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  • Legend of Zelda: The Mask Salesman

    Legend of Zelda: The Mask Salesman


    After being reborn sixteen years before Calamity Ganon's attack. I struggle to gain power to survive the impending catastrophe, and gain enough power to travel my favorite world unfettered. I do not own anything related to the Zelda franchise or Nintendo. I also do not own the cover image. Just writing a fan-fiction that, I have seen little of for fun.


The notebook maybe? View More

Alessan: A voice that was his? He couldn’t control it? What the heck?

Someone mimicking his voice, split personalities like the ring Dereck could have chosen or just a very very odd reminder from his spirituality?

Klein from the future? Roselle watching from the Astral World? Will Auceptin or Pallez Zoroast? Klein’s last incarnation before transmigrating? The former Fool who may or may not exist (Arrodes wants Klein to REGAIN his throne and Derrick mentioned the orb he initially used to connect to the gray fog was left behind by a former god in a different city state for his believers to pray with) or another high sequence Seer Pathway beyonder?

Crestet Cesimir who’s sword he touched and recognized him? Or perhaps someone else from Tingen like Leonard or even Daly?

Pretty shocking no matter what. Nervous and can’t wait for the big 800.

Lord of the Mysteries · C799
3 weeks ago
I think Klein’s believes that the “Captain” passed it down to Quilangos is powerful now. Plus it is always good to ere on the side of caution. View More

Alessan: I’m surprised Klein is willing to put so much effort into avenging that Interrogator. Especially since the Captain that killed him is almost certainly dead since Qilangos obtained Creeping Hunger.

Lord of the Mysteries · C783
1 month ago
How did Aucepin know that Klein was a nighthawk? Did Klein tell him and I forgot, or as a demigod of fate is it easy to see someone’s past. View More

Alessan: I’m quite curious how much this drop of blood is worth. 50000 pounds? More? Exceeding money? An incomplete Sequence 4 formula is worth 10000 pounds and is mostly useless, a complete formula would obviously be a great deal more. Generally speaking a formula and a single main ingredient are of about equal value. Next comes rarity, angel’s blood is oddly common but likely very difficult to access. Hard to say how important it is to the angel’s themselves and how much risk they take giving some up. It’s also unknown how useful it is outside of as a potion ingredient.

I guess we know way too little right not, I’m very curious what Cattleya will offer in exchange.

Lord of the Mysteries · C770
1 month ago

Alessan: Had some downtime at work today and ordered the Sequences I would pick if I ever have the chance. The closer to the top the more I’d prefer choosing it. Only based on the Sequence/Potions itself and not characters (no worries about True Creator, Hidden Sage, Etc.)

1. Seer
2. Secrets Supplicant
3. Mystery Pryer
4. Demoness
5. Sailor
6. Spectator
7. Monster
8. Hunter
9. Apothecary
10. Lawyer
11. Apprentice
12. Warrior
13. Arbiter
14. Reader
15. Bard
16. Sleepless
17. Marauder
18. Corpse Collector
19. Mutant
20. Criminal
21. Savant
22. Planter

If you’re bored reply with your own!

Lord of the Mysteries · C763
1 month ago
Aikido can very easily be made violent. Just watch Steven Seagal, but I get what you’re saying about the philosophy behind aikido being unsuited for slaughter. View More

DraconicEmperor: Aikido!? Really? One of the very few martial art that tries to prevent harm for both the user and the victim. A martial art that calls other arts 'too violent'. How the hell is that a good choice when going in the violent path! Just WHY?!

