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Original Works

  • Lost in Character: Transmigration Chronicles of a Nameless Heroine

    Lost in Character: Transmigration Chronicles of a Nameless Heroine



    What if... You were destined to live more than one life, The one you've been living wasn't even the first, and It was a destiny you absolutely cannot escape from? As a top actress, the heroine lived for the pleasure of taking on other people's identities. Her talent had allowed her to truly become her characters. But after the cameras stop rolling, she knew she could always take off the mask of the moment and return to her true self. Then she died… And the world as she knew it took a nosedive. ___ FIRST ARC: "Limits of Endurance" In a country threatened by war, a princess no one can tame is both the hindrance and the key to her homeland's safety. All she wanted was to take up her sword and fight... ...but everyone else wanted her to take someone else's hand and sacrifice who she really was. How far can she push herself for all that she holds dear? ___ Note: This story was inspired by the "Quick Transmigration" genre. I will be spending an entire book/volume on each world/setting, so it really wouldn't be "quick." The basic premise is the same, though. I hope you'll enjoy, and if you want, please tell me what you think through comments, reviews, and *cough* votes. Thank you! :) UPDATE: I'm an advocate of free will, among other things. Everyone is equal, we are all entitled to our opinions and our likes and dislikes. That said, the views expressed here are not to everyone's taste. People who think the universe came to be for their sake probably won't like it. :) ___ Release schedule: at least three chapters a week (no strict time)

  • Twin Chronicles: Rise of the Renegades

    Twin Chronicles: Rise of the Renegades


    In a world where gods and goddesses hold absolute dominion, where their words were the final law as long as they were "ascendant" over the territories that called them into being, Diwa Napili was born an abomination, an anomaly, and an outcast. The first was because she was born a twin. The second was because she survived her birth when her sister did not. And the third... the third was because such a thing had never happened before. Twins are born either both alive or both dead -- there was no middle ground. What caused Diwa and her twin to be different? More importantly, what effect would it have on the world that fears and shuns her? ___ Story on hiatus. Sorry!


lucculi: I like this story. It's got a good pace and I really like the characters and the plot feels very well thought out so far.

Lost in Character: Transmigration Chronicles of a Nameless Heroine · C73
11 months ago

Tri_knight: Nice.👍👍👍👍

Lost in Character: Transmigration Chronicles of a Nameless Heroine · C75
11 months ago

siyabal: Thanks waiting for the nxt chapters

Lost in Character: Transmigration Chronicles of a Nameless Heroine · C76
11 months ago
Thank you for the tip, but putting the note here was a deliberate choice. I want it to serve as a filter :) View More

DeJeL: I like this "Preface" and your little author note, however, I feel this would be better not as a first chapter, but as an auxiliary chapter.;,;.
If you decide to make it so, you'd need to copy and paste this chapter as a new chapter then update it as an aux chapter then delete the original, then the First Chapter would be the next one yet this one would be seen B4 that one.;,;.

Lost in Character: Transmigration Chronicles of a Nameless Heroine · C1
11 months ago
I've been noticing a trend with a lot of your comments. You're free to keep leaving them, I'm just letting you know I feel uncomfortable about some of the things you say. Maybe the opposite's true too and you're uncomfortable about a lot of things I say. I'm also free to keep talking, and if something's not to your liking, you can always find other stories that are more to your taste. Of course, if making me and others feel uncomfortable is your goal, there's nothing more I could say. You said yourself that you were a troll (have it on screencap), so I'll have to take you at your word and stop giving the benefit of the doubt. And if your one goal had been to get me to stop ignoring you, then you're welcome, I'm happy if this reply made you feel a little better. View More

A_MuRZ0: In the last sentence there was a typo 'he' instead of 'she'.
And in this chapter Arnican soldiers were 1 step from turning gay wahaha

"The brat pretended not to hear her.
'This...! Why is he so stupid!'"- but Hilde is 15 herself....is it her former "old" self thinking?otherwise....poor Leal hei's looked down by a brat herself.

