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I expected something to come disturb them but definitely not that.
Time spares no one, but I guess being able to die of old age is a testimony of his power (it's not an easy world to live in). View More
Demon's Virtue · C76
4 days ago
I expected some time skip, but really not that much immediately. Still, I am curious about everyone's progress. View More
Demon's Virtue · C74
4 days ago
Not sure I understood everything but it was interesting and very well done development. The only complaint that I have is that there is no surprise, we already know what where Icrin will go and what all the hindsight he will have. Since we already know that, the new detail here don't seem plot relevant, and we still don't see what that has to do with the evil cult.
Those are good chapters, but they would be more at their place in a 'bonus' section than in the main storyline.
That makes me think, why did granpa explain all the hindsight in detail to Rentaro? They don't even teach it to their own younglings before they awakening. I would understand explaining the role they have for the village and general ideas about the insights but nothing so specific...

Still, despite its flaw this is the best summoner story I read so far, I hope to read more of it. View More
The Summoner and Contractor System · C27
1 week ago
Well, took their time! Still a good chapter though.
The Soul Contract did a lot less damage than Roy's, how come? Because of the seal? View More
The Summoner and Contractor System · C22
1 week ago
I have yet make an opinion about the character, but I liked his introduction. View More
The Summoner and Contractor System · C20
1 week ago
It's a good informative chapter (I was afraid it would be an info dump) but I feel like their relation with Icrin evolve too fast and easily. They had interactions but their feelings didn't change much (if it was implied or hinted I didn't see it) but suddenly they feel "warmth and closeness".
The same apply with the Elder, but they had more interactions and he helped them a lot, s it is easier to accept. View More
The Summoner and Contractor System · C14
1 week ago
I like the setting and characters, but I can't help feel like things happen too smoothly. There is still no antagonist or clear/definite goal for any of the protagonists, and despite it being several since Rentaro's arrival we still don't know anyone on anything from or about the village (or very little). Things like the village's daily life, what they think of Rentaro...
It may not be plot relevant, but not even glancing over it after that long makes me fear the stetting and story will stay bland and/or unidimentionnal. View More
The Summoner and Contractor System · C11
1 week ago
Well, that's some quick trust they have in this village. View More
The Summoner and Contractor System · C6
1 week ago

ExodusGaming555: You know that a book is good when you see that the author is DiceVR. Fyi he was the creator of "spending my retirement in a game", one of the best novel i have read to date.

DiceVR is an author that was famous for it's roller coaster emotional ride that we get from reading his book. Not to mention he created a world that is very realistic and logical yet very likeable that some if not all reader can relate to.

Each character have their own traits and flaws that we as a reader can see so clearly that i sometimes wonder if it's author personal life experience. Very similar to how every character in one piece have a flaw that drive them forward.

Overall even though i never read this book, you can bet i'll read it as it is a book that have a high potential to enter on the list of best books i've ever read.

Demon's Virtue
3 weeks ago
I thought so too, but Gard's behavior made me think he never met one but had the card for very long.
Plus, I would think new owners would be notified, like about <the devil>. View More

ImmovableFish: Like how Stand users attract other Stand users.

I guess that's the principle used here.

Demon's Virtue · C53
3 weeks ago
I am not surprised the blind lone traveler is that powerful, but card owners seem to be a lot easier to come by than I infered. View More
Demon's Virtue · C53
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C52
A very original and incredibly well done piece. It's the first time I give 5 stars to all points for a story.
From the type of story I expected MC's uniqueness to be rushly explained if at all, but that was not the case at all: it is an actual full character development.
Some parts feel just too lucky or timely to be natural, but they are few and easily overlooked.
I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone who like this genre. View More
Demon's Virtue
4 weeks ago

Tanmay88: A great book, wonderfully written, absolutely intriguing. Love the way the characters are given a proper personality and the way the story progresses. Hope you keep updating like you always do.. Hope to read a lot more in this book... I have really high expectations for thia

Demon's Virtue
4 weeks ago

TrumpetBear: This is a book that offers the taste of REALISM as what we would expect in having a Monster(namely an Imp) as the Main Character in a fantasy world. The story, so far as what I've read, is about the MC's gradual development to an intelligent being, struggling to survive in an unfavorable environment. As he slowly learns the workings of the world, he is again and again faced with new questions and obstacles that he needs to address in order to improve himself and to demystify his purpose of existence.

Demon's Virtue
4 weeks ago
This novel is truly unique and awesome. View More
Demon's Virtue · C52
4 weeks ago
That was incredibly inexpected. I am now officially sold on this novel. View More
Demon's Virtue · C17
1 month ago

Jacktastic: Lu Shu should have said "I got it for 5 dollars! He said he was only overcharging ugly people!"

