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Erm...a cuttlefish isn't actually a fish. It's a type of squid, usually the cute little ones with flashing colors. View More
The Great Worm Lich · C226
1 month ago
comments about locales are not necessarily racist.. It's not racist to remark on how local cultures differ, or how local environments differ under different geo, political and economic environments.

For example, some cities or areas within certain cities in the USA are notoriously crime-ridden. Same with Africa, though the rate may be markedly increased because of their increased geopolitical, economic and race-related problems.

A good friend of mine of Afrikaan descent grew up and lives in South Africa and told me about some of the problems there. Sexual assault in his area (a big capital city) is a huge issue and a lot of the girls he knew were r*ped at one point. Or if you drive in certain neighborhoods you're likely to get shot at a stop so they can steal your car. He's also been attacked a couple times while at an ATM machine. And then there's also the racial problems. There's a fair amount of white vs black issues, like some of the governments employment policies which require a certain % of any business to be black people, which was made to combat rich foreigners coming in and dominating the economy. Or something like that. It's been almost 10 years since I heard about it.
And then there's the issues of youths leaving their tribes for the cities, who don't have the knowledge or skillsets to find gainful employment, so poverty and lack of education just keep getting bigger, both of which are big contributers to crime.

These problems are not necessarily due to 'race', even if a particular 'race' is featured more prominently in it than others. It's important to make a distinction between 'race' and environment or you get sh*t like royals vs commoners, racist denigration, and people who can't tell what is racist or not and just make a big mess of things instead. View More

coldfeet: this chapter is kinda RACIST, especialythat afirca comment. WOW!!!

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C117
1 month ago
I'm not sure you know that much about material science. This can all be better summarised (with less misleading info) with a few generalized comments.
1 - "Material R&D aims to make cheaper, stronger, and/or more durable products".
2 - "Carbon nanotubes have potential to create useful new or improved composite materials".
3 - "Cement is a composite material that has been continuously modified for ages to suit different purposes and have improved capabilities." View More

crazy1324: From what I understand, the purpose of this project is to increase normal cement’s durability and lifespan. Normal cement can crack very easily despite its hardness making it a great material to quickly build something but not long lasting. The purpose of the carbon nanotubes is to fix this problem and make the cement more durable. It would be a very profitable thing if they can effectively combine the two.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C91
1 month ago
'nothing a decent bladed tool can't fix. Just shave some thin pieces off a branch to make a tinder bundle, then split (lengthwise) some wood into thin pieces roughly around half an inch wide, to use as your starter fire, which you use to get the regular sized fire started. View More

thedeadtellstories: Ugh it reminds me when I had to eat cold canned food for almost a whole month when I was in this field project, starting fire was difficult, not because I was afraid to be spotted by armies of mages from academy, lol, but because the twigs were too wet and I was too lazy to worked it out

Paragon of Destruction · C69
2 months ago
Although 'silencers' are actually more like 'mufflers', they can still reduce the sound of gunfire a fair amount and at certain distances can become difficult to distinguish from environmental sounds. Since Misha is firing a rifle into a crater with ~2000 zombies, we can assume that there is a fair amount of distance between her and the zombies and that the ~2000 distracted zombies milling around the green egg thing are causing a fair bit of noise which would echo around a bit inside the crater.

Also, though the noise report of a 'silnced' firearm can vary hugely depending on the firearm's specifications, we can assume that the rifle is desgined for an overal low footprint since the armory is supplying recruits for a local mission where things such as noise signature are a big factor. The most common targets seem to also be zombies, aka, unarmored human bodies, so there's no need for high calibre, supersonic rounds. Ideally they just need to be able to penetrate one layer of human skull so they can bounce around in the braincase and ruin the brain. I think I remember reading about cases of people surviving shots to the brain that penetrated through cleany and didn't damage anything critical. View More

MistEverlast: Silencer isn't like the movie, it's use is to reduce the damages that can be caused by the sound, it's not THIS useful. But since it's SF in 23rd century, there is no problem, just be careful if you write other novels in our times

Lilim Heritage Online · C15
2 months ago

Yin_Claw_Expert: "a zombie horde of over 2,000 zombies gathered around a green rock, which had a size of 10 diameters" Diameter is not a measure of distance. I'm a little confused what you mean to say here. Are you saying that the diameter of the green rock is 10x where x is a unit of measure? Ex. The green rock has a diameter of 10 meters?

Lilim Heritage Online · C15
2 months ago
Author Interjection is a crime in storytelling.

Although the origin of storytelling is the sharing of wisdom, the purpose of recreational storytelling is the enjoyment of the audience in the immersion of following an interesting tale.

Interjecting personal remarks in the midst of that spoils that immersion. To quote the seemingly common meme in asian culture; "CAN'T YOU READ THE F*CKING MOOD??".

Authors (including storywritters, editors and translators), if you want to comment on the story, do so at the end of the chapter, above the rest of the comments. The only thing you lose by doing so is the ire of your readers whose enjoyment you've hijacked just to make them read some remarks that are completely inane to the story. And what you gain, instead, is the attention of people who have finished reading a chapter and are thus no longer immersed so heavily on the flow of the story, and are much more likely to reply and add their own conclusions about what they just read.

Think about it this way; how annoyed would you be if you went to the theatre and your friend kept trying to talk to you in the middle of the movie you were immersed and invested in? Or someone nearby was loudly talking on the phone? Or spoiled kids were crying and having a temper tantrum?

