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  • I am a distorted person in the sense that I view the world from a different perspective and can't view it any other way. I already realized I can't appreciate myself and places my self in the average.

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Original Works

  • In another world with omni system

    In another world with omni system


    Ryou Kaiser a fan of anime, manga and light novels unexpectedly arrived in another world due to single carelessness caused him to arrive at another world and only to discover within his body possessed Omni System. What will happen to him now?

  • Highschool DxD : Power of Humanity

    Highschool DxD : Power of Humanity


    A Highschool DxD fanfiction where the reincarnated mc stays human with 3 wishes

  • In one punch man with cheats

    In one punch man with cheats


    What would you do if one day you died and given a chance to be reincarnated in a world of your choice with cheats

  • Legend of the Wrought Iron Hero Emiya Shirou (blade of humanity)

    Legend of the Wrought Iron Hero Emiya Shirou (blade of humanity)


    Summary: "Losing everything, Gaining Nothing" such was the statement that echoed our lives, I wonder child of demons and dragons will you repeat the same mistakes that follows those with souls of swords? Or perhaps you will find the Everdistant Utopia that holds Salvation for all. AU & OOC! Issei Featuring many other elements from TYPE-MOON's works including but not limited to Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya, Tsukihime & Kara no kyoukai

  • The World That We Live In

    The World That We Live In

    History History World Reality Daoism Philosophy Duality Trinity The One The Five Great Elements Taosim

    Have you ever wondered how our world world works.Will you want to learn truth of this world until you discover it's mysteries Current list Volume 1: 1.Void 2.Chaos and Order 3.Chaos 4.Order 5.Samsara 6Life 7.Death 8.Yin and Yang 9.Yin 10.Yang 11.Nature 12.The Five Great Elements 13.Fire 14.Wind 15.Lightning 16.Earth 17.Water 18.History 19.Human 20.Choice 21.Emotion 22.Will 23.Body 24.Soul 25.World Volume: The Beginning 1. Prologue 2.Chapter 1 After finishing all the poems I will the story itself as the poems are what will shape my story so please be patient with me probably the setting will be on the age of philosophy (time of Socrates, Confucius, Plato, Aristotle and other philosphers) which the MC will go on journey around the world to spread and gain knowledge thus understanding the world that we live in

  • Reborn in shinobi world with library of heaven's path

    Reborn in shinobi world with library of heaven's path

    Fantasy Romance gender bender martial arts fanfiction philosophy

    A story of a man given another chance to live a new life as a female with library of heaven's path and other cheats in the shinobi(Naruto) world

  • My Own Philosophy

    My Own Philosophy

    Realistic Fiction Philosophy

    Exactly what the title says

  • Re: Philippines

    Re: Philippines

    History Male Protagonist Time Travel Contemporary Reality Philippine History

    A story about how a man who have traveled to the past and actively tries to change Philippine history for the better

  • Sage Of The Heaven's Path

    Sage Of The Heaven's Path

    Book&Literature Cultivation Sci-fi Mythology

    Transmigrated into Legend of the mythology genes with Library of Heaven's Path with Complete Heaven's Path Divine Art

  • Primodial Douluo

    Primodial Douluo

    Book&Literature Reicarnation Douluo Dalu Sword Art Online Cultivation Aspects LibraryofHeavensPath Chaotic Lighting Cultivation Dragon -marked War God Game Aspects

    A Douluo Dalu Reincarnation Fanfiction

  • Legendary Mech Designer

    Legendary Mech Designer

    Book&Literature System Sci-Fi Marvel DC Legendary Mechanic god eater Big hero six Zoids fafner Kado:the right anser

    Reincarnated in the Mech Touch as a girl with knowledge from Big Hero Six, Marvel, KADO:The Right Answer, Sword Art Online, Zoids with extra cheats such as Haki Training Manual (Includes all three types of Haki and how to awaken them) and Heaven's Path Soul Art(to raise her spiritual energy which is needed for her design philosophy and raising the x factor of her mechs) plus infinite amount of materials such as andamantanium, vibranium , uru metal and etc.

