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Let one die please!!! View More
Supreme Magus · C219
9 months ago
wow i understand nothing View More
A Sorcerer's Journey · C140
9 months ago
I never imagined I would be dragged back here as a prison to be executed.
I think you mean prisoner View More
Empress of Another World · C112
11 months ago

secretAdmirer92: Translation Quality - 4 out of 5 stars
Stability of Updates - 5 out of 5 stars
Story Development - 1 out of 5 stars (0 is not an option)
Character Design - 1 out of 5 stars (0 is not an option)
World Background - 1 out of 5 stars (0 is not an option)

Combined score = 2.4 out of 5 stars which is quite misleading considering the actual quality of the story, which is non-existent.

All the characters are quite one-dimensional (as of chapter 92 which is as far as I could force myself to go), including the MC. I would be okay with this normally, but each character seems to fit into one of two or three categories. If you're going to make one-dimensional characters, at least vary the dimensions. Don't make 90% of them tropey, selfish, annoying, excessively dumb, privileged types, and the other 10% secretive, mysterious, conveniently selfless for the benefit of the MC types. Don't forget the random, deus-ex-machina superman who is both super handsome that his beauty would literally drive people man but is also conveniently an amnesiac that completely-by-chance meets the MC and imprints himself on her. By the way, everyone and their mother is trying to get revenge on someone or something. Weird way to motivate each person -_-. Don't forget that most of the male characters are super beautiful/handsome where the main thing that separates them is different color pupils or maybe their hair. There was a guy with peach clothes which I could appreciate. The girls had a small bit of variety which was at least a little better than the 'jadelike beauty' I am used to dealing with, but I couldn't paint a clear picture of anyone except maybe 2 persons.

As for story development, it was alright in the beginning: classic reincarnation from a bitter death that motivates MC to pursue revenge. I was cool with that. Like I said, little lame that everyone else is also wanting revenge on everyone and their mother for some reason, but whatever. The problem lies in that she draws attention from everyone and everything almost immediately upon reincarnation, and she never suffers for it. She claims to want a low profile, but does nothing to maintain one. And people keep making bets with her where she wagers little to nothing at all, and the other people swear their entire livelihoods. Completely outlandish, By the way, there's a lot of "I cannot explain **** to you because you're still too weak to learn about it" from many different persons which would be forgivable if it were one or two things from a single person. But every beneficial person to her is just keeping secrets for some reason even though they probably don't have to.

As for World Background, she went from one "mainland" to another, and I believe that means she traveled to a different continent, but despite that, we know nothing about any cities or kingdoms or their culture. There's some sort of royal family, but I don't know what the royal family is ruling over, maybe just have the name of one or two of them. There are sects, clans and businesses as well, but their true power/status is either shrouded in mystery or just said to be "this stronger than that" in an ambiguous/vague manner.

I think the greatest disappointment for me concerning this book is that the title and cover are great and the synopsis wasn't bad. It's rated 4.4 (at the time of this review) and read by so many people with many glowing reviews which misled me completely. I was quite excited to give this book a try and was completely disappointed by what I read.

Is this the worst thing I've ever read? No. But it honestly comes quite close. Should you read this book? Probably not. If I had infinite time to live, then I wouldn't mind wasting a few days to read this book because even though the plot and character designs are bad, it can feed my reading addiction. But considering I have a finite amount of time to spend reading books, in my opinion, it is a waste to use it on this one. If these categories improve in the later chapters, I don't mind someone replying to this post and telling me that. But if it doesn't, please let me know.

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort
1 year ago
when they are tier 8 they can use them View More

1RecklessMadReader: Who said rank 8 demon beast arent intelligent and cant use magic treasures? If you read "A Record of Mortal's journey to immortality" There is one chapter where demon beast can refine treasure item and early nascent soul cant fight them one on one. If this novel has the same world building like the others then its not impossible.