Spare Me, Great Lord! · C247
2 months ago
Reading Status: C10
Very promising story, a lot of potential.
The setting and characters are introduced fast and effectively, the characters and plot evolve naturally although some parts seem a bit fast or flipped through.
Definitely a good read if you like anti-heroes and the super-hero genre. View More
Parasite:The Ultimate Antihero
3 months ago
I didn't expect that type of character development for the parasite (really looking forward to his name though), it's an excellent surprise.

Interrogation alone at this hour, that's suspicious. Seth should now but still let her in. Maybe related to her exit? I am really curious about the next part, I hope it is not cancelled. View More
Parasite:The Ultimate Antihero · C10
3 months ago
Also, if Noelle could tell Billy would be there at that moment, shouldn't she also know about "White" and the raid? She should have at least warned him it would be a business deal even if she didn't know who the other party was. View More
Parasite:The Ultimate Antihero · C9
3 months ago
We got a good idea of Seth's power, and wow he means business!
I didn't think he would handle them so easily, but it's really hard to take the MHD seriously now. I mean, they are trained agents and they have almost low discipline and they are scared easily. Even if no metahuman eats his victims (which would kinda reveal a lot about the world) at least the leader should be able to keep/get back his cool better than that. But I guess they could just be the bottom agents and Billy was not as much of a big deal as I thought. Judgement pending.
So, why did he run like that? He tought about the briefcase so I guess even when in "that state" he still has his head screwed straight, (which shows interesting development of his control) so I figure it was because of the powerful MHD agents coming this way, but then it should be mentioned. We have no explanation about why he left the scene when he was totally in control of the situation. View More
Parasite:The Ultimate Antihero · C9
3 months ago

Aleshar: Great story so far, keep fleshing out the characters, some backstory of the parasite was it created did it evolve that sorta thing. introduce a nemesis basically someone who hurts but improves the mc. Other than that you do you author your vision your story *thumbs up*.

Parasite:The Ultimate Antihero · C8
3 months ago
I expected Seth to just run in without a plan, so I am glad for this unexpected character development.
Seth made a whole personal fighting style in just a month? Wow, he really is a genius. View More
Parasite:The Ultimate Antihero · C8
3 months ago
Seth actually takes off against a level 3 metahuman like it was no big deal!? I like his character development despite the time jump, but now he seems presumptuous. I am looking forward to this fight. View More
Parasite:The Ultimate Antihero · C7
3 months ago
I may be nitpicking, but I would have liked to see the first fight against a metahuman (how he reacted, how hard it was, what level of power he is now, that kind of things).
I hope he is not using his personal phone to contact Noelle. That makes me think, it would be good to see what kind of precaution he takes to hide his activities. Hiding drugs in a safe under his bed doesn't really scream discretion.
If Noelle could find such a guy that easily she can't be an ordinary person, that's for sure. View More
Parasite:The Ultimate Antihero · C7
3 months ago

PatientZero: It will be interesting to see if the symbiote starts to learn or gain 'humanity', for lack of a better word, either from Seth, from obseving people, or mabey even it's own romantic interest could lead it to that result.

But I digress, thanks for another chap.

Parasite:The Ultimate Antihero · C6
3 months ago
I get what you tried to do, but the excuse of "time set us apart" don't apply if they stay neighbors. You should make at least one of them move away before coming back to university.

Never saw a bully run off so easily before. View More
Parasite:The Ultimate Antihero · C6
3 months ago
Also, good world development to show how biased the media are about "heroes", and weird that they didn't realise it was the same beast that before (not many corpses end up in that state, i'l sure).

And in the end, did Seth transform back? He went home on foot, but at least his clothes would be easily recognisable. View More
Parasite:The Ultimate Antihero · C5
3 months ago
First inconsistency: the parasite was eager to be accepted so that they can become one, but now he wants to dominate Seth and it seems it was his goal all along, to be the only one in control. If he lied about that, why was he so straightforward about the rest (that made it harder to gain Seth's trust in short term)?

I was a bit confused about how they went out, but re-reading the last chapter I realized the parasite forced the transformation and magnified the hunger, which made Seth act besides himself before they even went out. It was still Seth in control even when they were running from roof to roof. I don't know if it is a problem of narration or language, but you should make it clearer, like... what was his idea by going out at that moment? It was because of the hunger but he still didn't want to feed. I still don't get it.

Lastly, excellent way to introduce a future conflict/plot pushing engine. Reaping what he sowed, it is probably the best thing to do for an anti-hero. View More
Parasite:The Ultimate Antihero · C5
3 months ago
No one to talk to? What about the MHD? They are not as good as people seem to think but they should be qualified to help him, right? For better or worse... View More
Parasite:The Ultimate Antihero · C3
3 months ago
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