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during his cousin's introduction it was said he wasn't a very brave man. MC helping him in that regard might harm him in the end so nah View More

Tenkay: Shouldn't he look after his family a bit more? This would be a good time to help that cousin of his increase his level. Maybe even get him better cards. And is there no one else in his family that can become a beast master???

Thanks for the chapter!!!!

Divine Beast Adventures · C414
1 week ago
uhh, maybe without the curve at the end? View More

Sie: scarlet and white sword does that make it the candy cane sword?

Divine Beast Adventures · C413
1 week ago
is it really? Musashi is the Miyazaki Clan's strongest beastmaster View More

Oluslitmus: How come the spiritual sword fragment appears cheap so ?

Divine Beast Adventures · C408
1 week ago
it's been stuck at level 3 for a long time now. he needed identical 5 star beast cards to fuse to level it up, which isn't something easy to find View More

PopcornSectMaster: Either it's currently too high leveled for the cards he has, he forgot about it, or level of cards he requires is for high tier beast/demon cards

Divine Beast Adventures · C387
3 weeks ago
There will be a delay for Sunday's chapters. Sorry about that. Will be uploaded by tomorrow. View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C363
1 month ago
he's in the beast world. dangers are everywhere. he can't fly at high speed, or at high altitude, and he have to proceed cautiously View More

NeverUMind: I need some math redone. If he’s flying 200 m/s. Then shouldn’t that be 12 km/m, 720 km/h and over 17k km a day? Why would it take a week for 10k km?

Divine Beast Adventures · C339
1 month ago
my mistake i guess. in the raws the country was referred to as Ni Hon, a homonym for how Japan is pronounced in Japanese. my brain just automatically reverted it back. sorry if this breaks your immersion View More

pddu: I think there was mention about this world not being parallel of earth and the names are just similar to china . Then how the hell is there a palce named as japan ?
And i expect that the new guy would be mature and target only mc not his realtives . But as we know about chinese novels . They are going to make others countires ppl petty as **** .

Divine Beast Adventures · C332
1 month ago
kun was what i was given to work with in the raws, so there's that. View More

Gatzsuga: Unless these guys are like childhood besties, the use of "-san" or "-sama" would be more appropriate.

Divine Beast Adventures · C332
1 month ago
it was D rank potential from the start. First appearance in chapter 35. Check it. View More

neopolitana: didint the peffersword only have a E potential? how did it become D all of a sudden?

Divine Beast Adventures · C320
2 months ago
Some technical issues popped up. Im asking around for help w the problem. Pls be patient View More

PopcornSectMaster: Like seriously? This novel is already on the privilege system with, at least, a dozen chapters ready and today has no chapter. Really???

Divine Beast Adventures · C230
4 months ago
False. It's 10 chapters per week all this time and it's unchanged even after the implementation of the privilege system View More

Johnjayjay: We used to get 2 chapters each day but from what I can tell only 1 is released/unlocked each day now after this stupid privileged thing came out. Ugh.

Divine Beast Adventures · C223
4 months ago
yep. sorry for that. schedule returns to normal tomorrow View More

SkyAzeroth: Its a bit delayed, dont you think? 😒

Divine Beast Adventures · C191
5 months ago
No. Please don't spread misinformation. Every chapter follows the raws completely. View More

LongsonFullmetal: I live this novel but chapters are getting way tii short. Is it really TRUE that the translator is Splitting the chapters into three?

Divine Beast Adventures · C163
5 months ago
right, my bad. its 15 thousand. gonna fix it now View More

Towel: Its gotta be a mistranslation or author error. There's no way he'd spend all his cash on just a plane ticket....

Divine Beast Adventures · C83
7 months ago
if anything, I can assure you that his mother is still very much alive, at least at the point of the novel I've read to, 281. View More

DarkImmortal_Intel: The content has been blocked

Divine Beast Adventures · C9
7 months ago
yep. you'd want a level 5 mew over a level 20 magikarp don't you? View More

Mute: "-What a beast! The Large Tusk Boar there pales in comparison to this Fiery Scorpion!- "

Seriously? A boar pales in comparison to a 1,5meter scorpion?

Divine Beast Adventures · C5
7 months ago
fixed. thanks! View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C5
7 months ago
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