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DaoistZenFeng: Hello everyone! Your fellow DaoistZenFeng here! I just thought it was important for me to take the time out of my day to let you all know how much I appreciate all of you! Thank you for all the love and support you have shown and are showing! I look forward to our long journey together. :)

Realm of Myths and Legends · C15
1 day ago
The content has been deleted
Sword Among Us · C97
1 month ago
Ya know... I love a good bit of foreplay as much as anyone, but the build-up to some good old face slapping is gonna drive me crazy at this rate 😂

Anyway, pretty neat way of doing privilege, I look forward to the future of these chapters and hopefully a good face slap or two... or three... or really as many as possible... honestly I’m addicted at this point... View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C256
2 months ago
Good luck man
Love the novel and hope things get better soon ✌🏻 View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C240
3 months ago

AscendedShin: Dude... you're seriously annoying. Every damn chapter you're talking about wether or not his hoes are gonna be loyal to him, if they are treacherous or still attracted to power. Well, guess what, until now he showed 2 physical ways to change one's thoughts and 3 other more mystical, including the lotus, looking into one's dreams and changing them or directly forcing them into slaves. There's also contracts... So could you stop talking about how he's gathering harem members that could be threatening to him while he obviously doesn't. Did he even try to take his mother? No. Did he try to take the side slut she proposed to him? No. Because he knows his limits.

Profane Prince of Domination · C199
4 months ago
Ah... Dong Zhuo; meet Lu Bu... View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C155
4 months ago
So, I don’t quite get all this hate for Nil’s personally, but maybe that’s cause she’s become the sort of opposite of Konrad? They don’t have opposing goals but they would seem to cover each others gaps when together (as shown when they basically mind melded earlier in the story). I think she can probably keep him in check better than any other harem member but that’s just my opinion, since she the innocent, good, bright eyed and sheltered child to the cruel, calculating, cynical and sometimes downright evil Konrad. Personal note of course but it does feel like she’ll end up being the kind of person Konrad would fall for if the filter theory is anything to go by (specifically complementarity). But that’s a personal opinion

TL;DR: Nils seems like the kind of idealist that could keep Konrad in check and so I like her. As well, the mind meld earlier brought them extremely close together as they basically shared everything with each other and so it seems like she’d be a complementary addition to the harem. View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C149
4 months ago
He’s an Incubus... so not quite... While there’s demons who are known for embodying Wrath... they’re only one of many and incubi aren’t them... instead they’re driven purely by lust... they actually devour human souls through intercourse in some beliefs... point is, the MC isn’t a rage demon... he’s a sex demon... View More

ShuraTheDestroyer: MC is a demon, right? Demons have several aspects, but anger and destruction are the most common. It's time for Korand to imitate Cyttorak and go out destroying everything

Profane Prince of Domination · C84
5 months ago
Woo! Bonus
Cheers author and keep up the great work 😁 View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C78
6 months ago

Don_Dokhmesy: Finally, another rwby fan!

Dragonborn Saga · C168
11 months ago
Of all the things I expected, a rwby reference was not one... View More
Dragonborn Saga · C168
11 months ago
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