Supreme Magus · C1
1 month ago
Rich boi View More

TomoyaNagase: Bribes? What are bribes? 'tis is just a token of appreciation, I say! *discreetly pushes two crowns over the counter*

Lord of the Mysteries · C678
2 months ago

TomoyaNagase: Bribes? What are bribes? 'tis is just a token of appreciation, I say! *discreetly pushes two crowns over the counter*

Lord of the Mysteries · C678
2 months ago

TomoyaNagase: See this! I just gifted the story: Crown

Lord of the Mysteries · C678
2 months ago

TomoyaNagase: See this! I just gifted the story: Crown

Lord of the Mysteries · C678
2 months ago

SaintBookwormLich: 🤔I think maybe she's Rossell's daughter who Zaratul prophecy said she'll drift apart from his father and became a important figure in the mistic community... Well, it will be interesting because that will give her a reason to know more about learn to read Rossell's diaries and that would explain her choice of fashion wear... Anyway, that's just a possibility.

Lord of the Mysteries · C662
2 months ago
I think it would either take away his ability to transform from Sparrow, or revert him to his black monstrous form that is seen when he shifts.

I think it was mentioned when he first took the potion that his true body is black-clear humanoid slime, but I could be misremembering. View More

l3ee: Wait a second can’t Tinder also take Klein’s ability to be in disguise? Imagine crazy German Sparrow sudden becoming simple looking Klein in a fight shocking his opponent 🤣🤣🤣

Lord of the Mysteries · C659
2 months ago
Interesting, that could be cool, but if the original dies does the fake become real? View More

BlackKnight42: Interesting. I suspect Klein is talking with the clone who is archetypal good as the original version is pure evil. As such destroying the mirror will kill the clone

Lord of the Mysteries · C654
2 months ago

UnrivaledSolicitor: Ooooooooof. Go act as a demigod, they said. It’ll be safe and easy, they said. You’ll only have to deal with simple day-to-day matters, they said. They a bunch of lying fookers. 1 and 3/4 days in and he’s already killed Amyrius’ Mistress....Good thing Klein had the foresight to send Aston away before “Amyrius” had to commit fratricide. Huehuehue never a dull day with our favorite Faux-God.

Lord of the Mysteries · C628
3 months ago
I think the plan is just to nuke the ruins. You don’t need to enter it if you nuke it. View More

ResidentialPsycho: I'm worried about those Nighthawks... They clearly don't realize what's stuck inside those ruins. That said, I wonder how they'll enter, given how Klein, Sharron, and Maric collapsed the only viable entrance before.

Lord of the Mysteries · C621
3 months ago

Elite4Harmon: Klein's Story: action, adventure, Tragedy, horror, gore
Fors' Story: Slice of life

Lord of the Mysteries · C597
3 months ago
Slid right into those dms View More

GoodWithAToaster: Klein just figured out how to instant message a sequence 1 beyonder lol

Lord of the Mysteries · C591
3 months ago

burntpotato: “I already have a messenger”
Bone Messenger: *Dancing in spirit world*

Lord of the Mysteries · C584
3 months ago

PotatOS: During a tarot club meeting :

The Fool: "Cough... Cough...."
Everyone :??? (did we say something wrong?)
The Fool: " Cough cough.... Cough... "
Justice : "Mr. Fool, are you alright?"
The Fool: "I'm fine. I just caught a little cold."
Everyone : "..."
The Fool: "I went swimming in the ocean. It was cold."
Everyone : "..."
The Fool: "What?! I've got responsibilities!!"

Lord of the Mysteries · C584
3 months ago
Thanks for the imagine of the Bone Messenger doing the Orange Justice. View More

burntpotato: “I already have a messenger”
Bone Messenger: *Dancing in spirit world*

Lord of the Mysteries · C584
3 months ago
Exactly what a tsundere would say.

