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Full speed ahead now? LOL View More
Loving You Too Much · C85
14 hours ago
these two....ARGH!!!!!!!! View More
Loving You Too Much · C84
1 day ago
Please dont make Lin Shi fall victim to that annoying Liu!!!!!! View More
From dusk till dawn! · C26
3 days ago
I shall motivated you!!!!
Add Oil!
Fighting! View More
Loving You Too Much · C66
2 weeks ago
More like Snail Pace. LOL. A snail probably crawls faster.

Thank you !!!!! View More
Loving You Too Much · C65
2 weeks ago
Just wanted you to know that I added it to my library. Keep up the good work! View More
To Reach You · C1
3 months ago
@Author. When will you update Kiss with the CEO? Just curious. Thanks! View More
CEO Vengeful wife. · C31
3 months ago
I think the main lead is still the husband... View More
Husband is too sweet! · C13
3 months ago

lighthearted: I know Daniel is attentive but there is a tinge of control .....is it me or im imagining things. For the rest im waiting patiently for it to unfold.
I also commend u author u have brought everything to life. Thank u.

I Deserve a Second Chance · C99
4 months ago

SheepMoon: Am I the only one that thought that was a bit much...? He should have trusted her more.

I Deserve a Second Chance · C94
4 months ago
In a world without Daniel. yeah....
At least I would! View More

Gold_Paper_Crane: 🤔 should I create a story for him? Do you think people will like him?

I Deserve a Second Chance · C93
4 months ago
In another book....Zhong Yu would've/could've been the main lead. Sigh. I feel for him. View More
I Deserve a Second Chance · C93
4 months ago
I just had oatmeal for breakfast! :D View More
I Deserve a Second Chance · C92
4 months ago
So....Morris does love Lexi. He push her away because of something View More
The Rise of the White Lotus · C138
4 months ago

SheepMoon: "I love you 3000". Now I'm sad. 😥

I Deserve a Second Chance · C85
4 months ago
Author! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tells me that Gin gets a happy ending. Pretty please? :D View More
5 months ago
I doubt Koharu heard 'You're not worthy'. Shes probably ECSTATIC that Ryu spoke to her. View More
5 months ago
SLAP!!!!!!! View More
5 months ago
GET WELL SOON!!!! View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C485
6 months ago
OMG! Can Xu be the ML? PLEASEEEEE View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C45
6 months ago
Am I the only one confused? Wen Yuya is the illegitimate daughter. Who is Xia Ruya? The adopted daughter? So there are two of them right? View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C5
6 months ago
I think you confused the brothers name. It was Jason and Howard. Now its Joshua and Howard View More
The Daring CEO's Innocent Wife · C9
6 months ago

iamawkward: Ryuu: what's wrong?
Ara: Ah, nothing. I just had a bad thought.
Ryuu: what bad thought?
Ara: I was thinking to kidnap the AUTHOR for supermassive release - but forget about it.
Ryuu: let's do it then.
Ara: ah no- no need, really.
Ryuu: of course there's a need. These type of thought to torture the readers with supermassive dog food until they get cavities and diabetes should be put into practice, no?
Ara: ....

6 months ago
Keep it up!!!!!!!! Thanks! View More
Mr. CEO's Devoted Love · C12
9 months ago
ah! this cliffhanger!!! View More
Mr. CEO's Devoted Love · C6
9 months ago
<3 <3 <3 your story! View More
Mr. CEO's Devoted Love · C4
9 months ago
AWESOME! Hope its a happy ending :D View More
Blue Roses For His Birthday · C1
9 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
The CEO's Woman · C1
9 months ago
I think the original GY and JYH died. GY soul went into JYH body. Thats why JYH 'revived' and has 'dreams' of RX and GY. View More
The Ruthless King Pampers His Wife · C5
9 months ago
You have just gained yourself a loyal reader! View More
The Ruthless King Pampers His Wife · C1
9 months ago
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