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  • i love anime,manga&manhua i am all types of weird but not the creepy weird i am very loud but quite at the same time and i can be easily triggered

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Okay wtf on my thing it say that this chapter was uploaded 22 minutes ago but i saw a comment from two hours ago it might have something to do with time difference but i have no clue View More
Rebirth in KurokoNoBasket · C32
16 hours ago

Zero_Kiryu_: And here we have a huge cliffhanger, now truly feels like saying
Welcome back author sama

Immaculate Spirit · C204
1 day ago
😂😂 truuuuuee. Thanks View More

Newbiel: You get a like, the first did not 😁

Immaculate Spirit · C204
2 days ago
That blue button that says comment first be tricking people everytime i think im going to be first someone already beat me to it. It can't get my hopes up like that it's cruel and unusual punishment. View More
Immaculate Spirit · C204
2 days ago
Guy sensei is that you!? View More

RuthraNogardnep: eternal rival?! Youth!!

The Most Powerful Quirkless (Completed Story). · C23
5 days ago
Idk it's saying the invitation is expired or invalid View More

Kriuswer: Sure. https://discord.gg/SAuGND

Michael_True Vampire in DXD · C4
1 week ago
Can i get a new link for this novels discord the last one is expired View More
Michael_True Vampire in DXD · C4
1 week ago
We here i was bored so I decided to delve into the depts of my library and I found that you updated but not really👀 View More
Young Justice: The super soldier · C30
1 week ago
I clicked on this book knowing it had 8 chapters but i forgot on long the way and now I'm attached please i need a update you can't do this to me View More
I'm bored...can I be a Transmigrator? · C8
1 month ago
Ouuu shady View More

divine_reader: edward with balls???

THE CURE: Tales of a Highschool Girl · C1
1 month ago
Jake is moving on to bigger things View More
Be happy with sports · C435
2 months ago

Immortal_Boomstick: well he wasnt that strong in the beginning hercules could kill him after all he was more like deadpool back then wasnt he?

The Immortal Mutant Teen · C65
3 months ago
why is this (18+) this is light work bro i came in here expecting some hot **** but i get this, but i'm not complaining at least its a chapter View More
The Immortal Mutant Teen · C65
3 months ago
bro he said he was kissing her ass but he was doing it literally. I'm dead View More
The Immortal Mutant Teen · C65
3 months ago
Congrats Arria you totally deserve it was fruit of your hard work View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C609
3 months ago
What i want is someone handsome that gonna dick him down real good cause we ain't playing in these streets View More
Haven Online · C3
4 months ago
i forgot he didnt know what a mutant was so i was looking at him like he was dumb * not him the words but you know* View More
Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World. · C8
4 months ago
Can i get a refund please because this is not what i came here to read what in the actual **** is this hurry up and fix this please and thank you View More
Be happy with sports · C378
4 months ago
Its not surprising to find out someone with power is the mastermind behind such organization but i must say it is really disturbing View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C621
4 months ago
I cant make any chapter comments so imma do it here there part when kay said to kyle about eating is fucking hilarious View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C618
4 months ago
You see for me not to have anything to say had me baffled at the end of the chapter i didn't even realise that i was at the end so quickly View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C615
4 months ago
Author getchu a girlfriend or boyfriend that's a masochist and get your freak in leave kyle alone im just saying this hurting kyle is hurting me and yess im that connected i may not feel everything he feels but i feel enough View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C595
5 months ago
Yooo this girl is pissing me off out here entertaining these niggaz when she got a man and if she cheat I will go in that book and kill her ass f*uck is you talkin bout View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C551
5 months ago
And also for the first time in my life I'm first😊 View More
DROPPED: Marvels Strongest Father · C59
5 months ago
Is it me a line that finds the title confusing cause I have no idea what the author is trying to say if you know please tell cause sometimes I'm kinda slow View More
DROPPED: Marvels Strongest Father · C59
5 months ago
Well I guess I can stop calling him stupid he actually did something I didn't expect my hat's off to you Qin chaun View More
The Villain's Wife · C320
6 months ago
damn Matthew is gong in on his ass View More
Be happy with sports · C339
6 months ago
I miss jay so much idk why the author had to do me like that View More

PPha: Is he going to be a musician like Jay Aslan as well?

Immaculate Spirit · C7
6 months ago
If this author don't update I don't know what I'll do this is so good View More
Dc/Marvel Reborn As A God · C1
7 months ago
huhhhhh!? why would john wick just dismantle and "kill"a bunch of trucks they're not alive so what good would that do him View More
Marvels Number1 Assassin · C0
8 months ago
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