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TheBrowser: The author did not build enough emotional real estate with his family to justify this grand revenge plan. We know he lived with them for ten years, so what? As a reader, I'm not invested.

Bloodlines of the Ancient Pantheons · C15
5 hours ago

Girius_Balionis: Well:
1) he is an 8 year old and kids this age are stupid.
2) he grew up under the teachings of the xis

Bloodlines of the Ancient Pantheons · C5
6 hours ago

Asurah: In Battle Frenzy there was an obvious reason why the MC lost 99 times, it was no real fault of his own and his goal was to acquire energy for Simbas roulette. The MC here lost 99 times because he is a moron who refused to think beyond summoning the absolute strongest beings possible.

Summoner Sovereign · C4
2 days ago
Actually this has been my name for a very long while now View More

Southmonk: Did you.. take that name just to post this?

Pocket Hunting Dimension · C103
3 days ago

Crystal_Kei: ahh.... again this Lan Daier make me want her to win and be together with Wang Zhong!! bite me and say they age have huge gap but who care if they have chemistry with each other not like i never see a younger man marrying older woman with age gap nearly 20 year(we are mortal with average lifespan of 60~80)... still this couple live happily till the wife died from cancer

Battle Frenzy · C807
5 days ago

Daoist_Maker: ... you'd think they would realize was another likely hood if you saw someone in battle with no armor, like, they don't need it...

Pocket Hunting Dimension · C126
1 week ago

Webnovel_Patriarch: My power level is over 9000! XD
But seriously though, from reading a lot of cultivation manuals.. i mean novels, all of you should know that levels wouldnt matter. Its combat capability that matters. Even a lv1 could defeat a lv 6. Do not be arrogant of a lv5 cultivation. Its no different from young masters and antagonists. Dont be surprised if you get face smacked later on..Be humble like this Patriarch.

Death Scripture
2 weeks ago

Muttsurini21: How can you be a patriarch without being level 5 is my question👀👀👀

Death Scripture
2 weeks ago

Webnovel_Patriarch: What do you mean? I really didnt give any spoilers. You could read it in the description too. And the fact that this is burutal and dark themed is well knowned. Others have already said it in their reviews. And about the author mastering the dao of cliffhangers and this novels great world building and char development, You cant really call that a spoiler. This Patriarch is true to its words. I gave up 0 spoilers.

Death Scripture
2 weeks ago

Weeeeeeed: "I won't spoil anything".. then dumps tons of spoilers........

Death Scripture
2 weeks ago

Comicsman30: Yeah, this family is just world class asshats all around........

A Martial God's Bloodline · C22
2 weeks ago

EternalAngel: I really hate this family 😡

A Martial God's Bloodline · C22
2 weeks ago
I myself didn’t understand, I don’t blame the mc View More
Pocket Hunting Dimension · C103
2 weeks ago

rifanell: Very new, vampire in cultivation world

A Martial God's Bloodline · C1
2 weeks ago

Mute: I guess a crippled dantian is easy to fix in this novel.

Art of the Ancient Dragon Emperor · C9
3 weeks ago

eldorian: we desperately need a mass release.this is too good

Pocket Hunting Dimension · C90
3 weeks ago

Muhai: The only complain I have for this novel is, every Chapter seems very short

Pocket Hunting Dimension · C90
3 weeks ago

rawriam1134: Fking translator be cucking the readers only a few chapters left but no translator won't fking finish the story. You may have read the fking ending but as reader we fking didnt what give you the fking right to stop translating the chapters just cause you think the character get too op. We need to fking know the ending. There is reason why we used our fking spirit coins to pay for the chapters. Don't fking cuck us of a ending we fking deserve. Finish translating the last few chapters you fking azshole

Legend of the Mythological Genes
3 weeks ago


Even the author thought it was a waste of time to finish this story. It's a cliché cultivation novel with an waste MC with ridiculous growth speed(He becomes too OP in too little time). The novel has no sci-fi elements other than the fact that the story takes place in space. It's filled with lot of bland characters that has nothing to do with MC or even the story. The MC comes from a backward region so he has no idea about many things so MC decides to strengthen himself by learning these things in one chapter and then literally nothing about it anymore. Even an Interstellar war with alien race was turned into nothing but an all-out brawl other than cultivation the humanity has nothing to fight the war with. There are many more such examples to be listed. I don't usualy comment on the novel because everyone has their own taste but this story literally has nothing which I feel would attract any readers.
So don't read it I feel really bad giving this story a rating of 1 why can't I go lower

Legend of the Mythological Genes
3 weeks ago

Trek: Please covert any money to usd when talking about it so that we readers can understand what its actually worth.

Code Zulu Alpha: Nerd in the Apocalypse! · C10
1 month ago

LazyReadrr: Somehow 'The Pacing Unliving' finally
got translated as 'The Walking Dead' to me......don't know how i didn't see that

Code Zulu Alpha: Nerd in the Apocalypse! · C10
1 month ago

1stSlug: Project SHTF huh. Shit hit the fan?

Code Zulu Alpha: Nerd in the Apocalypse! · C4
1 month ago

Xant: I would like to remind everybody that he is 21 years old 21 this whole time I thought he was 12-15 years old. He’s a fucking idiot at the age of most of us. There’s no reason for him to be this spineless and idiotic

Battle of Ascension · C59
1 month ago

Chenglei: Now i'm really hoping his parents get killed maybe that way his IQ will go a little bit higher?

Battle of Ascension · C20
1 month ago

EternalRest: I agree with you just wish mc wasn’t stupid it’s to the point were it’s sickening without any humor!!!

Battle of Ascension · C7
1 month ago

Panda_Daoist: Glad he didn’t behave like a blood thirsty slaughterer. Thanks for the chappy.

Rise of the Demon God · C100
1 month ago

Timothy_: Hi guys, translator here. If you guys all support this novel, it may come out of voting in about a week

Pocket Hunting Dimension · C60
1 month ago

wasteofalife: There's a reason why so many diseases originate there.I saw a disgusting video of an old lady eating newborn birds.RAW!!!

Pocket Hunting Dimension · C3
1 month ago

attack_the_turnip: As a Chinese man there was nothing he couldn't eat.

No comment.

Pocket Hunting Dimension · C3
1 month ago

HeartPiercingSpear: Ask Mr. Corona if eating habits of chinese are good on not.

Pocket Hunting Dimension · C1
1 month ago
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