Note: Tsundere seems to be regressing after appearing to have shown progress. View More

CrossArk: I’m NOT LATE

Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C248
3 months ago
His character development is very interesting. Very rarely do you see a transmigrator so driven to return home and having difficulty adapting to a new world mentality wise. View More

Multipartite: On the one hand, I'm applauding the protagonist's game-character inspiration for acting. On the other hand, myself not seeing crossdressing as shameful (though unfortunate if an overly-burly body type visibly clashes with a clothing's strengths), I'm amused by that he's jumping through mental hoops to allow himself to keep thinking of something as shameful while simultaneously not finding himself doing it to be shameful. "Yes! It's like when I wore female clothes in a computer game, which I told myself would normally be shameful but specially wasn't because I wasn't using my non-game body to wear them! And now it's fine too, this would normally be shameful and unthinkable, but even though I'm using my non-game body it's okay because it's like when I was playing a game! Heaven forbid I consider or for a moment intimate that crossdressing itself might be acceptable even outside special circumstances. Evil chaotic horror-magic rituals? Murder, deception, corruption? All fine to dabble with. But crossdressing? Heavens no, even in this depraved and insane world there are some lines for which crossing would be going /TOO FAR/."

Lord of the Mysteries · C581
3 months ago

Multipartite: Hmm. Thinking about the protagonist's psychology, thinking now about a line in the previous chapter.

'In that instant, he got to know the real him a little deeper. He knew what things he couldn’t accept at all.'

"For the sake of yourself and the world, can you...drink horror-magic potions that do horrifying things to your body?"
"For the sake of yourself and the world, can you...kill people and monsters?"
"For the sake of yourself and the world, can you...hold yourself back from interfering with the deaths of innocents while you lack power to confidently do something about it?"
"For the sake of yourself and the world, can you...deceive several powerful people and wield them as a weapon against vast and terrifying conspiracy-organisations?"
"For the sake of yourself and the world, can you...sleep with someone you're not in love with?"
"Nope, let the world burn, I'm out."

Lord of the Mysteries · C581
3 months ago
It was mentioned in the Silky evolution chapter; the ability is his overlord trainer power( I think, that or his saint trainer power) View More

Unmortal: Since when GP can merge with anyone???

Monster Pet Evolution · C597
3 months ago
Fun Fact: The Tryptophan amino acid in turkey is what causes you to become sleepy, but you would have to eat around 10 whole turkeys to feel any real medicine like effect. View More

SilentByakko: Not to mention that he is so excited by turkey, despite its chemical effect of making people sleepy...

Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C246
4 months ago
It was mentioned to be an Ancient Ghost ship from the Solomon Empire. View More

Randompasserby: Not sure if it was actually his as in he built/named it to be honest.
I'm leaning more towards it being an actual artifact of the Solomon Empire and he's just inheriting it through luck or shenanigans.

**. Solomon is one of 4 ancient dynasty, while Sauron family is one of its retainers that now rules Intis iirc

Lord of the Mysteries · C574
4 months ago

Arch827: If you can dodge a spatial blade, you can dodge a ball.

Monster Pet Evolution · C591
4 months ago
Fallen Creator: Say my name!

Klein: F... F... Francis View More

Randompasserby: Insert Breaking Bad.gif here
Klein : Say my name!
Audrey : *excitedly* Yes Mr.Fool! 😁
Klein : uhh..ok, you're God damn right!

The script went wrong somewhere lol

Lord of the Mysteries · C572
4 months ago

Mr_Scary_Cat: You mean every single isekai main lead ever? His attitude is what is expected of a classic isekai webnovel. The carefree attitude with an innocent worldview with assholic tendencies, he is the embodiment of the trashy isekai main lead. Klein on the other hand is a breath of fresh air in this scene. Actively avoids dangerous things and is bothered by everyday mundane things, he is a much more relatable main lead than any of the isekai webnovel leads here.

Lord of the Mysteries · C567
4 months ago
At least you can still do the five fingered dance with your right hand. View More
Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release · C0
4 months ago
Our black market also sells services as well. Fake Id, Assassination, information etc.

Don’t look down on our black market! View More

Retsura: In our world, black market sell gun, drug, or stollen item.
In this novel, black market deal with herb, essensial oils, and charm...

Lord of the Mysteries · C562
4 months ago
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