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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) View More

Slipp: I like where this is going.

The hypnotizer · C16
1 day ago
I was referring to the "nerdy girl" not the "popular girl"
Though the development you describe would be great as well. View More

Korath25: Maybe she will seem the richest but it is all a charade to become popular? But after the mc gets closer to her she reveals she is in fact poor but the mc consoles her into accepting her family's place in society to the school? Losing all her friends she has only one person to turn to the boy that made her stronger by revealing her weakness. Then she'll become a slave like everyone else lol. \˚ㄥ˚\

The hypnotizer · C15
2 days ago
Will this girl also be revealed to be the richest in school? View More

Korath25: School arc next? More characters? How is he going to get one on one time with the most popular girl in school to hypnotise her? Maybe he'll capture a cute nerdy girl with glasses which when she takes them off she'll become on pat with the upper echelons of beauty in school...?

The hypnotizer · C15
2 days ago
It was from American Psycho. View More

edoardoabbondio: Niceeee... not sure what am I supposed to say to the gory phrase but chill out

Return of the Monarch · C48
2 days ago
And yes, I did quote American Psycho. View More

DaoOfTheLonely: People like you piss me off. I want to stab you to death and then play around with your blood.
Your nonsensical opinions don't even make sense, I'm not positive that we're reading the same story.

Return of the Monarch · C48
3 days ago
People like you piss me off. I want to stab you to death and then play around with your blood.
Your nonsensical opinions don't even make sense, I'm not positive that we're reading the same story. View More

edoardoabbondio: I really like the development, but to see that as soon as he dies there are already traitors and what they want to do kinda drops my opinion of the mc

Return of the Monarch · C48
3 days ago
There is a great power sealed in my right arm that if left unchecked, could cause the world to end. View More

venomwave: letf eye of chaos , what a chuuni name xD

From Rebirth to Perfection · C1
4 days ago
I think you mean 👉👌 View More

WoofWoof: This type of disciple is 👍👌

Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples · C9
4 days ago
Are you implying that you jerked off to your own writing? I respect that. View More

Kirbyisgreen: Rereading while editing, I think this is my best chapter. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples · C6
4 days ago

Tonyorobsky: Protagonist? Barely introduced.
System: you have become a god and your universe has ended.
Protagonist: Really? Ok.
Then, the creation of the new universe, new planet and new race is glossed over. Even Civilization 2 and RPGs from the 1st half of the 1990s have more options than that!

Your first chapter, supposed to grab the interest of the reader, is SH*TTY AS F*CK!!!

I Became a God · C1
4 days ago
You're right. I'm sixteen and in my third year of high school, and I'm one of the youngest people in my grade. Most of my friends are already seventeen. View More

Malcolm_Massey: Thanks for the chapter. Isn't 16 years old a little late for the first year of high school? Where I'm from we start high school at 13-14 years old.

The hypnotizer · C11
4 days ago
You have no idea how happy I am that this is well written. I'm tired of weird sentence structure and misspelled words. View More
The hypnotizer · C1
5 days ago
The **** is this? Why are the previous chapters locked as well? View More
The Man from Hell · C117
5 days ago

RandomPotatoe: No, if you said "gay, run away" it would be homophobic. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know what a phobia is.

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C4
5 days ago

Andrewjh: My opinion on this will never change see a mosquito and kill is mentality I possess for they are evil (side note no I don't have any major trauma with mosquitoes I just don't like being itchy or the buzzing sound that keeps you up at night)

Who Said A Mosquito Can't Cultivate? · C1
5 days ago
Too many turbo-virgins. View More

Rivo: You need to understand the mindset of the majority of readers on this site... It's totally caused by his fragile ego being unable to handle the protagonist not being the 'leader'.

Devilman DxD · C7
5 days ago
Where the **** did this old man come from?? View More
The Man from Hell · C116
6 days ago
Well, yanderes are great until they shift their focus to you. You don't want to be the target of their affections, nothing good will come of it.
Don't stick your dick in crazy. View More

Kaosdao: Everyone needs a Harley...what's a Yandere here or there?

The Man from Hell · C106
6 days ago

DaoistArcadia: enjoy the novel less whining plot holes are irrelevant good novel

Abe the Wizard · C13
6 days ago

Cheeki_Breek1: I was talking about the bathroom being not the focus of the story, is it stupid and nonsensical it got it done in 1 try? Yes it is, and so is the next chapter talking about folding steel 100 times to make it an indestructible alloy, but you shouldn't be hung over over these relatively small stuff on a novel about cultivator knights and wizards, if it was a story about kingdom building or modern tech into medieval magic world that would justified but man, i could feel your blood pressure climing through the roof when typing that comment, just wave it off if its not too important

Abe the Wizard · C7
6 days ago

pizzq: No! This is good the way it is right now! Nerfing it will make it harder!

Abe the Wizard · C6
6 days ago

Rahul_Rox: shouldnt be nerfed , afterall he still has to train even if he has potions

Abe the Wizard · C6
6 days ago

lord_of_the_dick: No need to nerf.

Death to all who nerf

Abe the Wizard · C6
6 days ago
I claim first.
Are you jealous? View More
Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C85
1 week ago

Akabane: I heard that for each gym badge they gain an extra wife slot

The Very Best · C7
1 week ago
Ugh, one piece. I abhor that anime.
But, evil is hard to find in novels, so I have no choice but to keep reading. View More
Chaos System: I'm Evil so what? · C33
1 week ago
This chapter was such a disappointment, it was only filler. View More
The Man from Hell · C112
1 week ago
So he'll die after the first ex-MMA fighter? View More

KIING: He won’t have plot armour though.

The Man from Hell · C112
1 week ago
The author is the next reincarnation of the MC. View More

PurpleSoda: Are you the MC, Author? He even know that a woman was looking at him from another plane?

Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C82
1 week ago

Monkeybro: it's not being a pedo if the MC.................I got nothing.

The Man from Hell · C110
1 week ago
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