Compare that to the experience of NOT being interrupted in the middle of the movie, and instead you and your friend had a pleasant conversation about it after the movie ended? View More
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken · C70
6 months ago
personal remarks interjected in the middle of a chapter, yuck View More
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken · C60
6 months ago
Yeah...evolution is most definitely NOT on the same level as theories of parallel dimensions. Evolution is scientifically verified. Parallel dimensions is just fictional artistry. View More
Doomsday Wonderland · C7
7 months ago
Err...science IS philosophy. Rather, it's a branch of philosophy. And parallel universes theory is hardly scientific. It's just as scientifically valid as a theory about the cores of planets being powered by rainbow colored unicorns and chuckling gnomes. View More

Nseila: i can tell you all in the name of "absolute science" parallel universes are not infinite with 100% certainty and it can be proven it was proven long time ago gotta hate religion and philosophy for ruining science

Doomsday Wonderland · C7
7 months ago
I feel like Garen's combat form will eventually just become a giant meatball of muscle that launches fleshy rocket-fists at his opponents. View More
Mystical Journey · C105
8 months ago
A corpse no longer has any dignity to protect, groping doesn't damage the body so he's not desecrating the dead, there's no one around to be discomforted by Garen's public show of sexuality, and he isn't trying to have *** with the corpse, he's just satisfying his curiosity.

No one was harmed by it. You peeps gotta loosen up with outdated views on sexuality. Ain't nothing wrong with sexuality if it harms no one. View More

thundertree: Not a perv? What do you call someone who gropes a murder victim? Lol.

Mystical Journey · C104
8 months ago
Reading Status: C580
Anfey is a private contract assassin who grew into his profession by the scars of loss early in his life. Although he retained his morals, his past life and new profession prevented him from ever opening up to others and forming lasting attachments.

He led a lonely life.

Finally, one day while on assignment, the ever careful assassin capable of taking on the most dangerous of targets met with a string terrible of luck and met his end by sheer fluke.

Destined to hell after a life of murder, he spent an indeterminable amount of time in hell before being summoned through the dimensions into the sacrificial body of a young apprentice, on a secluded island far at sea, and under the thumb of a cruel and lonely dark archmage searching for the key to immortality.

Thrust into a harrowing circumstance with doom hanging over his head with days to count, Anfey must figure out how to retain his newly acquired life, get off the island, and live again in this new world of magic, mystery and intrigue.

Unwittingly, his past proves to be the keys to his future, and his struggles to survive changes the fate he was once ensnared by.

What path will his life take in this world? What mark will he leave this time? Read on; the chronicles of a lone assassin.

My personal remarks after having finished reading:
A great story, for the most part. It was an enjoyable read. I don't regret the time spent. The level of intrigue, entrapment and combat was quite satisfactory. However, the translation and editing only reached the benchmark of 'readable', and the story seemed like it was hastily cut short without care.

The story is somewhat mistitled, so I'll give the forewarning that although he spent his past life as an assassin, in his new life he only employed the skills learned as an assassin. This is not a spoiler since the realisation sets in early. I went into this expecting the chronicles of an active career assassin but the title turned out to be false advertising. It's still a good story worth reading. Just don't go in expecting an assassin's chronicles. View More
Assassin's Chronicle
8 months ago
It may or may not be the author, but it definitely is the editor. They make no formatting indication of scene and time jumps, and don't seem to have very good english writing skills.
Still, I appreciate their work. Without them we'd have nothing to read. Although it's not beautiful, it's readable.
Thanks for the chapter. View More

Ezraa: The way this author jumps around is mind boggling! LOL

Assassin's Chronicle · C571
8 months ago
because chuunibiou expectations for weak memes, poor storytelling, flat plots and one dimensional characters XD View More

Ananya: This novel is pretty good, I don't know why the readership is so low though

Assassin's Chronicle · C257
8 months ago
Thanks for the chapter, but yuck; innane editor notes in the chapter. View More
The Wizard World · C252
1 year ago
lol think further. Ander wasn't just trying to steal. Ander was trying to also cripple Angele to make it easier to kidnap him and torture information from him before killing him. Why leave a loose end like Angele go free? After taking his bloodline, Angele would know that Anders has an ancient bloodline and could tell others about it.
If Angele gave in, he'd be dead.
And blind respect to seniority is traditional idiocy meant to benefit the people making the rules. Like, seriously? You would respect such a greedy, impulsive, short-sighted, golden spooned, murderous thief? You might be a tad too gullible for this world. View More

Ralan: Poor Ander.... I know he did try to steal from Angele and all but he's being bullied extensivly for it. Angele needs to learn to respect the elderly they don't have that much longer.

The Wizard World · C225
1 year ago
lol you don't need to try to have *** with all girls to live a happy life. Sometimes just being a sincere friend adds more to your life.
A+ to Angele IMO for having the discipline to being true to himself and having pride in his integrity. View More

NAYAN: No *** wtf author is he gay😂😂😈😈😈😑😑😑😑

The Wizard World · C190
1 year ago
Sundials are hardly embodiments of time. They're more demonstrative of space, and time is simply a backdrop. Death and necromancy has more to do with time than sundials. View More
The Wizard World · C185
1 year ago
It's not too unusual. RL is similar. All kinds of people unexpectedly have 'treasures'; unique and interesting books, great tools, neat gadgets or artifacts and etc. There's a reason for the saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure". View More

AvERaGeNP: I believe Angele can find fortune anywhere he goes. He digs a pit on the side road, MF'ing one piece! Still I love this kinda stories.

The Wizard World · C164
1 year ago
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