Lost in Character: Transmigration Chronicles of a Nameless Heroine · C68
1 year ago
Reading Status: C112
This story tackles an extremely sensitive topic, and before anything else, I just want to praise the author's bravery once again. I can't help but remember Dumbledore's words -- about choosing to do what's right over what's easy. Because the author writes so well, and her characters are all so distinct, this story will really take you on a ride, like what the other reviewers said. Part of that ride is seeing the story unfold through a certain b*stard's eyes, and it could either make a reader turn away from the story or hate hate hate on him so much that you'd just want to get inside the pages and kill him yourself. I'm obviously of the latter camp, and I gotta say, I particularly loved how the author handled volume 1's ending. It's going to have repercussions on the siblings' psyche, I know, but they took the beast by the throat and did him in using their own will and power. That's going to count for something. Please give it a read (the sensitive scenes are marked, so if it's triggering, it can be skipped). I'm looking forward to how "Smile" would unfold and what changes the three main characters would undergo. I am rooting for them, most of all for the little girl that "Angel" once was and the strong woman she would become. View More
Angel Smile
1 year ago
This epilogue, what might/should have been T.T

And now, off to write a review! There's no excuse for taking this long, I'm so sorry! Anyway, you did so well :) View More
Angel Smile · C112
1 year ago
Does it make me a bad person that that piece of sh*t's death satisfies me? You know what, I don't care. I'm giving Hyuk a pat on the back for that, he did so well View More
Angel Smile · C111
1 year ago
Yasss mobilize and destroy that b*starddd View More
Angel Smile · C109
1 year ago
Gah, this freakshow. Teacher, pursue that gut instinct, i beg you View More
Angel Smile · C104
1 year ago
Gun is the definition of gap moe lol View More
Angel Smile · C101
1 year ago

Starvenus: The theme, genre, story telling, atc are the author prerogative. It is their work afterall. Just as readers whose prerogative to read whatever book they fancy.
Once awhile you’ll find an interesting twist on an overuse genre. And this is what I find in this novel. For myself anyway, like I said we all have our own taste.

Lost in Character: Transmigration Chronicles of a Nameless Heroine · C46
1 year ago
Thanks for this. You're right, it's impossible to please everyone, so now I'm keeping a specific audience in mind when I write. It helps a lot :) View More

Kerail: To authors comment: Your review rating is 4.7 its very high. So I do hope you get that readers mostly apriciate all you have writen.
The thing is that we all have different backround and life experiences. As you write about feelings and relationships there is no wey that its possible that all agree with your writing. So even if you get bad responses you should take that into account.

Lost in Character: Transmigration Chronicles of a Nameless Heroine · C41
1 year ago
Hi :) are you familiar with how romance goes in the quick transmigration genre? It's kind of a spoiler, so all I can say for now is that the romance element would be looong. I'm taking it slow since the story's really just starting. Thanks for trying it out :) View More

rhona19: So... When will love blossom between them... Haist...

Lost in Character: Transmigration Chronicles of a Nameless Heroine · C61
1 year ago
Growing up in a f*cked up, textbook definition of "dysfunctional family" probably played a role in her attachment. I vaguely remember being fourteen, I think they call that "sophomore" year for a good reason View More
Angel Smile · C100
1 year ago
Safe View More
Angel Smile · C98
1 year ago
LOL bulldozer Auntie View More
Angel Smile · C94
1 year ago
He's a classic piece of work, this b*stard. Google "narcissist" "narcopath" and such, they really do exist irl View More
Angel Smile · C89
1 year ago
Hahaha View More
Angel Smile · C86
1 year ago
Good dad? It's good she's wary. Sometimes it sucks how much trouble "needing to be polite" can land us in :/ View More
Angel Smile · C85
1 year ago
Jin Goo's not too bad after all View More
Angel Smile · C83
1 year ago
Gun <3 View More
Angel Smile · C80
1 year ago
Nnnn... Please be a real actual father, please View More
Angel Smile · C75
1 year ago
Had to skip ahead from where I'm at in the story to check up on what's going on with Author -- get well soon, and in your own wise words, don't push yourself too hard. Keeping healthy and whole should come first. Gonna leave the story a review soon, I'm so sorry it's taking me so long uwu. Hope to catch you again when you're better :) View More
Angel Smile · C174
1 year ago
That damned teacher, just like the nurse ugggggh. There's a reason you're classified as adults while they're called "minors" y'all, pull it together :((( View More
Angel Smile · C69
1 year ago
I also just took a break lol. I'm building up a stockpile as *cough* buffer for... you know, what online writers have to deal with on the side. Hope THAT works out View More

Hokobishu: Lol how is your book coming along?

Second Chance War
1 year ago
Yes it will :) View More

Spectator_2: Just wondering, will this have romance? I'll read it either way tho

Lost in Character: Transmigration Chronicles of a Nameless Heroine
1 year ago
LOL, I so get it, girls hahaha View More
Angel Smile · C57
1 year ago
Ikr? Haha. Also, Guuuun, pls pls be careful View More
Angel Smile · C56
1 year ago
When it comes to stories, nothing goes right on the first attempt... Guuuuun TT___TT View More
Angel Smile · C50
1 year ago
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