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  • I'm a family guy. I like to watch soccer and read. I've been doing a bit of writing because I can't find anything I want to read. Guess we'll see how long that lasts.

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Original Works

  • More Danger

    More Danger


    This novel has been moved.

  • Exodus: The Assassin's Path

    Exodus: The Assassin's Path

    Video Games Harem


    "Log-On Tap." TAP Interface Acquired. Synchronizing character data..... Welcome Back Q, find your path! A secret Assassin class hidden deep, passed down to him from a mother who loathed his existence. An unrivaled fodder racing against time to save his childhood friend. An NPC uprising with Q leading the way. This has a lot of 'Life' aspects, a sizable portion of it takes place in the real world.

  • Exodus: Disconnected

    Exodus: Disconnected



    This is an Exodus Novel, the third in the series. This particular story is stand-alone and can be read by itself. This should be considered a fantasy story rather than a video game, many of the gameplay elements have been removed as part of the plot. Darwen is your typical 20 years old. If by typical you mean a stage four terminal cancer patient who stubbornly refuses to die. With his body wasting away he gets a chance to continue living. An old man offers to pay for his consciousness transfer to a failed game, however, there is a catch. There is always a catch.

  • Unlikely Alliance

    Unlikely Alliance


  • Exodus: Guns & Gore

    Exodus: Guns & Gore

    Video Games


    This is a Sequel if you didn't read Exodus: The Assassin's Path, you will certainly be lost. This is the second story in the Exodus series. QJ takes over as the MC. In order to prove he's ready to take on Gun & Gore, QJ agrees to attend the Exodus Academy. Plenty of laughs, romance and of course action to come. While the foreword and first chapter have already been in a rough draft, the plot is still being developed. Regular daily releases should start next month sometime.

  • Phoenix Phire

    Phoenix Phire

    Video Games Smart MC Adult Content Fantasy World


    Nicholas Phire was sentenced to life in prison without any possibility of parole. Because of the mercy of a lonely prison guard, a new world is presented to him. Nix finds himself in the Virtual World of Colonial with a hundred-year assignment as Lifestyle player in the Gladis Hub. Will Nix stay in the remote village located on the polar Ice Cap? Or does adventure await for the man whose life was supposed to be over? For now, I am releasing daily chapters of 1500-2000 words. Follow us on discord! https://discord.gg/rhFtf6Y


Thrakis: Mortimus is the Clan War Leader and the leader of the Ground Pounders. Morti's AE stun is called? (cue the music) Ground Pounder.

Phoenix Phire · C290
16 hours ago
The Breach Commander Menu gives options. If the battle was important or extremely difficult, the system awards participants. The Commander doesn't choose, he merely posts the results. ie, everyone gets 2-5 levels depending on contribution. The Breach Commander System keeps starts keeping track as soon as an ally is summoned. This will be fleshed out when Nix meets with the Breach Commanders again. View More

Panda_Daoist: How exactly do breach commanders give out rewards? Is there a cost for them?

Phoenix Phire · C209
2 days ago
I would guess that Mina and Nix will eventually have that daughter. View More

Panda_Daoist: Doubtful about the harem closing or the women I mentioned? I thought Mina and Nik’s relationship was moving forward after their illusionary family and the talks that keep getting put off.

Phoenix Phire · C186
2 days ago
doubtful... View More

Panda_Daoist: So the harem is closed now? What about Mina and Vooni???

Phoenix Phire · C186
2 days ago

Harlock: Very good!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍Very good!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍Very good!!

Phoenix Phire
2 days ago
It’s her history, when the game was released this had already happened. You can assume it was an all NPC guild View More

Work_In_Progress: Nope (disagreeing with my younger self). In a later chapter, NPCs can be added to a guild. As a guild member you would need to be mindful of NPC guild members. Better for a player to die for 39 minutes than the guild alchemist to die forever. Hyai had been in a guild long before meeting Nix...how long has this game been running? Was there an NPC guild which then invited players?

Phoenix Phire · C19
2 days ago
No, it was cake is the reply. Completely acceptable phrasing. I use it myself regularly View More

AquaMarini: not 'it was a piece of cake' but 'it was cake'...

