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Author, that's smart! Trying to blend your blood with someone else's will probably trigger an autoimmune system response. Leave it to the fantasy characters! View More
Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens · C132
1 day ago
They harvest spirits roots from the minor sects to nourish the spirit roots of their own disciples all the time. I doubt he cares that it's stolen, heck it was implied earlier that Ye You was taught how to steal it by the sect. View More

"SO WHAT? She didn't deserve to be the Holy Lady when she frkin stole her spirit root! HER SPIRIT ROOT OKAY?!"
I wanted Ye Qingtang to tell him that she stole her spirit root ughhh!

Rebirth of the Strongest Empress · C479
1 day ago
I kinda think the system was actually meant to derail history and stop Jiang Pengji from her military conquest. I'm not sure why though. View More

talyn7: I really don't know why System is so stuck on the MC joining an Emperor's harem. After all, it's supposed to be a System of "court intrigue", which it'll get once the MC is Emperor/Empress. 👑

The Empress' Livestream · C335
1 day ago
Can I trick the system I mean qidian into buying me chapters like the MC? View More
The Empress' Livestream · C315
1 day ago
So, just a theory, but we now know from two separate sources (mom and zixiao) that the MC reincarnated and became the empress without the system. This time she has the system so she woke up earlier, and has her host's memories which she didn't have previously. The fact that the system is trying to force her into court intrigue makes me wonder if there was intent to change history and prevent her from becoming empress. Any guesses on why the system exists? View More
The Empress' Livestream · C288
1 day ago
I have had this thought in the back of my head ever since the prince defended Feng Wu. What if he researched a way to 'fix' her problem and that is what he wanted the fruit for? And what if he instantly saw through her disguise (her eyes being the giveaway in my opinion) so that's why he was so chill about her kissing him and taking the fruit juice? View More
Godly Empress Doctor · C60
3 days ago
All she needs is a mirror and she can send herself into a dreamscape! View More
Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens · C72
3 days ago
I'm not sure how I feel about the sect leader being upset about creepo getting killed. Does he want someone like that in the sect? I wouldn't. View More
Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens · C44
4 days ago
Nah, pretty sure after the bone reforging the ground is more likely to break! 😂😂😂 View More

Skiterz: 'Careful or you might hurt the floor with your head' haha not the other way around? well with cultivators you never know.

Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens · C7
4 days ago
You Mingye for ML! View More
Godly Empress Doctor · C42
1 week ago
I'm going to be pissed if if this asshat goes overboard and cripples someone. View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C1822
2 weeks ago
Welp, she dun fuq'd up now. GG View More

DaoistShark: She’s dead that fo sureeeee

Ancient Godly Monarch · C1759
2 weeks ago
Kinda reminds me of when he recultivated hisbastral souls and it took until ancient azure mystic battlefield before the author explicitly stated what his 7 souls were. Any guesses on his 8th soul? View More

CosmicSpaceman13: Most casual bombshell that has ever been dropped

Ancient Godly Monarch · C1756
2 weeks ago
Feli: so...did you beat him?
Shiri: beat him? I reckt'im! View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C120
2 weeks ago
I see where you are coming from, but a good part of my enjoyment of webnovels is reading the adorable side characters getting slapped down. The second exploration of the bone plane seemed to drag on to me. Different strokes for different folks, don't take my build up to face slapping! View More

CyclopsSlayer2: This is what I hate about novels like this. The auhor would rather dance around something for 10,000 words, than take 10 to resolve an issue.
"Cousin, that debt and trouble have long since been resolved."

But, no... pointless chapter follows pointless chapter.