  • In dragonball world as a loli

    In dragonball world as a loli

    Martial Arts OP-MC Dragonball

  • Fake: Original

    Fake: Original

    Realistic Fiction Modern

    I will never claim to be the best nor the worst. Neither a Fake nor Original It will be fine after all I should only have my mind having no pride nor emotions. A distorted state of mind but can neither be classified as either sane or insane as it is based on logical and rational as pride have no place in this world as well as emotions as it is double edged sword that can bring harm or good so it will be better if I don't have them I'm alive yet dead on my mind so the best that I can do is living for the sake of living Having no goals, pride and a sense of purpose just like the reason or meaning humans exist Nothing at all having my friends yell at me "Is it pride or stupidity to not rely on your comrades if they are more suited for a role? Don't tell me you think it's right to take on everything upon yourself." Answering back with "Yes after all just because you're right it doesn't mean you are correct " Everything in this world is a contradiction that we all give our own meaning I am Zero just an average person neither talented nor ordinary never hoping to have achievements but having enough skills to have one at the very least that is what they told me so will you ignore this stranger ramblings or hear my story?

  • Strongest Master Teacher

    Strongest Master Teacher

    others System Cultivation Martial-Arts Dragonball Sword Art Online The 7 Deadly Sins Cultivation Aspects Dragon Marked War God Chaotic Lighting Cultivation The World Online

    You want to learn about cultivation Here Primal Chaos Formula You want to learn about soul cultivation Here Heavenly God Tactics You want have a Bloodline Here Dragon Transformation Method You want to be a martial master Here Battle Sage Origin’s Changing Character Formula You want to be fastest cultivator Here Instant Transmission You want to be the best blacksmith Here Unlimited Blade Works You want to be the best appraiser Here Structural Analysis You want to be the best ruler Here Five Emperor True Manual Here is the story of a transmigrator becoming the strongest Master Teacher teaching all sorts techniques rise to the top MC Appearance: CG Emiya

  • Mundo sa Aking Pangarap

    Mundo sa Aking Pangarap


  • Zero: Life is a dream and Dream is Life

    Zero: Life is a dream and Dream is Life

    Fantasy Reincarnation Adventure Cultivation

    "For all its worth life is a dream and dream is life " A paradox a lie yet the truth an Extremity of the Yin and Yang Life is a dream pertaining to the meaning of life as on how we perceive it and dream is life pertaining to the countless possibilities of what we can make treating two contradictory concepts as if they were one which is life which is reality and dream which is illusion supplementing each other allowing it to prosper its concept The philosophy and ideal that I have created much like the Aria of unlimited blade works describing how I view the world but unlike a reality marble that take that to the extreme mine is nothing more than a philosophy and ideal based on the concept of duality that I made my own At the very least that is what I thought you know as an ordinary guy in our society but unfortunately it is more than that realizing that I reincarnated in a cultivation world so I begin my adventure

  • My Life In DxD

    My Life In DxD

    Fantasy Romance Reincarnation ANIME

    An otaku is reincarnated in Highschool DxD with 3 wishes A world where the age of gods never ended with everything else seems possible except for the fact that humanity is the weakest race this is a story about how it rise to prominence

  • Magus of Possibilities

    Magus of Possibilities

    Anime & Comics Reincarnation Nasuverse CAD Reality Marble


    This fanfiction is only done for the sake of writing Forever a pale Imitation of the original If you don't want to read it then don't I'm not forcing you to read it You are free to curse whatsoever I'm not the best writer there is if you want to laugh then laugh Create your own fanfiction without a basis if you will and create a good one at that You are free to read this whenever you want It will be an anime crossover from anime to anime After I finished the Fate Part(Third Holy Grail War, Apocrypha, Unlimited Blade Works route)

  • Reincarnated in shadow hack as Li Yunmu's younger sister

    Reincarnated in shadow hack as Li Yunmu's younger sister

    others Reincarnation

  • Marvel's Mythological Genetic Sage

    Marvel's Mythological Genetic Sage


    Alexander Genesis transmigrated in Marvel Universe with complete knowledge from Legend Of Mythological Genes applying at Oscorp becoming the greatest biology scientist with his knowledge and becoming a hero


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