Phoenix Phire · C19
2 days ago
Right... They will both get to skill level of 100, however the secondary damage output is 60 percent. It’s mitigated in damage. Max out primary and secondary skills. Ranger who has primary bow and secondary dagger will have them both at 100. However if the bow hits for 1k, the dagger hits for 600. View More

AquaMarini: the rifles level and wips level were 90 and 77 respectively... that is NOT a 60% difference...

Phoenix Phire · C16
2 days ago
60 percent, although it will max out number-wise, its damage will be mitigated to .6 of your primary path. For instance if you are primary rifle and secondary dagger, they will both read 100 when maxed out, however, If both weapons are similar- the second will do 60 percent of the primary damage. View More

AquaMarini: i thought the second combat skill could only be half of the first...

Phoenix Phire · C16
2 days ago
That book sounds vaguely familiar. View More

jrickards1994: When is Exodus: Guns & Gore coming off hiatus? I keep going back to reread it a lot.

Phoenix Phire · C283
3 days ago
He was thrown unexpectedly into a place that he had no knowledge of. It's literally been a few days. However, an objective is coming. View More

zPray: almost 10 chapters and so far nothing from the objective of the mc. characters also appear randomly and there are only girls in this world?

Phoenix Phire · C7
3 days ago
Shae is bound to the altar at the Fire Palace. No need to worry. View More

Red_beard: Am I the only one still worried about Shae? she isn't an immortal Spirit Companion as far as I'm aware.

Phoenix Phire · C283
3 days ago
Right Jun... when I'm tired I'll switch words that sound the same or repeat words in the same sentence. Even though I'm aware of the difference. View More

Jun_Zi: Come on Bo! Don't be unreasonable, I'm sure if you reread the story a few times, you'll find it.

Phoenix Phire · C283
3 days ago
Earlier Somewhere in the last 500k words? Or can you be more specific? I fix errors as I find them or as someone politely points them out. However, I don't have a search option, so... View More

SadKitten1: Earlier in the series you used squirmish instead is skirmish. Squirmish is pronounced squeemish and basically means restlessness.

Phoenix Phire · C283
3 days ago
All NPCs not directly involved in the battle were returned safely. Slight memory alteration to reflect Inferno losing instead of winning. View More

Forgefire: I really hope that aren't all dead and that the NPCs aren't truly NPCs. That's a hell thing to do to Nix!

Phoenix Phire · C281
3 days ago
What kind of background information are you looking for? His family history? Nix's personal history is filled in between chapters 80-95. As for NPCs, that is supposed to remain a mystery until the end, which is nowhere in sight. Thanks for reading and the review. View More

I_am_Titan: I'm only 26 chapters in, but the story really doesn't have enough background information at all. I'm confused a lot of times. The writing is fine and the English is decent, but the story progresses way way way too quickly for the first 26 chapters at least. This is probably because he was in a writing contest, and it really sucks. Damn it I'm still hung up on the lack of background information, I don't know if NPC's actually exist or not or what I have no clue I damn it I damn it damn it damn it damn it I'm confused right now lmao.

Phoenix Phire
4 days ago

Wolf_God: Loving it, but what will the NPC's think when half the population disappear?

Phoenix Phire · C280
4 days ago
Many of them didn't survive a recent re-edit. View More

TheronGrumps: Am I missing these sex scenes?

Phoenix Phire · C2
5 days ago
The hell are you talking about? The sex was edited out weeks ago. Yeah.. welcome to delete dumbass. Nice try. View More

Drury: The content has been deleted

Phoenix Phire
6 days ago
His body is in deep stasis and doesn't need nutrients. Unplugging him would lead to questions that Gladis doesn't want to answer. To put it frankly, a billion-dollar corporation isn't worried about one guy. View More

TheHermitKing: So, he is a direct employee of Gladis, and as he has failed to complete his first job, and he is now unaccounted for, can't they just stop providing his real body with food/nutrients? It seems a bit illogical to assume he can just get away from them with 0 repercussions. Of course, it's very early in the novel so they might explain this later, but its bothering me a bit

Phoenix Phire · C3
1 week ago
Correct, he was placed in the non-violent felon program that Gladis Corp started to craft objects in a VR world. View More

Daoist073768: Can sm1 tell me what is going on here... So he still in prison right... And now he inside a virtual reality.....??