End of the Magic Era · C109
3 weeks ago
Umm... it's sword qi? Yah! That's it! The sword wind isn't from air molecules, but pure sword qi! *pushes glasses up and nods sagely* View More

Violetayame: Whirlwind strike, using wind from sword to attack...in the middle of space😳😂😂😂

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C658
3 weeks ago
Doubt it, something has to be fully dead to get exp. Also, I wonder if there is a range limit for conversion of essence to exp? View More

Mathar: Will Marvin get the exp for killing Glynos so many times? 🤔

Night Ranger · C356
4 weeks ago
This isn't even my final form! View More

Lebrew: Marvin is feeling what every single one of the villains in Bleach felt. You think you have won, but then some BS inner-demon-plot-armor-power-up kicks in.

Night Ranger · C283
4 weeks ago
It's for the exp! If the adventurers kill them how is he supposed to level up? XD View More

shelwyn: Marvin is going to lead the charge? I know he's strong and all but let the cannon fodder actually do something lmao. Or is this to increase his legend/ reputation?

Night Ranger · C208
1 month ago
This novel reminds me of reincarnation of the strongest sword god, except the MC actually completes his quests. I had to drop RSSG because the MC's quest log was full of seemingly forgotten quests that had extremely painful failure clauses. View More
Night Ranger · C185
1 month ago
She was being beaten on the kitchen of the acheron gang wanting money to heal her mother. She was absurdly calm watching marvin slaughter the gang and was told to come to white river valley after a month. She never arrived, apparently kidnapped by crazy lady. View More

Kyousho: What chapter was Isabelle from lol. I had completely forgotten about her

Night Ranger · C160
1 month ago
Still pretty sure the lady on the cover is Hathaway View More
Night Ranger · C149
1 month ago
Yah, another novel introduced me to calling a car a saloon instead of a sedan. Weirdo English. ;] View More

littlefrench: just verified and indeed, sled is american and sledge is british

Night Ranger · C113
1 month ago
Hey look, now masked twin blades can be seen unmasked without implicating marvin! View More
Night Ranger · C95
1 month ago
Maybe he did? Who knows. He had 12 uses of it during that year. View More

Remotoz: Blacksmithing is a life skill? I thought it would give him another class honestly. I'm also wondering why he didn't use Quick Learning of his Noble class to further hasten growth.

Night Ranger · C87
1 month ago
There is a female with a staff on the cover, maybe he changes her fate? Also, save the adorable dragon! View More

Avatinius: This Hathaway is awesome! I hope that Marvin saves her before she dies in some ways

Night Ranger · C73
1 month ago
The shaman was a sorcerer, and if I remember correctly, his bloodline had an affinity towards it. View More

N0xiety: He already has agility covered so he does need strenght and stamina. If he also chooses some magic related class as his third he would practically be perfect. Agility, strenght, stamina, magic all in one packet. Mind you only the magic connected to the magic whirlpool will get effected not the other magic. So he can choose a class like that shaman which doesn't have any connection to the magic whirlpool Truly a jack of all trades but still able to master all.

Night Ranger · C62
1 month ago
That would be harming the innocent to spite the few powerful people after him. That's doing the plague god's work for him. View More

Exitiumm: Slightly disappointed MC didn't keep some of those parasites alive and spread them to the water supply of river shore city...

Night Ranger · C54
1 month ago
Yale's path starts at the essence god level, i.e. level 3 immortal. Before that it is still the origin Path Alrein created. I assume she has the lesser version Yale created for others and doesn't need the faith energy of a universe. View More

StraychildX: I just remembered something about Ange
if she has everything that Yale has celestial knowledge and two pieces of the legacy...
why didn't author mention the kind of training path Yale left for her?
was normal or same as him? 🤨🤨
plus would she reach seventh level and follow daddy Yale before her mom?

or I just remembered an excuse to the question

she ain't a universe owner!! right!

Last Wish System · C532
1 month ago
According to the authors explanation of existence erasure, it doesn't change tmwhat that person did, it simply changes it to someone else unrelated. Now I assume that he did change a few other things to minimize the impact to his own fun. View More

Biro: Just a quick thought, how did Supreme Garbage get his existence erasing device if the god never became a god? the time paradox is huge here, I wonder if it will be explained or not

Last Wish System · C523
1 month ago
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