Lady Cultivator · C108
1 year ago
the tier 8 are no more powerful at tier 8 they can change in humanform so you can they they are even before lvl 8 humans are stronger becuase they have magical instruments and are more inteligent View More

1RecklessMadReader: If nascent soul came out. Those level 8 demonic beast would also come out and make the battlefield more chaotic. And although level 8 demon beast is only equal to early nascent soul, they were more powerful than a human cultivator and just one would need at least two early nascent soul to kill one. And the most horrifying of all is that level 8 demonic beast can transform into humanoid form which is harder to kill than their original body which is big and easy to hit.

Lady Cultivator · C108
1 year ago
nope there are 7 gates and the demon beast attack most the gate who are special on alchemie and they are really argogant so the other want give them a thinking chit so no help and there demon beast at rank 8-9 too View More

pliszka: Why almost all Core cultivators are gathered together? I can think about two possibilities: there is no decent command structure, so a wide council us used instead, OR, it is not to take a decision but to get volunteers for a particularly risky action.

Lady Cultivator · C108
1 year ago
nope it s something else

-----Mini Spoiler------

She will meet someone View More

daoies: I hope Tiange can harvest fortune and luck during this war...like having some demonic beast materials and lucky event like accidentally fall in ancient tombs or ruins...etc...

Lady Cultivator · C107
1 year ago
and what chance it s cheat time View More

Pharmakeus_Ubik: Of course Tiange will have to go, having the dreams happen at a distance is unsatisfying, and doesn't offer her any good fated chances.

Lady Cultivator · C105
1 year ago
nope and yes :))) View More

Tidy_nerd: I hope the Ye Jingwen isn't killed off and that the missing people haven't become spirit beast food 😧

Lady Cultivator · C105
1 year ago
no worry her cheat will come soon + i name the next arc from trash to heavenly genius View More
Lady Cultivator · C104
1 year ago
The content has been blocked
Lady Cultivator
1 year ago
I think, i should wirte a warning i finshed the raw and the ending let s say it goes against the sole porpose of the novel View More
Lady Cultivator · C103
1 year ago
Naa after this chapter this pill will never be mention again therefore ........ View More
Lady Cultivator · C101
1 year ago
Want some small Spoiler... Romance Starts at Chapter 283 View More

ayanosuke01: I'm excited to know how she'll find out about Master Shoujing :D ...it doesn't seem like Qin Xi is trying to hide it on purpose but based on his personality, he's just a quiet type who doesn't see a need to explain himself. Others who know this just seem to roll with it knowing how he is :D

Lady Cultivator · C99
1 year ago
Nuke they!!!!!!!!!!!!! View More
System Programmer · C0
1 year ago
Same idea, behause Shin has his Fish Spirit and is from the direkt line he would be accepet with Open Arms View More

dragon_god1: Can't they just go to Lancelot Republic??

Spirit Immortal · C195
1 year ago
genius move author View More
Quick Transmigration: The Villain Saving System · C78
1 year ago

sanguine: Author... why are you making (almost) everyone with protagonist auras either filthy bitches or dumb bitches a diversity would've been good

Quick Transmigration: The Villain Saving System · C76
1 year ago
should be that more attributes = harder to cultivate = more ressourcen, + lowly level cultivation world which is = low level ressourcen and technigen View More

Punzelle: Wow that’s different less attributes is stronger cool 😎

Accidentally Married a Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife · C16
1 year ago
I think the author forgot a really good/ theorie against the church, which is
David's theory of evolution (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Darwin) View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C354
1 year ago
Ok super ideas and top stories only by the last story i think she was to stuipd look what i mean with his is she has/is
-Heavens Top beauty
-Has high Cultivation
-Top background
-massive wealth and treasure
- a mini jade emperor as bodyguard
- extrem long lifespan

Now the question;
Why finshed the quest and don t enjoy that.
What want you more?? View More
Quick Transmigration: The Villain Saving System · C25
1 year ago
If he goes on in this tempo then in the next 3-5 Years the first nuke is ready View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C348
1 year ago
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