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XiaoReiChan: This Su girl smells like trouble... 🤔 Even more than the annoying Ling girl!

Nuan Nuan, you mustn't let your guard down! Focus on your studies but make sure that you protect yourself, too.

This is only the first few days that they're apart but I already miss the fluffy moments between Mr. And Mrs. Mo. 😭

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? · C192
2 hours ago

Yuki_Uchiha: Well star corporation is actually belongs to wanwan so they will return star corporation to her and also this is where her new fiance will appear .. 😂😂😂 and he follows her everywhere and big Dipper got so annoyed by this fact that how can this fellow even think of marrying his sis Feng 🌹 well Big Dipper acts like a stupid but in reality he's an innocent kid who also had gone through something big but still he acts like nothing happened .. also big Dipper and seven star are childhood friends 🤗🌹

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1766
1 day ago

Jhude_Awil: Of course, y'all know that this assh*le Tang Zui, will regret everything in the end, by then it will be late!

But then again, since this is Novel, so expect Gu Mian to forgive him at the end since she would fall in love with him! 😏😏 Tsk, Tsk!! Y'all know, they're the tandem in this story! 😑

I just don't understand since they're going to end together despite everything! But why must made that kind of scenes? How am I going to grasped their 'Love' in the sooner future, when I'm witnessing this ruthless brutality! 😢😢

This scene is just, too much to handle! 😑

Good Morning, Mister Dragon! · C254
2 days ago

Yuki_Uchiha: Spoiler :- read if you want !!
So when the truth comes in light and everyone got to now that how Liang mengxin and that Butler killed ye yiyi's father and also everyone will know that she's not the daughter of ye family , that ex fiance of wanwan's approaches to her and says "you said you'll prove that I'm the right person for you, you still me everything you did for me right blabla bla" (something like this ) so then when they were at press conference ye yiyi tried to make a fuss and said that you are my sister how can you snatch my fiance n all bull**** (you all know how that ***** thinks highly of herself ) , at that time Si yehan goes to the venue where everything is happening , when she watches Si yehan she was in a daze at that time yehan puts his hand around his waist and says "girlfriend " , everyone one was bewildered at his statement , and start criticizing yiyi and his ex fiance who was claiming that she's a third party in their relationship !! When yehan and wanwan leaves the venue after going home she asks him straight forward question that "why did you change my memories "
Yehan says "you knew about this" after some silence he explains her but still don't tell her the truth and he asks wanwan to wait for him in China and don't go anywhere .. she promised him that she'll not go anywhere and wait for him .. after yehan left he still calls he still calls her with his Chinese number so it'll make her believe that he's still in China as well but all in his story he miscalculated one thing and that is he doesn't know that she already knows that she's worriless nie and also the citizenship of Independent state ...so when he explained her that he kept her in China to keep her safe and no one from Independent state can harm her , and they are married as well ... Well this about this "married " topic I'll tell you more !! In next spolier .. 😊 thanks for reading !! 😄

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1763
2 days ago

Tigerbubble: This book is 2nd installment for the 7 great gentlemen/8 great families. So Yan Bei Cheng is the 2nd from other 7 who has girlfriend. 1st one is Qi Chengzhi and 3rd one will be Han Zhouli.
Cannot wait for them to meet with their respective partner 😬

The President is Being Shameless Again · C59
3 days ago

ladyluck6449: At least SZ knew that she bought the house from the card he gave her for 8,000,000.

Hello, Heir · C304
4 days ago

maelenitagan: So much of interrogations.... they should just show the design to Nainai... to prove that she did not steal it because it's her design... 🙄

Hello, Heir · C304
4 days ago
it is Nainai's design drafts right.... View More
Hello, Heir · C302
5 days ago

broken_bumpkin: GX abd BD found a best friend in each others arms😂😂😂

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1742
1 week ago

Flow07: I was really hurt to see some readers of mine stealing my work and using it to earn money out of it/ I think I told everyone clearly that I started writing to achieve my dream. I want to study and stand in my own feet and don’t wish to get married at such young age. Many of my readers of older than me and I’m pretty sure that those who are stealing my works are older than me.

Since my work is being stolen, 80% of my income is lost. In total, my loss every month is 700 USD. 

I am gritting my teeth and being patient to be with my family and I’ve to fight them almost every single day. It takes lots of mental pressure to stay cool and keep writing. I’m planning on leaving country next year and study abroad. But I need 7000 USD in advance. I don’t even have 2000 USD in my bank account.

I don’t have anyone to support me and this novel is the only thing that is keeping me alive.

If I can’t get 7000 USD within December, it will be pretty impossible for me to achieve my dream next year and I have to interest to loaning money from bank. 

