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UnknownPlayerLOGIN: See this! I just gifted the story: Nothing

Versatile Mage · C318
3 weeks ago
Perfect, usually authors use plot armours to make transmigrators read original body’s memories near instant, making them accept polygamy and cultivation, etc. or reveal memories as needed for plot armour. I’m comparing how a below average student takes 4 days to really understand it’s a magic world, instead of accepting instantly like others novels.

Btw, auth san, what do you mean by “even refrigerator”? It’s not that complex compared to computer, okay? You really hold it high in your heart, don’t you? View More
Versatile Mage · C1
3 weeks ago
Not to mention “electric” scooters. View More

Acek: So, how does production work for a car in the first place without science?

Versatile Mage · C1
3 weeks ago

Acek: So, how does production work for a car in the first place without science?

Versatile Mage · C1
3 weeks ago

SouIrin: First impression. A transmigrator who went back to the same world but is run on electricity that they call magic.

Versatile Mage · C1
3 weeks ago

Tim_: How do you score single digits. Did he even try. #smh

Versatile Mage · C1
3 weeks ago
I guess the author just doesn’t like number 3. If influential organisations are numbered 3, it MUST be reduced View More
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C1307
1 month ago
Oh, so that’s why people yell name’s of their moves like madmen View More
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C1286
1 month ago

Tomatoes: Alright, you intimidated them to your side, now win them over by healing the injured.

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C1286
1 month ago
Aww, a favourite family time activity, just plain old slaughtering. Just like any other activity, you know, going to auction, defending for life against powerful opponents, playing hide and seek for 20 years, just the usual. View More
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C1249
1 month ago
“Xia Linyu has complete trust in Gu Ruoyun’s abiltity. Others may not be aware, but he very well know that Gu Ruoyun is a pill master!”
How many freaking times have I read this stupid paragraph? View More
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C952
1 month ago
I read many wuxia novels, But this is first time I’m thinking, maybe being shameless isn’t that bad after all, I could learn how to be from these canon fodder...just maybe View More
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C899
1 month ago
I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that these “world is made of rainbows” ***** people, optimistic and ****, actually apply scientific mind to explain dramas and schemes. Like “science studies cause and effect, everything has a logical reason for happening” transformed to “its all a misunderstanding between part A and party B. There is an explanation, once it comes out, it’s all good”. Smh at myself View More
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C814
1 month ago
This really cleared my mind...getting scammed or conned is due to stupidity of victims, not perpetrators. Once or twice, can blame it on bad luck but something spanning years? I really dislike that Elder Er more rather than Murong Rou, even though old, but full of feces for brain in head View More
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C540
1 month ago
Everyone’s opinion states shi yun should die, but what about that lord of delusion, former crown prince? All the crap about his obsession about shi yun. He should just die already. View More
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C436
1 month ago
I can’t understand this tender feelings for fairer *** at all in a world where strong rule the world. Are the heads of people in this world only filled with either cultivation or lust? Oh, I forgot greed... View More
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C304
1 month ago
Good lord! Now tell me about those medicinal herbs used for losing fat please. View More
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C224
1 month ago

HaruFeng: They are Gu but her son is Ling Xi? It wasn't that little b*tch panpan or whatever her daughter? wtf happen here!!?

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C56
1 month ago

KarrotKayk: The Ultimate Reincarnated Character To-do List:
- Grind levels in the shortest time possible - ✔
- Schedule a duel - ✔
- Find source of income - ✔
- Offend and reject a powerful sect - ✔
- Leave the family - ✔
- Trigger/Unlock Event Flags:
---A. Capture the Prince's Interest - ✅
---B. Handsome Stranger Stalker - ✅
---C. Locked: Conditions are not yet met

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C36
1 month ago
Auth confused between east and west? Inconsistencies in this and previous chapter about where MC’s master is from. View More
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C15
1 month ago
I just assume they don’t like cameras View More
Adopted Soldier · C242
1 month ago

maleprotagonist: When you chicken out of confession but still don't want to ruin your friendship hayyys

Adopted Soldier · C181
1 month ago

Pakat01: Imagine both Alex and Emily was being watch by the fellow Mercenary Club members! 😂😂😂
Rachel: Just what are they talking about? They are too close to each other!
Eva (is she's here): Is it Alex's type? Is that why he's into Rachel and Emily and possibly Lillith too? It's because he prefers small "things"!?
Saya: This guy really had some guts! Flirting with everyone without realizing it. Hehe~ I will tease Eva!
Oliver: Hmm... it's good to see that my comrade is close to another woman. It's part of our youth.
Niel: I had to give it to Alex, he's on par with me when it comes to catching the hearts of the girls.
Kei: OH MY! OH MY! They are too close! Do they know each other? Are they a couple? But I thought.... *glance at Rachel*
Rachel: *eyes burning with jealousy*

Adopted Soldier · C116
1 month ago
Teacher can also teach a bit about how female bodies work.🤣
Also, when kids call you aunt, you are really old View More
Adopted Soldier · C105
1 month ago

qdwef53gyrgerghreg: Somehow I feel like Niel is the male version of Teruhashi in Saiki Kusuo **i nan

Adopted Soldier · C37
1 month ago

AppletheCrumble: "I already have a full time job of being your friend, I don't have time for this."
WHERE DOES AUTHOR-SAN COME UP WITH THESE ONE-HIT KO LINES?!!! Author-san were you a play boy in your past life?? or current?? 😂

Adopted Soldier · C21
1 month ago
What the heck? Plot armour at 120%! Couldn’t you just kill enemies like a normal MC? Just have to keep on dragging it out and recycling. Other female MC novels are better than this. View More
Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith · C649
1 month ago
She could not cultivate because of a special physique, but now she can. How? View More
Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith · C631
1 month ago

Bluebubblz: See that’s how you get rid of trash, well except you are supposed to PERMANENTLY get rid of the trash... not let it sit around until it comes back to annoy you

Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith · C610
1 month ago
Even though the trademark wuxia novel’s “Looking for death!!” Is used multiple time, why is there no death? Just fu.cking kill some people! Recycling enemies on and in... View More
Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith · C574
1 month ago
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