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What does he mean by *How will you thank me if I let you meet her, huh? Hello Author, as far as I know the idiotic QY does not own TB in anyway. what right does he have to decide who she meets or not.
Honestly stories that sound unrealistic is just plain lame. So please stop telling your story as if we your readers are in kindergarten. View More
The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C1127
10 hours ago
Why are you writing here on webnovel then if you're so bent on posting reserved chapters on your platform, a platform whose link is not fully written but with *******. How do you expect people to connect when it can't be viewed at all?
Truly, this is the first time I'm meeting an author who frustrates his readers. View More
Meeting My Abductor Again: Book 2 · C29
22 hours ago
That QY is too arrogant. His gift to concoct rare medicine as described in this story is a waste. If God gives one a rare gift, it should be used humanly, not inhumanly. Why must people grovel so much to get him to help. And even at that he is not moved. He is inhuman! View More
The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C1121
3 days ago
My dear, I thought same oo.
The gift being found from the ocean sound so unbelievable... Couldn't help checking my IQ again to see if it's really in tact View More

Youngjs: Wasn’t HYLs gift supposed to be the ultrasound pic? That would have been much more interesting and believable than finding a stone dropped into the ocean!

Unexpected Second Chance at Love · C395
4 days ago
Yeah. That her, the one big selfish Lina. I'm thinking what right does she has to question him, when she's the one with the skeletons in the cupboard.
Arrogant selfish lady with a big S View More

Rashmi01: Still doubting? Do you remember you're the one who secretly left the house and went to enemy territory without anyone knowing, lying to everyone in fact. And you're blaming him? Shouldn't you be the one to be questioned?
The guy who left everything to the point he was getting kicked out of his own company just to be with you every moment of your 3 month coma...you think he's cheating on you? And that's when you're the one who has been lying to him even about your identity from day one....pathetic. Its always all about you and your feelings...
I bet she didn't care to tell him the very very important bit about Loren mentioning the chess, king, queen reference during school fair..that's his enemy right there but you're too arrogant to let him know.

Secret Wife is a Crazy Beast · C125
6 days ago
Who the heck does this QY think he is to talk nonsense, saying that TBB must bear consequences??? Consequences of being raped or what?
I have no business hating douchy fictional characters like him, but I sure hate his guts. Egotistical wicked men like him deserve lots of Karma! View More
The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C1114
6 days ago
I guess to you then getting pregnant by a rapist is a good thing, huh?
Very Irking! View More

josephine_abraham: Tan bengbeng might be pregnant already

The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C1114
6 days ago
Don't wish. She is his daughter View More

rosybabe: I wish Yu Lili will be Uncle Wen's daughter

The 99th Divorce · C1236
6 days ago
The content has been deleted
The 99th Divorce · C1236
6 days ago
Like it'll be good to get raped, get pregnant by it and it's all good to go stay with your raper, huh? View More

cheska_gamino: I just can't wait...maybe he did not have vasectomy too...

The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C1111
1 week ago
How odd for anyone to say this. Maybe because this is just fiction to us. I bet if you were to be in TBB shoes or have the experience of being raped repeatedly by a stranger, you won't think the same.
Rape is a crime. It is and would never be a way of showing love my dear. No man rapes a woman he truly loves. View More

engey: My dear, that's the way he loves, I believe life experience would have made him so

The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C1104
1 week ago
Humphhh! As if a rapist understands the concept of Love 🙄🙄 View More

engey: King of hell it's in love with my Tan

The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C1104
1 week ago
Yes, including the logic of some readers commenting that the cunning doctor rapist is cute. A rapist is a rapist no matter what. View More

NaturalGlam: Something's wrong with her logic

The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C1100
1 week ago
Maybe best for YL's situation/experience only. In other circumstances, this kind of advice will only produce negative results only. View More

Mejidderh: This is the best girl advice ever.

The 99th Divorce · C1226
1 week ago
GU Yusheng is a clown 😁😁😁 View More
Back Then, I Adored You · C718
1 week ago
GU Yusheng, keep smoking like that and you"all not be alive to even see the baby. What's it with this Author and making GY smoke packets of cigarettes all the time, ehh? You think lung cancer doesn't attack fictional characters too, huh? 😁 View More
Back Then, I Adored You · C717
1 week ago
I guess...probably as a rapist husband and a raped wife.
*such comments* Humph! View More

sean0909: You will be a lovely couple!