The story became premium in October 21, 2018 and the sealing started from December. Almost 12 months. 12*7000 = 84,000 USD that I lost because of the stealing.

I already missed my chance to go abroad this year because of money issue. If I can’t go next year, my parents will force me to marry. If that happens, I’ve no desire to live anymore. I cannot become a permanent servant of a unknown family and have kids.

Just because of some Readers of mine stealing my work…

We never met. I did nothing wrong to you. At least I took you to the fantasy world and entertained you. In return, what did you do? If you like my work, then share my story and make others interest to read in Webnovel. Why are you harming me when you gave you a novel that you can enjoy?

I want those websites to take down my novel from their sites. I won’t upload any chapter till they do so. I’ll keep my eyes on you.

Dearest Readers, those who really love my work, can you report those sites who steal my work please? I badly need money and I don’t want to get married. So PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C789
1 week ago

Nafdi: I know Li Zhenzhen was wrong but this chapter made me deeply uncomfortable! I was taught to either take revenge in equal measure or to forgive and move on. With strong emphasis on forgiveness. To return evil with kindness. So if only Gu Ning will save them. That way she is not the same as them and unless a person is an ingrate, gratitude will naturally follow and the person will become better

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School · C203
2 weeks ago

captainAAEY: It’s the start of your downfall for following your mistress. You divorced your wife whom the only woman who loved you just to have a son which turns out that it’s not really yours. Hahaha You have divorces twice then all of a sudden the son that you’ve been wanting is not yours.

The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex · C234
2 weeks ago

yeolliespirit: Jinuan was the one who helped him that time
He fell in love with her after that
But jinuan didnt remember him as she saved him in the dark
They will reveal around ep 300

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? · C150
2 weeks ago

AyeeeG: Can I just point out. She came inside first then he followed (that sounded bad) meaning. When she went inside, he was still outside talking with the jerk, then he followed her in and covered her eyes. Along the way, he opened his downtown to show her and he quoted "you cant see theirs but mine"

The President is Being Shameless Again · C4
3 weeks ago

RiceCake_08: I want to see YWW seduce SYH in that drunken ugly appearance. I wonder how SYH reacts 😂😂😂.

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1680
3 weeks ago

TyLER: I mtl-ed it


This is the link

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering · C314
3 weeks ago

TyLER: Nah, when they reconcile at first. Xiao jie did call him daddy but after that uncle cool bc he said he like to call mu sihan as uncle. Its around 350+ xiaojie call him daddy

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering · C314
3 weeks ago

TyLER: I read the spoiler that he'll do the test again but they won't match. After that the head doctor found out that Mu Sihan was a chimeric twin and the DNA of his reproductive part may match with Xiaojie (which actually did)
So all in all this chimeric twin DNA is in his sperms parts and therefore the reports were coming negative when they were done with any other part of his body.

So that's how he'll find out that 'brat' is his son. But Xiaojie will still be calling him Uncle Cool

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering · C314
3 weeks ago

TyLER: I also read that our ml have a double personality related to his twin brother, ye qing who died. In chapter 400+ ye qing personality will come out and he doesn't like nan zhi and tried whatever he can to break mu sihan and nan zhi.

And a huge spoiler at dat, our ml is actually a prince of another country and later on will be a king and nan zhi will be the queen of the country

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering · C314
3 weeks ago

Ekengkong: Do correct me if I'm wrong... But isn't Little Stutterer (Brother Nameless' troop member) name is Feng Tian? 🤔

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1668
1 month ago

richxrach: I guess Nan Zhi noticed the difference between Sihan and the man in the picture. There must be an obvious difference when you take a closer look at the picture that’s why Sihan is confident that Nan Zhi will know that it wasn’t him in the picture.

Nan Zhi is willing to meet with Qin Yubing and Xia Yanran even after seeing the news. She might have figured out that it was Qin Yubing who is behind it all..

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering · C293
1 month ago

richxrach: Oh no! Your answer is wrong Daddy Dimples. Why did you have admitted to it right away without even asking her of what she had heard before admitting or denying anything 🤦‍♀️ Now that causes more misunderstanding 😅

But I’m sure you had picked up from Jing Xi’s last sentence. She surely is referring to another woman and it’s not about your identity that she was concerned of. So please ask her more about it and clear everything up.. And please make sure to make that Tang girl pay for breaking your wife’s heart.

