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So the one behind artificial abominations is proven as somebody from the queen's corps. Not queen's corpse though, bc no true magic. View More
Supreme Magus · C290
21 hours ago
Would you look at the time... It's Purge O'clock! View More
Supreme Magus · C289
1 day ago
Damn it all, wyvern bbq is off the table due to abominification? ruining the meat... oh, wait, there's still the pieces Lith cut off before, they weren't all rotted with darkness magic, I bet they're medium rare with a crispy crust by now View More
Supreme Magus · C288
1 day ago
Looks like wyvern bbq will be soon... Lith has to replenish his nutrients somehow... who knows, might even get a good new ability from it... oh wait, that's probably not how things work there... View More
Supreme Magus · C286
2 days ago
Wyvern BBQ for the whole town! View More
Supreme Magus · C285
3 days ago
Manohar would make sense, I mean, it's in his character. Author refuses to reveal master's gender, so there might be an unexpected twist there. View More

panos1996: After that Master spoke i am 100% sure he is Manohar or someone who could be good friend with him

Supreme Magus · C285
3 days ago
"Jarvis, open the Bifrost!" View More
Marvel: The Convergence of Souls · C54
5 days ago
Max, the collector of curses View More
Master of Time · C208
6 days ago
Might be the one making artificial abominations. Kinda doubt it, bc it would be a bit too easy, also Lith shouldn't be ready to fight that one yet. Shouldn't be a vampire, bc vampires shouldn't need an array to feed. Might be a puppeteer type abomination, can't remember if there were any other types that possess in order to stabilize themselves. The magic flowing backwards sounds very abomination-like to me. View More
Supreme Magus · C281
6 days ago
Max the rapist View More
Power of Command · C13
1 week ago
#forced like taking a dump with constipation. He could literally rip out his diseased heart and grow a healthy one, as long as there's a single cell left of him, he can regenerate. After ssj1 he can regen from getting erased by zeno. View More
Dragon Ball: Altered Time EX · C22
1 week ago
Hmm... fake magic spell creation seems like programming... and different tiers are like different tiers of programming languages. The higher tier it is, the more complicated tasks you can perform within the same time, but creating the spell gets increasingly more difficult (especially optimising, bc the amount of possible solutions increases) View More
Supreme Magus · C273
1 week ago
Supreme Magus · C271
1 week ago
It seems to me that the hexagram is badly balanced. From what i understand from the first description of it, it's light in center and the other 5 elements around it. That seems like a simplified version for unawakened mages, teaching something about the relationships between elements perhaps. I think it would be better balanced, if it went something like this: (starting from 12 O'clock, with gap of 1) light, air, water, darkness, earth, fire and spirit magic in the center, to better bind it all together and further stabilize the system. However, this arrangement is mostly alchemical in nature (put darkness between water and earth, bc it gets dark in both if you go deep enough, similar reasons for others, the relationship between the natures of the elements is somewhat weak, but it's there, as for the opposite feeling elements being opposite, that's for balancing. turned out a bit bottom heavy, but stuff happens. View More
Supreme Magus · C269
1 week ago
Hmm, Lith should make the introductions between her and Yurial... she's perfect for him. View More
Supreme Magus · C267
2 weeks ago
Author probably means getting teenagers pregnant, and even better if they're the host's daughter View More

IdHc: o.O "procreational sex"? Did you mean recreational? Or is this an alternate universe religion and nothing to do with Earth? Cus if it's Christianity you got it wrong bro..

Ghost of Culture · C55
2 weeks ago
Right, because a hentai author is going to make the entire procedure of giving the seed of time be nothing more than placing his hands on their head at best, maybe even doing it remotely. After all, Max seems to enjoy his current way of passing it along. View More

Erosire: Gender is a preference, they choose opposite to couple correctly. That is acquire the Seed of Time. Not actualy sperm but it does appear that way for now lol 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

Booboobooboobs 👻👻👻👻

Master of Time · C199
2 weeks ago
I somewhat doubt the rules are as strict regarding Lith. Also, he can simply kill the offender's entire bloodline, leaving them without support within the academy, thus an easy target for all the commoners that particular noble offspring offended. View More

Obekiwi: They might be in different years if she goes to the academy. If so then Lith couldn’t help her even if he wanted to. The different year students are completely segregated and if there was a way for higher year students to visit or even interact with lower year student then the nobles would abuse the f*ck out of it.

Imagine if a 5th year noble student “visits” his 1st year sibling and “runs” into a 1st year commoner. With a higher understanding of magic the damage they could do is much higher.

Supreme Magus · C259
2 weeks ago
I wonder, how long until Tista discovers true magic? She seems quite sharp...
Lith might go back to his roots and become a farmer again... a mana crystal farmer. View More
Supreme Magus · C259
2 weeks ago
Seems like ghostly found the black vatican first (not sure if they were called that) View More
Ghost of Culture · C54
2 weeks ago
Meaning Max should get stronger the more parallel timelines and parallel universes there are with an aspect of time present. (Lowercase still means one of Max's daughters, I'm not sure he's ever going to have a son, I mean what for, can't get your own son pregnant) View More

Erosire: Yup. But Aspect is automatic thus they rarely recruit champions (being that spread their thing. For example: Ghostly) 👻👻👻👻

Master of Time · C199
3 weeks ago
Good old dimensional mirrors View More
Supreme Magus · C254
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C250
A guy that had origins in a dysfunctional family with an abusive father dies after taking revenge on his brother's killer. And here's where something goes wrong - he is somehow sentenced to reincarnate in a different world each time he dies. He ends up in a sword and magic world as a newborn and starts his exploration of the new world while struggling to survive and growing both physically and mentally. View More
Supreme Magus
3 weeks ago
So, if primordials get stronger the more their thing is present, does that apply to Aspects too? View More
Master of Time · C199
3 weeks ago
Nope, the velocity as well as torque is adjusted for each wheel through current control (frequency and current strength control), each wheel usually has it's own motor. Also each motor has an individual cooling system. View More

10incarnations: Do electric vehicles have transmission gears??

I Found A Planet · C31
3 weeks ago
Then the robot learns that local time is before transition to human-friendly state, and builds a robot army... a few decades later, a portal appears on a technologically less advanced planet... View More
I Found A Planet · C27
3 weeks ago
By the profile, I'd assume Ghostly, with some new powers. View More
Master of Time · C198
3 weeks ago
Author seems like a farm boy, didn't even consider finding an off-road truck, went straight to a harvester. Also, I'm pretty sure even farming machinery would be made of carbon fiber composite at the very least or nanotube/graphene covalently bonded composit with strength 200 times of steel while 5 times lighter than aluminum, bringing the weight of the entire harvester to a maximum of a metric ton if not less View More
I Found A Planet · C26
3 weeks ago
Please clarify your question with additional parameters. View More

Dyphex: What’s it from?

Ghost of Culture · C50
3 weeks ago
Mc has never heard the words "reverse engineering" which is strange, bc he seems Chinese View More
I Found A Planet · C23
3 weeks ago
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