The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C1091
2 weeks ago
Just a dragging tactics by the Author. Drag, drag and drag all the way. The story is cool but unnecessary drag makes it lame. When I saw the mass release, I thought I was going to read the birthday event all at once. Who knows it will still drag on like this.
It would seem the author takes more time writing on irrelevant characters and the villains than on the development of the main characters. View More

Balor: I don't understand why he had to wait for others to finish insulting before slamming the table. That's basically pointless.

Unexpected Second Chance at Love · C380
2 weeks ago
Thank you!
It disgust me when I read certain comments here saying how cute he acts, how good they look or fit together. How many of these people would love to say that a man who took advantage of your body and rapes you every single night you were in his house is cute and fits you?
So disgusting! Nonsense! View More

TanQ: However cute or good he acts now... even if TBB acts all concerned or Ok around him.. The fact is he is a rap**t..

The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C1089
2 weeks ago

TanQ: However cute or good he acts now... even if TBB acts all concerned or Ok around him.. The fact is he is a rap**t..

The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C1089
2 weeks ago
I don't answer rhetoric questions like that, dear. If one don't get the point in a lesson, then one should leave both the point and the lesson alone. View More

ujunwanweke: don't you think that a blind man should behave himself if he doesn't want to be mocked

The 99th Divorce · C1207
2 weeks ago
Really??? No mass release?
This story's translator or author is quite miserly. Did he/she study economic or management? View More
Back Then, I Adored You · C711
2 weeks ago
The point here is not the punishment which I clearly pointed out that OU Ming deserves.
Making jest of someone's misfortune is the point. What SZ and YL is doing is childish. He is blind already, they don't have to rub it in his face. View More

Nixiebrownie: Don't forget he sexually assaulted her in public with people filming it. So not even close enough punishment.

The 99th Divorce · C1207
2 weeks ago
Ou Ming had been hateful and totally deserved a punishment, yes.
But I don't subscribe to what SZ and YL are doing now. Even if Ou Ming may be pretending to be blind, making mockery and laughing at a blind man's misfortune isn't a nice thing to do please. View More
The 99th Divorce · C1207
2 weeks ago
I hate how stories in webnovel makes it seem like it is okay to rape someone and still get along with that same nasty individual. Comments here shows enough how warped peoples minds have become. I mean some of us would have to experience this horrible act to know how terrible it is for a stranger to abuse your innocence and then still wish to get along with your rapist. No offence to Asians, but I find it conversant with Asian stories, and it is downright disgusting!
A man who uses brute force to sleep with a lady deserve nothing but receiving the consequence of his actions. He's no man at all because real men don't rape women! Nonsense! View More
The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C1074
2 weeks ago
My apologies View More

talk2me: Waoh!!!!, pls, don't twist my word. My comment was not on the rape but about their similarity on their perception and reaction on things when she woke up. Thanks.

The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C1059
3 weeks ago
Hmmm, the perception of humans. 🙄🙄
I guess ladies that are raped fit their rapers, is that so? View More

talk2me: I think they fit each other.

The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C1059
3 weeks ago
They may seem to match each other but it does not justify rape! Raping a just-rescued-lady from drowning, and in her weak moment doesn't say much about the man. He may be portrayed as rich here, but he's a low-life scumbag!
I bet if this is real life, our view/perception will definitely be different from our comments here. View More

voa: I think they match each other..

The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C1055
4 weeks ago
I think the author is only taking us on a wide goose chase! Like when my little cousin narrates a story where the villain will get hit by a car, dies then gets up and starts walking again; then dies again and rise up over and over. The story is always unending and gives one migraine.
Please who knows the author? Is Wan Lili a child? View More
The 99th Divorce · C1182
1 month ago
Disgusting! 😡
And here, someone is commenting "nice" as if being raped is like one winning a billion lottery.
Nonsense! View More
The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C1050
1 month ago
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