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Na he's going to create his own god domain you can tell he is going to be #1 power house on the current era lol View More

Frosty_wings: Yeah, they gotta nerf this. I dont care that he has a high god level bloodline. He is a 7 ringed soul sage, not even an 8 ringed soul douluo. Also he has incomplete battle armour which I doubt has its domain ability yet so shouldn't this technically be weaker than his completed 2 word set?????

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1236
6 days ago
Enter Tang Wulin in 3 word battlearmor that's more like 3.5 lol View More
The Legend of the Dragon King · C1234
1 week ago
They have done this to many series... View More

DziadekMiyagi: Stright to paywall? Fucking cunt move...

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1225
1 week ago

deadpoolpokemon: Hahahaha insta-rejected 😂😂😂

The Great Ruler · C1494
1 week ago
I'm thinking the same where he fights just because you are the winner doesn't mean you gain it. Watch it chooses Mu Chen because maybe there's a requirement which no one knows which is other than having the pre-requisite solar body you need heavenly animal type body within you which Mu Chen has both a dragon and Phoenix. It needs this to merge everything together lol View More

deadpoolpokemon: I wonder if he'll lose but the body will still choose him.

The Great Ruler · C1481
2 weeks ago
They forgot he still hasn't even his black and white clones...lol View More

deadpoolpokemon: Hell yeah! F*ck em up!

The Great Ruler · C1477
2 weeks ago
Do we get prizes for being top 3? Lol View More

madp1991: First

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1202
3 weeks ago
Another trump card View More

Dzack: Another upgrade

The Great Ruler · C1469
3 weeks ago
Is there a prize? Lol View More

seplasencia: 3rd

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1197
3 weeks ago
Best for his Phoenix and dragon body lol...time to have a feast while he's at it he can eat the other 3 weakling too yummy View More

Dzack: The final bird bos have come

The Great Ruler · C1463
3 weeks ago

Fiel_Kyelsei: The wait is over!!!!!
Now we wait again....
*proceeds to cry inside*

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1192
3 weeks ago
Who asked? View More

Gifflar: Someone asked for a mass release so the translator is stacking up chapters to release in one go. So we can't do anything but wait for him to release chapters we are waiting for

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1188
3 weeks ago

Cide: 5 Days and counting.... I'm usually quite patient but this is too much. Never been around for a mass release before but I hope it can make up for 5 days of missed chapters.

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1188
3 weeks ago
Sweet he can refine Fang Jing directly for his Phoenix and dragon body lol...you are my ***** and since you have 8 blood line including my Phoenix I shall inherit your super power hahahahh. I completed the 9 for you rofl View More
The Great Ruler · C1457
4 weeks ago
If you don't like than stop reading lol View More

Melonfruits_Lord: The author repeats the formula. The MC will go to all the places with trouble and reach just before something really bad actually happens and save the day. Lin Dong did the same. After he rescued Marten clan, he went to save his parents, then his wifu's clan, then etc. It's reached this part now.

The Great Ruler · C1454
1 month ago
It takes a different power for one to marry a powerful person...it's like celebrities marry ppl who no one here of or not famous. View More

Nurul_Abedin: Mu feng is so weak !! Kinda sad

The Great Ruler · C1450
1 month ago
Surprise surprise....need more of this View More
The Legend of the Dragon King · C1186
1 month ago
At least brother Lyu uses his brains lol...He will save his friend some trouble...Mu Chen mother hasn't even moved a finger yet. If she does millions of spirits lights containing arrays will butt fuk them all haha View More

deadpoolpokemon: Finally a smart person!

The Great Ruler · C1447
1 month ago
He doesn't even need to use the Budur name he can just state he is the head of the Mu Estate and on by the way this man you just hit his wife is the great elder of Budur Ancient sect...lol View More

deadpoolpokemon: An imbecile at its finest. Now the idiot is going to try and threaten the Budur Clan without knowing it. 🤣🤣🤣

The Great Ruler · C1443
1 month ago
Asian guys like to see white girls like white man marry Asian women lol View More

Wordsman: You know those 2 actresses are clearly not Asian right ?

The Great Ruler · C1435
1 month ago
An old flame? Lol...will we see little Mu Chen already lol jk View More
The Great Ruler · C1441
1 month ago
I say beat him the best compliment is your disciple has grown more powerful than you under his guidance. All his school mates now know why he is the leader of this generations shrek 7 monster haha...and you all thought you can catch up to him he just made the gap into a fuken cliff where you can't see the floor haha... View More
The Legend of the Dragon King · C1172
1 month ago
They should make a movie outta this fighting scene...someone like Kate Beckinsale *sp* (one that did all those vampire movies in tight leather) and I don't care for the boy...Natalie Portman can go for this too lol... View More

deadpoolpokemon: It's bout to go down *grabs popcorn*

The Great Ruler · C1435
1 month ago

deadpoolpokemon: It's bout to go down *grabs popcorn*

The Great Ruler · C1435
1 month ago

deadpoolpokemon: Bunch of naive old bastards

The Great Ruler · C1429
1 month ago
Time for a beat down nine pulse will wipe them clean lol View More

deadpoolpokemon: Bunch of naive old bastards

The Great Ruler · C1429
1 month ago
Me too I love forging chapters and I can't wait to read about his 3-word BA....It would kick was for sure View More

Beetow: I love this kind of chapters the most. I hope to see more Smithing chapters. And can't wait for Wulin's 3-word BA

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1151
1 month ago

Frosty_wings: 3rd word, write down those guesses.
Dragon. Moon. ???.
I'm thinking itll be related to his new titles so maybe golden?

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1150
1 month ago

deadpoolpokemon: Psh he came bc Mu Chen does whatever the f*ck he wants!

The Great Ruler · C1415
1 month ago

madp1991: Very smart move for tang wulin to accept zen hua proposal. Spirt pagoda controls spirit souls but without good blacksmiths to contribute to battle armor it means nothing. They'll just be regular soul masters. Furthermore more rare metals contribute to every mecha and military assets. Tang would have control over what is commissioned.

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1149
1 month ago
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