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C609
1 month ago

Tereese: What the hell is webnovel tryina do 😒😒😤 are you guys gonna create a pile by depriving us of our daily update!!! Is that you wanna do??? This is the worst system till now...I mean many other novels have advanced chapters but none of them used this shitty trick 👿👿👿

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering · C281
1 month ago

richxrach: To our dear translator, the succeeding chapter has this notification:

“Oops! Our wonderful authors have revealed their stockpile on APP! Quick! Update the app and get Privileges to read the authors’ stockpile in advance.”

So where is the stockpile!???
Until now, you are uploading the chapters like how it was normally (2 chapters/day). I’m a reader who doesn’t want to avail for the privileged chapters, so I would usually wait for when normal chapters are available (that is, after around 20-50 chapters were released allotted to those who opt for privileged chapters). And I know I wasn’t the only one who do that. But with the rate you’re uploading the chapters, you’re making the readers lose interest in this novel. Please hurry up and release the stockpile of privileged chapters, so we can open the normal chapters after that.

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering · C281
1 month ago

richxrach: Tang Shixue isn’t just a cunning woman, she loves making up stories too. I hope Yunshen will put her back to her proper place so she’ll stop making a scene just like this one.

I guess, anyone in Jing Xi’s shoes would feel the same confusion she’s feeling right now. Tang Shixue implant doubts on Jing Xi using Yunshen’s identity, then she claimed they were in an intimate relationship before and even showed her a fake proof so it’s normal to be confused and frustrated at times like this.

But Jing Xi, don’t keep everything to yourself. Go to hubby and make things clear with him. Am sure he won’t hide anything from you if he knew that you wanted to know the truth. And also telling hubby about what this Tang girl said would give him heads up on how to deal with Tang next time..

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C605
1 month ago

StanLJP: So annoyed reading this chapter with how easily persuaded Xiyan is with this girl’s words. Why’s she so quick to believe everything and let it affect her emotions so severely without knowing any facts. Even without speaking to Yunshen she seems to already believe everything, like really?

Why’s it that with this marriage she seems to have become such a weak woman who’d easily believe everything some third party says when her intentions are clear as day?

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C605
1 month ago

XOMatsumaeohana: I will post this additional comment on this chapter to address a certain post yesterday. This is a online community. To fellow readers, I do not see anything wrong with stating our opinions and views. This is a novel yes - but it's a novel we love. If there is something happening that we disagree with, we are free to state our opinions on it. Are we supposed to just post positive comments to satisfy other readers? How about if the book was about a overbearing ML? People would call out and insult the ML right? It's the same here too, some readers don't like SY chasing after a married woman.

It's a matter of values for them. As fellow readers we should RESPECT the opinions of others. Nothing wrong with a debate. However, cursing and bad mouthing other users shouldn't be tolerated. The user from yesterday attracted a lot of attention, with their final comment statement. But if you scroll their profile you will see their negative and cursing remarks. My replies have been polite to everybody who has commented on my posts. I did not curse or use bad language. We should keep it that way.

Now that the book is popular I realize the fan base has grown too much. But some of us have been here from the start and don't want to be discouraged from commenting, just because some people don't like our posts.

My Youth Began With Him · C2178
1 month ago

Royal_Crystal1999: Oh really Mrs Li you are upset with Ruoxin having a baby and you not. But if I remember correctly you only want money and money and enjoy your luxurious life what happened now. Are you worried that Chu Lui will leave you if you can't give him baby huh? Mrs Li I really hate a woman like you. Karma always plays an important role what you sow you reap don't you think so. You take everything from Ruoxin even you should be the one begging Ruoxin but she was begging you and crying infront of you but what you did, you make her life more horrible. Now your pay back time starts now. You can near have a kid with Mr. Chu oh I forget to tell you do you remember the coffee you prepared for him I don't need to say further because from your scheming mind I think you can fully and clear mindely know what I want to say. Congrats for your beautiful gift that you can't become Chu Lui's child mother. I'm finally really very very much happy for you Mrs Li... Look tears started coming out from my eyes that flood is going to come to see your beautiful gift Mrs Li...😂😂😂😂😂

Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities · C206
1 month ago

Blissful: Honestly, I’m disappointed in his behavior. He CLEARLY knows how she feels about his secretary because she TOLD him. 🙄Meanwhile, he gets upset about that Sheng guy and doesn’t even explain why to her.
CEO Mo, you don’t deserve to be angry or upset with her when you haven’t even tried explaining yourself. You want to ask her all the questions without answering any yourself? That’s not how a relationship works. 😒
Of course, I’m not saying she was right to go and drink but he should al least know why she did that.

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? · C104
1 month ago

richxrach: Ding Shuman, do you think you can still hide the truth even after seeing the evidence Nan Zhi presented!? Then just wait, Young Master Mu has arrived, he has prepared more surprises for you..

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering · C277
1 month ago
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