Phoenix Phire · C4
1 week ago

btrulov: Bo I just want to say you are an amazing writer with a wonderfully beautiful twisted mind

Phoenix Phire · C266
2 weeks ago
They'll be a few chapters dedicated to Morti and how he ended up all alone in Shangri. View More

Jun_Zi: Where's my big bear? Bring Morti back?

Phoenix Phire · C265
2 weeks ago
Ummm... Right. Good day sir. View More

Work_In_Progress: Israel, circa 4AD, announcing the birth of God in human form. Reference the most published book in human history. Paraphrase of the passages can be heard in musical form in the Christmas song: Angels We Have Heard on High.

Unless there is a more recent credible reference I'm not aware of...

And people a mere 2000 years later often think of them as myth and fairytale. 30K years later, and everyone is all, "Oh, a human, right flat teeth." I would have expected more shock and awe at his existence, not just his instant builds. I'm wondering if there is a monument, or a programmed feature that makes them all easy at his existence.

"I grew up in the slums of Atlantis, fighting Mermen for lunch. It wasn't until my godfather, Kristopher Kringle took me to his northern factory that I met the Elves. Wait, you humans don't believe in Mermen or Elves? Look, these wings allow for flight, so, north pole is easy. Atlantis is harder to reach, but my godfather has the gear...he has all the nice toys. So, North Pole, then the sunken city? Hey, quit plucking my feathers."

Exodus: Disconnected · C6
2 weeks ago
Next chapter is mostly written, probably released today after I edit it View More

Drasna: 😆😆I knew it! Cliffhanger!! 😆😆

Phoenix Phire · C264
2 weeks ago
What official appearance of an angel are you talking about? View More

Work_In_Progress: I am amazed with how well they are taking the appearance of a human... The last officially recorded appearance of an Angel was approximately 2000 years ago on Earth. How would you react if a winged being appeared, casually informed you he was an Angel and then shared a drink with you? Angels to us, humans to them, except it has been 30K years. Earth doesn't even have a recorded history that old! Right this way, mr. Angel sir, the mayor and city council are most please to see you.

Exodus: Disconnected · C6
2 weeks ago
At the end of the day it’s a VR game meant for human players, the races for the most part have a programmed disposition to look favorably on players. The hybrids can be thought of as non-aggressive despite being in a war. Yes there was a lot of evolution, but this is still a VR game where he’s the “human hero” class. I don’t remember the doctrine since it’s been months since I shelved Disconnected, but the first humans were summoned. View More

Work_In_Progress: I am amazed with how well they are taking the appearance of a human... The last officially recorded appearance of an Angel was approximately 2000 years ago on Earth. How would you react if a winged being appeared, casually informed you he was an Angel and then shared a drink with you? Angels to us, humans to them, except it has been 30K years. Earth doesn't even have a recorded history that old! Right this way, mr. Angel sir, the mayor and city council are most please to see you.

Exodus: Disconnected · C6
2 weeks ago
It’s a pirate city... Calm the jets 🤪. There aren’t any kids there. View More

enrico_snipes: This guy burned a city to the ground to find one man XD what if there were children?

Phoenix Phire · C29
2 weeks ago
The first 30 chapters of this story was a contest story. It was one of those things where I was creating an MC that literally nailed everything. It was meant as a gag. The joke ended up being on me, the story gained some popularity despite the sexual ambiguity of the first 30 chapters. Thanks for reading as far as you did and for taking the time to review. I had considered taking most of those out but since its a premium story where I'm pushing out two chapters a day, I just don't have the time. Happy Trails. View More

lelouchy: So, uh, I only got through 14 chapters, but the main character is literally banging almost every female character he comes across, whether they be human or not. Sooo.... up to you if you 4hink theres some gold beneath this, crust.

Phoenix Phire
2 weeks ago
Even worse, Chiba is a foundation stone: Shae, Nix, Vooni, Rhylia, Chiba. View More

Forgefire: This isn't good since Chiba is one of the pillars.

Phoenix Phire · C256
2 weeks ago
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