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And sadly the wizarding world lacks competition, or all competition is shut down due to less connections View More
New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C138
21 hours ago
His personal account is the bankrobbing money, he simply needs to do it again, his trust vault can only withdraw a limited amount, and cant access the family vault until 17 View More

Skepparn: wasn't he supposed to be filthy rich?

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C129
23 hours ago
The cup could be similar to the white phial from elder scrolls, or turn wine into a deaging potion (slowing down aging) or something to do with alchohol or potions, the locket i would assume something to do with the mind arts View More
New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C119
1 day ago
Sending memories similar to a video... nice View More
New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C95
1 day ago
At least he is using the scientific approach to magic to an extent, where other wizards shun the idea of muggles and science. View More
New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C46
1 day ago
As he would do it temporarily, the transfiguration will naturally revert back to normal eventually View More

Mystogrigen: Ummm... Correct me if I'm wrong, but you turn your skin into magically resistant basilisk skin, how do you turn it back? Remember, magically resistant.

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C43
1 day ago
If he is able to kill him, hopefully he can extract the rinnegan for later. View More
Journey of a Soul- A Naruto Fanfic · C28
2 days ago
So he is a male sakura hmm... hopefully he will have more chakra as he cultivated as a developing fetus. View More
Journey of a Soul- A Naruto Fanfic · C2
2 days ago

lelisPw: The MC practically killed his mother, taking more nutrients than necessary, as he was in the belly took her too, not giving her a chance to survive. This is sad...

Journey of a Soul- A Naruto Fanfic · C2
2 days ago
Momo should learn to create guns, throwing knifes and various combat weapons and other offensive,defensive, and auxiliary items View More
Spacetime Anomaly: MHA Fanfic · C51
3 days ago
The garganta like dimension portal seems to be used by the ototsuki rinnegan/rinnesharingan and is a kekkei mora, but i assume the rinnegan comes with its unique jutsu as mangekyou does for its original user, as nagato didnt use madara's limbo, and sasuke has a dimenional power in his rinnegan. So i assume its possible to use the jutsu with a rinnegan , but the user has to learn the hard way if it isnt a set jutsu in their eyes View More
Naruto: Road To Godhood · C0
4 days ago
Im curious if they went into their own past or an alternate tinelines past, similar to how naruto is in an alternate timeline rather than his original with no momochi siblings. View More
Naruto: Space-Time Lord · C41
6 days ago
In theory, might gais training should produce yang energy, and uchiha's should be more yin inclined, so the growth of chalra should be great, as i assume this version of narutoverse people build up chakra reserves rather than rely on what they are born with View More
Naruto: Road To Godhood · C3
1 week ago
I thought without yellow sun rays, kryptonians were not powered, unless he was around solar systems that had yellow suns. View More
An Oc in DC · C4
2 weeks ago
If his age is frozen upon becoming a vampire, wouldnt it be better to have an older body, or is it vampires here age, but slowly View More
Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C4
2 weeks ago
The wizarding world is a small closed community with individuals who hold too much power and influence, naturally they will get greedy, paranoid to hold their influence and positions, and deny change that lessens their grip over others View More
Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C2
2 weeks ago
Now i wonder if there will be a zombie apocalypse now that a hsotd character is introduced View More
Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) · C41
2 weeks ago
Is yui able to revert to her dragon form as well? View More
Golden Fox with System · C79
2 weeks ago
At least james isnt a bully, and if only the potters knew she is a literal ballbuster haha. View More
A Bend in Time · C99
2 weeks ago
Theres the warming charm, and cooling charm i assume older students and professors use, but do not mention to the younger students View More
A Bend in Time · C52
2 weeks ago
The most unsuspected would be hagrid, the m9st is dumbledore View More
A Bend in Time · C33
2 weeks ago
Possibly she was named after the previous Minerva View More
A Bend in Time · C21
3 weeks ago
Could be for fashion, or some things magic cant currently fix, or more convenient to use glasses View More
A Bend in Time · C19
3 weeks ago
True that dumbledore cannot be trusted, as he has a "greater good" philosophy, and moody is paranoid and cautious enough to deal with problems, and may pet dumbledore and co. Learn what they need to know, as Dumbledore has his followers never use lethal spells, and in turn usually killed View More
A Bend in Time · C17
3 weeks ago
Her presence has already affectes severus, so the main plot is diverged. Maybe amelia was a witch who took her chance to mysteriously "disappear" View More
A Bend in Time · C11
3 weeks ago
The original lily was more of an acquaintance than friend, she only was friends with him bevause they were the only magical kids in their neighborhood, she seen the abuse james does simply because he can or jealous and does nothing to help her friend, but to fall for the rich bully and look down on her former friend. View More
A Bend in Time · C3
3 weeks ago
I assume that either his muggle body is alive, or during his transmigration memories were sealed or removed or that the mirror of erised has other properties View More
Reincarnation: Draco Malfoy · C56
3 weeks ago
I would assume ramie would rather have his genitals back than his face. View More
Soul Magician at The Apocalypse · C64
3 weeks ago
Having the int stat unique to the gamer would help, as otherwise shikamaru would rival a bijuu due to his intelligence. View More
Gamer Naruto · C4
3 weeks ago
Does his kidou include the offensive, defensive, and support categories of kidou? View More
An Elementalist at Hogwarts · C11
4 weeks ago
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