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oh my god and the writing doesn't even make sense now. honestly, who is fucking letting this **** be published? View More
Warlord of Chaos · C62
1 day ago
another plot hole and another ****ty author. Moxinke has gone from knowing that mc isn't a prophet and actually making it up himself to fucking believing it. oh my fucking god why is every novel on this website so FUCKING SHIT View More
Warlord of Chaos · C62
1 day ago
this is so fucking retarded. the author is trying to make people give a **** about characters we don't even know. get on with the story stop with this bull**** crap god damn you're such a ****ty god damn writer View More
Dark Moon Era · C30
1 day ago
i agree. we've got to understand the logistics of such an endeavor. apparently the planet that mc is on is VASTLY larger than earth. And the dungeon is INSIDE it. Basically speaking, the entire planet is one giant dungeon and only the top most where ground meets sky is where humanity lives. If the legion is doing as they say they are, then they'd need to have millions of camps just like the one in that city spread ALL across the world, probably more than millions. They'd essentially need to cover the entire planets surface with a blanket in-order for them to do what they say. Highly unlikely. View More

Algarum: I somehow have feelings that legion are quite useless chaps who defend rather small area comparing to whole dungeon and daily hundreds of monsters descend to second strata.

Chrysalis · C421
2 days ago
looks like we're only getting 1 chapter today boys. feels bad View More
The First Order · C53
1 week ago

tekite: Ofc its china, where else can people just go into a high class hotel and tear down a door lmao. And a random ***** can just suddenly recognize the power of a fuking spell and successfully jump away to safety. Just another trash can novel, who cares. Almost hundreds of these **** out there with brainless young masters and heaven toppling beauties.

The Man from Hell · C2
2 weeks ago
I can't wait for klein to have to kill off sparrow, that's gonna be such an alpha scene omgggsh View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C716
2 weeks ago
anyone else think some chapters were skipped? View More
Warlord of Chaos · C41
3 weeks ago

LockYourHeartTight: I don't recommend this novel to the people of the Science Fiction community. The main reason for that is that it is unrealistic. You might find that funny, but it is very important. A story, any story, must have some kind of base ground to stand on or the readers won't be able to understand and make comparisons to it. A story is only a comparison to the readers current life experience to the life experience of the characters in the story. What this means is that in order for a reader to understand a story, they have to have at least some similarities.

I truthfully wouldn't mind this novel if it had some semblance of seriousness in it's writing. If it was more realistic it'd probably be a very good read. The way it is now, not so much.

The writing itself is counterproductive to the story it's trying to tell. Last human in existence, last man alive, yet for some reason there's no suspense, no *******, no reality to the story. It has no depth, and that's because the author decided to add a C3PO to it for slapstick comedy purposes.

Some people might look at the A.I. in the story and it's character interactions with the main characters and say that the author wrote it to act such a way to give some kind of psychological relief to the characters themselves. That the characters are in such a serious situation that some outside help is required to prevent a mental breakdown. I would say that they're grasping at straws.

I would say that for one simple reason, the slapstick comedy isn't designated only to the robot AI. If that was the case then I'd kind of agree with that line of thinking, but it isn't. A prime example of this is the fact that the first thing the MC thinks about when he hears that the earth was destroyed is that he's still a virgin. This is in the context of the main characters first internal monologue. Our first "meeting" with the character we're going to be spending the rest of the novel with. It's what sets the tone for the entire story. It makes a very poor first impression.

I could go on, but stopped reading at chapter 7. I couldn't rationalize the story any longer. If the reader cannot insert themselves into the story, into the situation the main character is in and rationalize the decision making that the character is making then that constitutes a failure of writing in my honest opinion. This goes back to the first part of this review, there has to be some kind of middle ground between the reader and the story. A bridge that allows the reader to understand and "imagine" themselves into the situation the main character finds themself in.

All of this being said, for serious readers of science fiction, this novel is probably not for you, it's lacking in rational decision making. If you're just looking for something to pass the time, there are worse things to read, at least until it goes premium and everyone drops it.

Dead on Mars
3 weeks ago
Lord of the Mysteries · C699
3 weeks ago
FUCKKK one of the best chapters YET! View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C669
1 month ago
Yup it fucking was. Damn, it's probably time to drop it. View More

Baewha_Main: i wonder if this chapter will be an utter disappointment like the last one

Abyss Domination · C175
1 month ago
i wonder if this chapter will be an utter disappointment like the last one View More
Abyss Domination · C175
1 month ago
Reading Status: C1
Someone @me when the novel is re-translated by someone who isn't experimenting with macaroni art............................................................... View More
Warlord of Chaos
1 month ago
what if this is the original reason why he wanted a substitute to begin with?? XDDD View More

Snapplemonkey: Wow... so Klein took over the admirals role right as Cynthia was in her ovulation period... that's really unlucky.

Lord of the Mysteries · C625
1 month ago
English. Speak English. View More

Arunavazael: Somewhere in the future.
An elder telling a myth to his grandchildren . " Say young ones. If there where creature as big as hill were running , does it's speed going to be fast or slow?" asked the elders.
The kids answer as if it was matter of fact " Slow off course ".
The elder smiled " Right , if it was your average creature indeed it going to slow moving, but if it's her , Vibrant the Goddess of Valor, it's going to be different story". The elder closing his eyes and seems reminiscing somethings.

