who loves reincarnation novel

Fate Online: Shadow · C82
1 month ago
faster thinking, higher veratility, more flexability View More

darkoneko: "able to resist fire and water, and even grow out three heads and six arms. " BUT WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT THAT lol

The Brilliant Fighting Master · C5
1 month ago
i know, im regularly called kind (not my words as i dont think of myself as kind in any way) even though i swear like a sailor View More

Lunatic_Lucifer_13: Having a foul mouth doesn't mean you can't be kind.

A Journey Through... · C1
1 month ago
what is this? jojo's bizarre adventure? View More
Dual Sword God · C18
1 month ago
you do know that the japanese literally have a different shirt size system than ours, right? they quite literally have mediums the size of our extra small View More

7sins_Lord: 180 meter is tall. i don't want to hear it's a asian thing most tall people known are from those countries

Divine Talent Born Mortal · C2
1 month ago
he used his water meister class to coat it in a thin layer of water so that he could pick it up and throw it, and he is also like level 29^3 because of his overpowered abilities View More

Samuel_Harrison_7757: Anyone else want to know when the MC became so physically strong? He is only level 29.

Solitary Sword Sovereign · C53
1 month ago
because the ones FIRING the bombs are once more FASTER THAN WILL View More

ErozothDraeor: I dont get this, he is fast enough to avoid their wind bombs but not enough to get close? how does that happen? This seems to revolve around a lot of skills to make the battle look cool rather than practical

Solitary Sword Sovereign · C16
1 month ago
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