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Pvdro: One of the fanfics i wish had more frequent updates, I hate how fanfics work, most fanfics with lots of updates are sh!t but the ones that are good either get dropped or have almost non-existent or slow updates.

Love Fest!
12 hours ago
I feel like reading one paragraph View More
The Black Market · C33
1 day ago
4th View More
Gate to the Multiverse · C40
2 weeks ago
Wow.... Very nice View More
Luna's Story · C0
2 weeks ago
I like milk the most View More

jay9626: Your writing was actually one of the better ones. Just gotta take more time to figure out what you want each character to be. As for your other problem, well maybe you shouldn’t put trees in cups? That may help.

[DROPPED]Lost Amongst the Stars-A Marvel Fanfic · C85
3 weeks ago
Maybe he will go to marvel View More

Ruined_Leprechaun: Why the hell did you choose him?? You had Lucy, a person who reached the peak capabilities of a human, being omnipresent and omnipotent, who could learn anything in an instant and also SCARLETT JOHANSSON....while the other is a scientist who reached where he is by dedicating himself in the field of computer and neurology for his entire life...and not to mention, the MC himself said that the laws of every universe is different...that means he has to learn everything from the start....this doesn't make sense...

Gate to the Multiverse · C25
1 month ago
Modified mind make story meh... View More
Gate to the Multiverse · C22
1 month ago
Hah....unnecessary plot View More
One Piece: Harem King · C30
1 month ago
Dab cuk View More
Synthetic Survivor: Machine Age · C26
3 months ago

animes_vitions: You writing needs work, seems like to me that you are writing this on your phone so before you post the charpter review him and fix the mistakes, and just one more thing, don't make some useless history like how he was reborn a bunch of times, that's useless

The Strongest Samurai in a Naruto World
3 months ago

zswaleh: if I traveled back 3 years ago. I will not focus on the game super hard. just enough to earn some good money. I will not try to be no.1 player cuz I believe if you failed once when all was fair then you have no right to say you are the best player with 3 years of ahead knowledge. Hell, the thing I would focus would be earning money in the real world as you already know the future. OOh, wait we are talking about an otaku gamer so no chance they know what the stock prices are. So nevermind my rant but I would just be content being a merchant and making money and selling information for astronomical numbers instead of doing the same F***ing grind. Peace out.

Sword Among Us
3 months ago
Reading Status: C1
Please write it till ENDGAME
GIGIGIGIGOGLHKVKVKVKKVOJPHKVKVIBIGIGIGIVIVKVKVKVIVKVKVKVKVKVKVibhjjjjjjjjjjjjjjzxtxycycufufufifucucucycucicucicicicucu View More
Absolute Stealing
4 months ago

LIX: At this point the cover should just be the planet exploding.

Conquering Danmachi World with Isekai powers · C0
7 months ago

LIX: At this point the cover should just be the planet exploding.

Conquering Danmachi World with Isekai powers · C0
7 months ago
Hey... Watch Avengers endgame View More
I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic) · C46
7 months ago
Basically he still human View More
The Gamer's Apocalypse · C32
8 months ago
Fantastic four View More
The Geared Immortal · C0
8 months ago
Fucking cliff... Need mass update View More
Doomsday Pillars · C48
9 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife · C1
9 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
World Domination System · C1
9 months ago
Emmmmmm... Who stark...? View More
A Warrior's Path · C199
9 months ago
To much unnessary filler View More
End of the Magic Era · C48
10 months ago
No ball View More
anime system reincarnator (rewrite) · C17
10 months ago
What the answer View More

Dank_god: One of my classic Jokes

If an average man walks 5 miles a hour and the store is 15 miles away the how it take my dad 15 years to buy milk?!

End of the Magic Era · C34
10 months ago
Itachi use genjutsu domain View More

baws_slayer86: Is nobody going to question how the hell they saw a freaking flashback

Cool Anime System II · C0
10 months ago

cocorop2002: There is Terror infinity: restart if you want a Terror infinity fanfic

11 months ago
Cadar bukan hijab... Ngaoain orng china pake hijab...? View More
Infinite system in ATG · C15
11 months ago
Hahaha.... Indo lagi.... Moga aja konsisten View More
Grimoire User in Marvel Universe · C1
11 months ago
If you drop this..... I will find you....i will "ORZ" you... Hahaha View More
Ninja's Can Be Heroes Too! · C2
11 months ago
give me update schedule please View More
Fanboy's Research Harem · C4
11 months ago
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