Chrysalis · C384
1 month ago
I can't really picture it either, but she said a year, it's only been a month since he woke up, think about it. In a year who knows what the **** will be happening. View More

Tiphoid: I can't picture the story going in that direction. Authors usually only do that when they need someone new for the M.C. to fight and Soran has enough **** on his plate.

Abyss Domination · C157
2 months ago
Why on earth would I waste my time to read something that is clearly garbage before giving my opinion of it? Judge a book by its cover? No, I judge a book by it's synopsis. If the synopsis looks like some 2nd graders macaroni art then that's what the novel will look like. You, like so many other imbeciles on this website, seem to think that us reviewers don't 'read' the novels that we review and ,like the imbecile that you are, you're wrong. Every single 'novel' that we deem worth the time of the review is read from the first chapter published to the most recent chapter published. This does, however, depend on whether or not what we see initially warrants a full-read review. The case for this novel is that it looks like a 2nd graders macaroni art. This is apparent from the synopsis alone. It does not warrant a full-read review. This Author should be thankful I even gave him such an in-depth review in the first place, which I only did because I thought his ideas were good albeit too many at once and my handler yelled at me for going over our maximum word limit for reviews of such low quality writing because of it. View More

Krounos: ok so you. are. a. f*cking. moron. read the f*cking book before you hate on it i have not read the book but at least i'm not leaving a review. and what now authors can't choose their own plot? moronic f*cktard

The Evolving Stealth System
2 months ago
ah, finally new chapters but it's nothing but rhetoric. feels bad man. View More
Abyss Domination · C122
2 months ago
wonder what is gonna happen when these thieves run out of chapters already published to steal. View More
Abyss Domination · C116
2 months ago
God this novel has gone to **** in the last 4-5 chapters. Hope Rino rewrites it at some point because this is just pathetic. View More
Chrysalis · C368
2 months ago
cliff needs to get it through it's head. "It " being a bullet. View More
Warlock Apprentice · C97
2 months ago
meh he just called it a rather strange name. View More

Wolfytopia: Wow, he just casually let the bird in on his biggest secret

Warlock Apprentice · C86
2 months ago
Lol, webnovel stole the novel from someone else without even having a translator for it. View More
Abyss Domination · C99
2 months ago
Finally more actual story instead of fucking filler. ZZZ View More
Warlock Apprentice · C76
3 months ago
More fucking stupidity. FFS. The MC "knows" the place is full of dangerous people yet still fucking leaves her there. This is worse than plothole. This is PLOTARMORING THE PLOTARMOR! FUCK! View More
Abyss Domination · C45
3 months ago
I can agree with those statements, but the problem I have is that the MC has absolutely no stability in their personality. One second he's a cold heartless killer because "it's just a game" or "don't touch my little sister" then it's "This poor NPC died because of me and it's so sad.". His personality is all over the damn place and it's ridiculous. Don't even get me started with these damn flashbacks either. I can deal with the long winded explanations over stats or items or random ****. However when this damn author launches into a flash back it ruins the entire flow, theme, and emotional state of the novel, every single one has the same MC only with a different personality. I feel like I'm reading about a mental patient rather than an actual MC. It's more likely this guy is in a coma or something rather than inside a game turned real life. View More

Soken: Have you never felt sad from a movie or game before?... if so you are the abnormal one. Its normal to grow attach to characters even if they are not real. That feeling is probably even more true when its a virtual reality game with realistic AI.

Abyss Domination · C22
3 months ago
You're slightly less pathetic than Shamial, but still an imbecile. View More

Araal: Look, mum, I found a snowflake! This novel is a little bit infodumpy toward the beginning, true. It is, however, far better written, translated, and plotted than the majority of the garbage webnovels out there. Return to your machine-translated weeb harem face-slapping power fantasy, for a fantasy is all it shall ever be: You have no power here, Baweha Main.

Abyss Domination · C22
3 months ago
To help other readers. It's been 6 or 8 chapters since the main character has said or done anything. It wouldn't be so bad if the background information was actually useful. These last chapters are nothing but blatant word padding for side characters that we don't know or care about. It's like the author decided to change who the main character is for some reason. Utterly ridiculous. If I wasn't so interested in the actual plot of this story I would've dropped it ages ago. So I can only mark which chapters are a waste of time in the hopes that others won't waste time with filler or worse, spirit stones, on these utter nonsense filler chapters. View More

zaeryss: More curious than anything. Why are you doing this? To help other readers or mark it out for yourself if you come back through?

Warlock Apprentice · C73
3 months ago
You really are pathetic aren't you? View More

Shamial: holy **** reading through your profile you just seem like a c*nt. like you're 20 chapters in how the **** do you know everything about his past and how he feels about the game, also, people can have different emotions at different times retard, when hes fighting hes gonna be angry, when hes with his sister hes going to be happy, jesus christ, if u dont enjoy the novel stop reading, all your doing right now is hating on it when neither the authors or translators give a **** about your opinion, i dont even care tbh, i'll forget about you by tomorrow, just thought i'd write this to remind you just how idiotic you really are, like you're probably a 12 year old who thinks girls give him cooties and you only likes harem novels coz lots of grills with tits and dislikes actual storytelling plot and background in favor of fights coz its so manly.

Abyss Domination · C22
3 months ago
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